How to get any successful business person as your mentor.

How to get any successful business person as your mentor.
How to get any successful business person as your mentor.

Getting a mentor can be an easy task if you know how to choose and get any successful business person as your mentor. It is not every successful person that should be your mentor.

A mentor is someone who has traveled the path you’re preparing to travel. When you’re sure which sector you plan to dive in and what goals you want to pursue, it’s time to go get the mentor knowing there are more than 5 major things a mentor can do for you.

How to get any successful business person as your mentor

1. Know what drives them most.

How? You’ll know that by listening to their tapes, reading their books, tweets, posts, etc and then pick personal interest in those. Make a research on those things and pick a solution.

This is one way to get a successful business person as a mentor.

2. Know where they are.

Know what events they attend and plan to attend too. know what clubs they belong to and join the club with active involvement. Also, know what games and interests they have a flair for and then interested too.

However, this is not restricted to a physical location. You may also want to know exactly what social media points you can reach them best with. Some celebrities, their social media accounts are handled by Social medial marketing companies. However, there’s one out of the many they handle themselves. How do you know? They don’t get official most of the time in that account and gets personal on them.

For example, consider reading Trump’s tweets, he airs his view using personal pronouns and throws his mind the way he has it. Posts are done even at midnights (after work hours). The other ones they don’t handle are official, either talking about a new book written, organizational related matters, etc, what social media marketing company do is to brand these individuals into “gods” where they can be respected.

Their focus is to shape how the public should see them since everyone loves a good public image. Find them across all social media and discover the one they handle most by themselves. You can visit for contacts of any celebrity at a price.

3. Speak their language:

This doesn’t mean learning Chinese because your intending mentor is Chinese. But talking their interest, tweet their interest, read their book and tweet their ideology behind the book and be intentional once in a while to say one or two things you don’t agree with, this will make you appear honest than been seen as a sycophant.

This is another way to get a successful person as business mentor.

4. Give them:

Not money or gifts, but assistance. This is time to get personal. Let them know you want to assist in this or that based on your research about them on what they are pursuing, tell them how much you love what they are doing, and be sincere about that, they hear such every day and can easily discover sycophantic words. Ask them to give you any task and show your willingness to do the task even if you’re not paid and then deliver far before the deadline. This will keep the door open or close the door depending on how you deliver.

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5. Declare your interest:

This is time to make it known that you want to be mentored. Business coaching (internal link here) is an agreement meaning is a decision both parties agree with. Know his terms, explain your reasons, and how much you believe your life will be changed but don’t stop there.

Mistakes people make is not telling the mentor what he would gain too, nobody wants to have a parasite, they already have many task and busy schedules and don’t want to add more, so offer them something that easy out a part of their task on you, after all, that’s how you learn what he does by getting involved. You pretty don’t want to hear a bunch of advice alone and then go without seeing for yourself. One picture is worth more than a thousand words!


We have more than 50 business mentors across the business sectors who are willing to coach you to run your business successfully even beyond the point of business break-even. But, before contacting them, make sure you know what attracts a successful business person as mentor. Success as you contact your mentors!

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