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BUSINESS PLAN: Examples and Template for Startup




The secret of every successful business lies in the business plan; it enables you to easily identify potential problems and opportunities your business might face, create a strategy to avoid or achieve it.

To understand the importance of a business plan, you have to first, know why it’s useful and how to create one.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a written document that details how a company – usually a startup – defines its goals and how it should achieve its goals. It contains a written roadmap for the company from a marketing, financial, and operational perspective.

Business plans are important documents that are used to attract investment before a company has a proven track record. They are also a great way for companies to stay focused on their goals in the future.

While they are especially useful for new businesses, every business should have a business plan. Ideally, the plan will be regularly reviewed and updated to see if the objectives have been met or changed and evolved.

Components of a business plan

The length of the business plan varies greatly from company to company. All information should fit in a 15-20 page document. If there are key elements of the business plan that take up a lot of space – like patent applications – they should be listed in the master plan and included in the appendices.

As mentioned above, no two business plans are alike. But they all have the same elements. Here are some of the general and important parts of a business plan.


This section describes the company and contains the mission statement as well as all information on management, employees, operations, and location of the company.

Products and services

Here the company can describe the products and services offered and also include prices, product life, and consumer benefits. Other factors that may be included in this section are the production and manufacturing processes, any patents owned by the company, and proprietary technologies. Information on research and development (R&D) may also be included here.

Market analysis

A company needs a good understanding of the industry and its target market. It describes who the competition is and how it takes into account the industry and its strengths and weaknesses. It also describes the expected consumer demand for what companies are selling and how easy or difficult it can be to gain market share from incumbents.

Marketing strategy

This section describes how the company attracts and keeps its customers and how it aims to reach the consumer. This means that a clear sales channel must be defined. It also lists the advertising and marketing campaign plans and the type of media through which these campaigns exist.

Financial planning

To attract the party reading the business plan, the company needs to factor in its financial planning and future projections. Financial statements, balance sheets, and other financial information can be included for established companies. Rather, new businesses will contain targets and estimates for the early years of business and potential investors.


Every good company should have a budget. This includes personnel, development, manufacturing, marketing, and other costs related to the business.

Types of Business Plans

Types of business plans include, but are not limited to start-up, timely internal feasibility, business plans, and growth.

Start-Up Business Plans

Detailing a new business to start is step by step towards designing a new business start-up. This document includes sections generally dealing with the business, product, or service of a business that you do not provide with market assessments and projected management teams.

The financial analysis should outline the spreadsheets in the places between potential investors and also ask for financial projections, but not limited to, income, profit, and cash flow.

Internal business plans

The target audience for internal business plans is the specific task, for example, the team that will need to evaluate the proposed project. This document will describe the current state of the business, including operational costs and profitability, then calculate and, if necessary, run the business anyway towards the project.

Internal plans that provide information on the project, hiring, and technical costs. Illuminating target demographics also typically include market analysis, market size, and a positive effect of the market on company revenue.

Strategic Business Plans

Strategic Business Plans provides high-quality fashion and sets policy for the entire company. The structure of the strategic plan from the company to another company mainly includes five elements: the corporate vision, a mission that the definition of business strategies essential to success for some, the implementation schedule.

A business plan brings all levels of the strategic image into the big things, the successful outcome of it, and has been given to the business objectives are to work together to create it.

Growth business plans

Suggestions or descriptions of higher growth in proposed expansion plans due to internal and external growth and written proposals. If growth requires an investment company, and attach all descriptions of the growth plan to the company, its management, and officers.

In any question of advice, the individual should be seen as a company that satisfies potential investors. If you don’t need a growth plan, the authors may seem obvious, but don’t include descriptions of financial sales companies and expense forecasts.

Feasibility business plans

A Feasibility business plan answers the first two questions regarding the feasibility of the proposed business venture which, if any, when you buy a product or service to sell the business to make a profit if they can get a boom.

