Top 11+ Marketing Analytics Software and Tools In 2022

Marketing analytics software

Marketing analytics software consists of tools and processes that allow you to evaluate, measure, and optimize marketing performance in order to make it more effective and ensure you receive the intended ROI. It specifically assists you in determining and comprehending the performance of your marketing strategies. In difficult times, like the COVID-19 pandemic, this form of marketing software can provide the agility required to deal with shifting consumer and business demands.
In this post on the 12 best marketing analytics software, we showcase some of the leading products in this software sector. They all feature strong analytics components and functionality to assist you to assess your marketing performance. These are discussed further below.

What is Marketing Analytics Software?

Marketing analytics software includes tools and methods that enable a company to manage, analyze, and control its marketing efforts by measuring marketing performance. In a nutshell, these solutions simplify and optimize a company’s marketing strategy and actions. Businesses can enhance their return on investment (ROI) by finding efficient marketing tactics and changing campaigns to maximize conversions and sales with marketing analytics software.

What are the Many Types of Marketing Analytics Tools?

The types of marketing analytics software available are determined by the KPIs that marketers wish to monitor. The most common are:

  • Web analytics tools
  • Social media marketing analytics tools
  • SEO analytics software
  • Leads attributing tools
  • Email marketing analytics tools

Top Marketing Analytics Software for Businesses

#1. SEMrush

Best for content management across multiple platforms.

SEMrush can help you grow your business by doing things like content marketing, rank tracking, link building, on-page SEO, content development and distribution, content marketing analytics, paid to advertise, PPC keyword research, website monetization, market analysis, and social media management. It offers over 40+ solutions to help your business succeed.


  • Keyword research drives organic traffic to the website.
  • Uses data-driven solutions for content marketing.
  • Manages social media posts.
  • Creates connections to raise the profile.
  • Analyze the market for improved performance.
  • It also offers paid advertising alternatives.
  • Analyze your content’s performance using content marketing analytics.
  • Provides a single platform for SEO, content marketing, PPC, and other services.
  • Backlink audit tools, backlink analytics, and other tools aid in backlink management.


  • Pro- $119.95 per month
  • Guru- $229.95 per month
  • $449.95 per month for businesses

#2. Smartlook

Best for video recording of user sessions on a website.

Smartlook is an analytic software that assists businesses in analyzing customer or visitor behavior on their website or mobile app. It offers website analytics and mobile app analytics, with features such as Events, Funnels, Reporting & Analytics, Heatmaps, Recordings, and Retention Tables.

Companies can use this software to obtain vital information about their clients or visitors.


  • Visitor activity is recorded and analyzed.
  • Produces performance reports by evaluating actions, emails, and other data.
  • Provides one-click retention tables for identifying churn and user engagement.
  • Creates and tracks events for the most clicked items on webpages.
  • Provides heatmaps to emphasize specific elements.
  • Allows for the creation of funnels of client activity.
  • Boost talks by fast-forwarding, connecting funnels to recordings, and so on.
  • Provides automatic event tracking, historical data, and more.


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Startup- $31 per month
  • Business- $79 per month
  • Ultimate: Contact for pricing.

#3. Mixpanel

This is the best option for data pipelines and group analytics.

Mixpanel is an analytic software. It assists its users in combining all of its data and developing analytics by analyzing it. It then generates reports based on the data analysis.

Reports include insights reports, funnel reports, and retention reports. It simplifies the sales process by constructing funnels, analyzing top user flows, and creating cohorts. It delivers three solutions: converts, engages, and retains.


  • Provides advanced analytics through reports, monitors them, and generates warnings for opportunities or dangers.
  • Data is collected from many sources and integrated.
  • Users have limited access to the controls.
  • Provides functionality for establishing data pipelines.
  • Creates group analytics.
  • Analyze data at the corporate level.
  • Conversions increase user engagement and retention.
  • Using funnel reports determines the causes of lead drop-off.


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Growth: $25 per month
  • Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

#4. Domo

Best for data science and machine learning.

Domo is an analysis software that securely integrates or aggregates all of your data into one location for superior insights. It makes data science accessible to its users. It improves internal data consumption.

Domo offers its customers services such as data integration, business intelligence and analytics, intelligent apps, and embedded analytics. It offers solutions to areas such as finance, high technology, medical sciences, manufacturing, media, and retail.


  • Put all of your info in one location.
  • Data analysis using integrated data
  • Create actionable insights for better decision-making.
  • Utilize internal data more effectively.
  • Creates clever apps or workflows based on analytics.
  • Provides automation.
  • Shares or reports facts to customers.
  • Keeps security and control.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

#5. AgencyAnalytics

The best option for creating automatic reports.

