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Discord Logo
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For a game messaging platform that connects game lovers from across the globe, one might wonder why it was named Discord, knowing the name is in direct opposition to what it aims to achieve. Well, others may fret over that, but not the over 350 million users who are genuinely in love with the platform. Unlike the name, the Discord logo is a charming, smiling mascot in adorable colors. Like other mascot icons, the stylish crab-like smiling mascot, has a name, Clyde. Let’s see the history of the Discord logo, its founders, and some facts and statistics about the brand.

The latest Discord logo is a mascot, an abstract image, and a typeface.  A stylized abstract blurple object is embedded into the white background. It has two eyes, which are either white or blurple depending on the background color, and two hands, which can be likened to joysticks. The joysticks’ hands appear to give the mascot a smiling face, and a charming one at that. While some claim it is a console game controller, others claim it looks like a happy crab. But the truth is, the mascot has a name, and it is Clyde.

Besides the stylized crab, named Clyde, you will see a rounded typeface appear. The typeface is in lowercase letters except for the first letter, D. Originally, the mascot and the typeface were in purple and white on a white background. However, we have seen the reversed version. It appears in a Blurple background, in this case, the mascot and typeface in white.

The change was made to send a statement that the brand intends to move out beyond the gaming industry. The most recent version of Clyde can modify expressions each time the application is started.

What Does The Discord Logo Mean?

Everyone holds a different opinion of what the Discord logo means. However, these are only mere guesses gathered from individual observation. This is because the Discord team has never stated what the logo represents. They only named the mascot Clyde, and that’s all. One thing is undeniable, though. The logo reflects the usefulness of the app itself. 

What Makes The Discord Logo Different?

One of the things that makes the Discord logo different is the mascot named Clyde. Clyde has such a charming smile; it’s welcoming and appealing. Aside from the mascot, the Discord logo has a warm color that shows professionalism, simplicity, unity, and community. The Discord logo is simple, easy to memorize, and also very relevant. Thus, the Discord app is yet another great app for communication. 

Is The Discord Logo a Crab?

At first glance, the mascot on the Discord logo looks like an animal, a crab-like creature drawn in the shape of a game joystick. Anyway, the crab-like animal has a name: Clyde. However, many choose to call it the “Discord Robot.” 

What Is The Name Of The Discord Logo Mascot?

The name of the smiling mascot on the Discord logo is Clyde. Many call it a crab, while some others choose to call it the Discord Robot. However, the official name of the smiling mascot is Clyde.

Discord Logo Elements

Any icon that represents a brand and acts as its face or means of identification is referred to as a “logo.” There are no two companies that have the same logo. The most you will see is a striking resemblance between the brands’ logos. This can only mean that location has never been a problem and will never be a problem. But they are most certainly not the same. For a logo to be successful, it needs to stand out and be easy for customers to recognize. The Discord brand’s logo stands out because it has square and rectangular shapes, as well as two circles that look like eyes and a mouth, and what look like human features. Let’s look at each one of these in turn;

#1. Circle

The circle that makes up Clyde’s eyes is the second part of the Discord logo that can be seen. The name of the mascot that appears on the Discord logo is Clyde. The mascot has an oval face, aside from the eyes. When combined, they have the appearance of a game controller for a console game, complete with a joystick, as stated by logomyway. In addition to looking like a joystick, it makes you feel complete, one, and like there is no end.

#2. Smile

Because it smiles all the time, the Reddit mascot is one of my favorites. Discord reiterated that feature with Clyde. The gleeful face of Clyde may be seen in the Discord logo, which can be observed by everyone who looks at it. At a closer glance, it seems as though there is a hole or space scooped out underneath it. The mascot appears to be beaming as a consequence of this action. Because it tends to smile, the mascot is pleasant and engaging to look at. This infectious grin is what gives the brand its endearing quality to customers. We are all aware that a smile will never steer you in the wrong direction.

#3. Human Features

The majority of people should have little trouble recognizing the symbol as a person. The general term is a stylish crab-like creature that happens to have ears, eyes, a mouth, and hands as some of its defining characteristics.

