Grant Writer Jobs: Best Options For Entry Level & Freelance (+ Free Tips)

Grant writer jobs

When a grant writer’s job is mentioned, what usually comes to people’s minds is an individual that writes. To have access to an organization that gives out funds to help people in society. They might not be wrong, however, it is important to learn about the remote, Entry level, Freelance, Contract, and part-time grant writer jobs. 

What are Grant Writer Jobs?

Grant writer jobs are the act of gathering documents that are compelling enough. And also, to fulfill the requirements of the funding bodies, for their proposal to be accepted.

The Duties Of Grant Writers

  • Making research to get accurate documents and submit as a proposal
  • Ensure to follow all requirements for a grant application
  • Developing and maintaining Relationships
  • Communicate with potential donors
  • Identification of new funding opportunities
  • Review budget proposal with team leaders
  • Maintaining records in hard and soft copies

Grant Proposal Template

A grant writing proposal template is a good place to start. It allows you to get organized before diving into the procedure and saves time by eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel each time you apply for a grant.

One thing that is quite crucial with templates is being critical in determining how to make them function best for various types of projects.

It’s important to remember, however, that free templates available on the Internet will not work in every circumstance – it all depends on what you need and how much time you have. You can use a grant-writing sample that closely resembles the type of grant program you wish to apply to.

Remote Grant Writer Jobs

Remote Grant Writer Jobs involve working from home to prepare a proposal. In order to obtain funding for a certain company. Furthermore, your responsibilities as remote grant writer jobs include the following.

  • The ability to communicate with funding agencies
  • Getting the right information through research
  • Providing project reports and updates to sponsors,
  • Follow up on previous submissions.

Categories of jobs people look for As Remote Grant Writer

  • Federal Grant
  •   Proposal Grant
  •   Hospital Grant
  •   Administration Grant
  •   Medical center
  •   Engineering Grant

What To Know Regarding Entry Level Grant Writer Jobs 

Entry-level grant writers are jobs practically about making plans, researching, and submitting proposals. To obtain funding for individuals or an organization. Nevertheless, your proposal should clearly include how the funds will be used, as well as what will motivate funding authorities to consider your plan worthy.

Qualification For Jobs On Entry Level Grant Writer

Basically, the general qualification for entry grant writer jobs Include

  • A bachelor’s degree in English, Social science, or Marketing
  • Good writing, and research skills
  • Organizational skill or orderliness
  • Sharp communication skill
  • Lastly, strong multitasking ability. 

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs

They are individuals with thorough knowledge of non-profit organizations, finances, and politics. Moreover, Their work is to write accurately and professionally, However, they are not Loyal to a particular client. Hence, the name freelance grant writer jobs

Places You Can See Work As Freelance Grant Writer Jobs

Firstly, the Online marketplace is the most stable place you can get freelance grant writer jobs. Despite the competition there, it still remains one of the best places especially if you are a beginner. 

Secondly, is job boards where you will see adverts for freelance grant jobs for writers and you will definitely see what to do. 

Contract Grant Writer Jobs

A contract grant writer jobs work for an organization within a particular period. Either three months or a year contract is renewable depending on the agreement. Similarly, As a contract writer, your job is to write a grant, and prepare it for submission, and report.

Furthermore, Contract Grant Writer jobs also train Project Directors on general grant compliance. Such as the fulfillment of timeline activities, budget revisions, acceptable expenses, and reporting requirements as directed by the supervisor. All are the jobs of a contract grant writer

How Much Is Involved in Jobs For Part-Time Grant Writer?

Writing grants excellently for an organization with proper computer program knowledge. Within a time range are jobs for part-time grant writers. Subsequently, part-time grant writer jobs maybe three hours a day or so

The average annual salary for a Part-Time Grant Writer job in the United States is $54,072 as of July 26, 2021.

In case you need a quick pay calculation, that works out to about $26.00 per hour. This matches to $1,040 each week or $4,506 per month.

Free Tips

How to Become a Good Grant Writer

Firstly, Grant writer jobs require you firstly have a strong awareness. Of the facts that they must include in their proposal in order to be accepted for the project. Moreover, Keep in mind that there could be hundreds or thousands of other NGOs or businesses competing for the same award.

Here are a few things to keep in mind on jobs as a grant writer or while writing a successful grant proposal:

  • The demographic or population group that is influenced
  • The problem(s) that the funding would solve
  • If the grant is approved, the following activities will be funded
  • The proposal should be well-developed and address all aspects of the application.
  • How the project will be managed and executed
  • And Finally, The projected budget, as well as how the cash will be spent

You can also use the Bonsai grant proposal template as a guide.

Common Mistakes that New Grant Writers Make

Below are some of the most typical errors that new grant writers make:

  • Not fully comprehending the application
  • The ability not to adhere to the application’s guidelines
  • Not having the required signatures
  • Failure to follow the formatting guidelines
  • poor proofreading and spelling or grammatical errors
  • Not submitting the grant on time

Industries That Have Grant Writing Jobs

Many different types of NGOs require the services of grant writers or proposal writers. The following is a list of some grant writing positions in industries that rely on grant writers on a regular basis to help them achieve their goals.

