101 Best Business Ideas in 2023 (Budget Plan Included)


Best Business Ideas

2023 is fast approaching. For some, it’s already here. Now is the perfect time to think of the best business ideas that’d be relevant in the coming year and even beyond. I mean, who would have thought that 2020 would bring about loss of jobs and shutting down of businesses? Only sustainable ventures serving a need could scale through the tragedy.

However, coming up with the best business idea is often challenging. You’ll need to keep your eyes on the latest and future trends while finding gaps or opportunities that you can fill. Thankfully, we’ve done all the work. So, if you read on, you’ll find 101 best business ideas in 2023, including budget plans.

We’ve grouped each business idea into different groups such as online businesses, skilled trade, unskilled trade, and agriculture. We’ll also consider each business idea’s investment needs and its profitability potential.

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Online Business Ideas in 2023

The business landscape is changing rapidly as more businesses move online. This change has brought about several opportunities to make money on the internet and from any location. Some of the best online businesses that you can start in 2023 include:

Freelance Content Writing

With search engines indexing millions of new pages daily, it’s evident that there’s a huge competition to publish fresh content. Perhaps you have a knack for creating engaging stories and blog posts. You can turn your skills into a freelance content writing business and earn good money.

You can focus on one or more niches like technology, finance, or travel and find clients to write for within your niche. With time, you can grow your business and become one of the many freelancers earning over $60,000 annually.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has gone beyond traditional methods of visiting prospective clients to pitch sales. Businesses now incorporate and utilize internet platforms like social media and non-internet channels like SMS, radio, and television to reach their audiences.

Therefore, you can become a digital marketing consultant for clients who need to promote their products and services through digital channels. However, you’ll need to learn social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and other related skills.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides office services to an executive over the internet. These services could include data entry, sending emails, booking meetings, interacting with customers, and other office-related work.

If you have excellent organization skills and can multitask, working as a virtual assistant might be a great idea. Depending on the job, you may need to understand tools like Microsoft Office and social media skills. With the more skills you have, the greater your chances of getting high-paying jobs.

You can find virtual assistant gigs on platforms like Upwork, Indeed, and Flexjobs. According to Indeed, virtual assistants can make an average of $18.68 per hour. This job is also an excellent opportunity to meet successful people across different industries and build your professional network.

Social Media Manager

Both small businesses and large corporations want to market their brands online through social media. However, business owners have other tasks to manage and need help in growing their social media following.

Additionally, creating social media content requires the skills and knowledge of a professional. Therefore, many businesses prefer to outsource their social media marketing task.

If you can manage and leverage pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, consider working as a social media manager. You may be responsible for growing followers, creating and running ad campaigns, among other activities. But you can earn big bucks with this business.

Web Design and Development

Web design and development are valuable skills that are in high demand. The reason is that many businesses are going online, and they need websites to operate on the web. Additionally, web development, especially for custom jobs, is a technical business, and not everyone has the required knowledge.

If you’d like to be a web developer, you’ll need to learn how to code using HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages. You can develop these skills in a few months by taking low-cost or free online courses from platforms like Codeacademy and Udemy.


If you’re wondering if people still read blogs, the answer is yes. According to blogging statistics, 77% of internet users read blogs, with US internet users spending 3X more time on blogs than they do on email. Therefore, it’s clear that blogging still thrives.

If you have ideas for engaging content, you can join the millions of bloggers who share useful posts on the internet. The best part is that it doesn’t cost so much to start – between $34.50 to $65.40 yearly. With the right tactics, you can grow your blog into a six-figure business in a short while.


Videos are one of the most popular content that users access online. You can become a vlogger and share video blogs on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, or your blog. As a vlogger, you can specialize in different content like product/service reviews, tutorials, interviews, etc.


Due to increased online shopping, dropshipping is becoming one of the most popular and profitable new businesses. The beautiful thing about dropshipping is that you don’t have to ship the items yourself, making it a cost-effective model. Therefore, it’s suitable for beginners in the ecommerce industry.

