Best online business 2023 [20 ideas + business plans]

How does it feel to work at your comfort from anywhere you are while making all the money you want to? This is why attention is shifting towards the best online business to start with ease. People sometimes doubt there could be good online business ideas to work on until a necessity like the COVID-19 forced many to work from home.

There might not be one best online business to start as what is best for A might not be seen as the best online business for B. People differ and so do their skills differ. One good thing about online business ideas is that you determine how much time you want to work and how much money you want to earn with little or no capital even while on vacations.

The best online business to start today might not be the best online business to start tomorrow, certain conditions affect what is good today and what is better tomorrow. The most important thing is to find online business ideas that match your strength and skills, more reasons you should learn how to define yourself in business. You can choose to go out of your way to learn new skills as many good online business ideas will demand from you. Below is a list of the best online business ideas to start with little or no capital.

However, If you need ideas specific to your region or country, click this business idea generator to get started. It gives ideas streamlined to your personality, budget capital, available time inputs, skills, workforce strength and feasibility studies of possible businesses around your region/country. in less than 24hours, you will receive ideas with access to business plans right in your inbox to help you get started. click this business idea generator to get started

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The Best online business to start without capital.

I will show you with brief descriptions, how you can start and how much you can earn.

the best online business to start
  1. Affiliate programs

This is simply partnering with online businesses to sell their products. When you register with them, you are given a special unique link called an affiliate link. When people buy from your link, you are paid a commission.

You can choose to advertise this link on your blog, Instagram story, WhatsApp status or write a copy that will entice people to click on your link. You are only paid when people buy from your link.

How much can you earn? You can earn as low as $5 to as high as $1000 per sale depending on the product. How do you find good online business ideas to start with? Here is a list of online business to start with your affiliate marketing.









Contant Contact









WP Engine










Hammacher Schlemmer



Yves Rocher


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BH Cosmetics





Sandals Resorts

Capitalist Exploits


Sage Financials

Invoice Ninja

  1. Blogging: Another best online business to start.

One of the best online business ideas to start is blogging. You can start with your current budget from zero dollars to as high as a $1000 depending on your budget. You can start by registering with blogger or WordPress and utilize their free domain and hosting platform. This is a good online business to start with ease and less capital as you really don’t need a tech person to help you design your blog. WordPress and blogger can help you with free setup platform that even a beginner can work on. So you can entirely start with nothing and earn well.

How can you earn from blogging?

You can get paid by showing ads on your blog. Also, source for advertisers and have them advertise on your blog and pay you when people click those adverts. You can register with Google AdSense to get started.

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Another way to earn from your blog is to write your own ebooks and courses you can sell to your visitors. Register for affiliate programs as mentioned earlier and have your visitors buy their products through your affiliate link while you earn commissions.

Traffic is the cashflow of every online business including blog. Traffic here means the number of visitors that reads your blog post. If there are no visitors, nobody will see those ads nor click those links let alone buying your courses. When all the avenues to earn has been put in place, focus your energy on growing traffic.

Blogging can earn you from $100 to $20,000 monthly if you put in the needed work as it is not a get rich quick scheme.

  1. Create info products

One of the best online business ideas to start is to create and sell info products. What makes this a good online business is that people who don’t have money to sell tangible products like clothes and other items on e-commerce can sell their intellectual products with zero cost. You can create “How to videos” training like how to bake, how to sleep 4hrs daily and still be productive, etc. Write an ebook, create tutorials and package them well. And then go ahead to sell them on your blog or social media platforms.

Here are platforms you can sell your info products.

  1. Udemy (videos and training)
  2. Teachable (videos and training)
  3. Amazon Kindle (books)
  4. Facebook group or use a simple landing page with to sell your products.

Another thing that makes this a good online business and perhaps one of the best online business ideas to start is that you only create the products once and sell them forever. You can earn from $10 to $1000 per product.

  1. Writing services

Your writing skills can be turned into a good online business. It’s no doubt one of the best online business to start except that one must sharpen his writing skills in order to earn very high. One can offer to write the following

  1. Research work
  2. Blog posts
  3. News and articles
  4. Business plan
  5. School project work
  6. Sales copy
  7. Ghostwriter for book writing
  8. Resume

This is what to do get started. Register from any country on It’s a platform where employers hire writers. Set up your accounts and expect clients to hit you up. Also, Check for blogs looking for writers like and register to become a writer for them. We also give room for guest authors to write for us. One can earn from $60 to $2000 writing on, Upwork, and Fiverr.

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  1. YouTube Personality

If you are the type that loves to stand in front of the camera, then this is for you. Open a YouTube channel, find a niche you are good in and start dishing out captivating videos.

To earn from this, if google AdSense is your monetization plan. You would be demanded to have at least 4,000 watch hours in your channel and more than 1,000 subscribers before you apply for monetization.

