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Pinterest Logo
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It’s hard to conceive of modern existence without some type of online social networking. They became so ingrained in our normal activities that we couldn’t imagine life without them. However, Pinterest is one of the most well-known in history, as it allows users to see and share visual content such as how-to guides, works of art, inspirational quotes, and more. Even if you don’t look at the site’s content, the Pinterest logo might be enough to get your mind going. Furthermore, learning more about it can get your creative juices flowing, which is good news whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a budding artist, or a company in need of a brand recognition symbol. Read on to discover the history of the Pinterest logo and the site’s massive popularity.

Pinterest History

Pinterest is a social media platform and image-sharing website that aims to make it easier to collect and share visual content such as photos, illustrations, and even short movies and animated GIFs online under the umbrella term “ideas.” In July of 2022, the site that Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp developed had 433 million users around the world. Pinterest, Inc. of San Francisco, runs the show.

Also, Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra got the idea for Pinterest from an app called Tote, which was made to replace paper catalogs with digital ones. Tote had a hard time accepting mobile payments, which was a big part of the company’s overall financial problems. Until recently, the convenience of making in-app purchases while on the go was limited by the limitations of mobile payment technologies. Users, on the other hand, were putting together huge collections of their most wanted items and trading them with each other freely. Silberman was moved by this pattern of activity, so he redirected the company’s resources toward developing Pinterest, a website where users could curate and share collections of all kinds of objects.

Pinterest’s real growth began in December 2009. In the beginning, the site was very simple, but since then, it has grown quickly. Approximately six months after its founding in 2009, Cold Brew Labs released its first actual product, a shopping comparison software called Tote. The new prototype that Silbermann and Sciarra made was mostly done by the end of autumn 2009.

Pinterest Evolution

There were over 10,000 active Pinterest users by the end of 2010. Ben and the company’s backers attempted to sell the network to a New York-based magazine publishing company in the early part of 2010 but were unsuccessful. Even though virtual bulletin boards were a relatively new concept in 2010, the concept of a physical pinboard was not lost on the general public.

But soon after the app came out in early March 2011, an unexpectedly large number of people downloaded it. Time magazine included Pinterest in its list of the “50 Best Websites of 2011” on August 10, 2011. In 2011, Pinterest was named TechCrunch’s Most Innovative New Startup.

Up until the summer of 2011, the site was run out of Silbermann’s flat by him and a few programmers. According to ComScore, the website had 11.7 million unique U.S. visitors in January 2012. In a change to its terms of service released on March 23, 2012, Pinterest can no longer use user-posted content commercially.

Once a request or invitation was necessary to join Pinterest, the company changed its rules on August 10, 2012, to make both unnecessary. However, on September 20th, 2012, Pinterest shared the news that Jon Jenkins had been hired to lead the company’s engineering department.

Also, in October 2012, Pinterest started offering business accounts, which let businesses use their personal accounts or make new ones just for their business. Paul has been working on other technological endeavors since leaving Pinterest in 2012. Pinterest took home the People’s Voice Award for best usable visual design and the Best Social Media App statuettes at this year’s Webby Awards. When Silbermann spoke at the Alt Summit 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, earlier this year, he was the keynote speaker.

Pinterest Evolution Continues

According to Reuters and ComScore, Pinterest had 48.7 million users as of February 2013. The year 2013 started out strong for Pinterest as the company successfully raised further capital. Promoted Pins, which came out in 2013, was the most important change to Pinterest as a product.

However, Pinterest began making money in 2014. Guided Search was a big step forward for Pinterest’s efforts to become a content discovery engine. It was also a good example of Pinterest’s impact in 2014.

Also, Pinterest’s Buyable Pins and Marketing Developer Partners programs came out in 2015, but the company moved slowly and wasted a lot of time doing so. It was the most popular source of web traffic from other sites after Facebook. Pinterest’s international user base grew by more than 135 percent in 2015, reaching more than 100 million people.

But in October 2016, Pinterest said it had 150 million monthly active users, which included 70 million American users and 80 million international users. In 2016, Pinterest started letting people post videos and made their own video player. This was after Facebook had been making a lot more money from video ads for two years. See anything that seems familiar? Because in 2017, three years after Pinterest created the capability, Google Images added the same functionality to its search function.

Pinterest and Target collaborated on a trial initiative in 2017 where Pinterest users could photograph products in Target stores and have Lens suggest related products on Pinterest. In spite of failing to meet its revenue goal for 2017, sales increased by 58% last year. Pinterest’s meteoric rise to social media stardom in the brief eight years since its creators (Silbermann, Sharp, and Sciarra) launched the platform’s prototype in 2012 is remarkable.

