Best Account Management Software For Your Business: Top 10 Reviews

account management software

Account management software is a valuable resource for companies that manage sales operations across various divisions, locations, and touchpoints. Account management is handled by the majority of businesses as part of their customer relationship management (CRM), although not all CRM software tools include extensive account management functions.
We evaluated hundreds of account management and customer relationship management (CRM) tools to identify the top 10 for a small businesses. As account management software, the CRM tools described here all perform admirably (and then some). They assist you in keeping accounts in order and running sales procedures more effectively, making it easier to onboard new clients while also maintaining existing ones.

Top Small Business Account Management Software

  1. Freshworks
  2. Salesforce
  3. Zoho CRM
  4. Bitrix 24
  5. Apptivo
  6. Kapta
  7. Capsule CRM
  8. Zendesk Sell
  9. Revamp CRM

#1. Freshworks

Freshworks, formerly known as Freshsales, is a 360-degree platform with an interactive user interface. This application assists business owners in managing different sales, marketing, and customer service activities. Its AI-powered deal analytics help salespeople identify high-potential leads who are more likely to convert into paying clients. You can also use its extensive lead engagement and account management capabilities to build personalized customer experiences.


  • Analytics and reports
  • Automation of Marketing
  • Optimization of Conversion Rates
  • Forms on the internet
  • Customer segmentation that is astute
  • Support with Zoom and Slack

What You Can Do With It

  • Adapt consumer journeys to their actions and preferences.
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Accurate business to assist businesses in accurately forecasting revenue
  • Lead nurturing has been improved through nurture campaigns and transactional email tracking.
  • Pricing ranges from $29 per user per month to $125 per user per month, payable annually.

#2. Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud, developed by Salesforce, is an amazing solution for firms wishing to build stronger relationships with their customers while monitoring all aspects of their sales operations. Consider this software to be all-in-one support and sales tool that will help you automate your procedures, increase revenue performance, and close transactions faster.


  • Reports and dashboards to help you track performance more efficiently.
  • Business intelligence in real-time for precise decision-making
  • Forecast accuracy and management have improved.
  • Automation of processes and SalesForce
  • Account and contact management
  • Management of the Sales Pipeline

What Can You Do With It?

  • Improve your lead generation and management.
  • Accounts and consumers can be readily managed.
  • Get access to existing clients’ social media information.

Pricing ranges from $25 per user per month to $300 per user per month, payable annually. Free trials are available for all plans.

#3. Zoho CRM

If you want to avoid monotonous tasks and automate every area of your small business, Zoho CRM is a good option. Zoho CRM allows you to track sales and marketing performance and analytics without difficulties. It also provides sophisticated remote functionality, allowing you to successfully engage with customers and cooperate with your sales staff from a single platform.


  • Sales assistant powered by AI (Zia)
  • Automation of Sales Force
  • Lead nurturing has been simplified.
  • Sales Pipelines Can Be Customized
  • Reports, analytics, and insights in real-time

What Can You Do With It?

  • Oversee the performance of sales and marketing teams across a variety of activities.
  • Identify high-potential leads and close deals more quickly.

Pricing: Zoho CRM offers a free version, with premium options beginning at $12 per user per month.

#4. Bitrix24

For all client-facing teams, Bitrix24 integrates basic client relationship management with project management, client support, and enhanced internal collaboration. Some of its standout features include sales funnel automation, pipeline management, and lead qualification tools.

Right on the platform, your sales team members can communicate via video conferencing. You may also construct Kanban boards and Gantt charts for different projects, as well as share other documents, without leaving the application.


  • Kanban project management user interface
  • Automation of sales and workflow
  • Time management and document sharing
  • Chat assistance and video conferencing
  • 360-degree account customization
  • Built-in lead scoring tool

What Can You Do With It?

  • Increase lead generation through different methods.
  • The lead score can be used to identify high-potential leads.
  • Online task and project management
  • Set up your own call center with call tracking and intelligent routing.

