69+Best Startup Ideas for 2023 (Business Plans Included)

startup ideas
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    1. Blogging
    2. Dropshipping
    3. Social Media Marketing
    4. Freelance Writing
    5. E-book Writing
    6. CV Writing
    7. Podcasting
    8. Social Media Influencer
    9. Online Tutoring
    10. Mini Event Planning
    11. Ghostwriting
    12. Online Coaching
    13. Vlogging
    14. Web Development
    15. Copywriting
    16. Interior Designing
    17. Personal Needs Catering
    18. Snack Making
    19. Fashion Designing
    20. Laundry Services
    21. Driving School
    22. Barbershop Services
    23. Beauty and Makeup Services
    24. Taxi Services
    25. Hairstyle Services
    26. Home Cleaning Services
    27. Fishery
    28. Poultry
    29. Furniture Making
    30. Shoe Making
    31. Fitness Instructor
    32. Affiliate Marketing
    33. Email Marketing
    34. Proofreading
    35. Content Marketing
    36. Jewellery Making
    37. Graphic Designing
    38. Marketing Consultancy
    39. Phone Accessories
    40. T-shirt Customisation
    41. Soap Making
    42. Photography
    43. Online Journalism
    44. Social Media Page Management
    45. Voice-over Services
    46. Cybercafe Services
    47. Web Designing
    48. Presentation Design Consultants
    49. Property Manager
    50. Data Analysis
  1. Small Business Startup Ideas
    1. Organize Specialty Travel Tours
    2. Create an Airport-Centric App
    3. Become a Destination Wedding Planner
    4. Create a Local Guide
    5. Create a Local Grocery Delivery Service
    6. Start an Event Planning Company
    7. Start up a Coworking Space
    8. Start a Meal Prep Business
    9. Create a Food Waste Solution
    10. Capitalize on Plant-Based Foods
    11. Curate Subscription Boxes
    12. Sell Zero-Waste Products
    13. Make Products for Pets
    14. Sell Phone Accessories or Do Repairs
    15. Create Custom Clothing
    16. Sell Vintage Goods Online
    17. Become a Resume Writer
    18. Start Flipping Websites
    19. Make a Smart Appliance
    20. Tap Into Virtual Reality Experiences
    21. Design a Niche Dating Site
    22. Develop a Chatbot
    23. Offer Matchmaking Skills
    24. Create Eco-Friendly, Health-Friendly Makeup and Beauty Products
    25. Consider a Food Van Instead of a Restaurant
  2. Startup Ideas FAQs
  3. What are some good startup ideas?
  4. Which business profit is more?
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startup ideas

Becoming an entrepreneur is not as difficult as you think. With great startup ideas and little to no capital, you can embark on the glorious journey to entrepreneurial success. Set your sights on actualizing one of these innovative startup ideas listed below.
Here are over 50 best startup ideas for 2023 that require little to no capital:


With as little as your smartphone and a decent data plan, you can begin a great career in the blogosphere. Never has the time been more suitable to start a blog than in today’s world. People generally have more time on their hands to engage with online content, what with the emphasis on working from home and avoiding nonessential movement,
Blogger and WordPress are great blogging platforms that offer free and premium services. With some niche content writing, social media marketing, and SEO, you are likely to attract enough traffic to your site. Just don’t forget to monetize your blog as soon as the inflowing traffic gets busy.


This is one of the innovative startup ideas for people with little capital. All that is required is some business savvy, a smartphone, and a data plan to connect to online vendors. Dropshipping is a method of selling where the seller does not keep their products in stock. Instead, they make purchases on behalf of the client only after the order has been made.
Aside from the fact that it requires little capital and storage capabilities, it affords the seller the opportunity to advertise diverse products in large quantities on their social media platforms.
Also, money needs not to be tied down on products that remain ignored by customers for months on end, instead, exact profit can be ensured by accurately calculating actual and shipping costs with intended gain.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing via social media is an innovative startup idea with very low risk. Using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp, you can begin to sell the products of clients while driving traffic to your page. This can be achieved by providing attractive content like memes, gossip stories, and what have you.
You can also make use of the facilities like Instagram TV and Facebook TV made available on these platforms or create a WhatsApp TV using the Status feature.

