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Executive Presence
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Every individual in an organization wants to rise to the top management. However, most of them lack what is called executive presence. They lack confidence from their leaders and subordinates. Also, people do not think they are capable of getting the job done. Furthermore, women in organizations are limited to certain positions due to this issue of the executive presence. Nevertheless, this article will discuss some of the executive presence training and coaching.

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If you have been trying to get executive presence in your organization, this is for you.

What Is Executive Presence?

Executive presence is your ability to spur confidence. However, it is about you inspiring belief in your subordinates that you’re the leader they want to follow. Also, inspiring confidence among your colleague that you’re competent and reliable. Most importantly, inspiring confidence among superiors that you have the potential for great achievements. 

Nevertheless, your executive presence commands your access to opportunities. However, like the popular saying in leadership goes. “All important decisions about you are made when you’re not in the room.” It’s true. 

Whether it’s a decision about a crucial opportunity or a promotion to a critical position you won’t be in the room. However, the opportunities you gain access to depend on the belief you have sparked in the decision-makers. Truly, the more vital the opportunity, the more relevant your executive presence becomes. 

Behaviors that Define Strong Executive Presence

Here are some of the behaviors and traits that show a strong executive presence in a leader. 

Emotional Intelligence

This is the ability to recognize, understand, and assess not just your emotions but that of others. However, leaders who exhibit emotional intelligence are compassionate, authentic, and intuitive.

Additionally, leaders who have a high emotional intelligence often are effective and empathic communicators.

Strong Sense of Confidence

Capturing an audience, it’s not all about charm or extroversion. Although relevant, charm can refer to a somewhat superficial characteristic.

However, true confidence comes with modesty. Nevertheless, great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi are good examples in understanding what true confidence is.

On the other hand, sometimes being too modest can get in the way of you unlocking your potential. However, a good balance of humility and confidence is essential.

Public Speaking

Combining humility and empathy with humor and a positive presence is vital in moving an audience. Also, body language and verbal connection, as well as delivery, are critical.

Confidence and Integrity

To have a strong executive presence, you must be confident and have good integrity. However, people often trust leaders who do what they say they will do. Also, they respect those who are confident and who have strong values. Always consistent and committed to doing the right thing for the right reason.

Furthermore, people are attracted to integrity because it is a trait that they feel they don,t have. When they see it in others, they follow them wishing to be motivated to make better personal choices.

Additionally, people are attracted to those with executive presence because they are real. Truly, when one is fair and acknowledges their flaws, one becomes more relatable and trustworthy. Indeed, there is something lovable about the willingness to make mistakes and admit to fears and uncertainties.

Good Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well is one trait of a strong executive presence. However, talking is just one aspect of the communication process. Your superiors will be more likely to offer a promotion if they are sure of your level of communication. 

Leaders with strong executive presence control their emotions and sense emotions in others, aiding them in managing their response. Hence, rather than reacting, they act. 

Executive Presence Training

In improving your leadership qualities, executive presence training is a key determinant because it supports the growth of your courage and confidence. Also, it grows your communication skills, develops empathy, and improves your active listening.

Furthermore, individuals who improve executive presence have an impact on their leadership strategy. Hence, developing their potential to seek opportunity and stand out among leaders.

Executive Presence Seen as Gold Standard

The impact arises from the personal improvement of an individual such that there is a great deal of self-reflection. Hence, creating capacity and skills that develop a person in a fulsome way. 

For example, when we study great leaders, we link humble and confidence with the capacity to project knowledge with credibility.

How Do You Gain Credibility and Confidence?

It begins with building trust and creating consistently good impressions. However, this good impression on people is built through communication, understanding your area of specialization, and being genuine.

For example, when we study leaders, we analyze the ability to communicate effectively and in doing so, confidence begins in a person. 

Nevertheless, this impression is more than the words we use. It involves how present we are and how we show up. All these are what supports and defines the impression we make.

For example, if you are addressing an audience fidgeting, with arms crossed, or moving back and forth. Imagine the impression you will be giving the audience regardless of how well you know the material.

Executive presence training help and teaches an individual to sharpen the skills to communicate effectively. Hence, they communicate such that what you say will reflect your brand. Also, it will show the high value you bring as a person besides your knowledge and contributions.

Furthermore, executive presence training also cultivates leadership in individuals. However, it empowers them to gain a greater knowledge of the executive brain and its functionality. 

Finally, the ability to set and grow your interpersonal skills can help drive workplace politics and hurdles crucial to leadership success.

Executive Presence Coaching

An executive coaching help reduces the learning curve and increases your skills.  However, it offers an autonomous third party that has your best interests at heart. Also, they will provide realistic feedback to help you become more self-aware. Nevertheless, an executive coach has the expertise to help you drive employee relationships and organizational politics.

Furthermore, here are some of the organizations involved in executive presence coaching. However, you should note that the list is not in any form of ranking.

Turpin Communication

They are involved in executive presence private coaching which includes a 360 assessment, occurs throughout the engagement. However, their during is for 2 or more half-day sessions or multiple virtual sessions. Also, it can be done via Face-to-face or virtual platforms, client’s preference. 

Furthermore, if you are an upper-level executive, high-potential managers, and those about to move into an executive-level position, this for you. 

Knowles Training Institute 

This is perfect for anyone who would like to gain a strong grasp and improve their executive presence. However, it has a minimum/maximum number of participants is 5 and 15 respectively in a group. Also, the during is 2 full days from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Simply Speaking

The director, Helen Sewell, provides Executive Presence coaching for students. However, one of the objectives of simply speaking is to help in the Physical elements of Executive Presence. Also to help in the psychological elements of executive presence. 

Elevate Corporate Training

The executive coaches are the original owners of the business. Hence, according to them leads to a 100% commitment to results and measuring change. Also, it breeds the exceptional customer service they have become known for. 

Furthermore, there are no off-the-shelf packages. However, each program is uniquely tailored to the areas of development executives are looking to strengthen.

Now, lets discuss briefly executive presence for women.

Executive Presence For women

Executive presence (EP) is the secret X-factor that often decides whether talented women can rise to the top ranks of leadership.

Women leaders in an organization can build their careers by improving their EP. However, professional success is not always defined by who has the most prestigious title. It’s defined by who can make an excellent first impression, command respect and handle social situations with professionalism.  

Additionally, decisions about how women can rise to the top have often centered on discriminatory dynamics. However, in navigating careless bias, and discrimination, women usually succeed by advancing an effective executive mindset. 

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2 Major Tools to Build Executive Presence for Women

Acknowledge your Unique Value

Even as a woman always believe in yourself. Hence, do not enter any board meetings doubting your own value. Also, prepare in advance; build your unique perspective based on your personal experiences. Then walk in understanding that you are an asset. Finally, know this, the company needs your contributions to succeed. 

Think Before You Speak

Most people just speak without thinking if they make sense or are saying anything actually useful. Hence, remove the unnecessary and long talk. Always go straight to your point. However, consider your major objectives and choose your words wisely to meet your needs. 


Finally, your executive presence commands your access to opportunities. However, the opportunities you gain access to depend on the belief you have sparked in the decision-makers. Truly, the more vital the opportunity, the more relevant your executive presence becomes. 

Executive Presence FAQ

What is executive presence?

Executive presence is your ability to spur confidence. However, it is about you inspiring belief in your subordinates that you’re the leader they want to follow.

What is strong executive presence?

However, true confidence comes with modesty. Nevertheless, great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi are good examples of understanding what true confidence is.

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