You can choose to grow your audience and then advertise for companies in the course of your videos. One of the things that makes this a good online business and one of the best online business to start is that it has the capacity to earn you money daily even while sleeping.

YouTube has up to 1 billion visitors and you can make from $10 to $5000 daily on YouTube with your phone camera and internet connection.

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  1. Remote Tutors

This is another good online business you can start especially during the holiday and at a season like that of COVID-19 where everyone had to sit at home including school kids. This could be an Avenue to gather students online and teach them courses while charging their parents subscription prices monthly, weekly or even per class.

How can you start online Tutorial?

Utilize video platforms like zoom, Viber or even WhatsApp status which are entirely free as setting up a website can be costly.

Reach out to the audience target perhaps starting from your contacts through personalized messages with their name on it (avoid broadcast messages). Gather them to a group and start your webinar classes.

Depending on what you choose to charge, you can earn between $20-$100 per person for the class.

  1. Domain Reseller:

Domains are simple web addresses that help you locate a website.  E.g is a domain name, is a domain name. You can partner with domain sellers and register with them to be a reseller with no capital.

Domain dealing companies like,,,,, and many others can be a good place to start for this online business.

If you have a capital to deal with, you can register sensitive domain names and resell when needed or buy up the domain of registered businesses with the same exact name they registered the business with and sell it back to them. Be sure this is legal in your country before pulling this tactic

  1. Podcast:

This might not be the best online business to start though people are beginning to subscribe and listen to podcasts of recent. It’s a growing new Avenue to earn and jumping in now might mean early to win and gain popularity.

How does podcast work?

Record talks and upload to platforms like and other platforms people log in to listen to talks. You mustn’t necessarily use a studio to do your recording, your phone recorder can do or download mobile apps that can help you filter your voice.

You can choose to start with free podcasts before making ones you can sell. This is to allow people get to know you and trust your teaching before asking them to pay for it except you already has a level of influence on other platforms whether online or offline. You can attract those audiences who already trust you to come pay for your podcasts.

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  1. Tech skills

Tech skills are needed remotely and you can work from anywhere and for anyone without limits to locations. This is a good online business and probably the best online business to start if you already have the skills needed.

The downside is that no one person knows everything when it comes to programming skills. But the good thing is that you can focus on one and build on it to mastery. Then take jobs that match your skill sets.

Tech skills one can monetize include web development, App development, Database management etc.

You can find international clients by registering on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You can earn as high as $150-$10,000 per work depending on the work and your level of expertise.

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  1. Social media manager.

You can help people and businesses manage their social media platforms ranging from Facebook group, page, Instagram account, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube channel etc and get paid by them for doing so.

Apply to businesses and submit proposals to them including religious organisations like churches. They might want to see previous works or current pages you manage. Take a week or two to boost your own personal pages and use them as portfolios for what you can do.

What you earn here determines on the amount you negotiate with them and workload involves. But charge enough to cover the cost of your content creation, data cost and your time.

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Other best online business ideas you can start include the following

  1. Social media influencer. Grow your page on social media and have people pay you to advertise their products and services on your page.
  2. Online Advertising Specialist: If you know a thing about Facebook ads, Instagram ads, AdWords and other advertising platforms, you can make money online advertising for people and promoting their products.
  3. Travel Consultant: There are people who want to travel to your city, you can be a go-to person who can help them find their way around the city and make the best of option while they pay you.

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14. Proofreader: Most people who write books are looking for editors and proofreader, you can register on any jobs/skills website and expect to her hired.

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15. Stock Photographer: Photographer can make money selling their pictures online on stock photo websites. It’s a good online business to look at if you are a photographer.

16. Forex Trading: This demands you have good analytical skills. You can get trained or invest your money in a trader who can trade for you while you pay him commissions from the earnings he makes for you.

17. Video Ad Creator: People need animated or normal creative videos they can use to advertise their business, products and services. If you have this skill, you can turn it to a good online business.

18. Direct Sales Marketer: Digital marketing skills is one of the best online business to start. Very lucrative as companies are looking for digital means to advertise and sell while spending less. You can position yourself and earn with this.

19. Financial Consultant: If you’ve got a fair amount of financial knowledge, you can build a business as a financial consultant and work with clients who reach out to you online.

20. Data Trading: Data Analysts can mine data and sell to businesses and companies without violating rules in their regions like GDPR and other rules. Click to Download 500+ business plans for these ideas and other numerous ideas

In conclusion, If you need ideas specific to your region or country, skillset budget click this business idea generator to get started. It gives ideas streamlined to your personality, budget capital, available time inputs, skills, workforce strength and feasibility studies of possible businesses around your region/country. in less than 24hours, you will receive ideas with access to business plans right in your email inbox to help you get started. click this business idea generator to get started

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