The business plan has been discussed and includes but is not limited to, sections describing the need for a product or service, target demographics, and required capital. Final vehicles specialize in progress.

IT business plans

What was it when the situation because of the interior councils of the council election? The arrival of the thing and the delays in the implementation of the marketing campaign, you do not think copycat. The business plan outlines a set of employee services.

Business plan Template for Startup

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship can be very challenging. It requires building a business from the ground and getting it up and running is serious work, however, there are ways to ease the stress. First is getting a business mentorship; every successful entrepreneur you see today has who they look up to.

Before you can run any business successfully, you must get a business plan; this will help you discover any weaknesses in your business idea so you can address them before you open up a business.

You don’t have to get overwhelmed trying to draft a business plan for your business, with the business yield generator, you can get the best business structure that suits any business type.

Business Yield Idea generator

What makes this the best anyone can find online is that this generator is purely done by humans not a set of algorithms or Artificial intelligence.

Humans gather data and do quick but detailed research

based on the information you provide. It’s simple, answer a set of quick and easy questions and your business ideas will be on your email in less than 24hrs.

24hrs because this is the most feasible idea generator as it takes into consideration, your budget, intended startup locations, talents and skills, the available time you can give the business, etc.

Based on these data with an extensive feasibility study and just a little token, you would have a list of ideas sent to your email with links to give you access to instant business plans, Business model canvas, and up to 3 years of financial analysis to help you get started for the business.

Click on Business yield idea generator to access top business plans that will benefit you.

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Business Plan

FINANCIAL GOALS 2021: The Complete Guide for Students and Businesses (+ quick tips)



financial goals 2021

Money drives many decisions that we make daily. Setting goals on our finance aspect can help us take control and feel more relaxed about those decisions. This is why you should understand financial goals meaning, examples for students and business owners, and types of financial goals.

Ready to get started? First, this article would teach you what financial goals are and why they’re important. Money without proper management is set to vanish without a reasonable and proper account of it. This proper management of money is the financial goals set on how money comes and goes off your hand. This article will help you understand better how to set good financial goals for your income. Also types of financial goals you should set to achieve. Let’s quickly go into knowing the meaning of financial goals as we go further in this article.

Table of Contents

Financial Goals Meaning

Financial goals are the personal targets you set for yourself on your savings and expenditure. They can be short or long term goals you want to achieve over a set period of time. Your state in life determines the type of goals you would want to achieve. Either way, achieving a goal is often easier when you picture it in advance. But, you should learn how to make your ideas work to enable you to set important goals. Below, we talk further on types of financial goals you should know either as a student or business owner.

Types of Financial Goals

Each type of financial goal comes with a lot of benefits if properly planned. Before you set your financial goals, first, you have to identify the things most important to you. Though it’s normal to have many goals, and for them to change over time but it starts from being financially accountable. The following are types of Financial Goals:

#1. Paying off debt:

Paying off debt especially credit card debt consumes much of cash flow in which can be used for other objectives. Is very important to set a goal on this to enable you to manage your money to meet other goals. Basically, it will be of best interest for you to know these 5 quick bad debt recovery strategies. These strategies may be of good help to you now or in time to come.

#2. Make a budget and stick to it:

This is one of the types of financial goals that need discipline. Budgets are made based on debts and expenses, and no one gets rich focusing on debts said, Ric Edelman. More money flows in focusing on assets and income, which most experts agree that budgets are important. So, creating a budget is the best way to know your financial limits. In the home, creating a family budget helps to avoid unnecessary expenditures and save enough for other family needs.

#3. Save for retirement:

Setting cash every month from your income to grow your retirement portfolio is the best you can do for yourself. It gives you the capacity to reach your long-term dreams. People just need to see it that way to save enough for their retirement.

#4. Build an emergency fund

In a fragile job market, emergency funds are essential, as they are used to settle unforeseen expenditures. Pay for a hospital stay, the mortgage, fix of car repair, etc, are part of unforeseen issues likely to occur. This type of financial goal is considered one of the most important goals everyone should set.