AgencyAnalytics is a tool that aids in the creation of automated reports. Reports include SEO reports, PPC reports, Social reports, email reports, phone tracking reports, review reports, and eCommerce reports. It offers services such as automated reports, configurable dashboards, white-label, user access, SEO tools, and many more.

It is compatible with over 60 software applications, including Google Analytics, Instagram, Twitter, Shopify, and Linkedin. Also, it functions as marketing dashboard software by delivering fully customized dashboards.


  • Create and schedule automated reports.
  • Customers have 24-hour access to fully configurable dashboards.
  • Ensures white label marketing.
  • Allows users to remove the agency name from all places.
  • Rankings, site audits, backlink monitoring, and competitor analysis are among the SEO tools available.


  • Freelancer- $49 per month
  • Agency: $149 per month
  • Enterprise- $399 per month.

#6. App Annie

Best for complete mobile market data and analytics.

App Annie offers a variety of services to improve the consumer experience. It offers solutions in a variety of sectors, including gaming, product management, marketing, growth, ad platforms, retail, strategy, and partnership. It provides users with tools such as App Annie Intelligence, App Annie Ascend, and App Annie Connect.


  • Using intelligence services, you can discover opportunities, develop plans, obtain leads, and so on.
  • App Annie Ascend analyzes ad spend and user acquisition.
  • Tracks the success of your advertising campaigns.
  • Connects data from all apps.
  • Provides insights and app techniques.
  • This function generates alerts for fresh opportunities or risks.
  • It is simple to get to.
  • Allow app and group customization.
  • Collaborates easily with team members.


Contact for pricing.

#7. BuzzBoard

Best for organizations that cater to SMBs.

BuzzBoard is a marketing analytics tool that assists small and medium-sized businesses in selecting accounts to target, segmenting them, and prioritizing them by allocating scores and giving them material accordingly. It is the only software that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) through data science teams and artificial intelligence.

They offer two primary products: demand and insights. It aids in the selection of qualified prospects and offers unique insights.


  • Account-based marketing is provided.
  • Aids in the development of sales.
  • Creates interest in your goods or service.
  • In charge of sales and marketing operations.
  • Artificial intelligence-based algorithms are used.
  • Access and control are made possible using the intelligence API.
  • Chrome addon provides great insights and prospecting.
  • Connects to Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot.


Demand Pricing

  • Begin at $399 per month.
  • Grow costs $999 each month.
  • $2499 per month on the scale
  • Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

Pricing for insights:

  • $2,490 per year for a single
  • $4,990 per year for a startup
  • $12,990 in annual growth
  • Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

#8. Datorama

Best for integrating marketing data.

Datorama is asoftware that makes the most of your data by providing data intelligence, an insight engine, an activation engine, an app marketplace, integration with Tableau, and media impact.

It offers solutions for a variety of industries, including brands, agencies, publishers, ad tech, retail, healthcare and sciences, financial services, and consumer goods. It leads to more confidence, efficiency, and a higher ROI.


  • 100% data is connected and integrated with marketing skills.
  • Reports AI-powered insights based on acquired data automatically.
  • Acts on the basis of the reports or insights generated.
  • Provides a marketing app marketplace with ready-to-install solutions.
  • For data exploration, it integrates with Tableau.
  • Optimizes media investment for a maximum potential return.

Contact for pricing.


Best suited to data-driven enterprises. is a marketing analytics software that captures business data, organizes it into a funnel or categorizes it, and analyzes it by generating actionable insights. It offers digital marketing, data analysis, IT/Engineering, retail, eCommerce, and agency solutions.

It includes functions such as data connection, data transformation, and data reporting. Over 1000 reputable firms rely on it for data analytics.


  • It serves as a data connection.
  • Collect all data in one location.
  • Data is transformed into actionable insights.
  • Reports on the analyzed data to the business or the customers.
  • Aids marketers in developing a digital marketing strategy.
  • Serves as a data analyst and business intelligence specialist.
  • Engineers and IT departments profit from this.


Marketing Strategies-

  • Essentials – $399 per month
  • Plus – $999 per month
  • Enterprise – $1999 per month

Agency strategies-

  • $399 per month for a small agency
  • $999 per month for a medium-sized agency
  • Large agency- $3499 per month

#10. Supermetrics

Best for moving marketing data to the desired platform.

Supermetrics is a marketing analytics application that allows you to bring marketing data from anywhere to any platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spreadsheet, a data visualization tool, a data lake, or a data warehouse. So, it is beneficial in areas such as performance marketing, SEO, web analytics, and social media management.

It sends data to Data Studio, Google Sheets, Excel, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and other services. It offers professional services for creating custom dashboards or reports, as well as team training.