#4. Square

I intentionally brought this up as the last element, because the square chat box, is not part of the 2021 Discord logo update. In simpler terms, it was removed from the latest logo released. Anyone who looks closely will notice that the background of the Discord logo is in the shape of a square. Although it looks like a discussion cloud, there is no question that it promotes contact among discussants. A square has four sides except for the cloud that contains the discourse. The four corners of the square in the Discord logo point in the directions of north, south, east, and west, respectively.

This can only mean that location has never been a problem and will never be a problem. When there is no longer any barrier, the dream of Reddit’s platform becomes a reality with the app. You sure know what Reddit is about. Of course, you are right, it is a community. This is also what Discord creates with its app, a community. 

Discord Logo Color

When Slack decided to update its logo, one of the most important aspects they took into consideration was the color palette. A bad color can ruin a great design, which is something no one wants to experience. For example, in May 2020, a lady by the name of Jessica changed the logo for the Python programming language. Redefining the color palette was one of the design’s primary aspects, and although it received a lot of positive feedback from the Python subreddit community, the design still received a lot of upvotes.

When making the Discord logo, the artists made sure to follow the rules for how colors should be used. The first Discord logo is made up of the colors blue and white, which are different from each other. While the second logo is purple and white. As a direct consequence of this, the trademark is distinct and easy to spot. The hues that make up the insignia do a good job of conveying the right image of the company.

#1. White Color

White is a color that contrasts well with black since it is a hue that is both clean and neutral. It is the color that flawlessly embodies all the others. The color white is associated with calm and innocence. It helps to establish trust by demonstrating a degree of openness and transparency. On the other hand, this is only the surface of the issue for Discord. The Discord logo uses the color “white” because the company thinks it shows simplicity, humility, and innocence.

#2. Blurple

When Discord wanted to change its logo for its 6th anniversary in 2021, it changed the first one. The composure and firmness of blue and the intensity and rage of red are brought together in purple. There is a common association between the color purple and luxury, royalty, and nobility. The color purple, on the other hand, has been shown to have several different psychological and physiological effects, including elevating one’s mood, calming one’s mind and nerves, heightening one’s awareness of the sacred, inducing feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and stimulating one’s imagination and creativity. 

The characteristics that are embodied by the word “blurple” are adaptability, zeal, dexterity, and the use of unusual approaches. It conjures up feelings of bravery, enthusiasm, and companionship. These astounding meanings reflect the Discord interface, uses, and community. So the transition from blue to purple is good.

#3. Blue Color

A warm and inviting shade of blue was used for the first Discord logo. In reality, it is a light pastel blue. More comparably to the color of the ocean or the sky. Clyde is completely white, and he is drawn on a light blue background. The color blue has always been seen as a sign of high professionalism, and this case is no different. The color blue is associated with being honest, wise, and trustworthy, in addition to being a sign of professionalism. All of the aforementioned benefits, plus tranquility, trust, and safety, are provided through Logomyway.

Discord Logo Typography 

If you are at the mall to get something, there is a good possibility that you will turn back if you hear your name being called. It’s wonderful that every brand has a name too. In addition, they write their names in a particular font style. When a brand’s typeface is revealed, it must be clear, elegant, and easy to read.

The font used for the Discord mascot is modern while still being legible. The sans-serif typography that was used to create the Discord logo. It would appear that Compose Black or Uni Sans Heavy served as the basis for the modified typeface known as “Ginto.” Because Clyde has such an optimistic demeanor, the custom typeface that was designed for the typeface seems like it would be a good fit.

The typeface is quite similar to Uni Sans Heavy, with the exception that it features a letter D that stands out. The initials and last letters of the brand’s name are each denoted by their alphabets, which are separated by vertical bars.

Discord Game Messaging App

Discord is a young company with a good sense of humor. For an app that fosters closeness or oneness, Discord is a crazy name for it. However, the team got what they wanted when they named the new messaging app Discord. 

The free online messenger’s visual identity is made up of two parts: the emblem and the logotype. The emblem is usually placed to the left of the wordmark, but it can also be used as a sign and an icon on mobile phones and websites. The logotype can be used alone or with the emblem.

The Discord logo is a stylized cloud of chatter with a square on top whose corners are rounded. The square is made in a light blue color that is close to purple, and it has a white picture of a game controller on it.