The evolution in 2019-2021

Strong revenue growth and advertisers’ attraction to its search technology on mobile led to an IPO in mid-2019, but the business still needs to figure out how to compete with Google and Facebook’s monopoly in the online ad industry. According to a Bloomberg article dated October 20, 2021, PayPal may acquire Pinterest for about $70 per share.

Pinterest Logo ( Overview)

In a free photo hosting structure, Pinterest is a place to find love, chat with individuals who share your interests, and make new friends. Although the service has a narrow focus, its novel design and practical features have garnered a lot of attention online because of how easy it is to use.

From a script wordmark based on a font to a script wordmark made by hand to a more formal symbol, the Pinterest logo has changed over time. But Pinterest’s logo does a good job of showing how the website works as a free way to share images online. The Pinterest logo was made to appeal to young people by keeping the company name and main focus as simple and unobtrusive as possible.

  • Originating in December 2009
  • Founders: Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp
  • The company’s main office is in the United States San Francisco, California.

Pinterest Logo Meaning and History

The Pinterest logo should have conveyed the idea that the medium’s primary purpose was to let people exchange photographs. However, it also had to be something that stood out, was instantly recognizable, and was easy on the ears. Two separate words are joined to form the marked one. “Pinning” something means drawing attention to a specific aspect of the application’s functionality, while “interest” defines the app’s adaptability and capacity to serve a wide range of needs.

Furthermore, the Pinterest logo was also an early product of the year 2010 when the service was initially launched. During this era, several solutions had previously been introduced to the market, and now there were many more that were very comparable. Therefore, the company’s logo couldn’t possibly fail if it wanted any kind of success.

Even though there were quite a few Pinterest logos before, they all looked modern, simple, recognizable, and done in a way that fits with the times. The present Pinterest logo ended up being designed in a way that makes it immediately clear what kind of alert the user is receiving. The business is doing well even now, as evidenced by the popularity of the search term “Pinterest logo png files.”

Pinterest Logo Evolution 2010-2016

The original Pinterest logo was designed with the Bello Script font. It seems like an inscription written in calligraphy, thus it must be fake. However, the background is black, and the word is surrounded by a large white border with a gray outline. Several different parts have been thrown together to create an insignia that is acceptable yet a little jumbled.

Furthermore, Pinterest’s growth was catalyzed by the introduction of an iOS app. At roughly the same time, he unveiled a new Pinterest logo that is both more professional and easier on the eyes. The designers made an effort to stay true to the original by featuring a stylized letter “P” inside a crimson circle. This Pinterest logo is as timely now as it was then.

The 2011 update brought in a new look for the service’s signature font. Even though Juan Carlos Pagan and Michael Deal tried to keep the look of the logo the same, the new one is still different from the old one. Even though it’s still meant to look like handwriting, the font has changed significantly.

Letterforms such as the “P,” “r,” and “s,” as well as the lines that connect them, have been altered. Examples include the letter “s,” which curves upward before descending suddenly and merging with The “t,” as well as the long rounded strip to the right of this letter. In the Pinterest logo, the main color is dark red, and the second color is white.

Brand Evolution Continues 2016- Till Today

The social media platform abandoned its logo after five years in 2016 without looking back. It’s possible that the redesign wasn’t very big, since all it did was change the font and combine the service’s name with the now-iconic circular Pinterest logo.

Even though the Pinterest logo is written in a strange style, the inscription manages to look professional. The font’s designers matched the shapes of each letter to make it look uniform and beautiful. This was probably an effort to promote Pinterest to firms as an alternative to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter rather than as a social media site for young people.

The Pinterest  Logo Font and Color Scheme

Disputes have arisen because of the social network’s round logo. It turned out to be a near-exact copy of the Path icon, sharing the same primary red hue, white “P” form, and relative sizing of the other elements. Path’s icon is a square with rounded edges, while Pinterest’s is simply a circle. Because of this, users are often confused and don’t know where to look for a certain program.

The path is the one that first used this sign, hence they have the most historical claim to it. Before Pinterest could even register its red circle with a “P,” he was already putting it to good use. In 2012, Pinterest tried to register a new logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, a competing social network asked the USPTO to turn down the request. By accepting it, the patent organization clearly did not care about the criticism.

Before, the letters in the logo were drawn by hand, but the new logo uses a different font. The designers chose the strict Neue Haas Grotesk font, which they changed a bit to fit the website’s style. In addition, Pinterest’s primary colors, red and white, are reflected in the color scheme. The sign’s colors went through multiple revisions as part of its 20th-century makeover.