If you’d like to go into dropshipping, you’ll first need to conduct detailed research on the high-demand products in your city. It’ll help you know which product (s) to sell. Additionally, you should learn more about how the dropshipping model works.

Online Course Creator

The E-learning market is snowballing, and it’s estimated to be worth $325 billion by 2025. This has gotten much bigger and the growth projections have changed significantly due to the pandemic. Post-COVID research suggests that the market size has crossed $250 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach around $1 Trillion by 2027.

If you have a subject matter you’re passionate about, tap into this market and share your knowledge and expertise. If you set the right prices for your courses, you can make good revenue.

There are online course platforms like Thinkific and Teachable that you can register on and start coaching people. Otherwise, create your blog and upload videos and documents of lessons, assignments, and quizzes. It would help if you also considered starting an online community on Slack or Facebook to help your students with support and consultation.


Copywriting entails creating persuasive marketing and promotional material for newsletters, emails, sales copies, billboards, and other platforms. If you can write content that’ll increase a brand’s awareness or persuade people to take action, such as purchase a product, consider going into copywriting.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are different business ideas you can explore in the crypto industry. However, cryptocurrency exchange stands out, and it’s currently a trendy business. You can build a cryptocurrency exchange platform and begin buying and selling currencies like bitcoin, trump coin, and Etherum.

An excellent example of a secured exchange platform you can launch instantly is the premium bitcoin exchange platform. As the owner of an exchange platform, you can also charge fees for withdrawing, depositing, and transferring.

Start a Podcast

Podcasting is like audio blogging, and it’s a fantastic way to make good money. In 2019, the US had an estimated 88 million podcast listeners, and forecasts show that this number will surpass 160 million by 2023.

If you have interesting topics you know people would love to listen to, you can start your own podcasting business right away.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

In 2009, the domain name insure.com sold for $16 million. Though many interesting domain names have been taken, there are still some valuable ones you can buy and sell in the future for a reasonable price. You’ll need to be able to identify an exciting domain name that has the potential to sell later.

Data Analysis

Several businesses are data-driven and require talented people to help them obtain and interpret data. If you’re good with numbers, you can develop your skills by taking data analysis courses online. With the right knowledge, you can get jobs from platforms like Upwork and Flexjobs and make good money.

Influencer Marketing

With the rise in social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, more consumers purchase products through online influencers’ recommendations. If you want to be an influencer, you’ll first need to build a solid following by posting engaging content that can attract an audience.

You’ll soon be approached by major brands who want to market their products or services to your audience.

Online Proofreading and Editing

As long as contents are in huge demand, there’ll always be editors and proofreaders. Perhaps your grammar and typo skills are impeccable, and you’re capable of catching mistakes in written content. You can pursue online proofreading and editing as a business idea and help clients publish contents void of grammar errors.

Online Translation Services

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can convert your skills into profitable translation business. Good translators are rare to find, but with your strong skills, you can get several jobs on platforms like Flexjobs.

Website Flipping

Just like buying and selling domain names, website flipping is quite common. You can buy a website today, improve on it to build traffic, and sell it in the future. Website flipping is similar to buying and selling properties or stocks, and it’s very profitable. You can buy websites from platforms like Flippa, BizBuySell, and Empire Flippers.

Online Tutoring

If you have an excellent knowledge of a particular subject or topic, consider teaching what you know to others. You can register on a platform like Classgap and start giving online private lessons to students. Otherwise, set up a private Facebook group or a community on Slack to tutor students.

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SEO Consultant

This business is ideal if you understand SEO and you know how to make a content or website rank on search engines. If you don’t, you can start by taking online SEO courses. Several businesses want to appear on the front page of search engines and build more traffic. You can provide dedicated SEO services and make money.

Online Product Reviewer

You can get paid to test and review products by top brands. Many manufacturers want to know what consumers think about their products and will gladly pay you to get an honest review. The beautiful thing about being a product reviewer is that you may not have to pay for the product, and you may get to keep it for free.

