Grant Management Software: Top 10 Options For Nonprofits

Grant management software

Grant applications can be time-consuming, and there is usually a lot of documentation required. Grant-making organizations want to be sure that their funds are going to nonprofits that will accomplish the best with them. If you want to apply for grants, even as a nonprofit organization you should think about investing in grant management software to make the process easier.

What is Grant Management Software?

Grant management software assists grantmakers and grantees in managing the grant proposal and awarding process from many angles. Though grantmaking foundations are the primary users of these technologies in the nonprofit sector, government agencies and scientific research organizations can also benefit from them. Certain tools, as opposed to private funding, are better suited to managing the intricacies of public funding, such as government laws and compliance.

Grant management software simplifies the call for submissions process by offering form preparation, task automation, and review assistance. These technologies are used by funders to track their award funds, monitor the work of all grantees, and analyze success over time to determine if funding priorities need to be adjusted. From the standpoint of project management, this sort of software assists users in monitoring the necessary actions that occur at various stages of each grant application, from pre-award through post-award.

Some fundraising software and donor management software include basic grant management services, such as the ability to handle crucial deadlines and action items, relationship information, and proposals and reports. Furthermore, most grant management programs interface with accounting software to handle fund accounting and verify grant expenditures are in line with the negotiated budget.

#1. Salsa CRM


You may attach documents to your grant profiles, customize and assign specific tasks to different members of your team, and have several users working on the same grant with Salsa’s grant management software.

Furthermore, Salsa features an integrated word processor, allowing you to compose your grant submission directly in the system.

Why Do We Like It?

Salsa’s grant management software is part of a bigger toolkit that your nonprofit can use to generate cash and communicate with supporters.


Salsa offers bundles beginning at $179 plus $0.01 per constituent record.

#2. Neon CRM


NeonCRM grant management software allows your nonprofit to follow every step of the grant process in one simple dashboard.

Because applying for grants requires a collaborative effort, Neon has developed a tool that allows your staff to collaborate effortlessly by assigning various tasks and setting deadlines.

Their grantmaking tools will assist you in remaining organized and efficient in order to apply for and win more grants.

Why Do We Like It?

Neon also provides nonprofit fundraising software and website design services.


Neon’s plans begin at $110 per month, however the price will vary depending on the amount of constituent records your organization need.

#3. Fundly CRM


Fundly understands that without the correct tools, tracking grant requests can be difficult. That’s why they’ve devised a mechanism to make things easier.

Their software allows you to establish deadlines and change several grant profiles at the same time.

Why Do We Like It?

Fundly’s grantmaking services can be combined with their other powerful fundraising tools to help your nonprofit collect even more dollars!


Fundly CRM offers monthly options ranging from $55 to $550.

#4. The Trailblazer


Trail Blazer is a fundraising software company that may provide your nonprofit with grant tracking tools.

Trail Blazer allows you to save proposal documents and track the status of each grant.

You’ll be able to tell which grants you’re still applying for and which you’ve previously received.

Why Do We Like It?

Trail Blazer has a shared calendar function that allows you to keep track of deadlines and everyone’s responsibilities in one spot.


Prices begin at $100 per month for less than 2500 constituent records. You’ll also receive 5 free users.

#5. NonprofitPlus


NonprofitPlus thinks that most nonprofit accounting software overlooks grant monitoring, and their purpose is to focus on incorporating grants into the rest of your financial tools.

Your grant information will not be kept separate if you use their accounting system. It will instead be used to update your nonprofit’s budget and expenses so that you have the most up-to-date data.

Why Do We Like It?

NonprofitPlus provides tools that can keep track of the required reporting requirements for each grant and send you due reminders so you never miss a deadline.


Prices vary depending on the demands of your nonprofit. Visit their website to learn more about NonprofitPlus’s pricing.

#6. DonorPerfect


DonorPerfect is a nonprofit management system with grant tracking features.

You can keep track of the grants you’re presently applying for as well as the ones you’ve already received.

