Financial Intelligence: Babysteps to Proper Mastery (+ How to guide & Detailed courses)

financial intelligence

What comes to your mind when we talk about intelligence? I guess a lot keeps coming to your mind. Intelligence, as it is related to finance, should be something everybody should have at their fingertips. This includes individuals, salary workers, companies, and business owners who want to learn how to manage their finances to avoid financial stress. Therefore, this article is written to provide you with all the information you need to know about financial intelligence. It will also help you apply some techniques to help you maintain healthy finances. This topic is going to be much more interesting as I take you deep into more discovery on your income and finances. So, let us proceed to the definition and importance of financial intelligence with its benefits and lots more.

Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence starts with understanding how money works. This is simply having the knowledge of how to use your money well to generate more money, which includes how money comes and goes out of your income. Financial intelligence has a factor, which you will know better as we proceed. It also has its roots in organizational development research, mostly in the field of employee participation. The best practice to improve good financial results is a good financial intelligence application. Having this intelligence on finance as well as financial literacy talks more about your finance and income.

Basically, some companies offer their employees courses on financial intelligence as a leadership skill. This will help their employees understand more about the numbers of budgets, payrolls, sheets, profits, interests, and many more. There are many benefits attached to this intelligence you will probably get to know as you proceed in your reading. It takes financial intelligence to see money in front of you.

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What is the financial intelligence factor we mentioned above?

The financial intelligence factor is a kind of mindset that comes from living a certain way and doing certain things. You do these certain things to attract more money as wealth and much abundance into your life. As you advance more through this information you will know how to identify a competent and incompetent money manager. However, this will help you know what qualities to consider before choosing a good mentor. Also, help you understand the importance of financial intelligence and how you can apply it in your daily activities and businesses.

Importance of Financial Intelligence

The importance of Financial intelligence or Financial literacy is because 80% of a person’s problem is directly or indirectly related to money. Before going further on this importance of financial intelligence, let me bring your knowledge to these few things you should know:

  • Understand the difference between an asset and a liability – Asset serves as things that bring money to your pocket, and liability as things that take money from your pocket.
  • Reduce your Debt – By paying off your loans, credit cards EMI’s, and any other form of debt you are owing.
  • Keep good track of your spending – Spend wisely and keep track of your spending habits from the smallest amount you spend daily to the highest amount.
  • Invest more – As we all know that money invested is better than money saved. Therefore, put more money on good investment to increase your chances of more money coming in. There are top ten online businesses that pay.
  • Lastly, start saving – Like Rich dad, Poor dad quoted: ‘Money keep is more important than money make. So, start saving right away as more money flows in. Know-how and how much to save from each of your income daily or monthly for salary earners.

So, What is the Importance of Financial Intelligence?

To truly thrive in today’s world, you have got to reach beyond basic comprehension of financial intelligence. Instead of looking every day for money and security, make good use of your mind and imagination. This will help you see opportunities others can’t see because they are only looking for money and not opportunities. To be honest, what solves problems is intelligence and not money.

Keep track of yourself, how you spend your money, and change your mindset by expanding it. Financial intelligence will help you in your financial control in the following ways:

  1. To increase your wealth.
  2. To teach you how best to relate with money.
  3. Increase your knowledge about money.
  4. Help you decide what you do with your money.
  5. Teach you the best thing to invest your money in.
  6. Help you to control what you can.
  7. Help you achieve both short and long-term goals.
  8. When your income is expanded through financial intelligence, it makes you mingle more. You have the chance of meeting more people in many classes of life.
  9. It makes you avoid the blame game, blaming your work, your boss, your family, and circumstances for every little thing.
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Note, you need financially intelligent people around to teach you how to make more money, without losing your money. There is no harm in paying someone to help you understand and shed some light on this subject. Don’t work for money, let money work for you, that’s the difference between the rich and the poor.