Cybersecurity Consultants

Cybersecurity is a challenge that both large and small businesses face. While large firms may have a cybersecurity unit that monitors their internet and computer systems, small businesses may not. You can begin a cybersecurity business and help organizations with spyware, phishing, or other cyber-related issues that they face.

Transcription Services

A transcription service is a business that converts live or recorded speech into text documents. If you have good listening skills, you can become a paid transcriptionist by signing up on Transcribeme, Revs, and other similar platforms.

Ebook Writing

If you’ve always wanted to publish your book, now is a perfect time. Around 89 million Americans read ebooks, and that number might grow to 98.95 million by 2025. You can join the millions of self-publishers, making money from writing and publishing books through Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing or your website.

Online News Correspondent

You don’t need a degree in journalism or work from a traditional broadcasting firm to become a journalist these days. You can become an online news correspondent by creating a Youtube channel or a blog and report on local coverage. Alternatively, you can contribute to sites like Forbes, HuffPost, or The Examiner and get paid for your content.

Filling Out Online Surveys

If you’ve got free time, you can participate in online surveys through companies like User Interviews and Survey Junkie. While this business idea may not pay out a lot of money, it can be another source of side income and an excellent way to spend some downtime.

Airbnb Host

Renting out your spare bedroom, living room couch, or entire apartment via Airbnb is a great way to make money. You’ll need to keep your place clean and provide essential amenities your guest will require throughout their stay. You can also offer add-on services for an extra fee, such as taking your guests on a tour of the city.

WordPress Consultant 

Many small businesses use WordPress as their go-to platform to develop their websites. You can learn about how to build WordPress websites through online courses on channels like Skillshare. With these lessons, you’d be able to set up a WordPress website or blog, know how to use plugins, and also provide maintenance.

As a skilled WordPress consultant, many small businesses will pay you a handsome amount to manage their online platform. You can also offer digital marketing services to your clients and diversify your income.

Sell Photos Online

If you love photography, consider turning your passions into an online money-making business. With a good camera, you can take numerous pictures and sell them on photo-selling websites like iStock, Unsplash, and Shutterstock.

Develop an App

You may feel like there’s an app for everything already and that the market is already saturated. However, new apps keep coming up and selling for millions of dollars. One way to develop an app that’ll sell is to venture into a niche that hasn’t reached its potential. Also, ensure to research your app idea to ensure that it turns out successful.

Furthermore, you don’t need advanced coding skills to develop certain apps. Some online courses can teach you how to build apps with little or zero coding abilities.

IT Support Specialist

An IT support specialist helps to provide assistance and maintenance for computer systems and hardware. The job involves understanding system administration, network analysis, database administration, security, and information assurance, among others.

If you want to work as an IT support specialist, you’ll need to gain the relevant knowledge. You can do so through online courses in places like Coursera.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products and earning commissions on each sale that follows. If you already have a website that generates traffic, you can make passive income through affiliate marketing programs.

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Skilled Trade Business Ideas in 2023

A skilled trade requires specialty, work experience, on-the-job training, or vocational education in a particular occupation. Depending on the kind of skills you have, you can work offline or online. Some skilled work that’ll be lucrative in 2023 includes:

Voiceover Artist

If you have a good, unique voice and an ability to modulate it according to a script’s requirement, consider being a voiceover artist. Digital publishers, like animated movie makers and game developers, will pay you good money for your talents. You can find them on their websites, through voiceover agents, or on platforms like Upwork.

Makeup Artist

As long as there are events, there’ll always be a need for a make-up service. As a make-up artist, you can start out working from home before getting a studio or workspace. You can take advantage of platforms like Instagram and Youtube to advertise your service or make your content visible to potential clients.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers create digital or print copies of marketing materials like banners, posters, and logos. They’re also involved in designing website pages like landing pages. While several graphic designers are out there, many companies are continuously looking for creative designs to boost their brand image.