#5. Live below your means

In a small meeting of 200 participants, 19% agree that one of the types of financial goals they achieved the previous year was learning how to live below their means. You have to spend less than your income if you want to have more savings for other goals. If you spend more than your income it simply means debts. Don’t try to maintain a lifestyle you can’t afford, it will only lead you to more debts than savings.

#6. Saving to buy a home:

For most people, buying a home is their most significant purchase and investment. So, having a down payment for this bring freedom and flexibility to the life of the loan provided. A 20% down payment is the standard for a good mortgage. Note, having a mortgage is a far more savvy investment than paying rent.

#7. Saving for a vacation:

Often, you may want to travel on a vacation maybe during winter or summer. So, saving some cash down for this in advance will guarantee you a great vacation experience.

#8. Starting a business:

Starting a business ultimately a fulfilling endeavor, though tough. Everyone wants to be a boss and self-employed. Business is meant to make money and not another way around. So, before you start a business you should have a good business plan, seed money, and monthly budget within your means. Consider these 4 tests you must pass before starting a business, it will give you more insight on this topic.

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#9. Feeling financially secure:

Everyone can and should do more to plan for their financial future, by making a plan and following that plan. Having financial goals can help shape your future by influencing the actions you take today. That’s why financial goals matter a lot to both individuals, be a student, business owners, and co-operate bodies.

#10. Paying off your student loans:

Consider refinancing at a better interest rate as a way to pay off your student loans faster.

#11. Improve your credit score:

It’s always needful to qualify for a low-interest rate in order to get done transactions that require a loan. In simple terms, an improved credit score saves you money by qualifying you for lower interest rates.

How To Set Financial Goals

Here are basic six steps in setting financial goals;

  1. Know the things more important to you.
  2. Find out what’s within reach, that may take time, to be considered as a long-term strategy.
  3. Consider applying a SMART- goal strategy.
  4. Create a budget that is realistic, by taking a stronghold on what comes in and what goes out.
  5. Your tough, realistic, water-tight budget must show at least a handful of leftover cash.
  6. Keep track of your progress. Make sure you hit often certain benchmarks. If not, take some time to check what went wrong.

How Can You Achieve Your Financial Goals?

Setting a goal involves, what goal you intend to achieve, the amount of cash needed and other resources required. Also planning time duration it may take to achieve each of your goals. So, the great way to reach your financial goals is by making a plan that prioritizes your goals. Your goals can be separated into three categories of time, which are;

  • Short-term financial goals – This normally takes under one year to achieve, for example: taking a vacation, paying off specific debts, etc.
  • Mild-term financial goals – This may not be achieved right away but it shouldn’t take too many years to accomplish. Examples may include: buying a car, completing a degree or certification, or paying off your debts.
  • Long-term financial goals – It may take several years to accomplish a long-term goal, therefore it requires long commitment and more money. This is likely to be achieved in 5 years or more. Examples include; buying a home, saving for a child’s college education, a comfortable retirement, etc.
Read more on: Finance; Definition, Types and Importance

Financial Goals Examples for Students

In this part, financial goals examples for students, I break it down in detail all you need. Setting smart financial goals as a student is so important to your financial well-being. Even with an unpredictable income and study loan as a college student, setting goals isn’t hard as it may sound. With steps let me show how you can achieve a lot with your little student income.

As a student, below are seven steps to help you create a smart financial goals for now and in the future:

#1. Set Some Financial Goals

Learn to set smart financial goals as a student by taking these simple steps below;

  1. Write your goals down
  2. Calculate your budget
  3. Figure out how much you can work
  4. Find ways to earn the most money
  5. Create a 12-month financial plan

#2. Look for Part-Time Work

Often this, not the easiest thing to accomplish, but it’s still an important part of every individual’s personal finance planning. As a student, working full time is out of option. But even a few hours a week will help you earn some extra cash. Ask if your school offers work-study programs since they may offer the most flexible schedules.

