Example of a Business Plan Executive Summary

There are many business ideas on internet but there are no exact appropriate way to go with it, especially with a new start-up, old one or someone already in business, in need of funds and company investment to help with funding. These guidelines will help with, exact example of a business plan executive summary. How to write it and every go-to-go way.

An executive summary of a business plan is a complete overview. It serves the purpose to summarise points that are keyed into the main point of the document. It assists the readers, saving them time and trying to prepare them for the main content ahead, hence the example of a business plan executive summary.

example of a business plan executive summary
example of a business plan executive summary

— Keep in mind the executive summary to be an advance organiser for the readers before the main content. So, in its entirety, it must be concise, straight to the point, and doesn’t have a miss and off point. It should serve the purpose of enticing the readers to keen in and read the rest of the business plan.

It is why the executive summary is at times, called the most important part of the business plan before the main business plan is executed. When it doesn’t capture the minds of readers, the plan will be set aside, unread. That would be a huge failure if it was written to get funds to start up your business.

— Anyway, getting a fund for a startup, is not the only reason for business plans. There are many reasons, as important as getting funds to help kickstart a business. The idea that had always been nurtured.
Since it represents an overview of the plan, it is quite common to write a business plan after you had executed the whole write-up. There are many things to think about when you are trying to develop, many of the ideas.

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What Information Will you be putting in an Executive Summary?

The information varies, ranging from different angles and in most cases, depends on the nature of your business. Whether it’s a startup or an established business.
If your business is a startup, the main goals will lean on how to convince banks, organisations, investors, or venture capitalists to invest fully in your business by helping to provide startup capital in the form of debugging or equity financing. To do this, your business plan, have to deal with a genuinely strong case that will stand your idea top above others. And this will make your executive summary important, better than many other ones, in need of the same capital. Anyway, a typical example of a business plan executive summary for a startup is including the following sections.

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1) The Business Opportunity:

This describes and explains the exact need or the opportunity of your entire business.

— Try taking advantage of the said opportunity. Give a detailed and concise explanation of how your business will be for the betterment of the market.

— The Market that’s targeted. Describe accurately on what are your target audience and how they function.

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2) Business Model:

The apt description of the products and services offered. How they will appeal to the targeted audience and sail above those available in the market.

3) Sales and Marketing Strategy:

Expatiate your plans on how you would be marketing your products. How it would triumph amongst others.

4) Competition:

Write about your competition and how you are going to be able to scale it. The exact strategy in getting the market shares. What is your advantage over your competition? What exactly will you offer your customers different from what had been in the market? How will you scale through it!

5) Financial analysis:

Make a summary of the financial plan which includes a projection for the next three years, in its least form.

6) Owners/Staff:

Give a detailed description of the ownership and the members involved in the business. Then, the expertise they table to the venture.

6) Plan for Implementation:

Make an online of the schedule from moving the business from the stage of the planning to opening the business.
For businesses that have been established, an example of a business plan executive summary includes the available information on achievements, growth plans, etc.

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Types of example of a Business Plan Executive Summary

These are the typical plan of the example of a business plan executive summary and the outline for established business including:

— Mission Statement:

This helps in articulating the main purpose of the business. It can be done in a few sentences, describing the company. What it does, and what its core values and business philosophy are.

— Company Information:

Outline the brief history of the company, describing your products and services offered, when and where it was instituted, the owners and its key employees, statistics that represent the number of employees, business locations, etc.

— Business Highlights:

Make an apt description of the business evolution, its growth, which includes yearly revenue increase, its profitability, the exact increase in market shares, number of customers, et al.

— The summary of Finances:

The purpose of updating the business plan has always been to seek additional financing for the expansion and in turn, give a brief financial summary of it all.

— Future goals:

Make a proper outline of the main goals that of the business. In a bit to seek, financing, try explaining how additional funding will serve to expand the business and in turn increase the profitability.

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Examples of a Business Plan Executive Summary: How Do I Write It?

Begin by the following list, penning down a few sentences concerning each topic. This is quite dependent on the nature of your business; whether it’s a startup or not.

One of the easiest ways to write an executive business summary is to review your business plan and sieve out an important summary sentence or more than one from each of the sections of the sentence you had explained.

After you had finished and executed the summary of the executive business plan with a ravishing closing sentence that answered the most important question, symbolising, “Why is this a winning business plan that will capture the readers, regardless of other business plans presented?”

For example, an executive summary for a poultry farm business might end with: “The poultry farm that will help curb lack of poultry products in the county, in turn serving people’s need to appeal the many citizens of Ohio.”

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These are tips to execute business plans executive summary:

The balance:

Make your plan focusing on giving the summary. The business plan will give main details to the bank managers or investors, assigned to your business plan or the reader of your plan, who will want to utilise their plans appropriately and not have it wasted.
— In all you do, keep your language strong and positively affirmative, to wow them.

— Do not weaken the executive summary with language and words that are watery. Going by an example, instead of writing, “Kiddies and friends might be in a better position to clinch the government contracts”, write it as, “Kiddies and friends will be in a better position to clinch the government contracts…”

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— Again, try to keep it short:

It should not be more than two pages long. Try to resist the temptation to pad your business plans executive summary with many irrelevant details that do are not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The main job of the executive business summary is to relay facts and make a crucial point, to entice the reader to read the rest of the business plan, not tell them everything at first.

Polish your business summary. When you are done, read it aloud to yourself to check the word flow. Does it sound pleasing to the ear? No grammatical errors. How clear, succinct, and apt to the point. The structural organisation. If it sounds good to you, bring someone else who knows nothing relaying to your business to read it and make some suggestions for improvement.

— Tailor it to your audience:

If the main purpose is to wow the investors, for example, the business executive summary should lean toward the opportunity your business brings to investors and why the opportunity is the gold. If the purpose of your business is to acquire a little business loan, the main focus should be on highlighting what the traditional lenders want to see, such as the experience of the management and the absolute fact that you have the collateral and strategies in place, to minimise the risk of the lender.

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— Place yourself on the minds of the reader:

When you are done, read it again. Does it have the tingling interest or wowing factors on the reader? If there is none, ask why? Bear in mind that the executive summary is the first thing your readers read. If it’s poorly crafted, then it is most likely, it will be the last thing they will read.

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