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One of the most effective online marketing strategies is video marketing. It is an efficient method of engaging your website visitors and driving traffic to your site. Every day, people spend around 5.5 hours watching movies online.
Furthermore, social media has a significant impact on our lives, with around 4 billion people watching videos on Facebook and YouTube every day. This demonstrates the growing popularity of video marketing. In this post, we will discuss how to select the best video marketing software and tools for your business to help you generate killer videos for your marketing campaigns.
We’ll look at how you can use these video marketing tools to outperform your competitors in marketing.

What is Video Marketing Software?

Marketers use video marketing software to generate videos promoting a product or service and incorporate them into marketing campaigns. To boost sales and improve website traffic, the movies educate buyers on the usage, value, and lifestyle context of the item.

The software automates the media buying process and delivers statistics to optimize marketing video performance. Content marketing tools include video marketing software.

The tools provide video creators complete control over content and personalization to assist firms in creating effective marketing videos for their target customers. Calls to action, embedded links, forms, polls, quizzes, graphics, text, and animation can all be used to make the videos interactive.

Top Video Marketing Software and Tools In 2023

Once you’ve developed a concept, you’ll need some tools to bring it to life. More than simply a camera, there should be a way to publish, digitally record, use stock video, and edit to make a video that is completely unique to you. You can’t go wrong if you use a video marketing tool from this list to make a great video.

#1. Animoto

Because it provides an easy and accessible way to make video snippets and longer-form movies to assist your marketing efforts, Animoto is a one-size-fits-all tool for video marketing campaign design. Animoto provides a wealth of photos, clips, music selections, fonts, and more to help you make high-quality films with all of the polish and coherence of professional videos—at a fraction of the cost. Animoto provides a free online video editor for creating a wide range of videos, but there are additional subscription levels that provide more functionality. All free Animoto videos include an Animoto watermark, whereas the two subscription tiers are better able to generate professional videos sans Animoto branding.

Pricing: The initial tier offers unlimited movies without a watermark for $15 per month, while the $39 per month tier includes platforms for many users, the opportunity to sell videos generated, access to additional videos and photos, and video consultations.

#2. Biteable

Check out Biteable if you need to send a message to clients about the impact of a disaster on your business or if you’re trying to onboard new staff. It takes a unique approach to video marketing in that it is designed to be quick and simple to generate any type of video. The firm even promises that you can build something cool over your lunch break and that it is the world’s simplest video maker. Choose from a number of video templates and add your own text/sound.

Pricing: This drag-and-drop application has free capabilities, with subscription options beginning at $15 per month.

#3. Flexclip

FlexClip is a one-stop web application for quickly creating videos, movies, and slideshows.
With the mix of text and voice recordings, you can rapidly cut a piece from your movie and make it significantly more exciting.

FlexClip’s advanced editing capabilities give you complete control over the video’s aesthetic, background music, and other aspects.

Its key features include an easy-to-use and clean storyboard, a large number of stock images, videos, and music, stunning video templates to boost your creativity, support for many different photos and video formats, flexible editing features (such as trim, split, add text/animations, music, watermark, and so on), and the ability to export videos with high resolutions.

FlexClip satisfies all of your requirements for generating quality videos for business and special events. It’s also quite simple to use.

Pricing: FlexClip Basic Plan One-time purchase of $49 with a 60-day money-back guarantee

#4. Magisto

Magisto makes it simple to showcase your talent in video form. You use genuine footage from your cameras, just like some of the best video marketing tools. What distinguishes Magisto is its AI-based editing assistant, which assists you with everything from uploading the film to editing it and even distribution. The AI helper asks you what “mood” you’re looking for and is adept at detecting emotions.

Everything is designed into your video so that you may spread your desired message across all of your social media channels. You don’t have any music? Don’t be concerned! Pro and business customers can access licensed music through Magisto software. Getty Images stock pictures are also available to business customers. Magisto also includes video analytics, which allows you to observe what’s working and where you can improve next time. The software is accessible as an iPhone or Android app, as well as a web-based computer client.