How Can You Make Money Work For You? Bonus Tips

As mentioned above, the only difference between the rich and the poor and middle class. Money work for the rich but the poor and the average class work for money. So, here I will be giving you a few tips on how you can make money work for you. Observe the following below, it will help change your mindset and make you better:

  1. Don’t live your life in fear.
  2. Never stop living and exploring your dreams.
  3. Don’t chase your dream, live your dream.
  4. Stop working hard for money, make use of your mind instead to see opportunities.
  5. Put to rest the mindset that money will buy you things that will make you happy.
  6. Never let money rule your life.
  7. Always look to see opportunities others miss.
  8. Startup a business that generates money, even in your absence.
  9. Make your idea work.

Benefits of Financial Intelligence

The benefits of financial intelligence come in varieties, as it relates to both your personal and business finance. But these benefits come when you know how to increase your financial intelligence. However, I will be listing some benefits for you below. This will help you to understand so much you stand to gain when you expand your financial intelligence. What are the benefits of financial intelligence?

  1. It’s always worth your while to assess your personal, business, or company’s performance and prospects.
  2. It teaches you how to do and figure out how best to set and support your goals. When this is done it yields you huge success in your position.
  3. It helps you stand out from the crowd.
  4. It helps you see bigger pictures and has the savvy to make a great impact positively. It could be an impact on your own company or the company you are working for. Moreover, companies love employees who can see beyond human reasoning in terms of money. This is why some companies offer financial intelligence as a course to their employees.
  5. Financial intelligence helps you to know what questions to ask when you don’t know.
  6. It gives you knowledge and confidence. This means you have the financial intelligence to productively question the data provided by the finance and accounting department of your company.
  7. With financial intelligence, you will be able to identify the hard data, the assumptions, and the estimates of your finance.
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With the above following benefits, you will agree with me that financial intelligence plays a vital role in the money aspect. Therefore, build yourself up in this area, and give your mind to learning more on this topic. It will help you make the right choices with the money that comes and goes out of your pocket.

Personal Financial Intelligence

Personal financial intelligence talks a lot about us and the proper management of our finance. It points towards how best you can handle or manage your personal finance and grow with it. It’s intelligence you must have in dealing with money, this intelligence comes in form of knowledge. For you to improve your personal financial intelligence, you must learn the principles of money, and lighten up your skills. You will also need to keep your mind and knowledge up-to-date always. Therefore, focusing on getting more new information adds to the knowledge you already have.

Generally, your financial worth is determined by your personal finance intelligence. So, you need to stay up-to-day, apply basic principles, to explore your finance. You need to know some basic elements in building yourself into perfection when it comes to your finance. Below are the three elements of personal financial intelligence you should master for maximum benefits.

#1. Be money-wise

What you do with the money that flows into your pocket talks a lot about your personal finance. Plan to invest and invest wisely, it is of great importance for financial intelligence. Because it is about how much you earn that makes you rich, is about what you do with what you earn. Therefore, improving more on your personal financial intelligence will guarantee money-wise spending.

#2. Think money in the right direction

Your thought says so much about you because you are definitely what you think. Right thoughts about money will always get your finance right. Moreover, what you do with your money is determined by what you think about money. Your thought pattern will even inform the attitude you bring to bear on the tasks that generate income for you. So, to get your finance in order, you have to start with your mind and develop a good mindset.

#3. Learn to get more knowledge about money

Knowledge helps to shape your thoughts, what you believe, and your day-day actions. For you to increase your finances, there must necessarily be an upgrading of your knowledge base. The limit of your rising in your finance is determined by the knowledge you have acquired. Therefore, learn about money and read books relating to personal financial management and the importance of financial intelligence. Get more information on bookkeeping, also seek good mentorship, and read more financial intelligence courses online.

