Amazon Affiliate Marketing: All You should Know and How to Earn

Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon associates! an affiliate marketing platform that offers affiliate marketers a profit share of the retail giant, Amazon. Also, with affiliate commissions as high as 10% for physical products, it’s ranked among the top affiliate marketing programs. So, what are the peculiarities you ought to know about how the Amazon affiliate program works? And finally, what must-knows should you be aware of in the Amazon affiliate marketing commission rate. Let’s answer these questions in this post.

Amazon affiliate marketing is an affiliate marketing program that allows publishers to generate their affiliate link, which enables them to earn affiliate commissions when leads purchase products on the Amazon site. Put another way, it means that Amazon affiliate marketing is a referral program. So, you refer people to the Amazon website, and if they complete a purchase, Amazon is going to pay you for the referral.

Peculiarities of How Amazon Affiliate Works

Retailers pay affiliates referral commission for each visitor or customer affiliates bring them. Basically, this is how all affiliate marketing works. However, there are some peculiarities you need to know about how Amazon affiliate marketing works before you join the program. So, we’ve highlighted the very important ones you ought to know; you can read more here.

Requirements for Enrollment and Eligibility:

During enrollment in Amazon affiliate marketing, you have to provide your website for Amazon to evaluate. And during the evaluation, your site will be considered for eligibility. Ineligible sites won’t be included in the Amazon affiliate program. So, check out the 8 things that can disqualify your site from the Amazon affiliate program.

If you are a website owner that’s involved in the Amazon affiliate marketing program. When visitors to your site click on your link, they are “cookied.” So, a cookie becomes invalid 24 hours after a lead clicks on it. This means if a referral doesn’t make a purchase after 24 hours, they clicked on your link and later purchased something on the Amazon site through a means other than your link. Then, you won’t get paid. However, if they add a product to their cart and make payment no later than 89 days later, you can still get commissions from the product. Finally, a cookie that’s less than 24 hours old will get terminated after a customer places an order for a product.

Is It Worth It to Become an Affiliate on Amazon?

The commissions are minimal and will likely continue to decline. However! The plus is that you also have less to lose. In truth, there is still some value, considering that it is the largest online marketplace ever.


Criteria for Disqualification of Purchases from Commissions:

The program specified 10 things which when done automatically disqualifies an affiliate from getting commissions from a purchase.

Program Fee Payment:

The program pays affiliates approximately 60 days after the end of the calendar month they were earned in any of the following ways:

  1. Direct Deposit:

    Enables affiliates to earn via their local banks by providing their bank details. However, this option is available for residents in any of the 52 countries below.

    Amazon affiliate marketing

  2. Amazon Gift Cards:

    If you opt-in for this fee payment method; then the Amazon affiliate program sends you a gift card to the email address on your affiliate account. Then you can redeem the gift card for products on the Amazon site.

  3. Check:

    If affiliates opt for this. Then, the affiliate program sends a check to them in the amount of fees they earn. However, the check processing fee is one downside to this method.

Your Amazon affiliate earnings must reach a certain minimum level before you can get paid. Below is the minimum payment for each payment method.

Amazon affiliate marketing


How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Pay?

When promoting Amazon products, affiliates may make anything from $100 per month to six figures annually. ZipRecruiter reports that the average annual income of an Amazon associate is $55,434. Between $111,500 and $121,000, only the top 1% of earnings get compensated, while the bottom 10% receive between $16,500 and $26,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

You don’t have to pay anything to join the program, and you don’t have to meet a minimum number of referrals or a quota before you can start getting referral fees. Right away, you start making money.

How Many Followers Do I Need to Be an Amazon Affiliate?

If you want people to follow you or join your organization on social media, you need to have a well-established presence (in most cases, at least 500).

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer is free and simple. First, you have to head to the amazon associate website, hit the sign-up button. After you’ve entered basic details (name, email, and password) and clicked on the “create your account” button on the page that shows up. Next, you will provide information for the following pages:

  1. Account Information:

    The information needed here is your address and phone number.

  2. Website and Mobile App List:

    You provide your websites and mobile app URL(s). Also, you should know that the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 50.

  3. Profile:

    Over here you will provide details about your website.

Finally, when you are done with these, hit the finish button and proceed to associate central, where you can generate affiliate links for your site. And also set up the method you prefer for your payment.

Does Amazon Affiliate Pay for Clicks?

If a customer uses your affiliate link to make a purchase within 24 hours, you will get a commission. The percentage of a sale that goes to the seller as a commission might range from one percent to ten percent, depending on the type of goods being sold.

How Many Sales Do You Need for Amazon Affiliate?

Affiliates with Amazon must make three sales during the first six months. In addition, associates must not use link shorteners or buy things using their own links, since these are breaches of Amazon’s affiliate marketing policies.

So, you now know how to become an Amazon affiliate marketer. However, more than that, you need to know how to generate an affiliate link for products on the platform. But before that, the image below shows the commission rates for different product categories. So, it will help you with niche product selection for products that will increase your Amazon affiliate earnings.

amazon affiliate marketing

To generate affiliate links, first login to the Amazon Associates dashboard. Then, in the “keyword” or “ASIN/ISBN” search box, search for the product you want to promote. You can also search for the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of a specific product if you know it. Afterward, get the link to the product. When you do this, a page will appear where you can customize the type of link you want (text and image, image only, or text only). Finally, copy the HTML code and paste it into your website. Then voila, you are done.

If a customer comes to through your Associates link and puts a qualifying item in their shopping cart within 24 hours, you get a commission. This 24-hour window, however, ends when the customer submits his order or returns to through a link from another Associate.


I hope this piece of information gives you a detailed explanation on how the Amazon affiliate program works.

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