Personal is $4.99 per month, while a professional is $9.99. Do you require business-level features? That’s $34.99.

#5. PlayPlay

With premium video features and an extremely user-friendly interface, PlayPlay can easily assist in-house communications and marketing teams at large corporations in producing a high number of exceptional video materials. PlayPlay can cover a wide range of video demands for different teams and social platforms, including staff and customer interviews, podcast teasers, corporate news, and ‘Buzzfeed-style’ videos.

Whether your organization requires content for internal and corporate communication, marketing, or employer branding, a web-based video creator can be a time and resource saver. PlayPlay’s value-added enterprise features, such as powerful motion graphics, access to a premium Getty Images Stock Media Library, and the ability to completely incorporate branding aspects, set it apart from the competition. Not to mention, all of their subscription services include free and dependable assistance from a specialized staff of video experts.

Pricing: 7-day free trial. Paid monthly plans begin at $160 per user and go up to $500 per user for enterprise programs.

#6. Powtoon

Powtoon creates high-quality video marketing for a range of social media networks by combining animation with video footage. The software claims to have provided video services to more than 96% of Fortune 500 organizations, which is extremely significant if true. Powtoon claims to achieve this feat by providing a video service that overcomes communication concerns with video marketing content and offers professional-grade templates to users looking for a simple, quick solution to create excellent and compelling video content. Powtoon provides an online editing solution for businesses of all types and needs, from promotional movies to be sent directly to existing clients to animations announcing new projects.

Pricing: There are three pricing categories available for Powtoon: $19/month, $59/month, and $99/month. The first offers storage, 5 exports per month, and template access. The second provides 5 times the storage, unlimited exports, and unlimited access to Powtoon templates. The final tier includes everything from the previous levels plus 10 times the storage, bespoke typefaces, and the option to resell videos created with the online video editor.

#7. Promo

The name Promo Video comes from its principal mission: to assist firms in creating marketing videos. In fact, the company is a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube marketing partner. You may obtain conventional editing effects on the moving components by using this online video creator. You can also include fully licensed clip art, stock pictures, and even music. Also, you can crop the video to fit it into whatever social network you’re using.

As an added bonus, functionality like “swipe up to shop” and embedded links can be easily incorporated. This is something that not every video maker permits you to accomplish, for a variety of reasons, one of which is its purpose-built design. That is not to argue that you can only generate marketing videos with Promo. Display your talent or make great engagement films. Are you on the fence? Look into their free collage maker.

Pricing: Monthly plans range in price from $39 to $249.

#8. Videoshop

Videoshop is an app designed for quick and easy content creation to distribute on social media sites. Although Videoshop is significantly less powerful, it nevertheless captures the power of social video messages and helps businesses, brands, and people to develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy. Videoshop is great for those who are just starting out or who want to create fast video clips. Videoshop is just a basic video editor with increased capability and ease of use. Free videos include a Videoshop watermark to video watchers where the video was created, whereas a “pro” subscription, or premium subscription, eliminates these watermarks.

Pricing: Videoshop is initially free, but you may upgrade to the “pro” version for an additional $4 per month.

#9. Wave Video

Wave Video appeals to us since it offers a good combination of templates and the option to start from scratch. It’s also an excellent tool for reusing the same basic footage across multiple video formats. For example, you may create a lovely YouTube video and then decide to repurpose it as a Facebook banner video or something Instagram-friendly. Even better, you don’t have to start from scratch. The developers emphasize that Wave Video is designed to enable high-volume video content production, whereas many of its competitors do not. Another fantastic feature is the ability to instantly submit branding elements such as logos to the site for future use in videos.

Wave isn’t a lone wolf, either: it integrates with YouTube, Google Drive, Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, Twitter, and other services. In other words, there are numerous ways to use Wave Video in a collaborative setting to bring the power of video to a marketing team. The best part is that Wave comes with video hosting, a content calendar, a video button, and landing pages.