If you have prior knowledge, you can start sourcing for clients on both online and offline platforms. However, if you don’t have the skills yet, you can learn using tools and software like Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Visme.

Interior Design

If you have a creative eye and know how to work with colors, you can groom your talent and venture into interior design. Many individuals moving into new homes or remodeling their homes often fall short of ideas to beautify their homes. They’ll gladly pay you for your skills and innovative ideas. There are also opportunities in the corporate interior design of places like offices, hotels, and resorts.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography jobs attract premium fees, with professional photographers charging between $2,500 – $10,000 for each wedding shoot. If you don’t have the skills yet, you can develop them from online classes and get the right equipment you’ll need to begin.

Then start building your client base by registering on sites like Mywed to gain clients. You can also leverage social media channels like Instagram to advertise your services.


Ridesharing service providers like Uber and Lyft are household names in many cities and provide a source of revenue for many drivers. You can earn money by driving as a primary business or a side business on weekends and nights. However, you’ll need a clean and comfortable car and meet these ridesharing companies’ requirements.


If you can make magic with needle and thread, tailoring is a lucrative business idea that you can open from anywhere. You can also take an online fashion design course from Oxford Home Study or other similar platforms to gain expertise.

The good thing about tailoring is that people will always need someone to stitch their dresses or make customized attire. Therefore, you’ll always have clients.


Baking translates into different types of business ideas that can fetch you money. Depending on your skills, you can specialize in pastries, cookies, bread, cakes, and other bakeable items. If you have excellent products, you’ll attract an influx of clients in a short while.


If you have the skills for preparing delicious dishes and for a large number of people, consider becoming a caterer. Like baking, you can specialize in one or more aspects of the catering business. You can have a niche food that people know you for or cater to certain kinds of events.


Video is one of the most common types of content, whether for commercial or private use. If you have the skills and the right equipment, you can capture events like weddings, music video shoots, or commercials for money.

Videography may require an enormous investment for starters. However, with the introduction of the internet and smartphones, you can make videos with your phone. You might create short documentaries or draw awareness to a cause and post them on social media. With time, you’ll build your reputation and attract paying clients.

Personal Fitness Trainer

If you’re into fitness and understand how to make workouts and diet plans work, working as a fitness trainer may be a good business idea. Once you build up a client base and a reputation for yourself, it can become financially rewarding. Also, consider starting a fitness blog and share fitness tips to attract a wider audience.

Travel Consultant

People will always travel either for business or fun; therefore, the travel industry will continually be lucrative. Consider setting up a travel consultancy business where you’ll access clients’ needs, budgets, and preferences and help them make traveling recommendations. You can also help clients get airfares, hotel accommodations, or Airbnb listings for reasonable rates.

You can start with word of mouth recommendations among your friends, then build a business account on social media platforms to grow your business. Also, consider creating a travel blog to teach people how to make their dream trip a reality.

Event Planning and Management

Events can be very time-consuming to plan, and many individuals would rather pay a professional to help them organize such. If you have good organization skills, you can monetize your gifts by assisting people in planning and managing their events.

This business doesn’t require so much money to start. You’ll need to have contacts of good photographers, caterers, florists, DJs, and other vendors within different locations.

Home Tutoring

Many parents seek after-school home tutors for their kids. Even adults preparing for professional exams or learning a new language also seek home tutors. If you have the gift for teaching and are knowledgeable in one or more subject areas, consider passing your knowledge to others.

You can find home tutoring jobs around your locality from an online search, apply, and start making money.

Hair Salon Services

Hairstylists are always in business because people will frequently get their hair done. You can fulfill this need by opening a hair salon. However, you’ll need to learn the skills, and you’ll require capital to start the business. Once you’re up and running, you can grow your clientele through referrals, online local business listing, and social media.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing services deal with repairs relating to leaky pipes and clogged drains. It’s challenging to find a plumber in some locations, making this business a high demand one. If you’d like to become a plumber, you can start by apprenticing under an experienced plumber to gain the right knowledge. You’ll then need to invest in the right equipment.