What Does the Pinterest Logo Mean?

“Pin” represents the interest rate, while “Interest” is the abbreviation for both. Users can “pin” their passions to a virtual bulletin board of their choosing. Given the importance of the term “pin” and the associated “pinning” action to the Pinterest brand, the “p” in the Pinterest logo is really a stylized pin.

Why Is Pinterest’s Logo Red?

The Pinterest audience is made up of creative people all over the world, and the colors used in the icon’s design are meant to represent the love, passion, and curiosity shared by the site’s users.

Interesting Facts About Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming much more than a mere mirror of our way of life. Nowadays, this image-sharing website is useful for both corporations and regular users because of its novel features. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Pinterest has become so popular. Pinterest’s user and audience base have grown rapidly since the site’s debut in 2010. Pinterest is one of the most well-known and helpful social media networking sites, despite the fact that its user statistics show that more than 60% of its users are women and 50% are parents. Here are some fascinating facts.

#1. In terms of New Users Joining a Site, Pinterest Is Ahead of the Pack

When researchers showed that Pinterest claimed the lead with 57% growth, everyone was taken aback, although Facebook’s user base rose by only 6% overall. In point of fact, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google+ all expanded at a rate that was greater than that of Facebook.

#2. Pinners Are Into Arts and Crafts

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for arts and crafts because there are so many pins about them. Most of the pins on Pinterest are links to other websites, but some are photos of things that the pinner has made. Pins that provide instructions on how to complete a task have a 42 percent higher click-through rate than other types of pins.

Do you really think that Twitter is so popular? Pinterest trumps it hands down. When compared to tweets, only 1.4% of pins are repins. But what makes Pinterest so popular is how it sorts things into groups and lets you search for things. Pinterest’s categories are pretty much classified based on resemblance and tagging, while Twitter’s rely on ever-changing trends.

#4. Longer Lifespan for Those “Pins”

A tweet may be relevant for only a few minutes at most. Only for a short time (a few hours) do Facebook posts appear in users’ news feeds. Do you have any idea how long the average pin will be used? It wasn’t a matter of hours or days. Several months have passed.

However, common pins can still be found in search engines months after they’ve been published. What sets it apart from other social media platforms is the manner in which its users choose to interact with it. Pinterest is used to look to the future, unlike social media like Facebook or Twitter, which are more about remembering the past. The very nature of the boards that users build (such as those for weddings, do-it-yourself décor, arts and crafts, and party recipes) means that pins can be spinnable an infinite number of times, provided there are enough users.

#5. In the Eyes of the Public, Pins Are Not Advertisements… In Spite of the Fact That

Pinterest advertising is brilliant since it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. There is no indication that these are advertisements. The Pinterest audience is savvy and will ignore obvious marketing. Realizing this, stores have taken advantage of Instagram’s artistic style by ditching more traditional ways of advertising and relying on the platform’s photos to go viral.

Beautifully designed advertisements are commonplace (as evidenced by the aforementioned Michael Kors-sponsored pins). Occasionally, depictions of these goods being used or worn in public settings will also appear. The pins remove it from a display case and show how it would actually be used.

#6. Pinterest Is a Great Platform to Promote the Word About Your Business

Likes on Facebook are cheap, but a pin on Pinterest may bring in thousands. However, Pinterest users have a 10% higher conversion rate than Facebook users, and Pinterest accounts for 41% of all social media referrals to online stores. As an example, even though Pinterest is young compared to other social media networking sites, 25% of the Fortune Global 100 are on the platform.

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#7. “Life Moments” Is a Common Pinterest Keyword

Some of the most memorable times in my life include:

  • Time of year when marriages are most common (1 billion searches per year).
  • New House (3 million searches per year).
  • A brand-new addition to the family (646 million searches per year).
  • Gifts (566 million searches per year) (566 million searches per year).
  • Buying a Car (81 million searches per year).

The sales lift for pins that feature life moments is 22% higher than average.

#8. Crafting a Narrative in Your Brand’s Video Content Is an Effective Way to Increase Viewership and Interaction

People are more likely to watch promotional videos for a longer time (32% longer) if they have plots. Have no fear. The length and complexity of your story are not requirements. Including some personality goes a long way toward increasing interest. Additionally, video assets perform better than a collection of still images edited together.

#9. Among American Dads, 40% Are Active on Pinterest

The world of Pinterest is indeed dominated by female users. However, this does not imply that there is a lack of male participation on the site. In point of fact, American fathers use Pinterest more frequently than any other type of pinner. They conduct 62% more searches than the usual user does!

