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nonprofit grant writing, workshops, training, course, and 101
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Grants are organized financial support packages issued by grant-making organizations for specific initiatives. To be considered for one, you must fill out an application and present a compelling argument for funding. In this article we’ll be discussing 101 nonprofit grant writing, workshops, training, course, and certification.

Grant writing offers a lot of promise for helping your nonprofit accomplish its goals. A grant to support a large new project can signal the start of a new period of growth for your nonprofit, attracting new donors and attracting increasing attention.
Writing and submitting grant proposals, on the other hand, takes time and effort. Grant applications are time-consuming, and many come with stipulations, such as funding allocation restrictions. Furthermore, you may be competing for limited funds with multiple other qualifying nonprofits.

Grant-making organizations will not support a nonprofit that they do not believe will succeed. As a result, you must demonstrate that yours has all in takes to succeed. Here is how;

  • Have missions that are well defined and relevant.
  • Have a guide, project objectives and plans.
  • Ensure that your financial and operational structures are in good shape.
  • Make use of cutting-edge fundraising tools and techniques.
  • Have a track record of completing successful projects and initiatives.
  • Maintain strong bonds with your community and peers.
  • With non-grant sources of support, you’ll have a lot of staying power.

Nonprofit Grant Writing Workshops

Some well-known firms offer grant writing workshops for nonprofit employees and board members. Nonprofit grant writing workshops include;

Getting Started with Grant Writing 101

Grant writing entails more than just “writing.” A great deal more. The fundamentals of nonprofit organization grant research and grant writing are covered in this. You’ll also learn how to identify your greatest prospects and prepare grant submissions on your own.

Writing Grants: An Overview

If you looking for a grant to help fund the work of your nonprofit? Attending this grant writing workshop would help you especially if you’ve never written a grant before or if you’ve written a few but had little success. Learn the fundamentals of grant writing.

Grant Research: An Overview

Attending grant writing workshops could broaden your knowledge on so many effective research tools to identify the most promising grant opportunities.

Nonprofit Grant Writing Training

While no formal degree, training, or certification is required to work as a professional grant writer, taking an online course can help you create grants that are funded. Additionally, grant writing jobs are in high demand right now. We at Business Yield offer nonprofit grant writing training to brush your grant writing skills as well as helping you apply and win grants for your nonprofit.

Although, other online education centers like;

  • Skillshare
  • University of Georgia
  • ed2go
  • Udemy

Offer amazing grant writing training for nonprofit with certification at the end of your training.

Nonprofit Grant Writing Certification

Nonprofits frequently seek grant writers with certification and comprehensive grant writing skills, research, and strategic abilities in order to get grant funds.

You will learn how to discover funding opportunities, comprehend grant criteria, and build a compelling program narrative and budget during the training program.

So after going through an online training that will teach you how to write a concise, appealing proposal that aligns the interests of multiple funders. As well as learn how to improve an organization’s ability to compete for funding. You will be given a professional certificate to increase your chances of getting a grant writing job.

Nonprofit Grant Writing Course

The first nonprofit course in the grant writing sequence is designed for people who have never written a grant proposal before. While the second course allows students of all levels to practice and improve their grant writing skills.

There are around 500 courses on nonprofit grant writing available in different online training areas. Below are some of the nonprofit grant writing course you should consider;

  • Fundraising
  • Writing Grants
  • Grant writing 101 for nonprofits
  • Training for Nonprofit Executives
  • Creating a Nonprofit Organization
  • Governance of the Board of Directors
  • Finance for Nonprofits
  • Participation of Volunteers
  • Marketing for Nonprofits
  • Human Resources for Nonprofits
  • New to the Industry

Nonprofit Grant Writing 101

Nonprofit Grant Writing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to writing a winning grant proposal. Your grant applications must be aligned properly. Here’s how to do it;

Begin your grant submission with a concise description that explains why you need certain funding, time, or other assistance. For example;

  • Credibility information about your company
  • An analysis of the issue
  • The program’s goals, methods, and overall expenditures

Your company’s qualities, such as what your company’s highs and lows are. Although any relevant past experience should be highlighted, while still attempting to concentrate on the specific project you’re proposing.

Statement of need or problem

Now is the time to delve into the specific issue you’ve chosen to solve. While, describing the community’s needs, your target demographic, local collaborations, and other sources of assistance.

  • Define the social problem and needs you’re trying to solve.
  • Be backed up by statistics or other objective studies.
  • Be detailed, practical, and jargon-free.
  • Back up your claims with facts, research, or other objective metrics.

Finally, you should describe your suggestion. You might also provide a chronological chronology from where you are now to where you intend to be, including all events and programs planned along the way, depending on the nature of the grant and the donor’s expectations.

Let’s talk about your great ambition. Explain why you choose your method and what your project’s ultimate scope is. What do you want to change, process, or produce in the lives of your participants? What words would you use to describe the services or treatments you provide? Are they supported by evidence? What is the logic behind them? What criteria will you use to determine success?

Also, describe how you’ll work with other organizations or make use of existing community resources to better serve your target demographic.

The program description should be simple, moving naturally from problems to outcome goals.

Funding in the future

How will you afford to do everything you want? Make a list of your financial requirements and how you plan to satisfy them. Capital campaigns and continuing operational support are two types of financial assistance that most organizations require. What are you currently raising funds for? Provide a detailed financial plan outlining how you intend to keep the lights on now and in the future.


Create a budget that includes projects in-kind donations. Make a direct and indirect cost breakdown in your budget:

Personnel, equipment, and supplies are examples of direct costs for the work you’re proposing.

Building maintenance, insurance, and rubbish collection are examples of indirect costs.

Make sure your budget’s specifics are easy to read and comprehend. Make sure to use column headings and double-check your calculations. If necessary, include appendices with extra information.


Use the appendices to keep track of things like:

  • The structure of your company
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Members of the Advisory Board (if any)
  • Other community groups, clients, and/or donors have written letters of support or recommendation.

Any grant request can benefit from demonstrating broad support from a variety of stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is grant writing training?

In the Grant Writing training program you will learn how to find funding opportunities, interpret grant rules, and create a compelling program story and budget. Students will also learn how to improve an organization so that it can compete for financing.

Are grant writers in demand?

Yes, Grant writers are in high demand in the United States, where more than 1.5 million NGOs and thousands of other groups rely on grants.

Is a grant writing certificate worth it?

Of course, while Grant writing can be a marketable skill, especially if you have a good command of the English language a certificate is necessary to increase you chances of getting a high paying job.

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