Pricing: Bitrix24 offers a completely free plan that includes features such as one-click lead conversion, unlimited leads, and deals for up to 12 people per account. Paid plans begin at $19 per month. You should learn more about them by visiting their website.

#5. Apptivo

Apptivo is a cloud business account management software that helps small and large enterprises with customer relationship management, sales management, invoicing, and other functions. Several connections, such as PayPal, Stripe, and, allow you to send and collect online payments in the CRM. It also has many lead collecting tools, and the software allows you to easily convert leads to opportunities.


  • Automatic lead-to-email conversion
  • Tracking sales
  • Analytics and reports
  • Create work orders with ease.
  • Support for integrated email marketing
  • PDF templates with drag-and-drop functionality

What Can You Do With It?

  • Control timesheets
  • Send and receive online payments from all across the world.
  • Create work orders quickly and easily.
  • Make an email marketing campaign.

Pricing: The starting plan is free, and paid plans begin at $8 per user per month.

#6. Kapta

Kapta is the software you need to scale your top clients’ engagement, growth, and retention. This sales tool enables you to cultivate strong relationships with your current clients in order to convert them into repeat buyers.

Kapta enables your sales and marketing teams to enhance productivity by streamlining work procedures and automating repetitive operations. Furthermore, it collects all of your client information with a single click.


  • Hierarchy tree
  • Top clients’ detailed organizational trees and relationship maps
  • Effective account planning software
  • Analytics and Reporting

What Can You Do With It?

  • Identify clients with the greatest upsell potential as soon as possible.
  • Reduce the threats posed by excessive customer attrition.
  • Boost efficiency and simplify sales processes.
  • Significantly scale organic organizational growth.

Pricing starts at $1,000 per month.

#7. Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is your best bet if you want a CRM that just gets it—without extraneous complications. This simple yet effective software allows organizations to track sales activity from the moment a fresh lead is generated until the lead is converted and the deal is closed. It interfaces with FreshBooks as well as Mailchimp, Zendesk, Zapier, and Xero. Capsule CRM is best suited for small sales teams that need to be efficient.


  • Dashboard for pipelines
  • Calendar view and Kanban board
  • Mobile version for Android and IOS users
  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Authentication using two factors
  • Contact management
  • Marketing automation and analytics

What Can You Do With It?

  • Tasks can be automated and appointments can be scheduled directly in the cloud-based application.
  • Keep track of conversions and possibilities.
  • Forecast sales revenue

Pricing: There is a free version of Capsule that supports up to two users. Its paid plans start at $18 a month per user, and all paid plans include a 30-day free trial.

#8. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell software harnesses the power of sales and other customer-facing teams to improve productivity, account management, and visibility for your business. Furthermore, it allows for seamless cooperation between sales and customer-facing employees. Support agents, for example, can access tickets directly from the application.

The “notify sales” button is another new addition to Zendesk Sell. Support agents can quickly assign opportunities and instantly create client records. There are also ‘Smart Lists,’ which assist you to segment leads depending on their current information.


  • With a simple click, you may generate leads.
  • Application for mobile devices
  • Phone Call
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities

What Can You Do With It?

  • Notify your sales teams as soon as fresh opportunities arise.
  • With direct access to support tickets, you can sell smarter.
  • Understand the settings and specific demands of each lead, contact, or contract.

Pricing: Zendesk Sell offers four paid options, with prices starting at $19 per seat per month. All programs also include a 30-day free trial.

#9. Zoho

Zoho customer relationship management is an account management software used by over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries across the world. This is account management software that is customizable and fully featured. It is first and foremost a relationship manager for sales teams.

Zoho CRM is a wonderful choice if you require an account management application to help you create relationships, especially if you’re not concerned with building custom solution packages.


Zoho CRM has been named one of G2’s Top 50 Sales Products for 2020. It has four out of five stars and over 1,600 reviews that discuss the value of money. Reviewers like the rich feature set that comes with the low price, as well as the simple user interface. Several reviewers point out that the feature set is always up to date in terms of sales methods.