#10. Pinterest Is the Website With the Most Overall Member Growth, Making It the Fastest-Growing Website

When research found that Pinterest seized the lead with 57% growth while Facebook’s member base rose by 6% total member growth, everyone was taken aback by the results. Pinterest grew faster than Facebook altogether. In point of fact, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google+ all expanded at a rate that was quicker than that of Facebook.

How Do I Find My History on Pinterest?

Finding old pins is a breeze when you can look through your search history on Pinterest. However, those old pins you saw but didn’t keep are here. You can quickly access these pins on Pinterest by using the site’s history list. Additionally, with the aid of Pinterest’s archive, some of the most significant pins can be located once more. Therefore, it’s important to understand Pinterest’s archive access process. All you have to do is read the instructions below and implement them.

#1. Open Pinterest

Assuming you’ve already installed Pinterest on your computer, Then you click around on Pinterest and see what you find. For one to be familiar with history.

  • Start by opening the Pinterest app on your mobile device.
  • After that, launch the program of your choice by clicking on its icon.
  • Please proceed to open Pinterest.

#2. Find your Profile Picture by Tapping on It 

When you first launch Pinterest, the main page will load. To edit your profile, click the profile picture towards the right edge of the screen. Please press it.

#3. Click the “3-Dots” Button 

 Once the profile page loads up on your screen, you’ll be good to go. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, there is an option that looks like three dots. Open the app by tapping the option with the three dots.

#4. Tap on Settings

  When you select the menu with the three dots, you will get a list of various different options. Navigate to the item labeled “Settings”. You may open it by tapping on it.

#5. Select the “Home” Radio Station by Tapping the Corresponding Icon

When you click the Settings menu item, a variety of customization choices become available

  • You have to go to the Home feed tuner option.
  • This option contains information regarding your account on Pinterest.
  • Tap on it and open it.

#6. You Can Access Your Browsing History by Selecting the “History” Button

 The Home feed tuner will be available once you select it. Then, a menu bar will appear with tabs for Boards, History, Topics, and Profiles. Your Pinterest options include the pins you’ve liked, the boards you’ve followed, the individuals you’re following, and the topics you’ve seen.

  • Select the Past menu item
  • Finally, tap it
  • The next step is the unveiling of your Pinterest history.

Can You Delete Your History on Pinterest?

If you complete the instructions above, you’ll be able to see your Pinterest search history. But Pinterest does not provide any means of clearing your browsing history. However, you can remove the historical pins if you so choose. If you do that, Pinterest will stop displaying relevant suggested boards.

The Pinterest logo alludes to a number of different things. For starters, it resembles the letter P, which stands for the resource’s initials. The use of a pin also draws attention to the ability to “pin” an image to the board. The name of the service, which is made up of the words “Pin” (which means “a pin, a pin”) and “Interest,” says a lot about what the service is about: interest.

Does Pinterest have a browsing history? 

In order to provide you with more relevant results, Pinterest stores your search history, as do the vast majority of apps that have a search function. While this function is useful, it can cause your device (or browser) to become sluggish over time. Thankfully, clearing your search history is simple inside your account settings.

What Does the Le Tour de France Logo Mean?

The emblem for the Tour de France has not one but two different hidden messages. The first one is not hard to find; it’s the image of a cyclist formed by the letters o and r in the word “tour.” The second message is the yellow circle, and it is meant to convey that all of the race’s stages would take place only during the daytime.

How Do I Make Money on Pinterest?

Simply create an Idea Pin within the app, add a label indicating that it is part of a paid collaboration, and tag your partner brand. Once the request is processed and accepted, their company name will be displayed on your Idea Pin. Brands also have the option of promoting your Idea Pins as advertisements, which will allow you to reach even more people.

How Much Does Pinterest Pay per View?

Pinterest. Pinterest is an essential platform for visual brands, and it provides relatively inexpensive advertising options, regardless of the objective of your campaign: You should budget anywhere from $0.10 to $1.50 for each click if you want to increase the amount of online engagement you receive. You should budget between $2 and $5 per CPM if you want to raise people’s knowledge of your company.

How Much Does Pinterest Pay?

They added a dollar cap to each objective in April 2022, and as a result, the maximum amount of money you may make each month is approximately $6000. According to the information that we’ve gathered from authors now participating in the program, Pinterest pays anything from $150 to $1250 for each pin, depending on the different incentive goals.


Overall, Pinterest’s popularity can be explained by a number of things, such as how it is used, how it is displayed, the logo design, and how important the information it holds is. It makes no difference what the opinions of other people are. It is very evident that Pinterest is not merely a specialized website.

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