You may also build foundation profiles to keep track of all of your interactions with a specific foundation.

Why Do We Like It?

The nonprofit management software DonorPerfect interfaces with Double the Donation!


DonorPerfect provides packages based on the functionality and amount of constituent profiles required. The most basic option costs $59 per month.

#7. Denali Fund for Cougar Mountain Software


Denali Fund was designed by Cougar Mountain Software to help nonprofits manage their fundraising and grants.

Your nonprofit can use their resources to track all of your grants, even if they are in separate calendar years.

You can also create bespoke reports to track the leftover cash for each grant.

Why Do We Like It?

Denali Fund’s grant management software includes additional accounting tools. You can include as many features as you want.


Denali Fund offers three packages: Basecamp, Ascent, and Summit. Visit their website to get a bespoke quote.

#8. QuickBooks


Although QuickBooks isn’t designed exclusively for nonprofits, you can use their grant tracking capabilities.

They offer tools that allow you to record grant funds and include them in your expenses and budgets.

They also have a function that allows you to track matching grants.

Why Do We Like It?

QuickBooks provides nonprofit training so you may learn how to tailor their solutions to match the needs of your nonprofit.


QuickBooks’ most basic package starts at $15 per month. If you require more features, they have options starting at $40 per month.

#9. E-Z Funding


Fund E-Z has designed a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to follow your grant proposals and attach documentation to each account.

You can also link the grants you receive to their excellent budget feature, which allows you to see how much money you have left and what expenses were covered by the cash.

Why Do We Like It?

Other accounting tools in Fund E-Z help you keep your funds and spending organized and in one place.


Prices will vary according to your requirements.

#10. SmartGrant from ERA


ERA Software Systems created SmartGrant, a web-based program.

Your nonprofit may track grants at every stage, including pre-and post-award.

You can apply applications directly using their integrated grant application system, and you can establish proposal to-do lists.

Why Do We Like It?

Because of their modular architecture, your nonprofit can pick and choose the features it wants. No more overspending on tools you don’t require!


The cost will vary because their software can be tailored to your nonprofit. More pricing information is available on their website.

Grant Management Software Purchase Considerations

#1. User access management.

Many manufacturers provide software with user access management capability, allowing administrators to limit access to specific modules and documents to qualified users or roles.

#2. Software suites versus standalone software

Grant management systems can be purchased as a standalone system or as part of a larger nonprofit fundraising software suite.

#3. Method of Deployment

Grant management software can be hosted in the cloud (which is appropriate for small and medium-sized firms with limited resources) or on-premise (primarily for enterprises with a dedicated IT department).

Grant Management Software Costs

The majority of market products are priced on an annual basis. Based on the starting price, prices can be separated into three tiers:

Rate ranges

  • $83 – $108
  • $108 – $362
  • $362+

Typical Grant Management Software Features

  1. Compliance Management: Check for compliance with business rules and industry-specific standards.
  2. Management of grant applications: Throughout the application’s lifecycle, keep track of the status of grant opportunities.
  3. Tracking of grant awards: Comply with grant deadlines, application requirements, and financial paperwork.
  4. Collaboration Collaborate on projects with coworkers and share information in real time.
  5. Contract management: Client/customer contracts should be stored and managed for simple reference.
  6. Financial accounting: Produce analytics-driven reports to assess business performance and spot patterns.
  7. Allow for exploration: Set up alerts for new grant opportunities and automate your search for funding sources.
  8. Payment monitoring: Keep track of payments, invoices, and bills that have been paid and received.
  9. Creation of quote/proposal: Create personalized quotes/proposals and save them in a database for future reference.

Why Should You Use Grant Management Software?

