Grant Writer Salary: Average Grant Writer Salary(+ Detailed Run Down)

Grant writer salary

Salary is one of the factors that motivate you as a grant writer. However, it is a necessity to have the knowledge of an average, freelance, entry-level, and grant salary for nonprofit. Especially as a beginner in grant writing, So, sit tight and enjoy the ride!.

#1.Grant Writer Salary

The salary potential of a grant writer varies greatly by state and is also influenced by educational background. According to the BLS, the median salary for a technical writer (which includes Grant Writers and others) is $72,850.

#2. What Is The Average Grant Writer Salary

In the United States, the average salary for a Grant Writer is $69,410 per year or $33 per hour. A Grant Writer’s typical salary ranges from $49,782 to $85,653. Therefore, The most common level of schooling for a Grant Writer is to obtain a Master’s Degree.

However, As of June 28, 2021, the average Grants Administrator salary in the United States is $78,865, Hence, the range frequently ranks between $67,610 and $85,005.

Highest Paying Cities In the United States For Grant Writer

Below are cities in the US with the highest salary range for a grant writer and it includes the following 

  • $60,812 per year in Washington DC and with 15 salaries reported
  • Sacramento, CA has 8 salaries recorded. Meanwhile, the annual pay is $61,732
  • There are 9 salaries available in Omaha, NE. The pay is $58,133 per year      
  • Cleveland, OH has 6 salaries reported, with an average pay of $52,053 per year
  • New York NY has 16 incomes ranging from $48,417 to $48,417 a year.
  • Houston, TX 7 wages have been reported at $48,594 per year.
  • Salary in Los Angeles, CA with 16 salaries reported and the average pay is  $48,566 per year.
  • Finally, Phoenix, AZ has 5 reported salaries with $47,614 per year.

#3.Freelance Grant Writer Salary

$55,023 is the Freelance Grant Writer salary per year on average. which is $3,022 (5%) less than the national average yearly compensation of $58,045. In terms of Freelance Grant Writer salary, Virginia ranks 11th out of 50 states.

Subsequently, The average salary range for a Freelance Grant Writer, on the other hand, ranges considerably (as much as $26,874), implying that there may be many chances for growth and improved income depending on skill level, location, and years of experience.

#4. Entry Level Grant Writer Salary

In the United States, the average annual salary for an Entry Level Grant Writer is $48,176. Moreover, You can continuously examine its database of millions of active jobs advertised locally throughout America to get the most accurate annual salary range for Entry Level Grant Writer employment.

Here, We will look at the highest paying cities for an entry-level grant writer

The highest-paying cities for entry-level grant writer jobs

We’ve identified five cities where the typical salary for an Entry-level grant writer is higher than the national average. 

Firstly, Sunnyvale, CA is at the top of the list which is ranking $57,514

followed by Santa Cruz, CA($56,982) 

And Santa Rosa, CA $55,698 

With Williston, ND ranking $54,576

Lastly, the Manhattan, NY $54,432

Significantly, Sunnyvale, CA has a very active Entry Level Grant Writer employment market. With multiple organizations now hiring for this type of role.

Finally, With these five cities having average salaries that are greater than the national average, the chances for economic advancement by shifting locations as an Entry Level Grant Writer appear to be extremely lucrative.

#5. Grant Salary For Nonprofit

The starting salary for a Nonprofit Grant Writer ranges from $44,340 to $52,626 per year. With an average starting income of $47,502. However, some think accepting salaries from nonprofits is unethical.  Before I further, I want you to understand that it is OK to get compensated for your efforts. Don’t let anyone convince you that taking a salary while working for a nonprofit is selfish or unethical. I’ve always wondered why people had such unrealistic expectations of NGOs. People demand-responsive programs with excellent services, but they don’t feel the people who do the work should be compensated for it. How exactly does that work? So, Working for a non-profit organization does not hinder you from making a profit.

Things To Know Concerning Salary For Nonprofit Grant

No Ownership

Remember that a nonprofit is not owned by anyone. That is if the nonprofit earns money, neither you nor anybody else in the organization is entitled to it. Even if it is based on your concept. Even if it was your time and work that contributed to the money’s earning. Nonprofit organizations are public organizations that are governed by a board of directors.

Because of nature of a nonprofit, members, directors, and executives cannot gain unfairly. In other words, charities are designed to prevent anyone person from having complete authority and influence.

Setting Compensation

The board must assign a “good salary” when deciding to pay for any staff. Grant Salary for a nonprofit is one type of compensation, but it could also include benefits, payment of insurance premiums, and other non-cash rewards. And also, Reasonable means that the pay should be appropriate with the job’s responsibilities and expectations.