Freelance Writing

Using freelance writing platforms like Fiverr and Inklancers, you can begin a freelance career in writing. Provided you know how to write, can create attractive packages, and deliver excellently, you will find freelance writing one of the most lucrative startup ideas.

E-book Writing

As e-books are becoming increasingly popular, so also has the demand for fresher content skyrocketed. Okadabooks is a popular platform you can ply your trade on.

CV Writing

Many young graduates have no idea how to write a professional curriculum vitae and would readily pay for the service. An affordable price and quality service could see the CV writer’s clientele rising like yeast in bread.


Podcasting is a tech startup idea worth considering. It is the audio equivalent of vlogging. With a decent recording device, attractive content, and good marketing, you can be on your way to making it big as a podcaster. Platforms like Spotify’s Anchor and Google Podcast are great places to start.

Social Media Influencer

Anyone can become an Influencer on social media. It isn’t rocket science. It however takes patience, dedication, and an astute knowledge of the dynamics of the chosen platform. Also, good knowledge of social media trending topics is required. A social media influencer with millions of followers can attract companies who are willing to part with a lot of money just so the Influencer can be associated with their brand.

Online Tutoring

We are in the era of online classes and jumping on this bandwagon could prove very lucrative. It is as easy as marketing your services online and organizing classes with clients on video call media like Zoom and Skype.

Mini Event Planning

Mini events include birthday surprise packages and small parties which require much less logistical planning than standard events. They can be done on a whim and usually involves a small team of people. This innovative startup idea can see you making a lot of money while bringing joy to others.


Ghostwriting entails writing for others without receiving any credit. This innovative startup idea takes advantage of a category of people who do not have the ability or time to write content for whatever purpose but are willing to pay others to do it for them. Quality work can earn the ghostwriter favorable reviews and referrals for more projects.

Online Coaching

Offer your services as an online coach. You can coach clients in the lifestyle, well-being, business, voice, fashion, and what have you. Platforms like Skype, Instagram, and Zoom can be used to hold sessions with clients.


YouTube is the most popular site for vloggers. Create a niche channel and fill it up with quality video content that is sure to get views, subscribers, and likes. Over time, using basic marketing skills, you can drive enough traffic to your channel and monetize it.

Web Development

With the knowledge of web development, you can offer potential clients an array of web solutions. Due to its technicality, you will have to take a few courses in HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to actualize this tech startup idea.


Copy refers to any content written for the purpose of publication. News stories, magazine articles, business plans and proposals, PR and ad copywriting, and what have you, are some of the services you can offer as a copywriter. The technicality of this service will require you to take some online classes or tutorials but you will more than makeup for the cost of these once you start getting clients.

Interior Designing

This innovative startup idea requires some knowledge of the principles of design and the use of colors. You can begin work with a small team of designers and artisans. The ability to excellently communicate your ideas to clients and team members comes in very handy in interior designing.

Personal Needs Catering

If you know how to cook well, you can offer this innovative service to busy professionals who cannot find time to cook but want homemade meals. You can categorize your service into quantities of a week’s worth, two weeks’ worth, or even a month’s worth of soups and stews. These can be stored in the refrigerator of your clients for whenever they wish to consume. Specifications are made on the ingredients that will make up the dish and home delivery is often required.

Snack Making

Pastries and small chops are in high demand. You can either specialize in a particular snack like cupcakes or offer an assortment of snacks and treats. You can sell these to retailers or directly to the consumers.

Fashion Designing

Set yourself apart from the roadside tailors by creating a brand for your clothing business. In addition to bespoke services, you can also offer ready-made clothes, online stores, and home deliveries.

Laundry Services

With some capital, you can make such innovative startup ideas a reality. You can start a dry cleaning service where you wash, starch, and iron different kinds of clothing for money. Due to the busy schedule of many, preference for professionally washed clothes is rather significant.

Driving School

To open a driving school, you will need a car and the necessary permits from the relevant authorities. A school field or other flat terrain can be used in training learners on how to drive properly.

