The Evolution of Marketing (Explained)

Evolution marketing
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Over the years, the human time period has changed from the stone age to the post-modern information age. So also, has marketing. From the production centered era; where firms believe the availability and affordability of goods do the job. To the modern relationship-centered era; where marketers believe a good relationship with customers does the job. Hence, to grab all these eras of marketing let’s first look at the evolution of marketing concepts.


The concept of marketing evolution explains all the 5 changes that marketing has undergone. A factor that influences marketing is science and technology. Hence, while the production centered era of the marketing evolution started in the industrial revolution. The relationship era is closely associated with the information era. So, one could ask the question with the progress of tech are we expecting another marketing evolution? Well, revolutionary changes to some factors in your marketing environment can lead to it. Hence, you keep watching to know when the change has arrived. Further, let’s look at these 5 eras of evolution marketing.


Each one of the evolution of marketing eras has peculiarities that made it stand out from others. Hence, these peculiarities could explain its adoption as the best strategy during its period.

Production orientation era:

This era of marketing evolution corresponds to the industrial revolution. Businesses believe that success is by reduced production cost. And it totally made sense because goods were hand-made and human labor made production cost high. So, machines made production costs cheaper. Hence, the price of goods also.

Product orientation era:

Because of the dynamic nature of marketing. Businesses had to adopt a new method of marketing. When production-oriented marketing was exhausted. Hence, the focus was now on the product. So, for companies, the deal was to add as many features to the product so that it will be glorified. And it worked.

Sales orientation era:

In this era businesses’ focus was purely on transactions. Hence, for most companies, it’s all about doing anything possible to sell the product. If you have to cut down the price, do it. For example, Standard oil had to slash the price of oil to foster sales.

Marketing orientation era:

The focus in this era of marketing evolution was to tune the product with the needs of the consumer. Hence, businesses used surveys and analyses of their market to understand their customers. Thereby gathering information that will be handy in their marketing strategy.

Relationship orientation era:

Consistent customer engagement that will build a loyal customer base for a company is the goal here. Hence, businesses build a strong lasting relationship with customers with the aim of retaining them. And also, social media has made it easier. Check out our guide on Facebook marketing.

Finally, you should know that certain modern-day businesses employ any of the ideas in these eras. Based on the one that is more suitable for their marketing activity. So, this is it about the concept of marketing evolution. I hope it comes handy in your business.

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