Zoho CRM has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Capterra and was named to the site’s Top 20 Contact Management Software list for 2020 and Top 20 Customer Account Relationship Management Software list for 2019. The software’s 4,000 reviewers praise its simplicity, cost, and utility. Users say the tracking features save them a lot of time and enable them quickly keep track of deals and consumer interactions.

Pricing for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers a free forever version as well as four paid subscriptions. Among the paid choices are:

  • Standard: $12 per month per user
  • Professional: $20 per month per user
  • Enterprise: $35 per month per user
  • Ultimate: $45 per month per user

The costs listed above are for annual billing, as is typical for this type of software. Annual pay rates save you 20% off monthly billing costs. If you want to test the software, there is a free trial option.

#8. Revamp CRM

Like Capsule CRM, Revamp CRM is a useful tool for small business owners with lean sales teams. It assists you in converting existing customers into repeat customers by providing rapid sales follow-up, market segmentation, and real-time data. You can create 360-degree profiles for your existing consumers that include all of their prior purchasing activity. You can also automate nurture drips and campaigns using its email marketing capability.


  • Dashboard analytics and reports
  • Tracking of advertising campaigns
  • Synchronization of calendars
  • Sales and workflow automation
  • Email integration and Gmail Extension

What Can You Do With It?

  • Contact records can be exported as CSV files.
  • Using categories, scores, and contact phases, organize client information.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to save time and improve efficiency.
  • Create customer groupings that generate revenue.
  • Timely follow-up with existing clients
  • Make use of important insights to uncover new sales prospects.

Pricing: The pro plan starts at $19. All programs also include a 14-day free trial. You may also schedule a demo to learn how the app works.

What are the Benefits of a Great Account Management Software?

A customer relationship management system must handle various contacts, identify accounts and territories, and analyze the potential worth of distinct accounts in order to function as account management software. A high-quality account management CRM must excel in all of the following areas.

#1. Contact management

Many significant transactions involve several decision-makers. A CRM must reliably associate contacts with accounts and deals in order to function as account management software. It must be capable of managing many departments, divisions, and organizations inside a single account, especially if you have more than one representative on your side.

#2. Market Segmentation

Matching the right account with the right territory isn’t enough. Account management software should categorize your accounts according to sales rep regions and, ideally, assign a new account to the appropriate rep.

#3. Deal management

Every company’s sales pipeline is structured differently. To function as account management software, a CRM must allow you to modify your pipeline and adjust its structure based on your plan.

#4. Analytics and Reporting

Sales teams rely on objectives to propel them ahead. A CRM must be able to compare your analytics to those goals and report on success in order to function effectively as account management software.

#5. Usability

Sales happen quickly. Account management software should provide you with the information you require when you require it, allowing you to make decisions and chase accounts without having to spend time fussing with your CRM or phoning IT.

#6. Value

Account management software is an investment, so you want to be sure you’re receiving a good value for your money. You don’t want it to be so cheap that it doesn’t do the job, but you also don’t want to overpay.

#7. Integration

A CRM isn’t the only tool a sales team requires. Most have accounting software, file-sharing sites, and other features. Ideally, account management software would interface with the majority of what you already have in place.


No account management software is flawless for every user. Consider what needs you have and which features can help you meet them as you evaluate the possibilities offered below.

Remember that you can combine different tools to create a more immersive experience. Connect Calendly to Zoho CRM or Freshsales, for example, and you’ll have powerful account management and communication tool. Begin today and discover how much more you are capable of accomplishing.

Account Management Software FAQs

What are the basics of account management?

This is a post-sales position that focuses on the development of client relationships. Account managers have two key goals: to keep clients’ business and to expand those opportunities.

What is account management skills?

Account manager skills are the qualities and characteristics that account managers require to succeed in their roles. These are often a mix of hard and soft talents centered on efficiently engaging with clients and cultivating long-term relationships with them.

What is the difference between account management and sales management?

Many similarities exist between sales and account management. However, while salespeople are primarily concerned with prospecting and completing agreements, an account management staff is constantly selling. Customers are brought in by sales, and account management nourishes and helps them grow.


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