5 Internet business consultant for your online business

internet business consultant

An internet business consultant makes Online business seem much easier to do with all the comfort. online businesses are lucrative and are done with ease From anywhere you’re just with an internet connection, you’re making your money. No physical location or physical office needed. The most confusing thing is that people don’t know what you do but they see you spend the money. Till they come close they will think you’re jobless or fraudulent or one internet fraudster. Despite all this ease of doing business online, a lot of people really struggle. They struggle to the bones because they walk alone. You can run your physical business alone as a sole proprietor but not an online business. Be it a blog, vlog(video blogging), e-commerce, forex, etc you need the following 5 internet business consultants to succeed and make that big money you want.

1. Content writer:

What good PR does for physical businesses is what content writers do for online businesses. They put your product and services in good light just through writing. Content writers include good sales copywriters. Someone like this writes a compelling article that seduces the mind of people to buy products they ordinarily wouldn’t want to buy. They put up irresistible titles that make people click on articles with suspense. They condition the psychological reasoning of the reader to believe in the product or service and eventually pay money to get it. This is why every online business should have a blog section on their website.

Ever read an article and ended up buying that product? A sales copywriter wrote those articles. They just know how to close sales. What is the understand? They understand good advertising strategies you don’t know. You might be tempted not to consider your content writer as an internet business consultant but they truly are because their impact is non-negotiable.


There is something called Keywords or keyphrases. These are those words or phrases people type on search engines when looking for some products to buy or piece of information. How many people are looking for your services or products online and what do they type on search engines when looking for it? If you don’t position your business to appear at the top of those search results, you’ll never be found. (beyoung.in)

People who appear on the top pages of those searches aren’t lucky, they put in a lot of work in their search engine optimization (SEO) practices. There are web practices that position your business, this is why every online business should have an SEO manager as an internet business consultant.

The work of this SEO manager is to ensure your products and services come out on the first page of Google when people look for it online. Employing this guy will increase the traffic rate of your blog which possible will convert to high sales.

3. Digital Marketer:

Traffic is the blood of every online business and an internet business consultant understands this. Zero traffic means zero sales. If there are no visitors there are no sales. The chief work of this guy is to bring visitors to your online platform and increase followers on your social media handles for the purpose of increasing sales.

Digital marketing is a kind of online marketing. This person needs to take care of your ads. Don’t just go to Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeter and pay for ads. These guys understand your market analysis more than you do, they use a lot of data and analytical facts to launch ads that would convert to sales. They don’t just run ads, they run targetted ads to the exact type of customers you’re looking for. This saves you a lot of money. There are adverts that will kill your business which you can avoid by employing these guys.

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They also build a customer base and send them e-mails when you’ve new products, they collect, analyze and use data to known people who bought from you but never come back, they send them e-mails with a discount just to bring them back. This is called email marketing. They create sales funnel they use to analyze your business and solve your business problems. Off-line businesses are beginning to employ these guys because of the small business marketing concept they implement, so don’t be left out as an online business.

4. Web Developer:

Your internet business consultant might not be an expert on this but should at least understand how it affects the business directly. This guy creates the online platform you intend to use. Be it an app or website they create, manage, and update these platforms for the best for you. This is like your physical shop, if anything happens to it of should something go wrong with it, you will have no shop. See him as the building contractor, architect, and cleaner of a physical shop because those are the exact things they do.

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5. The most important internet business consultant is your Business Analyst:

Sometimes when playing the game of chess, the man outside sees better than the two people playing the game. The business analyst has that eagle’s view your online business needs to succeed. He creates the map, strategies, and execution plan that will attract loyal customers, increase sales with strong brand visibility. when looking for an internet business consultant, ensure he has more than 80% of this skill

In conclusion, when you do things differently, you will attract a better result. Just like blood circulation in your body keeps you alive, this is how the inflow of cash to your business makes your business alive. Without cash inflow, businesses die. These 5 people or one internet business consultant with these 5 skillsets make inflow happen effortlessly for online businesses.

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