  • Brings your marketing data into Google Data Studio.
  • Creates visually appealing dashboards.
  • Data is easily imported into Google Sheets.
  • Allows you to export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Sidebars are provided for ease of use.
  • Supermetrics Uploader is provided.
  • Tracks ad ROI to save time with automatic uploads and other features.
  • Using an API, it automatically extracts marketing data from everywhere.

Contact us for pricing.

#11. HubSpot Marketing Hub

Best for attracting and converting leads.

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a marketing software that allows customers to create leads in a variety of methods. It catches the audience’s interest using blogs, advertisements, SEO, and ad monitoring, and converting them through email marketing, account-based marketing, and other methods. It also aids in performance tracking through built-in analytics.


  • Obtain leads through blogs, advertisements, social media, and other means.
  • Convert prospects via email marketing, account-based marketing, and other methods.
  • Produces performance reports
  • Allow for data entry modification in CRM.


  • Free – $0 per month
  • Beginner- $45 per month
  • Professional – $800 per month
  • Enterprise – $3200 per month

#12. Marketo Engage

Account insights and profiling work best.

Marketo is a marketing solution for accelerating the customer experience through individualized engagement planning and execution. It aids with lead management by recruiting, converting, and nurturing leads using various marketing and CRM tools.

It includes a number of automation marketing analytics tools that allow for the shortest possible time spent on each task. Also, it aids in both lead management and customer relationship management.


  • Account insights generated by AI are used to identify interested leads.
  • Attract and convert customers using numerous marketing tools.
  • Improve customer relationship management by improving communication, selling, and complementary products.
  • Improve ROI by automating workflow and removing errors.
  • For account-based marketing, creates target lists, measures engagement, nurtures, and pursues them.

Contact for pricing.

What Software is used by Marketing Analysts?

Marketers employ several marketing analysis tools based on their business objectives. However, the primary toolkit is usually the same. The following are the most often used marketing analytics tools:

  • The ETL System (Improvado, Fivetran, Adverity, etc.)
  • Warehouse of Data (Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, ClickHouse, etc.)
  • Tools for Business Intelligence (Tableau, looker, Google Data Studio, etc.)
  • Sources of marketing data (Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)

What are the Most Prevalent Features of Marketing Analytics Software?

The following characteristics are shared:

  • Data collection from many sources.
  • Analyzing the data collected by categorizing it.
  • Analysis interpretation
  • Report generation.
  • Results communication

What is the Purpose of Marketing Analytics Software?

It is used to generate quality leads, provide insights, optimize ad spend, target the most profitable consumers, increase sales and improve ROI, analyze customer behavior and preferences, and make decisions based on the insights produced.

What are the Three Main Types of Marketing Analytics?

The three types are as follows:

  1. Descriptive analytics- This type analyzes historical data using data aggregation and data mining to demonstrate what happened in the past.
  2. Predictive analytics is the sort that predicts outcomes using data mining, statistical modeling, and machine learning.
  3. Prescriptive Analytics- A range of statistical methodologies are employed in this analytics to create actionable insights that show businesses the best possibilities.

What is the Importance of Data Analytics in Marketing?

Data analytics is critical in marketing for the following reasons:

  • To understand what has happened in the past in order to prevent making the same mistakes.
  • To comprehend the current situation, i.e., it generates insights on current marketing efforts in order to improve current marketing.
  • To predict future outcomes using machine learning and statistical techniques.
  • It assists marketers in optimizing their efforts and budgeting.


We discussed numerous marketing analytics tools in the research. Every instrument is useful on its own. Data connection or integration, data transformation into valuable insights, and reporting are some of the common characteristics they offer.

Each tool is distinct from the others and offers a unique range of services.

Some are strong at generating alerts, such as App Annie, while others, such as AgencyAnalytics and Datorama, are adept at generating scheduled reports. BuzzBoard, for example, excels at account-based marketing.

As a result, each tool is unique, and in order to select one, you must thoroughly examine its products in relation to your tools.

Marketing Analytics Software FAQs

How is SAS used in marketing?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides modern organizations with purpose-built, intelligent marketing. SAS’s comprehensive capabilities for adaptive planning, journey activation, and real-time decisioning help brands go from data to insight to action.

How do I get into marketing analytics?

Study statistics, math, computer science, market research, communications, business administration, or social sciences as an undergraduate. Get a job as an entry-level marketing analyst. Improve your technical and business knowledge. Pursue extra marketing analytics certification.

What is the difference between marketing analytics and business analytics?

When it comes to the operations of the entire business, business analytics takes a holistic approach. Marketing analytics is frequently used to describe the process of organizing and tracking data in order to determine the return on investment (ROI) of your company’s marketing initiatives.


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