  1. Grant Application Pipeline — The grant application process can be difficult and time-consuming, with no assurance of success. It can be tough to decide which grants to apply for because there are so many to look through and vet. Grant management software can automate at least a portion of this process, giving potential grant applicants a steady stream of opportunities for which the organization is qualified. Of course, this is no guarantee of success, but it is a start.
  2. Grant Application Automation – If you are a grant seeker, automating processes in the grant application process is critical to ensure that you can apply for as many grants as possible. Federal grant applications take between 80 and 200 hours to write, thus shortening that time is beneficial to completing as many grant applications as feasible.
  3. Improve Communication – One of the most essential aspects of grant management software is the ability to improve communication channels between grant applicants and grantmakers. These applications are intended to make the process as simple as possible for both parties. Any discrepancies in the application process can be resolved using the communication channels provided by grant management software.

Who Makes Use of Grant Management Software?

#1. Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits are the most frequent users of grant management software, particularly those in fields like the arts, which rely largely on grants for support. These are often grant-seeking groups who use the software to expedite their application process. Document repositories, reporting tools, collaboration tools, and other features all help to make the application process as simple as possible.

#2. Governments

Government entities have funds to provide in the form of grants. Grantmakers can use grant management software to administer applicant portals, a reviewer hub, and reporting tools.

Grant Management Software is also used by private foundations and non-governmental organizations that have cash available for grantees. They use the same functionality as any other grantmaker, but because they are private institutions, they are subject to less oversight. Private foundations will use the applicant site, reviewer portal, and reporting tools to guarantee that their funding is going to the best candidates.

Grant Management Software Types

#1. Grant-Seeking

This form of grant management software is intended to manage the collection and submission of appropriate grant opportunities. These solutions are focused on creating individualized grant applications and improving the grant application process. Fund seekers want to get as many grant funds as possible, thus the more applications you can submit to appropriate opportunities, the better. As a result, grant management tools for grant seekers automate as much as feasible of the process. This can include powerful document repositories from previous applications as well as technologies to automate the discovery process.

#2. Grantmaking

Grant management software for grant creators handles the industry’s other side. These grant management systems oversee the establishment of grants, the collection of applications, the examination of applications, and the publication of the process’s findings.

What are the Benefits of Grant Management Software for Nonprofits?

Grant management software assists in organizing all grant-related operations so that your nonprofit can portray itself professionally while applying for and managing grant money once it has been received. People in charge of submitting and managing grant applications can use a competent grant management software program to present professional-looking documents, graphs, and other information that will stand out to those examining grant applications for financing purposes.

Grant management software also expedites the process of completing all grant application forms, giving your staff more time to apply for more grants and potentially receive more cash for your organization.

Is Grant Management Software Suitable for Small Nonprofits?

Yes! Managing all of the information and paperwork associated with applying for and securing grants is a lot easier when you have a program dedicated to assisting you with the task, regardless of how large or small your nonprofit is. Even if your team just works through a few grant application packages each year, investing in good software today will allow you to plan for future growth and guarantee your staff has the tools they need to apply for even more grants in the future. Grant management software not only streamlines the process of applying for and allocating grant money, but it also gives historical information on grants your nonprofit has filed for, obtained, and been denied in the past, all of which is useful information for setting future goals.

Check for grant eligibility. According to, there are over 1,000 separate grant programs in the United States, totaling more than $500 billion annually. However, grant competition is tough, making it even more vital that your organization discover and use grant management software to get an advantage over others bidding for the same funding.

Protect your data. Cybersecurity is essential for every company, but it is especially important for nonprofits, which have the added obligation of being extremely honest with their donors. Choose grant management software that includes data encryption and other security features to protect your personal information as well as the information of your donors.

Grant Management Software FAQs

What does a grant management software do?

Grant management software assists in organizing all grant-related operations so that your nonprofit can portray itself professionally while applying for and managing grant money once it has been received.

Is Grant Management Hard?

It can be incredibly tiresome at times, requiring a great deal of repetition to ensure that everything is correctly maintained. The workload can also be very cyclical, with times of great slowness and extreme busyness.

What makes a good grants manager?

Strategic thinking and analytical abilities are required. Problem-solving abilities. Project management abilities. Excellent organizational and communication abilities.


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