Check Card: How to Check Card Visa, American Express, Stimulus (+ free tips)

check card

A checking card looks like a credit card but is associated with a checking account. You can buy it like a credit card, but the funds come from your checking account. Since there are a lot more to this topic, this article explained in detail all you need. It will help you understand how to check card Visa, American Express, and so much more. Therefore, don’t stop reading.

Check Card

A check or debit card is a credit card connected to your checking account. This means the transaction funds traded will be deducted from your bank account. It is also a plastic version of a check, but they are widely accepted and therefore more convenient to use. Many stores do not accept paper checks, but most stores accept check cards.

Meanwhile, you can use a check card to make cash withdrawals. Also, use on deposits, send funds, and check your account balances at ATMs. This makes it’s synonymous with debit cards, as the process of sending funds to another has been automated.

Check Card Balance American Express

If you have a check card balance American express and want to know how much you have to spend on it, look at the back of the card. You will find a web address that you can check to see your balance or a phone number you can also call to do the balance check. However, you can as well view your American Express card balance online via the American Express balance tool.

How to Check Card Visa

First, look at the back of the gift card. Usually, you will see a toll-free number to call to check your balance. Or, you can view the balance by visiting the issuer bank’s website and entering your card’s 16-digit number and security code.

Visa Issuers Websites to check your Visa Check Card

Below are few Visa Card issuers websites;

Stimulus Checks

First, let’s look at Stimulus checks, which explain a tax-free cash payment sent to eligible Americans via direct deposit, or debit cards. Meanwhile, you can use the money as you like. Even if you get a lot more cash, you do not have to repay the government.

Note: Other names for the stimulus check are “economic impact payment” and “recovery rebate points.”

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Stimulus Check Card

The Stimulus Check debit card is formally known as Economic Impact Payment (EIP) and is another way to receive paper checks.

By 2020, about 4 million Americans got debit cards as their main stimulus payment. While in the second round payment, about 8 million new debit cards have been issued for second payments. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not announced the number of cards to give away in the third round. But, if you have a card in the past, it will not be recharged for new payments, and you may not receive another card again.

Basically, the cards are shipped by Money Network Card Holder Service and affixed to a white envelope stamped with the US Treasury seal. Within will be an instruction leaflet on how to activate the enclosed card. Meanwhile, you can use it to withdraw cash at all Visa-authorized ATMs, fund your bank account, issue or purchase checks.

Have it in mind that it is one card per family, and the US government has no access to the card holder’s transaction history.

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Walmart Check Card Balance

Check the balance of your Walmart online, over the phone, or in more than 11,650 stores. The 16-digit gift card number and 4-digit PIN code are located on the back of the card. Basically, the 4-digit pin is necessary to verify your account balance, but an old Walmart check card without a PIN can only be viewed in the store.

In addition, You can create a Walmart account online to store your card securely.


Remember, your money should be as mobile as you are. Right from making deposits to viewing balances. Mobile banking is one of the most convenient ways to manage your account.

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