Discord Logo History

Discord game messaging app was launched in 2015. The number of users keeps increasing on daily basis. The face logo was great with its friendly features in celebration of the brand’s 6th anniversary, they modified the icon. Let’s see the history of the Discord logo below.

2015 – 2021

Since Discord was released in 2015, the unveiling of the company’s initial logo did not come as a surprise to anyone. The welcoming demeanor of the Discord logo caught me off guard, which was a pleasant surprise. The people who made the Discord logo did a great job of paying attention to all the little details. The question is, why would I say that? First of all, the fact that the robot’s head is part of the conversation cloud is a very telling sign, since the Discord software is all about communication. Secondly, the logo is fresh and approachable in its design.

2015 Discord Logo

The original Discord mascot, dubbed Clyde, had a white face and sat on top of a blue background for the company’s first logo. The mascot’s eyes are round, and its smile is made up of a semicircular ledge at the bottom. Its mouth is in the shape of a smile as well. The two blue dots on the white controller serve as joysticks, but they also provide the appearance of a happy face or a humorous crab. The controller is used to play video games. There is also a resemblance to the mask worn by superheroes, which means that anything you see on the emblem makes perfect sense. Because so many of the mascot’s corners are rounded, it’s rather simple to say that the mascot has an oval face.

The team believes that it shows individuals coming together as one and having open communication with one another. Therefore, we are happy to have new users. Even though the font that was used for the logo was Uni Sans Heavy, it underwent significant modification before being used. The first version, which was created by Svet Simov in 2008, has a more severe appearance.

The logo hasn’t changed because it has all of the important parts that are needed for a good visual identity. Some of these elements are a palette of bright but pleasing colors, a symbol that is easy to remember, and a modern, even futuristic logotype that shows who the product is for and who it is meant for.

2021 – Today

No one thought that the happy face on the Discord logo would change soon. Still, since 2021 will be Discord’s sixth year, the people who work on it came up with some new features to mark the event. The changes weren’t big; instead, they were more or less small tweaks here and there. The 2021 update made sure that Discord’s visual identity would still be unique and easy to recognize, but it also rounded out all of the shapes, making them more elegant and suitable for anytime. There is no longer a conversation window, and the “crab” controller is now shown in a purple font against a white backdrop.

It is fair to say that the most noticeable difference is the disappearance of the top spikes, sometimes known as antennae. Many people were under the impression that it was linked to the main portion of the head to generate two triangular projections that resembled ears. In addition, the length of the bottom stroke has been cut down a little bit, which has resulted in the smile appearing to be a little less bright.

The typeface was also altered, which was another noticeable difference. It was decided to go with a functional typeface that featured rounded letters for the 2021 Discord logo. The initial letter is kept in uppercase while the rest of the letters are converted to lowercase.

In addition to this, the solid dot that makes up the letter “I” is positioned above the vertical bar, and the gap that separates the two elements is curved to resemble a smile. In addition, the designers got rid of the dialogue box and changed the color of the robot from white to a blue-purple hue. Previously, the robot had been white. 

What Is Discord?

Discord is the name of an online messenger that came out in the US in 2015. At the moment, Discord is available in nearly thirty languages, and it has versions for all the operating systems that are currently used. It is a social VoIP and instant messaging app that makes it easy to send and receive documents, photos, and voice messages quickly. Gamers all over the world love this app.

Users can talk to each other privately or as part of groups called “servers” using voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files. A server is a group of chat rooms and audio channels that are always open and can be reached through invite links.

Discord is about letting people make room in their lives where they can feel like they belong. We want to make it easier for you to stay in touch with the people who matter to you. We want you to make meaningful connections with your friends and communities, no matter where they are. Unique, dependable, amusing, and relatable. These are the things that people who use and work for Discord agree on. Discord is designed to let you create and manage private and public communities. It provides users with communication capabilities like as phone and video conversations, permanent chat rooms, and integrations with other gamer-focused services, as well as the option to send direct messages and create personal groups.

Discord Founders

Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, two close friends, founded Discord. Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy both enjoyed video games and treasured the friendships and relationships they made while playing them. At the time, all of the tools designed for this purpose were slow, unreliable, and complex. Jason and Stan thought they could offer a better service that made people talk to each other, helped them remember things, and gave them the same feeling of community that they got from playing games.