Barbershop Services

As a barber, you can earn a lot by providing a conducive place for people to come cut their hair. You can employ other barbers if your clients are getting harder to manage by yourself. You can also offer home services.

Beauty and Makeup Services

Makeup is one of the most sort after services that is guaranteed to fill your pockets with cool cash. Whether you buy your makeup tools in a single box or one brush after the other, this startup idea is often a sure banker.

Taxi Services

By registering on Uber or Bolt as a driver, you can make good money. Provided you have your own car, the taxi industry is a very lucrative one that can bring in a steady flow of cash as a primary or secondary job.

Hairstyle Services

Without owning a hair salon, many hairstylists are making a living. This is one of the innovative startup ideas that can put you ahead of the teeming competition. Through referrals and scheduling, these hairstylists can meet as many as six clients in their homes daily. The number of hairstyles you can do well, the larger your clientele will be.

Home Cleaning Services

With a small team of cleaners, you can begin this service. Many professionals would gladly pay for their houses to be cleaned out regularly, especially when they cannot afford or do not want a maid or male servant on the premises hence the demand for contract cleaners.


This requires some patience as it involves watching fish grow from fingerling to a delicacy-worthy size. You will have to ensure you don’t overfeed or underfeed the fish and you must ensure the pond is conducive for the fish at all times.


Poultry rearing is a time-intensive activity but the rewards are great because not only can you make money from selling the bird which is in high demand, you can also make a fortune from the sale of its eggs. Amongst other innovative startup ideas, this is sure to rake in the profit.

Furniture Making

You do not need to roll up your sleeves and become a carpenter to profit in the furniture-making business. You can create a furniture business where you outsource specified orders to local carpentry shops.

Shoe Making

Shoes are very important in our daily lives. Hence, people are constantly on the lookout for the right pair of shoes that fit snugly while looking of great quality. You can partner with local cobblers to create the perfect pair for your clients.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness pays. Everyone wants to look good and healthy without going under the knife. Many want to watch their weight by performing certain physical exercises aside from dieting but have no idea how to go about it. A fitness instructor can put clients through light and rigorous exercises depending on their desires.

Affiliate Marketing

This involves selling the products of other companies and individuals through personal marketing strategies. You earn a commission on your sales and are often rewarded with bonuses when you hit certain targets as well. You can register on various affiliate marketing programs.

Email Marketing

Companies are taking advantage of email services to send advertisements, solicit donations, and what have you to a target audience. It involves building an email list and planning every aspect of the email content to ensure positive responses.


This is the thorough and careful reading of a document for the purpose of correcting its errors. You can get jobs on platforms like Fiverr or proofreadingservices.com.

Content Marketing

This tech startup idea entails carefully planning, creating, and distributing content to the target audience in order to attract attention, as well as increase the number of customers or online sales.

Jewellery Making

Our fashion accessories are as important as the clothes we wear. Making complex-looking and attractive jewelry can attract certain customers who want these pieces of jewelry for whatever reasons.

Graphic Designing

This tech startup idea involves the use of illustrations, lettering, photographs, icons, colors, and what have you in a work to pass the desired message. Companies employ graphic designers to craft their visual images. Additionally, graphic designers can freelance.

Marketing Consultancy

Offer your tech services as a marketing consultant. Use SEO strategies to expose your client’s business to new customers by helping them rank higher in their search results.

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories like phone cases, screen guards, earphones, chargers, Bluetooth headsets, and speakers sell like hotcakes. In order to set yourself apart from the teeming traders already saturating the market, you have to combine quality product with efficient marketing and stellar customer service accordingly.

T-shirt Customisation

Custom T-shirts are really in. You can make bold and attractive designs with witty or funny quips on T-shirts and sell for some cool bucks. Alternately, you can) offer custom printing services for clients who have specific designs in mind.

