How to make your idea work. Part 1

Making your ideas work
The number of ideas that is “thought of” each day are far greater than the number of ideas that is “developed”. But then, ideas that are not executed have no capacity to grow a community left alone to rule the world. Therefore, there is a call to step up the game – Let’s move from “thinking of” to “working” the ideas.

Ideas rule the worldis a popular quote used by people to describe the effects of ideas to the world economy.
Of a truth ideas have a way to affect our systems of operations. They can dramatically change the concept of things around but then…

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Do they really rule the world?

Let’s start this by describing a simple scenario when you told someone of your ideas. You passionately say, “hey, I have this idea to…(insert that idea you have told someone about)” . At the end of the talk, most often than not, their response would be like this; “wow! this is really a good idea, I think you can make this work”

Ideas will place a sense of responsibility upon the carrier of the ideas. In the real sense when you conceive an idea, its not your ideas that rule the world but the result of your idea.

It might excite you to know that in the world, millions of ideas are generated everyday (yours inclusive) and not up to 1% of these ideas are executed. Some of these ideas don’t even see the break of the next day while some ends up in the minds of the individuals.

Idea GenerationThe number of ideas that is “thought of” each day are far greater than the number of ideas that is “developed”. But then, ideas that are not executed have no capacity to grow a community left alone to rule the world. Therefore, there is a call to step up the game – Let’s move from “thinking of” to “working” the ideas.

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How to work your ideas?

So, you think you got the best of ideas the world has ever seen. You think when your ideas are fully blown they would cause a revolution, they would change the cause of things, they would better the world economy, they would yield great profits such that would enlist you among the top richest in the world. Then, what are you waiting for?

We have been able to establish that your idea is a good as nothing without execution. The big question is now, how do I make my idea work?

These is how I recommend ideas to be treated. Your ideas should pass through these stages;

  1. Validation
  2. Planning
  3. Strategy Development
  4. Execution

For the purpose of this part of this write up, I will stick to just idea validation and we continue others in the other part of this write up.

Idea Validation

What is the market value of your idea?

The potency of an idea is not how it looks in the head but the market value as placed by real people.

Idea validation is a process required to test the value of an idea. It gives indicators to which idea is worth pursuing and which should be neglected.

Not all ideas will end up the way they are in the head. In fact, ideas in the real world are different. I have come to understand that the fact that people seem to love your idea does not mean they can pay for it.

I have outlined five (5) processes below to help you validate your next idea and check the market potency.

1. Think it out

The first of five (5) processes to get your idea validated, is to get it out of your head.

So many times I have felt I had a whole lot about an idea right in my head but will end up finding out that there is really nothing big about the idea. This does not say my ideas were not good, but then, on paper they were not as cumbersome as they are on my head.

The process of idea validation will require communication. You will need to communicate your ideas to real people. Therefore, if you cannot communicate the idea first to yourself by writing them down, then you might need to take a little more time to think it out.

You can do this for your next idea; take a paper or booklet and try to write your idea like you are writing to someone who would buy from you.

Note: You don’t need to be perfect at the first try. You keep doing it until you think the idea is best communicated.

2. Research

Has anyone tried out what you have in your head before?

Someone once said, “nothing is new under the sun”. This statement has a level of truth attached to it. You are not the first person to think about that idea. In fact, some people have gone to execute it.

You can go ahead to search the internet and other resources to see what you can find out about this idea. Most importantly, don’t feel disturbed that someone has started whatever you had in mind. It only means you would need to find out ways to get better at it if the idea is eventually what you would like to work on.

3. Enlist your potential buyers

Who do you wish to sell to?

At this point you would need to create a wish list that contains every of your potential buyers. By potential buyers, I mean people who would not just “love your idea” but are willing to pay for the idea because it solves their problem or helps them get answers to their questions.

Please note; I would advice you do not include friends and families in your list because they might not be exactly truthful to you.

4. Meet with real buyers

The next thing you should do is to meet with your potential buyers. This you can do by scheduling a physical meeting with them to ask them specific question that would reveal their willingness to pay to get your solution.

Taking it further would be to create a test product and probably allow them use for a period of time such that would help them make sincere decisions.

5. Review & Decide

The final stage of validating your ideas is to put your result together and review every part of it. This is important to making the decision to carry on with your idea or discard the idea.

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If you are going to go ahead pushing your idea, saying you are ready to make it work; then you are welcome to read the other part of this write up. I will be dealing with creating plans, strategies and then execution.

If not, you can think of another idea and repeat this process with that idea. Together we would rule a better world!

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