Consider The Phase You Are In

I want you to keep in mind that nonprofit is in various stages of development. And your first phase – startup – necessitates a sacrifice in order to generate enough cash flow to cover your genuine wage. Similarly, Even if you’re expecting a particular amount for a salary, don’t be too demanding,  because you want your organization to be self-sustaining FIRST. Otherwise, you risk having uneven paychecks because you were not prepared.

#7. Nonprofit Vs Profit Grant Funding ( Detailed Run Down)

The Nonprofit

Money is a regular issue of discussion among nonprofit leaders. How much do we require? Where can we locate it? Why doesn’t there seem to be more of it? These types of inquiries grow increasingly common and relevant during difficult economic times.

Regrettably, the answers are not easily accessible. This is because, nonprofit executives are far more knowledgeable when it comes to program development than they are when it comes to supporting their organizations, and funders frequently struggle to appreciate the impact (and limitations) of their donations.

This financial uncertainty has consequences. like Money not flowing to the places where it will have the most impact when charities and funding sources are not well matched. Too often, promising programs are cut, scaled back, or never begun. And when funds are tight, disorderly fundraising occurs

The Profit

In the profit world, on the other hand, financial considerations are considerably more clear. This is especially true when it comes to comprehending how various businesses function. Above all,  This helps business leaders to express quickly and clearly how they aim to prosper in the marketplace. And it allows investors to simply question CEOs about how they intend to generate money.

Advantages Of Nonprofit For Grant Funding

The concept of “free money”

 Grant funding is desirable since, unlike a loan, it does not have to be repaid. More importantly, your nonprofit does not have to give up control (in the form of equity or shares) to the organization making the contribution.

Nonprofit visibility and credibility 

When you receive a grant from an organization, you receive more than just money. A famous organization believes in your nonprofit’s mission and relies on your capacity to execute – so much that they are willing to fund it. An open acknowledgment like this is a seal of approval that will help you gain the trust of donors.

Get One, the rest follows

Getting the first grant is always the most arduous. Being authorized by one foundation provides social proof – not just to your supporters, but also to other grant foundations. As a result, people would be far more willing to support your cause.

How Much Time Does Grant Writing Require?

A foundation grant may take 30 to 50 hours to write, a state grant 60 to 80 hours, and more complex federal grants at least 120 hours. It’s imperative to accurately estimate the TOTAL amount of time you’ll need to finish the work when preparing.

Is Grant Writing Stressful?

Writing grants takes time, and it can be stressful. There is seldom a slowdown in the workflow of grant writing, according to many grant specialists.

Is Grant Writing in Demand?

Grant writers are in high demand, as are grant writing abilities. An increasing number of positions are available in the field of grant writing since it demands a combination of analytical research, skillful writing, planning, and critical thinking to fulfill deadlines.

Why Are Writing Grants So Difficult?

Due to its complexity and the numerous components that must be learned, grant writing is frequently challenging. You’ll probably be able to pick up grant writing quickly if you have good writing abilities, a general awareness of the grant writing process, and a fundamental knowledge of what grant funding is.

Are Grant Writing Courses Worth It?

Certifications in grant writing aren’t always a complete waste of time or money. These credentials can provide much-needed grant writing instruction and skill development for those just starting out in the field. A wide range of tools and information on how to draft grant submissions are available in many courses.

How Do I Find Grant Writing Clients?

Locate a group in your area and go to meetings. There will be a lot of potential customers in that room as the membership includes all different kinds of nonprofit professionals. There are “meetup” organizations in several places that can not only introduce you to potential customers but also teach you more complex networking and marketing strategies.

Can Anyone Write a Grant Proposal?

Some organizations and governments are lucky enough to employ a grant writer who is in charge of creating grant proposals. However, you have a few options if you don’t have a grant writer on staff: Choose a representative from the organization. you put it in writing.


Grant writer salary can be paid hourly or monthly and it is a very good source of livelihood. Similarly, it is a very lucrative job with good salary.

How much do grant writers make?

An early career Grant Writer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (with tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$65,000 based on 9 salaries. A mid-career Grant Writer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AU$84,661 based on 6 salaries.

What does it take to be a Grant Writer?

A bachelor’s degree is required for most grant writing positions and a writing-intensive major, such as English, journalism, communications, or marketing, is often pursued by aspiring grant writers. Previous grant writing experience is important to most employers.

How much do grant writers make per hour?

Compensation for grant writers may vary based upon location, experience level, and assignment length. The hourly rate for a grant writer can be in the region of $25 to $50 if they are employed internally in an organization.

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