Grant Writing Certification: 2023 Best 17+ Picks & All You Need)

Grant writing certification

The way education and skill development are increasing online, obtaining a complete and accurate grant writing certification are now easier than ever. Moreover, there are numerous online accredited programs including grant writing certification in Florida.

What Is Grant Writing Certification?

Grant writing certification is a program that teaches you how to draft persuasive proposals, that will secure funds and develop continuous support for your organization.

It is so unfortunate that many believe that becoming a writer requires working as a freelancer with an unstable source of income. However, the reverse is the case. In fact, there are various firms available that hire professionals with certification in the sector. And help charitable organizations locate the perfect set of abilities.

Grant Writing Certification Online

Taking an online course can help you well to write projects for funding. Aside from that, grant writing occupations are on the rise right now. Let’s see the best online grant writing certification

#1.Grant Writing Fundamentals from the University of Georgia

This course goes over the grant writing process in great depth, from researching to presenting and fundraising. Meanwhile, We chose this certification as the best overall option since its content is broad while being approachable to students of all levels of experience.

The course consists of 12 sessions, beginning with research and progressing to networking, writing, and presenting. Moreover, the course is also compatible with both Windows and Mac systems and requires Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. Meanwhile, previous students have complimented the online grant writing certification, for being simple to understand and for assisting them in developing confidence in their skillsets and advancing their careers.

#2.Grant Writing Online Basics For Beginners

Grant Writing Basics is a wonderful place to start if you’re new to grant writing. Moreover, an instructor, responds to frequently asked questions such as “Where do I begin?” and other questions as you progress through the lessons at your own speed. Hence, we chose this online certification course as the ideal option for beginners. Since it concentrates on the early stages of grant writing, for individuals who are entirely new to the industry rather than the finer points of preparing a grant proposal. Furthermore, students who are interested in enrolling can do so through the University of Georgia’s website. The course can be viewed via any desktop computer or Skillshare’s iOS or Android mobile apps.

#3.Advanced Certification

Even experienced grant writers can benefit from completing a course, such as ed2go’s online Advanced Grant Writing certification. This course was chosen as the most advanced choice because it delves deeper into formatting and writing than other courses. And more experienced grant writers have found it useful. The grant writing certification can be completed on either a Windows or a Mac computer that has Adobe Reader installed.

#4.Federal Online Grant Writing 101 By Udemy

If you’re looking for an online grant writing certification that focuses specifically on federal grant writing, Udemy is absolutely the right place to be. Similarly, we chose the best option for government agencies because it focuses specifically on what you need, in order to write a successful federal government grant. Moreover, It is led by one of the industry’s best online grant writing instructors with certification.

Grant Writing Certification Programs

When it comes to picking the best grant writing programs, here are some you should consider.

#1.Portland State For Nonprofit

This certification program is ideal for people who desire to excel both practically and theoretically in the field of grant writing for non-profits. Nonetheless, Portland State University is well-known for its grant writing certification, which is recognized throughout the United States. Due to the outstanding grant writing skills graduates possess. In fact, many non-profit organizations require the Portland State Certification as a condition for hiring writers.

#2.Thomson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University may not be as prominent as some of the other schools, but when it comes to technical writing and grant certification programs, it keeps it real. The university has always been known for its emphasis on literature, with a focus on industry-specific best practices for grant writing to assist individuals in creating excellent, and eye-catching grant proposals with little time and money investment.

The certification programs for grant writing begins, by assisting students in understanding the major components that go into developing a grant proposal. Following that, it is necessary to define the funding objective, accountability, budget processes, and, most significantly, to complete pre-and post-funding thorough research.

#3. One Week Writing Certification Programs

The One Week Grant Writing Certification Program is ideal for those of you who want to improve your grant writing skills but lack the time or funds to do so. The program introduces all of the important parts of this sector, as well as more advanced topics such as presentations, networking with potential funding sources, and how they should be adjusted to your organization’s needs.

#4. WVDO Certification Programs

This grant writing certification aims to teach students how to write grant proposals effectively. There are no requirements for this course, and students with no prior experience are welcome to enroll. This makes it suitable for anyone transitioning from another writing field to grant writing. In terms of industry, these certification programs will help you gain expertise in writing for non-profit organizations. This can also help grant writers at the intermediate level. Upon completion, students will have a letter of intent that is ready to submit directly. Furthermore, students will be given information to which they can refer in order to develop suggestions.

#5. Arizona State University

Two grant writing certifications are available from Arizona State University. One is for beginning writers, while the other is for advanced writers. After finishing the first and gaining some head training, students can proceed to the second.

‘State and Foundation Proposals for Grant Development

This grant writing certification programs cover strategic planning as well as the factors that students must keep in mind when writing proposals. Although this course is suitable for students who are new to applying for grants, However, ‘This course is self-directed and does not have an instructor. Individuals are encouraged to actively participate in and engage with the subject, with the knowledge consultant on hand to provide feedback during the course.

The Best Grant Writing Certification 

Here is the Best grant certification that will structure you to be irresistible.

