8 Non-IT Remote Only Jobs You Can Start Doing Right Away

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The rise of the internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for people when it comes to working and finding employment. And the amount of opportunities is only increasing as the years go by.

The fact that so many people lost jobs in the last year or had to start doing their job from home as a consequence of the global pandemic, has led to more people than ever discovering the joys of working remotely.

There are so many benefits such as being able to sleep in later, not having to commute to your office every day, and being able to take jobs offered by people from all over the world. You’re not limited to just what’s available in the country you live in.

Because modern remote work is being done almost entirely through the internet and on computers, the most common remote jobs tend to be IT-based. Things like software engineering, web development, and other technical work.

This is great because there is so much work in it, but it also doesn’t suit everybody. Some people just aren’t that technically minded and may not have the interest. If you want to try working online either as a full-time career or to make extra money on the side, but you don’t want to work in IT, that’s okay.

There are numerous other jobs you can try, and many of them are ones for which you don’t even need a huge amount of experience. Here are 8 non-IT remote jobs you can start doing right now:

#1.    Tutor 

Tutoring online comes in a few different forms. Firstly, you could definitely find teaching in the industry that you already have qualifications and experience in. If you are an expert, you could even put together an online course.

The most lucrative possibility here is to work as an English teacher. There are a ton of families from non-English speaking countries, mainly in Asia, who will be looking for English tutors for their kids. 

Most companies that offer these teaching services will just require you to have done one course, usually the TEFL course in order to qualify as a tutor for them. 

#2.    Freelance Writer

Much like tutoring, there are several different ways you can make money as a freelance writer. One of which is to work as a content writer, doing articles and guest posts for various websites. These are generally informative and most people can put good ones together with a bit of practice and research.

There’s also blogging, which can be very lucrative if you can get yourself noticed. You can get ad revenue through sponsorships on blog posts, and it is a lot of fun because it’s usually most effective if you blog about something you are passionate about.

Blogs could be informative, they could be story-based, or they could even be offering resources. 

You could work on similar kinds of list-based blogs or articles for sites that aim to help people and provide specific groups with relevant content.  

#3.    Social Media Manager

Another thing that the age of the internet has brought on is the importance of social media for large companies. Almost everyone is on at least one social media platform and will probably use it very regularly. 

For a brand that wants to get recognized by a wider audience, having a social media presence is essential but it’s not always something that they can dedicate a huge amount of time to, on top of the work they’re already doing on their business.

This is why many companies outsource social media managers, whose job it will be to market the brand on various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s a job that can be simple enough to pick up, especially if you are a social media user already.

#4.    Customer Service

Similar to the social media thing, most companies also require customer service representatives because it does not work that they will have the time to do it themselves. And now it’s very easy to do this job remotely.

You could do customer service for a company, simply by being available on call at home while working on other projects, and all it really would require would be knowledge of the company and the means to solve problems, with good customer relations skills too.

#5.    Video Editor

For a long time, video editing was something that only film and television production companies would have done, and if you weren’t a part of that industry you wouldn’t have had access to any editing software.

That is no longer the case, there are many different video editing software available online for you to use on your personal computer and a lot of them are actually free. More and more companies need video editors now.

Utilizing YouTube or just a video player on a company website can help out a business in a big way, and for many people, videos are the business now. Some people who want to make YouTube and vlog content may not be interested in editing though and will want to hire someone to do it for them.

With some practice and some research on editing skills, you can become competent with the software and offer your services.

#6.    Voiceover Artist

This one might not be for everyone, because there are some people who just aren’t confident enough, or a good enough speaker to be able to do this job, but if you think you have a strong enough voice and a good command over the English language, this is a great job.

In addition to corporate voice work and ads, there are a lot of independent animators as well as independent video game developers out there who are in need of voices for their characters. You can find work in this field through places like Voices and Fiverr. 

#7.    Virtual Assistant

Pretty much anyone can do this job as long as they are capable of taking instructions and have a good work ethic. As a virtual assistant, you would probably do jobs like organizing schedules, doing research, and contacting clients and customers.

And if you have some more specific skills such as advertising or market research, there are often virtual assistant jobs that are much more hands-on than just a standard position. 

#8.    Email Marketer

This one is quite similar to the social media manager position, however, it would be more about coming up with an effective email campaign for a company. There are elements of copywriting to this job too.

You would do things like search for potential customers for the service you work for that you can then send the emails to, and work on the content of a cold email, as well as follow-up emails.

So there are eight completely different potential jobs that you can do remotely, which have nothing, or very little, to do with IT. And this is really only scratching the surface, with a bit of research you will discover that there is also a whole lot more.

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