Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Ever wondered how people earn so much by just talking about a product, yet not selling or purchasing that product? Impressive, I believe. That’s the interesting thing about the subject matter I want to discuss with you, known as Affiliate Marketing. Some of the best affiliate marketing programs are also examined.

Now let’s delve into this affiliate marketing guide properly.

Meaning of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing simply means the process of promoting the products and/or services owned by someone else, and getting paid for doing so. A person who is involved in this service of promoting sales of products is an Affiliate Marketer; also known as Affiliate or Publisher. The Affiliate marketers register with an affiliate program of their choice, find products or services to promote based on their niche, and introduce it to their prospective customers convincing them to make purchases.

How Affiliate Marketing works:

Looking at how Affiliate Marketing works, the affiliate (a person promoting the sales of products and/or services owned by another person) gets into a bargain with the seller (or the organization) to support the progress of the business.

Here is how it works:

When you get registered in an organization’s Affiliate program as a marketer, you get a unique ID and referral link identified as Affiliate link from the business owner’s with which you use in promoting the products using your website blog or social media channels. The given Affiliate link is used in your online marketing effort to get followers to click and to find more content therein. When prospective customers click on the affiliate link and make a purchase, the seller tracks the link through which the purchase was made.

Furthermore, with the record of clicks and purchases made through the referral link, the seller pays you (the affiliate) a commission at the end of the period i.e. Revenue sharing period.
It’s important to know that as an Affiliate, you don’t produce or sell anything at all. Your responsibility is to convince people to come to buy the products or services sold by the seller. By so doing, you get a certain commission from the sales made as determined by the seller.

Further Note…

Now, as a blogger who is also an affiliate marketer, you must gain the trust of your audience to pay attention to any product you are introducing them to through your website blog or social media platforms. When your followers can’t trust you on the quality of the product you are marketing to them, then you are most likely not going to do well in the business.

What am I trying to say in essence? You are the link between your audience and the products you are promoting, which they may not have heard of before.

Hence, you must know the quality of the products or services. Make the necessary research about it. Make a purchase first, if possible. Can you trust their policies, as well as products? This strengthens your confidence in marketing.

You see, many people are making comfortable money consistently out of this, and that’s why you must pay attention to your followers’ interest in quality, not only on the amount you stand to gain. If you neglect this, your longevity in Affiliate Marketing may prove to be a hard nut to crack.

Affiliate Marketing Programs:

I’m certain you may be thinking already as to how to get started with Affiliate Marketing, but no knowledge of the available Affiliate Marketing Programs or networks. Well, I’m happy to introduce you to some of the booming programs open to Affiliate Marketing. Let’s consider the following:

1. ShareASale:

This network has been in sales and advertising for about two decades. It has thousands of business owners dealing with a variety of products and services. Through ShareAsale, an affiliate marketer can access any of the business owners’ website and choose a commodity of interest to promote. The owners of business now pay the affiliates for any sale made through their referral link. ShareAsale network is open to affiliates free of charge, with a snappy and simple sign-up procedure.

ShareAsale has a minimum commission rate of 10% accrued to its affiliates. A quick click on will put you on the run to get started as an affiliate marketer.

2. Amazon Associates Networks:

The network belongs to Amazon for their Affiliate Marketing program.  They pay their affiliates only when their customers make purchases through the referral links. Clicking on the links doesn’t guarantee payment. Affiliates of Amazon must have a website or blog, and high-quality content in other to be taken for the service. They consider the value (or high-quality content) you share to your followers and the traffic it causes in your blog or website. They believe this can promote their products so well through the affiliates. Amazon Associates is very big.

Upsides of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Amazon networks have an enormous variety of products for affiliate marketing opportunities. They have provisions for mobile commerce services. This is available for their affiliates to sell on mobile devices.  Another interesting feature is that when a customer purchases a commodity through your referral link, though the product is not among the ones you are marketing, Amazon would still pay you.

