Five Ways to Use 2D Animation for Business Growth

Five Ways to Use 2D Animation for Business Growth

With the advancement of technology in marketing, companies are expanding their business using the latest methods.

2d animation is one of the modern marketing tools that help businesses thrive in the competitive market.

It creates a video by combining scenes and characters in a two dimensional-frame, contrary to the 3d animation.

Modern software allows users to manipulate the videos and animation processing. They can auto-generate a complete video by combining just two frames, i.e., the start and the final frame.

The powerful display of 2D technology motivates businesses to use it for advertising and marketing their products and companies.

Many multinational firms such as Apple, Ford, Coca-Cola, etc., use animated videos to engage their customers.

What are the benefits of using 2D animation for business? How can you use 2D animation effectively? This article will provide you with answers to these questions.

Here are the five ways to use 2D animation for your business growth.

#1. Branding Your Business

When you have a new idea for a product or a service, you may seem clueless about how to materialize it and give it a final look.

At this step, a 2D animation can help you convert an abstract idea or a concept into a more refined and understandable product or a service.

Use animated videos to show the creativity level and create brand value. With the power of illustration, you have the potential to do anything to produce engaging content.

However, you need to learn and master animation skills to execute your brand marketing strategy.

At this step, you can rely on marketing analytics certificate programs to learn about the latest tools and techniques to showcase your business in a digital world.

You can put on a good show by explaining the complex ideas and concepts with the help of animation. A 2D explainer video is the best tool to deliver the product description, information, and introduction of basic features.

You might have seen 2D videos for products you bought recently but don’t know about its features and how to use its best applications.

The most interesting thing about 2D videos is viewers won’t get bored while watching them.

#2. Increasing Consumer Engagement

A human has a limited short-term span of twenty minutes maximum. To retain the attention of the website visitors, you need to create engaging content so that they cannot leave your website.

Create an impactful business pitch with the help of 2D animation. A video must grab the audience’s attention by developing an interesting storyline that reflects your brand identity.

According to research, users spend 2.6x more time on a webpage having a video than a page without it.

Place a 2D animation video on a landing page to present the visitors with the possible solutions. In general, users are more likely to spend time on web pages that have explainer videos than others.

In addition, they also stay on such pages for a longer duration which results in increased brand engagement and reduced bounce rates.

You can hook your audience by creating infotainment videos with FAQs, explainer videos explaining your products or services, and demo videos of products describing the innovative solutions.

#3. Staying Connected With Well-Informed Consumer Base

Businesses have to stay connected with consumers to create a well-informed consumer base. You have to engage with clients and provide them with information that stays with them.

Your marketing campaigns must give easy-to-understand details to consumers so that your target audience resonates with the message.

When your customers fail to understand the functionality or uses of your products, you cannot expect them to spend money on them.

At this point, 2D animation comes to the rescue. A human brain processes 60,000 times faster visual data than textual data.

Your clients are more likely to watch a 3-minute video than read it for three minutes. Thus based on this fact, 2D animation can help you provide information about products and services more creatively and efficiently.

There are more chances to convert well-informed consumers into loyal customers. In this way, you can increase sales and sustain the financial performance of your business. 

#4. Be Creative While Staying Relevant

The success of the 2D animation lies in the idea of pushing the creative boundaries while staying relevant to your brand.

It gives you the freedom to experiment with the latest trends by eyeing your brand themes, styles, and colors.

2D animation allows you to elevate your brand and reinforce its identity. By introducing new concepts and playing with stylistic illustrations, you can give a fresh perspective to the marketing campaign of your products.

Out-of-the-box ideas for 2D animation have the potential to catch the attention of your customers and hold it for a long time.

When you do it right, it can hit their creative mark; they can relate to your brand.

You can also use character illustrations that relate to your brand. For instance, take inspiration from classic mascots like the Charmin Bear, Tony the Tiger, etc.

It can help put your marketing message in the limelight and achieve revenue targets set for business growth.

#5. Improving Google Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is not all about blogging and backlinks; you have to pay attention to the visual content.

Videos rank 45 times higher than text on the top SERP. Google considers authoritative sites that have more inbound links.

Animations can help your brand stand out among the competitors and are likely to raise your rank on the Google search results.

A 2d animation also encourages consumers to trust your brand and purchase more products. According to statistics, 64% of users intend to buy online products after watching videos.

Investing in animated videos gives you the power to increase the potential of your brand. Your business attracts more traffic and increases consumer engagement, and conversion rate, thus contributing to the growth of your business.

Final Thoughts

All consumers are humans who pay more attention to aesthetics and appeal to visuals. In today’s age, the rising internet use paves the way for digital marketing, enabling users to watch videos on the go casually.

Now animated videos not only introduce products and services; they have also become a source of infotainment.

You can up the game of your business and increase revenues with the help of animations.

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