Pricing: A limited free plan is available, followed by paying memberships for $20 or $40 per month.

#10. WeVideo

This is an excellent alternative if you need something that can manage the needs of business, education, and individual clients. In fact, WeVideo is the only app in our category with an educational use plan. They are particularly pleased with the services for pupils, such as video scientific reports. At the same time, business clients will appreciate features like screen recording. Individuals can benefit from a dedicated YouTube video editor as well as the opportunity to create HD videos as an amateur. Perhaps this is why their promotional materials refer to them as “the best ever.” Perhaps, but this is a versatile program that can be used to create the type of material seen in a variety of contexts, from video SEO campaigns to instructional endeavors.

Price: Educational pricing is available to nonprofits. The rest of us pay between $4.00 and $29.99 every month.

What is the Best Video Editing Software?

Now that you have the basic footage, it’s time to edit your video and make it look great. Sure, the resources listed under “creation” include video editing, but there are instances when you need something more specialized. Here are a few possibilities for video marketers looking for a thorough editing solution.

#1. Clipify

Clipify is a handy software designed to edit videos automatically. It has an intuitive workflow and a plethora of easy-to-use yet comprehensive tools and features. Enhance the quality and appearance of your video recordings with a single click. Record extra clips with the built-in webcam recorder and do voice-overs to create captivating content. Replace your background with the Chroma Key tool, add transitions, and apply cliparts (arrows, signs, callouts), dynamic TV titles, and other effects to give videos a complete look. This video marketing tool is available for Windows users only.

Pricing: Free ($29.40 – $59.50 if you want to expand the number of available features)

#2. Filmora

Filmora, unlike many of these best video marketing tools, is a software application that must be installed on your computer. It’s also one of those traditional video editors from the past. What does this imply? For starters, it’s an excellent tool for putting together video basics with a webcam, GoPro, smartphone, or digital camera. The reasons to purchase this application include standards such as voiceovers and improved video quality. In addition, depending on your requirements, there are different versions of the program accessible. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Pricing: Filmora 9, the most basic form, costs $39.99 per year or $69.99 for a lifetime subscription.

#3. iMovie

This one is for anyone who owns an Apple gadget that can run apps. In reality, iMovie is one of the classic Apple software designed just for their products. However, it, like GarageBand, is completely free. Recent versions allow you to edit not just on your Mac, but also on other devices. It also does not have to be limited to a single device. Instead, you may save the raw video to the cloud and edit it on any device that has iMovie installed. Simply log in to your Apple account.

Price: Free for Apple users. Nobody else can use my time.

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Animation Video

Not all marketing videos must be created using live footage. In reality, many brands use animated videos to attract new clients. While this approach to creating videos used to be video-consuming, it is now a breeze thanks to animation software. Here are some of the best video marketing animation options.

#1. VideoScribe

Check out VideoScribe for a basic yet effective video. Unlike other video marketing tools, this one only produces one sort of video: whiteboard animation. This is the kind where you can see hands drawing stuff and running commentary. This tool has various excellent applications: For starters, explainer movies can help customers comprehend how to utilize your product. Alternatively, use the whiteboard format for corporate training to make an engaging business video. Because educational content can be easily created on a whiteboard, VideoScribe is also useful in higher education.

Pricing is $14 per user per month.

#2. Vyond

Vyond is a video animation application that allows you to build a whole video for educational or training reasons. Although Vyond can be utilized in different ways and can include background music, sound effects, and other animation video characteristics, its actual value resides in its concentration on training, teaching, and direct information delivery.

Vyond does not require advanced degrees or deep knowledge of animation processes, instead allowing organizations and companies to produce dynamic and engaging videos by leveraging the experience of Vyond creators. Vyond may be used to make training videos, whiteboard videos, instructive videos, and more, even if you have no prior expertise. Keep in mind that while Vyond is intended for high-quality, professional use, its pricing tiers are significantly higher than those of many of the other solutions listed here.