Soap Making

The making of soap, be it liquid, powdery, or solid soap, is a very lucrative enterprise and certainly one of the great innovative ideas. With a little capital, you can get the ingredients needed to make soap. If you have no idea how to make soap, watch tutorials available online and follow the instructions to the T. It is not enough to make good soap, it must also be attractive to potential customers. Therefore, you must take packaging into consideration for it makes your product more attractive.


As a photographer, you can cover events ranging from weddings to birthday parties and make a lot of money doing so. You can also sell your stock photographs on such platforms as Unsplash and Shutterstock where you earn royalties on every download of your work.

Online Journalism

With a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, you can begin a news blog, website, or YouTube channel. Ensuring your articles are accurate, original, and ethical would thus set you apart from other bloggers who are more interested in quantity than quality.

Social Media Page Management

Many organizations and companies are always on the lookout for people to manage their social media pages. With a good knowledge of such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this tech startup idea can be used to improve the image and reach of your client company online.

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Voice-over Services

The advertising industry is wide open for people who can talk in an attractive and engaging way and have good reading skills. The voice-over artiste can as well find jobs with YouTube channels looking for such skills.

Cybercafe Services

A lot of people still find it difficult to navigate the web and fulfill tasks involving Information Communication Technologies. Offering such services for a charge can prove a very lucrative business. You can start with as little as your laptop and a small printer which makes this tech startup idea a sure banker.

Web Designing

Web designers are responsible for creating the first likely point of contact online consumers will have with a company — its website. Consequently, they are highly treasured. A lot of courses are required before you can actualize this tech startup idea but a lot can be achieved with some fundamental courses.

Presentation Design Consultants

Knowing your way around presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint can open various doors for you. With such tech startup ideas, you can consult with businesses looking to create world-class presentations using different presentation formats.

Property Manager

Managing real estate properties is a lucrative startup idea that also affords you the opportunity to do other things. Offer your services to real estate investors and individuals who live far away from their properties

Data Analysis

Data analysis involves researching and representing realities in numbers that can be used to create business strategies and improve company approaches. You can offer your freelance tech service to such companies.

It takes one great idea to change the world. Now, you have 50; some, innovative startup ideas, some, tech startup ideas, go ahead and change it.

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Small Business Startup Ideas

The following covers a ton of small business startup ideas for 2023.

Organize Specialty Travel Tours

Create a niche travel tour firm that caters to specific lifestyle choices. A tour firm designed for single travelers, a food-based tour tailored to specific diet choices, or even an age-based tour company might all gain traction.

Create an Airport-Centric App

A largely untapped startup idea is to create an all-in-one app that allows tourists to navigate unfamiliar airports with real-time information. Though there are numerous travel apps available, customers may find an app that displays amenities, TSA line wait times, ground transportation alternatives, and airport maps beneficial.

Become a Destination Wedding Planner

Couples can escape the stress of wedding planning by traveling to exotic locations across the world. This could be the perfect business concept for you if you enjoy exploring, working under pressure, and don’t mind working long hours.

Create a Local Guide

Creating local guides may familiarize you with your surroundings and help travelers enjoy off-the-beaten-path experiences in your area, whether or not you consider yourself a local expert. Create thematic itineraries, promote local attractions, and form advertising partnerships with local businesses.

Create a Local Grocery Delivery Service

A grocery delivery business can be launched for very little money, as all you need is a vehicle and a cell phone to get started. By providing this community-friendly service, you can assist older residents or others who are too busy to shop. You might even approach local grocery stores to see if they’d be interested in partnering with you to get the service off the ground.

Start an Event Planning Company

Create an event planning service in your area to connect with your local community. Success, however, will need thorough study and networking, but you can also start an event organizing firm from home for maximum flexibility.

Start up a Coworking Space

Construct a modern co-working space that tackles the pain points of entrepreneurs to capitalize on the growing popularity of remote work. Choose a handy site, fill it with high-demand amenities, and think about the impact on the community.

Start a Meal Prep Business

A whopping 1.9 billion Americans order restaurant takeaway as proof that we’re busier than ever before. Profit from these figures by starting a meal prep service to make people’s lives easier and to cater to specific diets (keto, vegan, Whole30) to accommodate different lifestyles.