Some of these grants are written for the local level, and the bids are submitted to local foundations. Others are national grants given to government agencies such as the United States. Education Department.


In Education, grant writing jobs are primarily focused on schools and other educational establishments. And are either local or national in nature.

As a grant writer, you can write for local elementary, middle, or high schools, as well as colleges and technical schools.

Education grants might be written for equipment, new employees, or facility improvements. An example of an educational grant might be the establishment of a STEM-based school in a community.


Jobs in health grant writing can involve a wide range of tasks. Hence, Health grants intend to improve the physical and emotional health of residents in a community.

They are available at both the local and national levels and can be obtained through organizations such as the U.S. The Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration are among the agencies involved.

Health grants might be for research or for programs. A smoking cessation program is an example of a health grant.


The Environmental Protection Agency will be responsible for a large number of environmental grant writing positions (EPA).

The purpose of environmental grants is to assist and safeguard the environment. Grant applications should also promote environmental stewardship and awareness.

The EPA funds hundreds of grants each year to aid in the development of projects that promote environmental education.

An example of an environmental grant might be to assist in the conservation of a wetland.

Human and Civil Rights

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly, and human and civil rights grants can certainly assist.

They address issues such as handicap rights, gender and race equity in the legal system, and public welfare.

A mentorship program to assist reduce teenage imprisonment is an example of a human and civil rights grant writing assignment.

Why You Should Consider a Grant Writer Jobs

Grant writer jobs are in high demand from charities. Looking to raise funds for operations, capital expenditures, events, and programs.

This kind of job can be really profitable. You may have the opportunity to work with a nonprofit that has a global impact, affecting change on a local, regional, or even global scale. You can also volunteer for causes that align with your values, and you may have the opportunity to learn more about specific social challenges and meet inspiring change agents.

Even better, as a grant writer, you will contribute to the funding of this essential activity, allowing these changemakers to continue or even extend their efforts.

Grant Writer Jobs, Is It Profitable?

Yes! As a freelance grant writer, you can charge as little as $25 per hour and work your way up to $100 per hour. However, this varies depending on the organization you work for.

What’s even better? Nonprofits frequently seek long-term partnerships with a dependable grant writers. They may have a big number of grants due each month, allowing you to earn a substantial, consistent income while working from home.

If you want to dip your toes into this field and make it a full-time job. An average grant writer’s compensation is around $48,000 per year. However, while some NGOs may request a commission or a part of the grant received, this is considered unethical. Instead, aim to be paid on an hourly or project basis for your efforts.

Is Writing Grants Stressful?

Writing grants takes time, and it can be stressful. There is seldom a slowdown in the workflow of grant writing, according to many grant specialists.

An Independent Grant Writer Is What?

By utilizing their knowledge of the sector, independent grant writers add value for their clients. A freelance grant writer’s industry knowledge is crucial when writing grant proposals for nonprofit or for-profit organizations, as well as for governmental or foundational institutions.

What Is the Title of a Grant Writer?

Finding financing sources for an organization and crafting persuasive grant submissions are the responsibilities of a grant writer, often known as a grantmaker.

Can Freelance Grant Writers Support Themselves?

Because you can work for various organizations on various sorts of grants and your pay can rise as you gain experience and more certifications, you could be able to earn more money as a freelance grant writer.

Do People Need Grant Writers?

Grant writers are in high demand, as are grant writing abilities. An increasing number of positions are available in the field of grant writing since it demands a combination of analytical research, skillful writing, planning, and critical thinking to fulfill deadlines.

How Difficult Are Writing Grants?

Due to its complexity and the numerous components that must be learned, grant writing is frequently challenging. You’ll probably be able to pick up grant writing quickly if you have good writing abilities, a general awareness of the grant writing process, and a fundamental knowledge of what grant funding is.

What Do I Need To Be a Grant Writer?

For entry-level positions, grant writers, like other writers and novelists, often need a bachelor’s degree. Often, it doesn’t matter what subject of study you have, however marketing and English are two courses that are helpful. Specific grant writing programs are available at several schools and universities.

Are Certifications Required for Grant Writers?

The quick response is no. There is no formal education needed for becoming a grant writer. The majority of businesses and organizations seeking grant writing assistance need expertise and experience, not a credential, in the field.


To sum it all up, a writer with a grant job ensures that he or she has a captivating proposal. That will certainly attract clients. Also, have in mind that It is your job as a grant writer to present that your client is deserving of the funding

Grant Writer Job FAQs

How much do grant writers make?

If you dip your toes into this arena and want to turn it into a full-time career, a typical grant writer’s salary is about $48,000/year according to Payscale, and $54,000/year according to Glassdoor.

Are grant writers in demand?

If you love to write, are highly organized, and enjoy working for a good cause, grant writing may be the perfect career for you. With more than 1.5 million nonprofits and thousands more organizations depending on grants in the United States alone, grant writers are in high demand.

Is Grant Writing stressful?

The constant high-stress demands of a grant writer often lead to an inability to move forward in writing or failing to meet endless deadlines and application requests. It can also create strong physical, emotional, and mental strain on grant writers. This is grant writer burnout.

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