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#3. Keep Track of Your Spending

Keeping a smart track of your spending will help you see how you are really using your money. This will guarantee how much you spend on certain things and how you can re-adjust your spending.

#4. Create a Budget

A budget is a document that measures your tracking with regards to achieving your financial goals. Firstly, find out what your income and expenses will be for the semester. Then use the information to set up a budget that best suits you.

#5. Stick to your Budget

One thing is to create a budget, the other is to follow it. Your budget can be beneficial to you if you stick to it, by gradually making it your lifestyle. With time your budget will become a habit to you if you follow and stick to it.

#6. Stay Out of Credit Card Debts and Personal Loans

Having a credit card or personal loan payment can lead to financial stress. This will as well as inhibit your ability to accomplish your other financial goals. So, always pay your bills on time. Consistent late and missed payments will have a significant negative impact on your credit rating and budgeting. You should consider paying off your credit cards or personal loans if already have any as soon as possible. This will really help you to avoid high finance charges as well as extended payoffs.

#7. Build an Emergency Fund

Examples of situations you will need an emergency fund are;

  1. Getting sick and not able to pay your bills for a month.
  2. Smashing your or someone else’s car or phone.
  3. Your laptop dies.
  4. Household appliances break down.
  5. Flights home for a family emergency.
  6. An opportunity you need extra money for in school.
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Financial Goals For a Business

As we have learned much about financial goals for students, is also important to know that of a business. Below are a few essential financial goals for any business;

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Financial Knowledge
  3. Decrease Costs
  4. Good Financial Knowledge
  5. Improve Margins
  6. Good Financial Perspective
  7. Good Debt Service Management
  8. Well Planned Cash Flow
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It is very important for every business owner to know how to set good goals as business financial goals and run with it. Individuals who also have an interest in owning a business are no exception to this knowledge. This will help you have good financial management by not spending more than what you make. Help you also avoid unnecessary spending that may bring your business down. Good financial knowledge will help you know how best to run your business and grow it over time. Therefore, setting good financial goals for your business is the best you can do for yourself to grow in business.

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Financial Goals for 2021

Your financial goals for 2021 shouldn’t be different from recent financial goals as we have discussed earlier. But, planning for 2021 (how far you want to go and how fast you want to grow) ahead, now is the best time. If the current financial goals you are running with aren’t working well for you, is time to readjust. You can start now to plan for your financial goals for 2021, now is better than later.

With some good planning and some hope, you can make 2021 your best financial year yet. Here are the 10 best ways to do that.

#1. Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is like investing financially. The best time to start was yesterday, you couldn’t meet up, but the second-best time to start is now. Investing in yourself doesn’t have to cost money, it only costs a little bit of your time. So, take every chance to invest fully in yourself first, before other goals. Do you know? – Yourself is the only bridge between you and your success, said poet Chiemerie Ozurumba. Therefore, seek to impact yourself.

#2. Start a new budget

You have run with the old budget, probably not favorable, is time to start a new budget. Finance is like a tree with roots and branches, and budgeting is the root system. The Root Budgeting System focuses mainly on helping you build a budget that is right for you. Creating a budget base on people’s suggestions will ruin your plans. Therefore is important you create your own budget and follow it.

Here are five simple steps you can follow to help you start a new budget:

  • Start with the basics: Put together your earnings and expenditures to see how much cash flow you have at hand. With the basics, you can start planning for your 2021 financial goals and freedom.
  • Master the three pillars: There are three pillars in starting a new budget you need to know. These three pillars will help you set out your financial goals for 2021. This includes: Automation, Keeping track of expenditure, and Building an emergency fund. After these steps, start making your own budget right away.
  • Identify your values: Find what you value and include those values in your budget. Your financial goals for 2021 should base on your personal values.
  • Choose budgeting principles that best suit you: Make sure you always use budgeting principles that make sense to you. Don’t try to imitate or bring external perspectives into your budgeting, be yourself.
  • Build a frequency budgeting attitude: Break down your budget into smaller, paycheck-size. This can help you know exactly where the money for your bills will come from.