Jason Citron

On September 21, 1987, Jason Citron was born in San Francisco to parents who came from a family with a great deal of experience in the business world. Ever since he was a young child, his life has revolved around computer technology and video games. He possesses a highly imaginative and perceptive mind. Little wonder he ventured into entrepreneurship early in life. 

Early Life

His interest in coding, which was initially just a spark, grew into a flame as a direct result of his father’s persistent encouragement. Therefore, he has a wealth of knowledge regarding programming. Citron had already begun working as a freelance programmer for a variety of different technology companies in his teens. 

Academics and Career

Jason Citron made the decision to pursue his ambitions, and as a result, he attended Full Sail University and earned a Master of Science degree in Game Design and Development.

After he received his degree, he went to work for Stormfront Studios on the Eragon video game. This experience enabled him to become more proficient in the art of coding. After that, he found employment at Double Fine, where he was responsible for the programming of console games.

Following his involvement in the YouWeb community, he and Danielle Cassaley established the company OpenFeint in the year 2009.

Discord is one of the most popular ways for gamers to communicate with one another. It was co-founded by Jason Citron, who also serves as the company’s CEO. Discord currently has more than 150 million users. In 2015, Jason decided to stop making video games and instead launch a new online communication platform called Discord. The purpose of it is to bring together individuals who share a passion for the same games. It has evolved into the best method for gamers of all sizes—from small groups of friends to large communities of game developers and streamers—to communicate with one another. Jason was the founder and CEO of OpenFeint, which became the most popular social platform for mobile gaming. It was sold to GREE for a total of $104 million in the year 2011.

Stanislav Vishnevski

Stanislav Vishnevskiy is one of the founders of Discord Inc. and also serves as the company’s CTO. He is a close friend of Jason Citron. Both of them are fans of playing video games, and they collaborated to develop Discord. He got a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree from California State University, Northridge. In addition to that, Stan is the one who started Guildwork Graphics.

Guildwork.com is a social network and web hosting service that was developed specifically for gamers who play massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI. These are games in which large groups of people participate in activities together.

A Brief History of Discord

Jason Citron, the creator of OpenFeint, a social media platform for mobile games, and Stanislav Vishnevsky, the creator of the social gaming app Guildwork, are the two individuals responsible for the creation of the social networking platform known as Discord, which is designed specifically for use in online gaming.

After playing video games for a considerable amount of time, Jan Citron and Stanislav Vishnevsky were aware of the difficulties presented by the majority of the games that were available and desired a different experience. Because of this, a messaging platform was developed after the company’s first product, Fates Forever, which was the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, was unable to compete successfully in the marketplace (MOBA). This, in the end, led to the development of disharmony.

This, in the end, led to the development of Discord. Although Discord was launched in 2015, it wasn’t conceived in 2015. The success of the program, on the other hand, can be attributed to the funding that was provided by Tencent, Benchmark, and a business incubator. A business incubator is a company that assists new businesses in growing by providing them with training as well as funding.

Will Jason and Stan Sell Discord?

At the moment, a number of the most profitable companies in the world are putting in bids to acquire Discord.

In the meantime, Discord is still owned and operated by its two founders. However, it is unknown at this time whether or not they have any plans to sell the company in the near or distant future.

Discord Facts

If you are a Discord lover or already have a server on Discord, check out the following fact about your favorite game messaging platform;

  • Discord primarily started with a single goal, and that was to connect game lovers.
  • The Discord servers are occasionally overcrowded.
  • They have millions of active users of their system.
  • People can make use of their systems to improve their daily lives.
  • Aside from the gaming option, you can learn new things on the website.
  • Their servers are as diverse as their users.
  • The first Discord bot to surpass one million servers was a music bot.
  • In most countries, the minimum Discord age is 13.
  • Their goal is to make communication easier. Video calls are also available, and users can call one another through the app.
  • They allow you to create your chat room based on your preferences.

Discord Statistic

  • According to Discord user statistics, there are 19 million weekly active servers.
  • The United States (27.61%) accounts for the majority of Discord traffic.
  • The majority of Discord servers have fewer than 15 users.
  • Discord has over 150 million active monthly users.
  • The Fortnite Official Discord server is the world’s largest.
  • Nitro is Discord’s primary revenue source.
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