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 Bringing and supporting new ideas is one of the characteristics of the innovation leadership style. Leaders are everywhere in organizations but not all are innovative in nature. In today’s business world, innovative leaders are always sorted for. However, this article will discuss certain innovative leadership styles and training.

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If you want to learn how to become an innovative leader in your organization or team, then this article is for you.

What is Innovation Leadership

Innovation leadership is the ability of a leader to supports innovative ideas within his team. However, to be a great leader, you must have innovative ideas to move your team forward. In every organization, only innovative leaders get to the top management. 

Furthermore, innovation in leadership is what brings about growth in any organization. However, top management prefers to employ people with innovative ideas. Nevertheless, not everyone is innovative in an organization. Also, innovation is not planned but should be encouraged. 

In addition, a leadership style that has innovation means that he is unique. They do things differently, they are separated from the crowd. A leader is innovative when he/she comes up with fresh ideas to foster the growth of the company. 

Innovation Leadership Style

The innovation leadership style combines different leadership styles to influence subordinates to create products and services. This style involves leaders being innovative in idea generation. Also, it helps in the different product life cycles. 

However, without an innovative leadership style, it is hard for organizations to survive in changing marketplace.

Before understanding what is innovation leadership styles, let’s discuss briefly what is innovation strategy. 

Innovation Strategy

An innovation strategy is a commitment to a vision and set of activities designed to aid the future growth of an organization. Also, it is a strategy to grow market share through product and service innovation. 

Furthermore, no two innovative strategies are the same. However, they all outline the goal of an organization’s innovation activities. Also, define the key initiatives that will help it achieve that goal. 

Additionally, strategy is about making choices between several possible options to have the best chance at “winning”. However, innovation is just one of the ways to achieve your strategic goals. 

Now that you have a clue about what is innovation strategy. However, let’s see ways of practicing innovative leadership style. 

Being Innovation Leadership Style

Innovation leadership starts from within an individual. All the great innovative leadership always believe in themselves and their abilities. However, they are aware of the type of energy they bring to a certain place. Also, are aware of how those energies affect those around them. 

Leaders that have innovative leadership style knows how to manage their ego and have exceptional judgment. Also, they plan well and adapt when new information comes to light. 

However, let’s discuss certain important innovation leadership characteristics.

Innovation Leadership Characteristics

Here are some of the characteristics of the innovation leadership style. 


Innovation leaders are open to new ideas. Also, they encourage team members that come up with new ideas. However, this openness to new ideas helps in the growth of the organization’s products and services. 

 Risk tolerance

Innovation is similar to creativity. However, where there is creativity, there is a high chance of risk. An innovation leader is a high-risk taker. Also, he has the strange ability to examine all possible eventualities to make well-calculated risks that often pays off. 

Domain expertise

Innovation leaders are generally needed in technology oriented industries that grows rapidly. However, they must have the expertise to communicate well with their team. Also, they must present a unified vision for everyone.


Every innovation leaders are confidence in themselves and in their team members. However, this confidence will have an impact in the organization and in their idea generation. 

Low anxiety 

Leaders who are ancious about everything and decision they make cannot do well in an innovative environment. However, innovation leaders have a very low anxiety. Nevertheless, anxiety is contagious and can reflect on the team members. 

Action oriented

Effective innovation leaders are action oriented. They do not just talk but they take action. They believe action speaks louder than words. 

Now, lets discuss some of the innovation leadership training.

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Innovation Leadership Training  

There are various training institute on innovation leadership. However, these training institute are not in any form of ranking. 

Board of Innovation

This leadership program is an intensive course to develop the capabilities to steer an organization through times of disruption and uncertainty. However, the entire program can be tailored to your organization’s talent management strategy. 

Innovation Point

They are a boutique innovation consulting firm focused on the practice of Strategic Innovation.  However, this Programs deliver collaborative 1-2 day programs for high-potential leaders and executives. Also, for people that combine breakthrough innovation and change strategies with practical tools for making them real. 


They teach what it takes to become an innovation leader in the 21st Century. However, their instrutors his former Medtronic Chair & CEO Professor Bill George. Also, he teaches the concepts, tools and practical tips needed for innovation leadership.

Centre For Creative Leadership

 This innovation leadership training is best for employees at all levels in the organization. However, it can be done online or in person. The duration for online is 2 half days while 1 full day for in person. Also, the class size is 1:4 coach to participant ratio. 

Design Leadership and Innovation

This leadership training is best for senior executives and managers, team leaders in the organization. However, the duration for 2days 9 am to 5 pm. Also, the next course starts 1st July 2021. 

Innovation Leadership Skills

The skills of an innovative leader include:

Protecting the Team

An innovative leader protect his team from the pressure of reprimand for acting too bold. Also, he protect  them  from external interference and distractions to keep the team in the learning zone.

Exploring New Ideas 

He is someone who can supports his teams to carry out new ideas rather than incremental or safe solutions. 

Knows When to Inquire Versus Advocate 

An innovative leader Knows when to shift from pushing the team for more information. He also knows when to advocat for a certain idea in order to move the project forward

Being One Step Ahead

He is always one step ahead in order to help the team identify and overcome potential problems.


In conclusion, innovation leadership style is one of the crucial leadership style in any organization. Moreover, no business or organization can thrive without innovation.

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