Handcrafting is an excellent way to exercise your creativity and make money at the same time. You can handcraft several items, including jewelry, bracelets, greeting cards, portraits, handbags, scarves, baskets, sculptures, and others. You can market these items online on platforms like Etsy for people to buy for their use or as gifts to others.

Printing Business

The printing business has been in existence for decades, but it keeps evolving and still very lucrative. It’s advisable to start by focusing on one niche, such as lithography, digital color separation, or large format printing. By specializing in one area, you can be able to manage the cost of starting the business.


Millions of people visit spas to help them relieve stress, especially when times are tough. During the 2008 recession, the US spa industry recorded over 160 million visits, and this number has been increasing yearly since then.

If you’d like to venture into this business, it’s best to pick a niche such as skin and body care or hair removal service. Although the startup cost may be a bit high, the business will most likely attract high paying clients with money to spare.

Solar Energy Business

Solar energy is a sustainable business, highly lucrative, with future potential. Opportunities exist in every business area, from sales, distribution, installation, maintenance to repair. You can decide to focus on all of these aspects or choose one specialty. Installation and maintenance may be a good idea if you have a background in electrical engineering.

Drone Piloting

Drones are useful for several purposes such as aerial photography, security surveillance, search and rescue operations, agricultural survey, among others. You can purchase a drone for less than $500 and start taking drone lessons.

You’ll also need to check for regulations in your city regarding owning and operating drones before commencing your business. After earning your certification, start marketing your skills to interested individuals or organizations.

Landscaping and Gardening

Not everyone has the time to maintain their lawn, garden, or yard. If you have a knack for Gardening or lawn care, you can begin by offering your services for money. However, besides your passion and motivation, first, learn more about the landscaping business before venturing.

Building Maintenance

If you have experience in the construction industry, you may want to consider going into building maintenance. It involves maintaining the exterior and interior wall and flooring of a building to keep it viable. Building maintenance also extends to plumbing, HVAC, and electrical works. You can either focus on a niche or offer general services and sublet certain aspects to other experts.

Smartphone Repair Services

Smartphone repair is one business idea that has a pretty low cost of entry. First, you’ll need to learn the skills, most likely by apprenticing with an expert. You’ll also need to purchase the tools, which aren’t expensive.

After gaining sufficient knowledge, you’ll need a store in a suitable location where clients can access easily. Plazas or malls in high traffic areas are some of the best sites to get started.

Real Estate

Real estate is considered one of the most profitable and growing businesses in recent times. You can get into the industry as an agent or an analyst. An agent helps people buy or sell properties while an analyst provides valuation and analysis to help them know its near-exact value. In some cases, you can combine both jobs.

Electrical Services

Installing and maintaining electrical connections in homes and offices is a highly specialized field. It involves ensuring that all wirings in a building comply with the industry’s fire and safety standards.

If you’re knowledgeable in electrical engineering, you may want to consider starting your own electrical service business. However, if you have no formal training, you can choose to train as an apprentice with an already established electrician.

Public Speaking

If you are an excellent orator, you might want to consider venturing into public speaking. Irrespective of the field you’re knowledgeable in, you can make money delivering speeches and presentations once you’re an expert in that subject matter. Statistics have shown that professional motivational speakers earn an average of $90,000 annually, which is very lucrative.

T-shirt Printing Business

The T-shirt retailing business is worth a lot of money, and there’s usually a high demand for t-shirts with beautiful graphics. The good news is that you can start as a home-based business if you don’t have sufficient capital for big factory production. However, before launching, it’s good you learn the dynamics of print technology by taking an online print production course.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is a very complex work because it involves understanding numbers and different tax laws and regulations. However, someone needs to ensure that the numbers add up at the end of each tax year. While large corporations may have an accounting department that handles taxes, many small businesses don’t have such resources.