More of Financial Goals For 2021

#3. Invest your money

The best way to invest is to focus on the long-term goals, invest a specific amount always. Also, try investing in very low-cost index funds. Don’t just jump into a business you have less or no idea about. Channel your money to the right places and invest wisely.

#4. Observe your taxation

Pay good attention to your tax situation, and settle your taxes on time.

#5. Set a goal

Ask yourself what do you intend to achieve in your finance next coming year. Do you want more cash flow in? or what to learn how you can make a good business budget?. Do you have a business idea you want to work on?. Then one of the best things is to set a specific goal and get ready to stick to it.

#6. Set milestones on your way to that goal

Think of milestones as a smaller goal to help you reach your larger goals. Like setting a goal to know how much extra money you have will help you in your debt payoff.

#7. End connection with things that don’t work in your life

You know the things that value most to you, include them in your budget. Cut things out that don’t work for you. With this, you can set good financial goals and enjoy financial freedom come 2021. Excited! right?, I bet you should, everybody desire financial freedom.

#8. Look forward to increasing your income

Always have the right thought about your finance or business. Also, create the mind of a succeeding entrepreneur. Hope for things that will help you increase your income. Things like having a promotion at work, get a raise at work in your current position. Searching for a new job and also expanding your business are also ways you can increase your income. If your income increases, then your financial goals for 2021 can be set and achieve easily.

#9. Find your reason and focus on it

Knowing why you want to accomplish a goal will help you put more effort into it. Your reason is your driving van in accomplishing your goals. Therefore, find and focus on your why.

#10. Automation

Automate everything in your personal finance, your bill-paying, your income, your investments, and your savings. This ensures you don’t skip or miss any payment again. Learn this to help you in achieving your financial goals for 2021.

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Financial Goals by 30

Have you set your financial goals? Being in your 20s is an exciting time. Moreover, you finally have the freedom to set your own rules, and you understand the value of independence. In this section, let me show you a few realistic goals you can set now to achieve before age 30.

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Here are ten realistic goals to complete by age 30 in order to make your next life stage less stressful.

  • Build your human capital
  • Manage your debt
  • Start saving for retirement
  • Get a credit card
  • Get comfortable with investing
  • Stop impulse spending
  • Create a monthly budget plan
  • Get rid of one luxury
  • Set career based on financial goals
  • Save for a home


As we have learned in this article, setting smart financial goals is as important as money. Without it, you won’t have a specific record of your income and expenditure. As it helps you as a student and a business owner to keep track of your progress in your finance. In setting a good financial goal time management strategies and concepts of business management should also be put into consideration.

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Business Plan

Simple Business Plan Example [500+ With Free Guide]



simple business plan example

Most simple business plan examples you see online are a cumbersome bunch. Either you cannot undertand them or the information contained is too vague for comfort.

The simplified examples have been sampled in the post. Most importantly, a resource center with over 500 business plans you can download for your business.

Read through to find the free busines plans at positions you least expected.

Simple business plan example Free Guide

A simple business plan is summarized in six elements – who, what, when, where, why and how.

Surprised, right?

Best and simple business plan example would answer the questions posed by the six elements listed above.

Well, let me show you!

Read this: How to Write a Business Plan [with Sample Pdf]

#1. Who. Simply put – who do you want to serve?

One of the mistakes small business owners make is thinking everyone is their client. Invariably, they are conducting their operations in a manner to serve everyone. That is very wrong.

Actually, you shouldn’t.  You have to focus on one type of client and build upon it, expansion will come later.

Get this: Confectionery Business Plan with free 3years financial projection

Who is that ideal customer that needs your service? Determine that.  Are they individuals or small business owners?   If they are a small business owner, what is their income?  Which industry are they in?

#2. What. What values will you provide to your clients?

It explains what the business’s mission is. The mission shows the exact service you will provide. What makes your company different from others providing the same service? That is to say, what is your competitive advantage?