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How To Increase Financial Intelligence

Learning how to increase financial intelligence individually is very important. Changing your mindset is also very important in building wealth, so you need to learn more about money. Learning more about money will help you to make long-lasting changes, and avoid past mistakes. Are you looking for ways to enhance your finance?. Then, cultivate the following habits and enjoy the benefits of financial intelligence:

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  • Engage in reading books about financial management.
  • Understand the big picture in your mind.
  • Track and know your net worth.
  • Keep good track of your spending.
  • Hire professionals.
  • Learn how to attract investors to your business.
  • Invest in yourself by learning new techniques for making and managing your finance.
  • Connect with people within your niche.
  • Focus on your ability, and what you can control.
  • See failure as a teacher and not the end.
  • Understand and use the power of leverage
  • Understand insurance.

Financial Intelligence Course

There are over 200 more financial intelligence courses today which indicate its importance in our daily life and businesses. These books will help you how you can increase your financial intelligence. Also, each of these courses deals with financial-related issues in unique and different ways with the benefits of financial intelligence. London Business School and other business schools across the globe offer varieties of these courses on financial intelligence. Nevertheless, it will be of best interest if we look at some of these master’s degrees in financial intelligence. Also, the business schools that offer these courses:

#1. MSc Finance, MSc Finance & Economics

This financial intelligence course is available at Warwick Business School

#2. MSc Financial Technology

You can find more on this financial intelligence course at Adam Smith Business School

#3. Finance and Financial Technology (FinTech) MSc

ICMC Centre – University of Reading

#4. Business Management (M.A)

Macromedia University

There are so many more financial intelligence courses you can do research on and see the one that best suits you. Therefore, do more research and take advantage of learning. Learning is part of living, so you should always embrace it that way.

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Financial Intelligence Books

If you want to become one of the richest people, should you just read what they read?

Probably yes! That is how to improve your personal financial intelligence.

But there’s more. Besides getting the information the wealthy are getting, is also important you learn how to think about money and prosperity like they do. Get some financial intelligence books today and expand your mind more on the money aspect and wealth. I have done some research for you to get you these powerful books by great authors, you can find and read today. The knowledge they say is power, and this can come only by reading and acquiring more skills. Therefore, get a hold of any of these books below. Most importantly, don’t just read them but take your time to study them, and ask questions where needed. There are a lot of benefits that follow good financial intelligence with proper application.

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  • The Law of Divine Compensation, On Work, Money, and Miracles – By  Marianne Williamson
  • The Science of Getting Rich – By Wallace Wattles
  • The 50th Law – By Robert Greene and 50 Cent
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – By  T. Harv Eker
  • How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt & Live Prosperously – By Jerrold Mundis
  • Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill
  • The Automatic Millionaire – By David Bach
  • The Intelligent Investor of Practical Counsel – By  Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig
  • The Investment Answer – By Daniel C. Goldie, CFA, CFP, and Gordon S. Murray
  • Get Rich Carefully – By James J. Cramer
  • One Up On Wall Street – By Peter Lynch
  • Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life – By Richard Branson
  • The Richest Man in Babylon – By George S. Clason
  • The Millionaire Fast Lane – By M J DeMarco
  • The Millionaire Next Door – By Thomas Stanley and William Danko
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Spirit Driven Success – By Dani Johnson
  • The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – By John C. Bogle
  • Market Wizards – By Jack D. Schwager

Financial Intelligence Unit

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is the national agency responsible for inter alia the receipt of all reports. This includes suspicious transaction reports pertaining to money laundering and terrorism financing. The Unit cooperates extensively with other law enforcement agencies both domestically and internationally.

The FATF Interpretive Note to Recommendation 29 determines what all countries should ensure. This includes that all countries’ FIU must have regard to the Egmont Group statement of purpose. It also applied to Egmont Group Principles for Information Exchange Between Financial Intelligence Units for Money Laundering. Also Financing of Terrorism Cases as well (these documents set out important guidance concerning the role and functions of FIUs).

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However, the documents still contain the mechanisms for exchanging information between FIUs. Every FIU is advised to apply for membership in the Egmont Group which was established in 1995. The Egmont Group enhances the exchange of intelligence between jurisdictions. 

