Small business ideas list: The top 10 (+ free tips)

There are a thousand and one small business ideas you can imagine. In this post, we have listed the top ten.

Below are some examples of small entrepreneur ideas you can start with low capital investment and make a profit.

We have also highlighted free tips to help you get started.

Ready? Let’s go

Mini Importation

Mini importation is mainly buying and selling of goods.

These goods are purchased from foreign countries, and resold in Nigeria for a price higher than the initial price.

You can begin with any amount of capital you have.

To get started, you’ll need to pick a specific niche to dive into.

There are several products to delve into such as clothes, bags, etc.

Then, proceed to find a supplier of these products using credible retail stores like AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

Tools needed for this business: Laptop or Smartphone, Internet access, A MasterCard, Substantial capital, Physical location.

The mini importation business is among the most lucrative small businesses, with little skill required.


Have a passion for sharing your knowledge or experience with others? Then, consider being a teacher.

Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to help in establishing a teaching business. Most people these days teach online too.

Identify your type of educational platform, get necessary certifications, and then proceed to get the word out.

Determine also if you’ll be a solo teacher, or whether you’ll need to bring in additional instructors.

Recharge card business

This business is profitable, because a large percentage of individuals need their phones to call or send text messages, so they will definitely buy a lot of cards.

The tools required for this business includes: A working laptop, recharge card printing machine, A4 paper for printing, software for de-encrypting the pin codes, starting capital.

You can print your pin codes online, use a special software, or e-pin manager.

Dry cleaning

A lot of families spend most of their time at work and have less time to do their laundry.

Many of these people are willing to find small firms or shops to do their laundry.

Dry cleaning requires little start up capital, and some of these dry cleaners earn up to 500,000 per month.

All you need is to be diligent and hardworking.

Fruit drink production

Packaged juices are often not healthy when compared to freshly squeezed juice or fresh whole fruits.

They are often preserved with artificial flavours and sugar, which is not good for our bodies.

A lot of people because of this prefer fresh fruit juice to packaged juice.

Research some amazing juice recipes for this business,( including flavors that aren’t normally found in the stores or markets), and then register your business name and proceed to get the word out.


Love baking? You can turn your love for baking into a profitable business.

Interestingly, you can start right in your kitchen. You will need little capital to buy tools and ingredients you will need, then the artistic skill.

As your business begins to grow, you can expand to other baked foods like Donuts, and then proceed to rent a small space for yourself.

Cooking business

Starting a restaurant is exciting, and also time consuming. It will require extra time and effort to watch it grow.

Proper planning will make or mar the success of your restaurant.

To start, you have to love what you do – cooking, look for a suitable location, buy the necessary materials needed to start and have a solid business plan.

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Home delivery

For a courier business, there isn’t any education required, most important; you can start up with little capital.

Home delivery business deals with getting paid to deliver from a supplier to the doorsteps of the buyer.

To start off this business, you need a vehicle, a smart phone, and your customer base.

Waste management services

This business is goldmine, so, many people are not aware of this.

A huge percentage of the waste generated by people is collected by a waste management company.

To start off, register your business, permit from the state or local government, start up capital, a vehicle for waste collection, and get a dumping site.

Waste collection is a profitable business.

House painting

A painting business is a great way to make money, and it’s not hard to outperform the competition.

To start off, you will need an experience in painting, business name, good branding, social media networks to boost your credibility, and your painting tools.


There are lots of small business ideas in the world today.

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