FASHION DESIGN BUSINESS: How to start a home-based fashion design business.

Fashion Design Businesses

Over the years, fashion has evolved; new styles replacing the old ones and even old ones resurfacing with modern touches. The execution of these styles is referred to as fashion design which is as important as the need for clothing and accessories, hence, the need for professionals who design and create these styles. Consequently, these growing trends offer several opportunities to build high-income businesses. And we will be going through some of the most lucrative fashion design-based business ideas shortly, with details on equipment lists and business card designs.


However, here’s the fun part, these ideas are home-based. In other words, you can basically execute these ideas from the comfort of your homes. This post will act as a guide to help you achieve this feat without stress.

But before then, let me bring you up the speed as to what exactly fashion designers do.

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

Fashion designers hold a special place in today’s world. Their talent and vision play a big role in how people look and also contribute to the cultural and social environment. They love to study fashion trends, sketch designs, select materials and have a part to play in all the production aspects of their designs. Basically, they create women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel. This covers sportswear, maternity wear, outerwear, underwear, formal wear, eyewear, and footwear. Furthermore, there are also accessory designers who design belts, scarves, hats, handbags, and hosiery.

The standards of a fashion designer must be built on customer satisfaction and also making profits while achieving it. The hunger for customer satisfaction should be the same for custom-made and ready-to-wear attires. The materials used should be of the best quality as this is important in ensuring your customer trusts you enough for future engagements.

Fashion Design Business Ideas

Being dynamic would be a great asset to any fashion designer as the advancement in technology has opened doors for tons of opportunities in the world of fashion, especially home-based designers. Fashion design at the turn of the century has gone beyond just styling, creating, and sales. With the advent of the internet, fashion designing could come in unique ways.

The following fashion design business ideas should give you a head-start:

#1. Fashion blogger

fashion design business

As a fashion Blogger, all you need to do is demystify fashion tips in particular niches by making posts on a blog, just like what we are doing with this piece.

But first, you’ll need to get a blog site and adequate knowledge of the niche you are providing. Just like fashion design businesses, there are several other niches online calling for a reader’s attention. Hence, your blog should be distinct, and able to keep a reader stuck from beginning to end.

#2. Online fashion consultant

Although not rampant, online consultancy would be a high-income fashion business idea for designers who wish to be distinct. A little over many fashion designers seek help and you could provide that help for free, a token, or a premium paid fee.

#3. Fashion YouTuber

fashion design business

Youtube has provided an avenue for people to access knowledge at little or no cost at all. De facto, if structures are well-set, YouTube could earn a Fashion designer some cool cash.

All is set when you open a YouTube channel and decide what your focus would be. Most times, YouTube is a home for DIY so it would only be logical for you as a fashion Youtuber to follow the convention.

Other fashion design home-based business ideas include –but not limited to– setting up stores for the sale of fashion attires, giving reviews and opinions on fashion events or trendy fashion attires, and sewing kiddies’ wears.

Furthermore, other ideas that would need huge startups include a fashion design school and renting out attires; especially extravagant and expensive ones.

Startup Tips

Basic accounting skills should be used by fashion design entrepreneurs; profit should be made to ensure the continuity of the business as profit-making itself is the main aim of any business or organization.

For the most part, profits can be made when there is a good understanding of the market and the different prices of raw materials. But while making profits, your price should be customer-friendly especially with the fashion design business being very competitive.

Basically, customers only go for expensive attires if you have the quality or reputation. Furthermore, while at this you would need to take other factors like electricity, transport, and miscellaneous fees into consideration before giving a price on your finished designs.

Fashion Design Equipment List

One of the most important things to know before you start a fashion design business is how much your basic pieces of equipment will cost. Whether you buy them used or new, they still constitute a large proportion of your start-up expenses. It is essential you buy good quality, reliable ones, because breakdowns, later on, could cost your developing business.

