Commercial Cleaning: What it is and Why it’s So Important

Good and Clean and Fresh

If you work in an office, you know that there’s often very little time for staff to do anything but the work that they are paid to do. Shared spaces can often become messy, especially the break room or kitchen areas. Sure, you do your best to keep things tidy and clean up any spills, but more than that, there is just not enough time in a day. A dirty office full of people is a breeding ground for many unpleasant things.

Human beings are constantly losing skin cells; anything we touch transfers to our hands and then transfers to the next thing that we touch, so if the things that we touch aren’t clean, we could find ourselves in trouble, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Washing our hands and keeping them sanitized simply isn’t enough; we need to operate in clean environments. Never mind the physical health ramifications; a dirty office can have harmful mental effects on your staff as well. No one wants to be in a messy space! This is where an office disinfection service can come in handy. Let’s take a look at commercial cleaning and all of the reasons why it’s such an essential part of the workspace.

A Clean Slate

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Let’s say you come into the office on a Monday morning, ready for the week. You step through the door and immediately notice that the windows are grimy, the microwave looks like something exploded in it, the front desk has a film of dust across it thick enough to write in, and there’s not a clean coffee cup to be seen.

Before you can even start your workday, you’ll probably have to deal with at least one of these issues, probably the coffee cup. This kills any positivity that employees are feeling about being at work and takes away time that they could be using to get work done. If you have a commercial cleaning service, employees will arrive at a fresh-smelling and disinfected office space and be able to get straight to work in a healthy environment.

Disinfection is a big part of our lives, now that the pandemic is here. Of course, employees in all shared office spaces are responsible for ensuring that they wear a mask and keep their hands clean, but to keep an entire office space clean, it’s best to get the professionals in. Deep cleans will be required every so often, and this is something that your employees are just not equipped to do, nor should they have to. If your office is regularly cleaned and sanitized by a team of professionals, you’ll not only gain time in terms of employee productivity, but you’ll also gain time from employees not being off sick due to an unhealthy environment.

Clean Team

Commercial cleaning and sanitizing are more than just wiping down surfaces after using them. Yes, there will most likely be a cleaning company employee in the office to take care of daily cleaning like that, which will make the industrial cleaning easier. Commercial cleaning requires the proper equipment and certifications; often, potentially harmful chemicals may be used, so professionals are trained on how to handle them.

Commercial cleaning requires deep-cleaning appliances such as industrial-strength vacuums and washers. For this kind of cleaning to take place, all staff will have to vacate the office as it would be quite impossible to continue working in a space where so much noise and chemicals are being used. All chairs, desks, and probably computers will be washed, wiped, or sprayed with disinfectants to kill all germs. Windows will be washed, and there is likely to be a bug spraying or bomb involved every so often. Floors will be cleaned until they shine.

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Wrap Up

If employees are operating in a clean and healthy space, they will feel at ease and well cared for. An important part of any workplace is the measures that employers take to keep their employees mentally and physically safe and healthy; the employer/employee relationship cannot function well without it! A bright and sparkling office with fresh air coming in through clean windows is the kind of place that you want to work. Coffee breaks and lunchtimes are a joy when the kitchen and appliances are all clean and ready to use.

Of course, this is not to say that employees don’t have a responsibility to keep things neat and tidy and protect themselves and everyone else at the workplace by keeping their masks on and sanitizing their hands often because they do. But here, employers and employees work together to maintain a commercial safe space for themselves and everyone else who may use it. Commercial cleaning is a necessary part of any business environment; it’s just common sense!

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