#3. When. When will the business start?

It determines the time of launching your business plan. This step aids in establishing time management measures especially if you are starting up on a part-time basis.  How long will it take for your business to kick-off?

#4. Where. Where is the business located?

You have probably heard the saying that location is very important. lt is more essential when you are operating a store-front business.  It is pertinent that where you are setting up your shop is an ideal location for your business.

Get 500+ business plans for any business

Asides physical location, you also set your goals for the future.  Where will your business be one year from now? What giant strides do you want to achieve?

#5. Why. What is your why?

This is the most important question anyone in business should answer – What is your why? 

Your why is the purpose in your life, your business, the reason your business is created. What is your purpose for creating this business? Why should your business succeed?  This will fuel your passion and keep you going.

#6. How.  Ways to achieve your goals

Here, you set plans on how you will accomplish the other five steps.  Without this step, your dream will remain a dream.

Lastly, how will you set your business in motion?  How will you finance your business? How will you get clients?

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Use these six everyday questions, and apply them to your business idea. Feel free to re-arrange the questions in any order to flow more easily for you, just be sure you answer them all. In addition, you can also add any other questions.

These questions are what you answer in your business plan.

Moving on, we will bring you some simple business plan examples.

Here are Simple Business plan examples; DOWNLOAD THE FULL DOCUMENT HERE

The more-detailed business plan examples are here for you to download.


Business plans are the lifeblood of any feasible business. Dowlaod a simple plan and kickstart that business today.

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Business Plan

Free Example of a Business Plan

There are many ideas on how to start a business, how to go about funding if you are a start-up or had been in the business for a long time. But there are only a few or none on how to go about it. So, I decided to provide free examples of a business plan that will help one greatly as they navigate through their businesses, making it fruitful. The many processes of writing a business plan in seeking capitals.




When trying to write a business plan, it might seem like an arduous task to venture into. But there are free examples of a business plan to guide you through navigating the processes of writing a business plan. This is most especially if you are a beginner and there is no financial background to assist in your business. In some cases when you do have financial backings, there is always a need for a refresher on what a modern business plan looks like, how to go about it.

So it would not be a bad idea to get business plan. Well, every year there are new business plans ideas and what people want it to look like. They change over the years and the expectance of lenders and investors don’t remain the same every year. The processes do change, even if it had been for the last ten years.

Example of a business plan

Free example of a business plan

Read More: Download 500+ business plans for any business

There is an investor-approved business plan template for free example of a business plan. The template that also had been used by many universities including Princeton and Babson in teaching entrepreneurs how to start businesses. This had also been used by many businesses including 850,000 businesses in writing business plans for many reasons. These are including bank loans, venture capital, and angel investments, business expansion, and sales of the business. The template had been proven to work and will help in jump-starting your business quickly. It saves critical time and makes the planning of business easier to adhere to.

You can download the template below:

Read More: Business Plan Template


You have been worried about how to start? What is the main reason for you to begin with a business plan template:

By the abundance of many options of business planning, is the template the best place to start with? Though a good business plan template, can help very greatly in getting your thoughts organised. In this way, it provides guidelines, so one is not stuck, searching at a blank page as they figure out processes to follow. Well, it can give insight into the general layout of a standard business plan that will come in handy in trying to set up the business. A good business plan template will greatly assist in providing instructions for the many steps of your plan.

Read More: Download 500+ business plans for any business

This will show one what an investor-ready and SBA-approved business plan would look like. There are different free business plan template that is available online to guide through. A lot of the free example of a business template online, trumps ones offered on sales by people who want to make money out of helping people, guide them through setting up their business plan.

These are including ones I posted the link above, to help you in moving forward on kickstarting your business. You can navigate through finding a business plan examples that are specific to your industry by searching our business idea generator archive where there are various types of business plans ranging from Fashion, Bakery, Fish Farm Business etc. Well in doing so, one has to be careful. Many people try to charge you for a free example of a business plan template.