There are four models of FIUs: judicial, law enforcement, Administrative, and hybrid. Let’s go deep in understanding more of the FIU models, why they were established, and their functions.

#1. The Judicial Model

This is established within the judicial branch of government. The model is where the discovery of suspicious financial activity is received by the investigative agencies of a country from its financial sector. Whereby, the judiciary powers can be brought into law e.g. seizing funds, freezing accounts, conducting interrogations, detaining people, and conducting searches.

#2. The Law Enforcement Model

The model is known to implement anti-money laundering measures together with existing law enforcement systems. They are there to support the efforts of multiple law enforcement or judicial authorities. Hereby, providing concurrent or competing jurisdictional authority to investigate money laundering.

#3. The Administrative Model

This type of model is centralized and always independent. Their duty is to receive and process information from the financial sector. After gathering this information, they will transmit the disclosures to the judicial or law enforcement authorities for prosecution. Moreover, it also stands in the gap between the financial and law enforcement communities.

#4. The Hybrid Model

The hybrid as one of the FIU models serves as a disclosure intermediary and a link to both judicial and law enforcement authorities. It combines elements of at least two of the FIU models to function.

Learn More On Finance, Its definition, Types and Importance.

What Are the Benefits of Financial Intelligence?

Some of the benefits of financial intelligence are taking stock of your finances, keeping track of your spending habits, and learning more about money by talking to the right people and asking the right questions

What Is the Value of Financial Intelligence?

A key part of financial intelligence is being able to understand things like ratio analyses, return on investment, etc. Now that they know more, they may be able to make better, more informed decisions.

What Are the Key Elements That Define Financial Intelligence?

As a general rule, to be considered financially smart, you need to be good at three things: financial basics, the art of managing money, and deep knowledge of how to analyze money.

What Are Top 3 Skills for Financial Analysis?

Financial analysts may sometimes be in charge of whole finance departments or teams. If this is the case, an employer may want them to have leadership skills that are useful for the job. Some skills that many managers may have are being able to communicate well with their teams, provide professional mentoring, and lead collaboration.

What Are Strong Financial Skills?

Finance professionals must be detail-oriented because much of their work involves entering, analyzing, and calculating company data. You should be able to identify discrepancies in company data as well as mistakes in accounting calculations.

What Is the Most Important Skill in Finance?

  • Accounting skills. …
  • Data management. …
  • Cash flow management. …
  • Mathematics. …
  • Business intelligence. …
  • Analytical thinking. …
  • Financial management

What Is Low Financial Skills?

A lack of financial literacy can lead to a variety of pitfalls, such as amassing unsustainable debt burdens as a result of poor spending decisions or a lack of long-term planning. This can result in poor credit, bankruptcy, home foreclosure, or other negative consequences.

In Conclusion

As you have learned in this topic the benefits of financial intelligence and how it plays a very important role in our daily lives. Mostly in the area relating solely to our finance and personal development. You need to put into practice every knowledge you have acquired here. Mostly, knowing the importance of financial intelligence is the starting point of walking into the proper use of your money. Always learn new ways how you can increase your financial intelligence, it’s a way of getting the best out of your finance.

Hopefully, you are aware that most activities we carry out daily are centered on money, including our living. As you know that what makes you richer is the ability to make good use of the money that comes into your pocket. This is where your personal financial intelligence plays its role. Therefore, I hope this topic has enlightened you more on what you need to know about your money and how you can manage it properly.

Nevertheless, knowledge doesn’t end after reading, you still need to explore yourself more in this area to get its benefits. In case, you have any further questions regarding this topic or other business-related topics?. Feel free to contact us at BusinessYield, as we are always available to answer all of your questions on finance and business as well. In regard to this, stay off any kind of money laundering and terrorism financing, as any violation of this law attracts a punishment. Stay clean and apply the principles you have learned and the sky will be your starting point.

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