Downsides of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Publishers can have some challenges in Amazon Networks. They easily ban any Publisher who fails to follow their rules. They don’t allow full email marketing; that is, your referral link can’t serve for email marketing. They have low commission rates than other networks, ranging from 1% – 10%.

To register with them, go to 

3. CJ Affiliate:

The network, formerly known as Commission Junction, has been functioning for about 22 years. They partner with advertisers and publishers to satisfy their prospective customers across many countries. The network doesn’t have a standard fee or commission for its publishers, rather the organization negotiates commission rate with the affiliates.

This commission fee can vary per Action Transfer. If this network is fine by you, you’ve got to try getting started through the link and go to “Publisher” to register as an affiliate marketer.

4. ClickBank:

This network has been operating for over two decades. It has millions of customers spread across about 190 countries. The network is simple in its sign-up process. It accommodates anyone with a website or blog into the network. In addition to that, there are lots of affiliate products to choose from. Its commission is high; about 75% on each purchase through an affiliate link. However, the network has downsides.  Some are slow responses to customers, and periodic charges on dormant accounts.

Do you think ClickBank is for you? If yes, then sign-up with the network by clicking on and follow the registration procedure.

5. eBay Partner Networks:

This network has been in operation since 1995. The affiliates have either a blog or a website or social media channels through which they promote products online. eBay Partner Networks have some interesting features that make them thrive. The networks accept starter bloggers. They offer the best price guarantee. Also, they pay their publishers through Paypal. There are easy-to-use promotional tools in the networks. In terms of commission, they pay about 30% – 50% to their Publishers. If you think these features of eBay Partner Networks satisfy your interest, then you can get started by clicking for registration.

Having understood the peculiarities with some of these top affiliate marketing networks, I’m sure one or two may interest you according to what you are comfortable with. Now, let’s walk through the procedure to get into this proper.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing:

I want to give you a simplified guide on how to get into this process and maximize it. Let’s consider the following:

1. Select an affiliate marketing program:

I’m sure the terms of operation of one of the affiliate programs are okay by you. You’ve got to make your choice. However, you may need to learn how to get any successful person as your mentor to gain more insights about decision making in business.

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2. Consider your area of specialty:

Your affiliate marketing programs of choice may have a variety of goods and services to sell. Thus, focus on the ones you have more knowledge about. This guides your choice as well.

3. Consider the program models:

You will need to consider the model of the program or programs you are choosing based on the two models. There are High-paying but low-volume models (for a business audience) and Low-paying but high-volume models (for direct consumers). After that, register with them and obtain your Affiliate link with the dashboard login details.

4. Think about buying the commodity you want to promote:

This may not be a basic step, however, it is very important. It’s good to have a taste of what you are promoting to people. This gives you confidence in its authenticity as you go about talking about it. Such experience, I must say, counts.

5. Make good content:

As already stated, you have a responsibility to convince people to get into buying the goods or services of the sellers. However, how can you make this work? Your Content Creation ability important here. Obtain promotional materials from your sellers i.e. banners, electronic flyers, etc, and make quality content with them.

Such things call the attention of the target clients to come to have a taste of what you are promoting. Moreover,  there are marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses you need to learn from to maximize your value creation.

Get people to frequent your affiliate link for the contents therein. With your quality content, and with a display that people stand to gain, you are causing them to visit your Affiliate link consistently. As you become more consistent in your online posts, people commit themselves more to your marketing.  Why not see more about this on 5 Internet business consultant for your online business for enlightenment on how to increase traffic to your link.

Having said all these, I like you to know that as an affiliate marketer, you don’t control the check-outs to your link, and the conversion rates, rather the seller (owner of the goods/services) does. The seller keeps a track of the sales made through your link and pays you accordingly.

Affiliate Marketing concerns every organization that desires rapid growth in sales. The organization (or the owner) doesn’t know all its prospective clients. This is the reason affiliate marketers need to help secure a growing rate of sales of goods and services. I’m certain you will be willing to get on this process. Surely, you will be the best you can on this as you follow this guide.

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