Never be tricked into giving in cash to acquire one. Online, many free templates are available to assist you to get started on your business plan. If you need more than a free, seek and look into online business planning solutions like Liveplan. They assist in providing examples of a business plan template. In turn, they also help in customisation options than any other template will ever be of assistance. A lot of the free examples of a business plan are available to assist.

What about using a business plan template?

Many benefits which using a business plan template affords is depending on your needed situation and it might not necessarily be the absolute best way to complete your plan. There are still going to be many works involved. Not only do you have to complete the financial spreadsheets, but you have to do all the calculations yourself. You will need to get acquainted with the process to make sure you are in touch with all the numbers in the right places.

This is typical. And the instructional resources are limited to go along with a free template, so when you don’t know what you are doing with numbers, the process of writing the business plan isn’t going to be that much with a template.

Read More: Download 500+ business plans for any business

And merging data from Excel spreadsheets into the word document is pretty harder than it looks. It is also hard trying to keep in touch with many things completely and up-to-date as you try to make changes to your numbers. This is also in integrating the right charts and graphs into your business plan. They are harder as they seem. But if you are new to the planning of business and want to get a sense of what a plan seems like or want to get the process begin quick, then try downloading a free template. Free template help in guiding you through. This is one of the great ways to get started.

If the template or any other template link provided doesn’t give the flexibility and main guidance you need to complete your business, you might want to take a glance at business plan software. Good software is including step-by-step guidance, video tutorials, automatic financial forecasting, automatical formatting, and chart creation with many more.

In many studies, it had been shown that good software can save hundreds of hours of work when compared to building a plan in Word and Excel. If trying to use the software is the right fit for you, you might spend more time starting your business and a few times when planning.

The Template:

This is the outline of a business plan and how it are meant to appear on the business plan document. You can follow the process to get your business plan working quickly. It is simplified a bit to assist better in setting it up.

— Executive Summary

— Opportunity

— Problem Summary

— Solution Summary

— Market Summary

— Competition

— Overview

— Why Us?

— Expectations

— Forecast

— Financial Highlights by Year [chart]

— Financing Needed

— Opportunity

— Problem & Solution

— Problem Worth Solving

— Our Solution

— Target Market

— Competition

— Current Alternatives

— Our Advantages

— Execution

— Marketing & Sales

— Marketing Plan

— Sales Plan

— Operations

— Locations & Facilities

— Technology

— Equipment & Tools

— Milestones & Metrics

— Milestones Table

— Key Metrics

— Company

— Overview

— Team

— Management Team

— Advisors

— Financial Plan

— Forecast

— Key Assumptions

— Revenue by Month [chart]

— Expenses by Month [chart]

— Net Profit (or Loss) by Year [chart]

— Financing

— Use of Funds

— Sources of Funds

— Statements

— Projected Profit & Loss

— Projected Balance Sheet

— Projected Cash Flow Statement

— Appendix

— Monthly Financial Forecasts

— Additional Documentation.

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There are also software packages that can assist one to pull away the pain associated with business planning. A good recommendation is to check out Liveplan archive. It includes complete financial forecasting. There are also many business plans on our website, to assist you in planning your business. You can check and get them here. There are quite a lot of them, at affordable rates. But if you are still at a crossroads, you can hire an expert to assist you with the business plan. There are experts who help to get business plans kickstarted with business plan writing at a rate you might be able to afford.

Business Yield Idea generator

What makes this the best anyone can find online is that this generator is purely done by humans not a set of algorithms or Artficial intelligence.

Humans gather data and do a quick but detailed research based on the information you provide. It’s simple, answer a set of quick and easy questions and your business ideas will be on your email in less than 24hrs.

24hrs because this is the most feasible idea generator as it takes into consideration, your budget, intended startup locations, talents and skills, available time you can give the business etc. Based on these data with extensive feasibility study and just little token, you would have list of ideas sent to your email with links to give you access to instant business plans, Business model canvas and upto 3 years financial analysis to help you get started for the business.

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