Pricing: The lowest-priced package is $49, with plans increasing in price from there. The following tier is $89 per month, followed by $159 per month. If more features are required, Vyond can be contacted directly for unique price information.

What are The Best Analytics & Video Hosting?

It goes without saying that any video worth watching needs a host in order to be shared with others. And, as with any effort, you should ensure that your videos are operating as expected. Here are some of the best video marketing tools for accomplishing both goals.

#1. Cincopa

Cincopa provides video hosting services as part of a comprehensive digital asset management suite of services. Cincopa’s unique video capabilities, such as Cincopa Channels, can be used by marketers, educators, training specialists, and, of course, sales representatives. Channels, which provide website users with an immersive, Netflix-like video arena, are the ideal way for prospects and workers to binge on your corporate movies.

Pricing: premium subscriptions are only $9 per month.

#2. Vidyard

Vidyard is a for-profit hosting and analytics business. It is intended for both business and educational use, and it contains video creation tools. Screen recording, customization, basic editing, and platform optimization are among them. Those interested in streaming video can do so through their web platform. A wide range of integrations is available to businesses and educational organizations. Finally, Vidyard provides analytics services to track performance.

Pricing: a free version is available, with paid memberships beginning at $15 per month.

#3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the oldest and best simple hosting providers. Originally only a hosting platform, it now offers streaming as part of its top-tier subscription package. Vimeo-hosted videos can be embedded on almost any website other than YouTube. Set privacy settings or let anybody with link access the video. There are also analytics features. Vimeo can be used for a wide range of content types, and being one of the oldest social video platforms in use, it is one of the most dependable and effective tools that a business can employ.

Pricing: Monthly plans begin at $7.

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Making a Screenshare

It’s especially convenient to be able to share your screen now that so many of us work from home. It’s useful to be able to share your screen while working, especially when so many of us work from home. While making live screen shares on video conferencing systems is simple, producing recorded screen shares is more complicated. Fortunately, this form of video is now so common that some of the best video marketing tools can assist.

#1. Camtasia

This is a simple tool for capturing presentations and how-to videos. You begin by downloading the software onto your Mac or PC device. Then you turn it on and record your computer screen capture video. Add some special effects, then check the sound. When you’re finished, simply post it to your video sharing services or share it in any way you see fit. Simple.

Pricing: $249 for a one-time purchase.

#2. Loom

It might be challenging to keep connected to the people we work with in this age of social alienation and working from home. Loom is a free tool that allows you to record brief screen shares and then email them to others as a link or download the original file. Loom is a Chrome addon that allows you to instantly record a screen sharing with or without your face. As a result, Loom may be used to generate virtually any sort of video content.

Pricing: A free version is available, with premium options beginning at $5/month.


Sometimes the best method to interact with others is through live video. While certain video services, such as Facebook Live, allow you to stream, you may wish to broadcast to multiple social networks at the same time. The platforms listed below will allow you to make and distribute premium video clips across several channels live at the same time.

#1. Streamyard

Consider using StreamYard if you want to stream on numerous platforms at the same time. This function allows you to sit in one location while your professional-looking live stream is published on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. However, that isn’t the only interesting aspect of StreamYard. You can invite more than one person to your live stream, and their webcam will pick up their image in this case. Furthermore, you may improve engagement by displaying comments from social media right on your live stream feed using their outstanding features. Brilliant.

Pricing: A freemium option is available, with upgrades beginning at $20 a month.

YouTube SEO

Most people do not consider YouTube to be a search engine. However, YouTube is one of the most essential locations where people go for information. As a result, it pays to use effective SEO tactics to ensure that your movies are discovered on the platform.