Create a Food Waste Solution

Creating a food waste-reduction-focused startup could not only help you get some big capital, but it could also help improve the food system and save money for grocery shops and restaurants.

Capitalize on Plant-Based Foods

The plant-based business is booming, with sales of plant-based meals exceeding $3.7 billion in 2018. For aspiring entrepreneurs, opening a vegan grocery or creating meat-free versions of traditional cuisine could be the path to success.

Curate Subscription Boxes

In 2018, subscription boxes surpassed $10 billion in revenue, and the market is expected to continue to grow. Choose a niche and then curate a range of specialized goods to provide the modern customer with unique experiences. Find the right startup location for you and run with it. Some subscription boxes focus on beauty, while others focus on sustainability.

Sell Zero-Waste Products

Starting a zero-waste business is more than simply a fashion statement; it can also be a moral and environmentally aware move. Sustainable products such as reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes, and zero-waste packaging may appeal to an increasing number of environmentally conscious customers.

Make Products for Pets

Create unique pet products to capitalize on the fact that almost 85 million households in the United States own at least one animal pet. Consider making toys, accessories, or even clothing for your furry companions.

Sell Phone Accessories or Do Repairs

By 2023, the mobile phone accessories market is expected to exceed $107.3 billion. Despite the fact that the market is quite crowded, there is still room for a creative mind to create one-of-a-kind smartphone add-ons. You can also provide on-the-go phone repair services to assist clients in getting their phones back in working order.

Create Custom Clothing

Selling custom clothing or providing a tailoring service could be a winning startup idea if you have a fashion sense. The personalized apparel sector is gaining traction and has potential for long-term expansion.

Sell Vintage Goods Online

The used-goods market is profitable, with a $17 billion yearly income, and it is only expected to increase as customers lose interest in quick fashion. Consider using an eCommerce site or an app like Poshmark to sell your thrifted, vintage, or upcycled products.

Become a Resume Writer

Everyone needs a CV, but few individuals know how to write one or enjoy doing so. If you have writing skills and want to start a business with no upfront investment, starting a resume-writing service could be the way to go.

Start Flipping Websites

Purchase an existing website, improve it, and then resell it for a profit. You’ll need a good understanding of the market and some web-building techniques, but this could be a lucrative endeavor.

Make a Smart Appliance

Smart accessories and home appliances are all the rage, and they’re quickly becoming an integral part of the ordinary consumer’s daily routine. Make a list of everyday duties at home or at work that could be made easier with a smart appliance for inspiration.

Tap Into Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality is the future, and it is already here. Create virtual reality experiences or accessories to cash in on a $44.7 billion market that’s expected to explode by 2024.

Design a Niche Dating Site

Take advantage of the fact that the stigma around internet dating has faded over the last decade and use it to help others find love. There is a market desire for specialist dating choices, with several dating sites catering to everyone from sea captains to farmers.

Develop a Chatbot

To assist businesses in improving their communication, create a chatbot, which employs artificial intelligence to communicate with people. In recent years, chatbots have grown in popularity, and you can easily design one without understanding how to code.

Offer Matchmaking Skills

It’s similar to setting up a dating site, but with a more personal touch. You might be the ideal person to start matchmaking if you have a talent for recognizing what types of people and personalities get along well. You can do this online or face-to-face with clients.

Create Eco-Friendly, Health-Friendly Makeup and Beauty Products

People are looking for more eco-friendly health and beauty products as they become more aware of the influence their personal decisions have on their health and the environment. Developing safe and environmentally friendly items could be a great startup concept that fills a niche in the market.

Consider a Food Van Instead of a Restaurant

For entrepreneurs with a history in cooking and a unique idea, starting a food truck is a great way to get started. It requires fewer resources than a full-fledged restaurant and can be set up by one or two people.

Startup Ideas FAQs

What are some good startup ideas?

Good startup business ideas include; E-commerce businesses, taxi Booking services and solutions, car washing businesses, courier services, food ordering systems, property business, and so on.

Which business profit is more?

Profitable businesses include in 2022 include; all forms of the real estate business (including real state leasing), Legal Services, etc.

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