Free Example of a Business Plan

There are many ideas on how to start a business, how to go about funding if you are a start-up or had been in the business for a long time. But there are only a few or none on how to go about it. So, I decided to provide free examples of a business plan that will help one greatly as they navigate through their businesses, making it fruitful. The many processes of writing a business plan in seeking capitals.


When trying to write a business plan, it might seem like an arduous task to venture into. But there are free examples of a business plan to guide you through navigating the processes of writing a business plan. This is most especially if you are a beginner and there is no financial background to assist in your business. In some cases when you do have financial backings, there is always a need for a refresher on what a modern business plan looks like, how to go about it.

So it would not be a bad idea to get business plan. Well, every year there are new business plans ideas and what people want it to look like. They change over the years and the expectance of lenders and investors don’t remain the same every year. The processes do change, even if it had been for the last ten years.

Example of a business plan
Free example of a business plan
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There is an investor-approved business plan template for free example of a business plan. The template that also had been used by many universities including Princeton and Babson in teaching entrepreneurs how to start businesses. This had also been used by many businesses including 850,000 businesses in writing business plans for many reasons. These are including bank loans, venture capital, and angel investments, business expansion, and sales of the business. The template had been proven to work and will help in jump-starting your business quickly. It saves critical time and makes the planning of business easier to adhere to.

You can download the template below:

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You have been worried about how to start? What is the main reason for you to begin with a business plan template:

By the abundance of many options of business planning, is the template the best place to start with? Though a good business plan template, can help very greatly in getting your thoughts organised. In this way, it provides guidelines, so one is not stuck, searching at a blank page as they figure out processes to follow. Well, it can give insight into the general layout of a standard business plan that will come in handy in trying to set up the business. A good business plan template will greatly assist in providing instructions for the many steps of your plan.

Read More: Download 500+ business plans for any business

This will show one what an investor-ready and SBA-approved business plan would look like. There are different free business plan template that is available online to guide through. A lot of the free example of a business template online, trumps ones offered on sales by people who want to make money out of helping people, guide them through setting up their business plan.

These are including ones I posted the link above, to help you in moving forward on kickstarting your business. You can navigate through finding a business plan examples that are specific to your industry by searching our business idea generator archive where there are various types of business plans ranging from Fashion, Bakery, Fish Farm Business etc. Well in doing so, one has to be careful. Many people try to charge you for a free example of a business plan template.

Never be tricked into giving in cash to acquire one. Online, many free templates are available to assist you to get started on your business plan. If you need more than a free, seek and look into online business planning solutions like Liveplan. They assist in providing examples of a business plan template. In turn, they also help in customisation options than any other template will ever be of assistance. A lot of the free examples of a business plan are available to assist.

What about using a business plan template?

Many benefits which using a business plan template affords is depending on your needed situation and it might not necessarily be the absolute best way to complete your plan. There are still going to be many works involved. Not only do you have to complete the financial spreadsheets, but you have to do all the calculations yourself. You will need to get acquainted with the process to make sure you are in touch with all the numbers in the right places.

This is typical. And the instructional resources are limited to go along with a free template, so when you don’t know what you are doing with numbers, the process of writing the business plan isn’t going to be that much with a template.

Read More: Download 500+ business plans for any business

And merging data from Excel spreadsheets into the word document is pretty harder than it looks. It is also hard trying to keep in touch with many things completely and up-to-date as you try to make changes to your numbers. This is also in integrating the right charts and graphs into your business plan. They are harder as they seem. But if you are new to the planning of business and want to get a sense of what a plan seems like or want to get the process begin quick, then try downloading a free template. Free template help in guiding you through. This is one of the great ways to get started.

If the template or any other template link provided doesn’t give the flexibility and main guidance you need to complete your business, you might want to take a glance at business plan software. Good software is including step-by-step guidance, video tutorials, automatic financial forecasting, automatical formatting, and chart creation with many more.

In many studies, it had been shown that good software can save hundreds of hours of work when compared to building a plan in Word and Excel. If trying to use the software is the right fit for you, you might spend more time starting your business and a few times when planning.

The Template:

This is the outline of a business plan and how it are meant to appear on the business plan document. You can follow the process to get your business plan working quickly. It is simplified a bit to assist better in setting it up.

— Executive Summary

— Opportunity

— Problem Summary

— Solution Summary

— Market Summary

— Competition

— Overview

— Why Us?

— Expectations

— Forecast

— Financial Highlights by Year [chart]

— Financing Needed

— Opportunity

— Problem & Solution

— Problem Worth Solving

— Our Solution

— Target Market

— Competition

— Current Alternatives

— Our Advantages

— Execution

— Marketing & Sales

— Marketing Plan

— Sales Plan

— Operations

— Locations & Facilities

— Technology

— Equipment & Tools

— Milestones & Metrics

— Milestones Table

— Key Metrics

— Company

— Overview

— Team

— Management Team

— Advisors

— Financial Plan

— Forecast

— Key Assumptions

— Revenue by Month [chart]

— Expenses by Month [chart]

— Net Profit (or Loss) by Year [chart]

— Financing

— Use of Funds

— Sources of Funds

— Statements

— Projected Profit & Loss

— Projected Balance Sheet

— Projected Cash Flow Statement

— Appendix

— Monthly Financial Forecasts

— Additional Documentation.

Read More: Download 500+ business plans for any business

There are also software packages that can assist one to pull away the pain associated with business planning. A good recommendation is to check out Liveplan archive. It includes complete financial forecasting. There are also many business plans on our website, to assist you in planning your business. You can check and get them here. There are quite a lot of them, at affordable rates. But if you are still at a crossroads, you can hire an expert to assist you with the business plan. There are experts who help to get business plans kickstarted with business plan writing at a rate you might be able to afford.

Business Yield Idea generator

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