On the flip side, no matter your plans for your fashion business, there are certain items you cannot afford to be without. The thread for example is the most important equipment; whether knitting, mending, or sewing, the thread is essential and must be always available to a fashion designer in different colours. Other pieces of equipment like the sewing machine, needles, scissors, tape rule for measurement, ironing table (which could also serve as a cutting table), tailor’s chalk, and pins are also a must-have for a fashion designer.

However, a quick trip to Scribd will give you a more elaborate fashion design equipment list.

Fashion Design Equipment ListAustin School of fashion design
fashion design business
Sketching Tools -Thread Magazine

How to start a home-based Fashion Design Business

Starting out anything at all isn’t the easiest of tasks, and the fashion design business isn’t one of the many exceptions. However, herculean as the task may be, it doesn’t mean it’s not achievable. To start a home-based fashion design business on the right foot, the following measures must be put in place:

  1. Adequate Knowledge and training must have been acquired. Certifications from recognized training schools is a plus.
  2. Set up a dedicated work-space. The whole of your house taken as one.
  3. A focal point must be picked. In the beginning, it is better to start with a particular aspect and master it before diversifying, than trying your hands on all at once. If you are going to concentrate on styling men, then do so singularly. As time goes on, you could add styling ladies’ dresses to your work.
  4. Basic equipment, tools, and materials must be purchased to an extent.
  5.  Collect jobs one at a time, with a surety that you can carry out the job. Your days of training are over hence there is no room for practicing with design pieces of your client.
  6. Do not start with under-charging or over-charging. Making inquiries would aid you.

After all is said and done, marketing should be your next point of call. It is the climax for a fashion designer. Awareness of your creations has to be made to the public and a good one attracts more customers, hence, more profit is made.

Fashion Design Business Card

The first step towards creating awareness is owning your own fashion brand to distinguish your fashion business from others. Branding your business includes making moves like having a business name, a motto, logo, social media accounts, business address and job description as these give all necessary information needed to be known by prospective customers.

With branding already accomplished, a fashion design business card with the brand details is the next in line. This business card must be attractive, and pocket-sized. It should also contain your name and position as the owner of your fashion business.

Fashion Design Business CardCreative Free Cards

Another good form of marketing is patronizing your own self and being your own model, especially when attending parties, fashion shows, and other occasions. Showing off your own works physically by yourself allows you advertise your brand whilst going about your daily life and business.

How Do I Start a Fashion Designer Business?

Here are the top ten tips for launching a successful fashion design business.

  • Think Like An Entrepreneur.
  • Begin Small With One Thing.
  • Establish Appropriate Pricing.
  • Put Everything On A Website.
  • Have A Brand Identity Vision.
  • Market Your Brand On Social Media.
  • Distribute Flyers And Brochures.

Is Fashion a Profitable Business?

A clothes line is not a profitable business. Most people believe you’ll make a million dollars and become an instant celebrity. But, the reality is that apparel profit margins are notoriously poor. Profit margins are expected to range between 4 to 13%, according to industry analysts.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Fashion Business?

Like with any firm, the initial costs will be proportional to the business’s intended size. A small apparel company will require approximately $500, a medium-sized line between $1,000 and $5,000, and a large line up to $50,000.

What Makes the Most Money in Fashion?

Highest-paying careers in fashion:

  • Merchandising manager.
  • Buyer.
  • Editor-in-chief.
  • Art director.
  • Director of creative direction.
  • Design director.
  • Sourcing manager
  • Product manager.

How Do Fashion Designers Get Clients?

Affiliate marketing. Influencer marketing. Guests posts on other websites and writing articles for magazines. One of my favorite ways to market is by pitching to the press and getting featured. It’s free and gives your brand credibility.


With the correct blend of creativity and entrepreneurial knowledge, any fashion design business would thrive. The joy of any fashion designer is satisfying the hunger for stylish fashion trends, ensuring the customer shares the same joy and making profits.

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