#1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy will assist you in managing your YouTube channel, whether it is a personal one or a complex company account. They will assist you with embedding, processing, marketing, and analytics. TubeBuddy’s SEO capabilities, on the other hand, set it apart. The application, in particular, assists you in optimizing your title and description, as well as assisting YouTube in classifying relevant content recommendations. Finally, they will assist you in inserting subtitles in another language, increasing your reach.

Pricing is freemium, with monthly upgrades starting at $9.

#2. VidIQ

VidIQ is a strong tool that will assist you in taking advantage of YouTube’s tremendous features. Because YouTube has long since outgrown its humble beginnings as a simple video platform and has evolved into a mecca of professional-quality video tutorials and animations, it pays to optimize your videos for your specific niche or market. VidIQ assists you in optimizing your videos as much as possible by gathering information from all corners of YouTube, including rival content, to ensure that your videos are not only posted on YouTube but also reach your desired audience and perform as expected.

VidIQ’s pricing is divided into four tiers. The first is free, but it is fairly limited in scope, offering only three insights per month and basic email assistance. Plans then rise to $7.50 per month, $39 per month, and $415 per month.

What are the Features of Video Marketing Software

Video marketing software companies often include the following features:

  • Video creator (screen and webcam recording, advanced video editing, music and dialog editing, mobile compatibility)
  • Interactive elements embedded (calls to action, links, forms, polls, quizzes)
  • Graphics, text, and animation
  • The video player, thumbnail, logo, and brand can all be customized.
  • Management of video content, reusable content, and video repurposing
  • Individualization of the audience
  • Integration of advertising campaigns
  • Calendar Integration.
  • The capture of leads, surveys, customer responses, and feedback
  • Distribution (video email, video messaging, social sharing)
  • SEO video
  • Restricted playback options, such as company domain restrictions or age-related restrictions
  • Integrated video hosting with service-level guarantees
  • Split A/B testing of personalized, targeted video
  • Conversion analytics and lead tracking
  • Metrics and the analytics dashboard (viewer demographics, location, device type, unique view counts, downloads, retention and click-through rates, tracking performance)
  • Integrations (CRM systems, marketing automation software, digital asset management software, content management systems)

How To Choose the Best Video Marketing Software and Tools

Consider the following key factors before investing in a video marketing platform:

  • Features and Skills: Video marketing software products offer many features. Different types of videos necessitate distinct editing abilities. What are the skill levels of those who make the videos? Are they capable of handling more complex productions, or will basic skills suffice?
  • Costs: The purchase of these tools is only the first step in creating a successful video marketing campaign. Understanding the goals and related costs of your video productions will help you evaluate this software.
  • Integrations: Integration with existing CRM systems, marketing automation software, digital asset management software, or content management systems will allow you to take full advantage of what video marketing software has to offer. The integrations add intelligence, consistency, efficiency, and a wide range of resources for your video productions and marketing strategy.

What is the Cost of Video Marketing Software?

Video marketing software is usually offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) on a monthly subscription basis.

The pricing can range from $0 (i.e. free) for plans with very limited usage to over $2,000 a month for fully-featured products. Most entry to mid-level products ranges from $39 to $500 a month.

Pricing is primarily determined by the range of features provided, the size of the video library supported, and the number and scale of related system integrations. Enterprise-level products require obtaining a vendor quote. Free trials are often available.

Video Marketing Software FAQs

Why is video so effective in marketing?

Consumers enjoy it because it’s simple to understand, fun, and engaging, and marketers like it because it has the potential to provide a massive return on investment (ROI) across several channels. Anyone with internet connectivity has easy access to video, both to watch and to produce.

How do you use video marketing?

  • Understand your audience and define advertising goals.
  • Maintain consistency in your messaging throughout videos.
  • Make sure your video budget is reasonable.
  • Optimize your videos and target specific channels.
  • Test, test, and test again
  • Don’t forget about Connected TV advertisements (CTV)

How can you attract social media users to share your video content online?

Hashtags are the most efficient way to attract viewers and expand the reach of your video content across social media platforms. Hashtags are words that begin with the symbol ‘#’.


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