#1.San Diego State University Certification

The recognition of the vast number of nonprofits that require grants led to the writing certification. And it is expected of students to complete two courses in order to attain the grant writing certification.

The first course is mainly for beginner grant writers and freelance writers. It aids in learning the ABCs of grant writing.

The second session is for students who have some experience and want to improve and be the best. Furthermore, this course focuses on the nonprofit sector, with examples including clinics, environmental organizations, local schools, and food banks. It is not appropriate for people wanting to build a portfolio as a business or research writer.

#2. University Of South Carolina 

The University of South Carolina (USC) offers one of the most accurate and detailed writing certifications. It educates professionals on parts of the grant writing discipline that are vital. The curriculum is essentially formal training and certification. It begins with an introduction to the discipline, which is followed by a requirements analysis.

Then, After the introductory course, there is a section on Program Development and Evaluation. This course focuses on the strategic concepts and tools required to write a successful grant submission. Furthermore, the curriculum’s last portion explains the real grant writing procedure.

#3.University Of Colorado; A to Z

The A to Z Grant Writing certification is suitable for assisting students in developing a framework for creating the best Proposal.

Equally, It teaches you all you need to know, to create a proposal that will catch the attention of potential donors. Subsequently putting you one step closer to receiving funding for causes you care about. However, there is no restriction to a specific sector. It is useful in the education and nonprofit management fields, as well as in religious institutions.

Online Grant Writing Certification Programs 

Foundations, schools, and other agencies often rely on certified grant writers to fund their programs. However, you can acquire the training in the comfort of your home by engaging in online grant writing certification programs.

Below are the Online grant writing certification programs you should consider. 

#1. Grant writing certification Online Programs By Udemy

Online Grant Writing certification programs for organizations and freelance writers were developed to assist nonprofits. To improve their research, writing, and application procedures for foundation and government funding. We selected this online grant writing certification program as the best course for nonprofits. Because the course material is primarily for those who work for small or new charities, and both beginners and intermediate grant writers have found it useful.

#2. LearnGrantWranting.Org.

The writing certification online programs include seven pre-recorded video courses. To show and structure your grant proposal for success, and build your budget. Furthermore, The attachments you need, and how to write your story and persuade your reader. The course is really easy to use; and you do not need to establish an account to access the course on your browser, so you can begin learning right away. Finally, Each lesson has a comment box below it where students can ask the course instructor questions regarding the lesson and receive a response.

Florida Grant Writing Certification

This Florida grant certification walks you through the steps of locating and drafting a grant application. Thereby, Using This course walks you through the steps of locating and drafting a grant application. Using a Hypothesis of Change method, you will learn how to engage stakeholders in the framing of a grant proposal and step-by-step produce a grant application draft of your choice. You will learn what grant funders look for in an application by evaluating sections of your peers’ grant submissions and providing and receiving feedback.

Is a Grant Writing Credential Worth the Money?

Certifications in grant writing aren’t always a complete waste of time or money. These credentials can provide much-needed grant writing instruction and skill development for those just starting out in the field. A wide range of tools and instructions on how to draft grant submissions are provided in many courses.

Do People Need Grant Writers?

Grant writers are in high demand, as are grant writing abilities. An increasing number of positions are available in the field of grant writing since it demands a combination of analytical research, skillful writing, planning, and critical thinking to fulfill deadlines.

What Is So Difficult About Grant Writing?

Due to its complexity and the numerous components that must be learned, grant writing is frequently challenging. You’ll probably be able to pick up grant writing quickly if you have good writing abilities, a general awareness of the grant writing process, and a fundamental knowledge of what grant funding is.

How Long Does a Grant Writing Course Take?

Participants will learn best practices for creating winning grant proposals over the course of four half-day sessions (16 hours), working through practical activities to create agency and program budgets and grant narratives.

Is Grant Writing a Stressful Job?

A grant writer’s never-ending high-stress demands frequently prevent them from moving forward with their work or cause them to miss several deadlines and application requirements. Grant writers may experience significant physical, emotional, and mental stress as a result.

Is Grant Hard To Get?

Getting a government grant is an extremely challenging process. The extensive application procedure requires candidates to detail how the cash would benefit the neighborhood or the general public. Because it can be so challenging to write a compelling proposal, many applicants look for professional advice.


To sum it up, it is the process of knowing what you need regarding a grant with a certificate as an award.

Grant writing certification FAQ’s

How do you become a certified grant writer?

  1. First complete the Program Development and Program Writing (PDPW) online course.
  2. Then send a e-mail to [email protected]. attach a copy of your driver’s license to the email (as proof of age and identity)

Is a grant writing certificate worth it?

Grant writing can be a lucrative career, especially if you have a flair for words. If you can command the 26 letters of the English alphabet in a way that presents an institution’s value, both to the sponsor and the community, while appealing to the sponsor’s emotions, you can give organizations millions in grants

How long does a grant writing course take?

Learn The Advanced Grant Proposal Writing Online Course in only 6 weeks. Approximately only 2 to 4 hours per week of study is required. This course is delivered 100% online and is accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone. Instructors lead each course and you will be able to interact with them and ask questions.

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