If you’re a professional accountant, you can offer your services as a freelance tax practitioner to individuals and small business owners. There are also online courses such as Majo Jacinto’s course on Udemy, that can teach you tax preparation skills.

Cafe and Restaurant Business

Food is one of life’s necessities; thus, there’ll always be room for a food-service business. Additionally, many busy people don’t have the time to cook. They want a tasty, delicious meal without the hassle of cooking or cleaning afterward. Other people simply need a place where they can begin their day with a hot cup of coffee and some toast.

If you’re food-inclined, consider setting up a cafe or restaurant to solve others’ food needs. However, growing a successful restaurant requires planning. You’ll need to consider several factors like location and choice of menu. Therefore, you’ll first need to spend some time to learn how to start the business.

Hotel Business

Although the hospitality industry is growing and may seem saturated, there’s still room for hotels and guesthouses worldwide. However, you can only go into this business if you have sufficient capital. Depending on the kind of hotel you have in mind, you may need between $750,000 to $1 million.

However, if you have a low budget, you can start with bed and breakfast from your home. It’ll also be helpful to learn about the startup process.

Become a Self-Published Author

If you can write a compelling book, you can do so and publish it in hard copy. Some self-published authors earn as much as $1 million each year. Of course, you may not earn up to that be successful, but you can make a few extra dollars each month.


If you have knowledge or skills in welding, setting up a professional welding workshop might be a great idea. However, if you don’t have the skills, but you’re interested in the business, you can acquire it from a welding program in Pennsylvania or wherever you reside.

The success of this business will depend on several factors, one of which is your location. A welding business is more suitable where the population is moderate due to ongoing developments and construction. However, with time, you can grow your reputation and offer services to clients beyond your location.


Famous DJs earn thousands of dollars from playing in different gigs. If you love music and understand how to mix beats, you can start a business as a DJ. You can also fine-tune your skills through online DJ courses before venturing into the professional scene. Be aware that you’ll need to invest in the right sound equipment if you want to grow a serious business.


Several fashion designers and corporate brands are looking for people to promote their products and services. If you’ve got the look and attitude, you can become a model. You can decide to sign up with a modeling agency or work as an independent model sourcing for gigs yourself.

However, it’s vital to understand the modeling world venturing in and find a mentor who can guide you through the early stage. With a lot of hard work and commitment, you can become a top model.

Resume Writer

Many people find it challenging to get their dream jobs, but it’s not necessarily because they lack the required skills. It’s mostly an inability to present themselves in their resume correctly. Helping people solve this challenge is a great way to make money.

However, before becoming a resume writer, you’ll need to learn how to write a resume. You can also perfect your skills by writing your resume and for your friends and colleagues.


Starting a floral business is a good idea, as the investment required is low. You’ll need to learn how to design bouquets, wreaths, and other floral arrangements. You can choose to offer a delivery service for special occasions like valentine, birthday, or anniversaries. You can also provide floral decoration services for weddings and other celebrations.

Computer Repair

There are billions of computers currently in use, which increases the need for computer repair services. In 2018, the computer repair industry earned a whopping revenue of $19 billion.

If you’re handy with computers, begin by offering home-based repair services in your neighborhood. A home service will be more cost-effective than what’s obtained in authorized service stations, bringing you more clients. With time, you can scale up your operations and have a team of people handling massive orders.

Custom Furniture Making

If you can design creative furniture pieces from scratch, you can make money crafting custom-made furniture for people. Several individuals want to make their homes and office authentic and will gladly pay any amount of money for personalization and customization.

Musical Instrument Coaching

If you are skilled in playing musical instruments like keyboards, guitars, or drums, you can start a successful business by teaching these skills. Several parents will recruit and pay you handsomely to teach their kids how to play musical instruments.

Pest Control Services

Pest control service is a good source of income since not everyone can venture into the business. If you know the use of pesticides and other chemicals, consider offering pest control services to clients in need. You’ll need to invest in safety equipment, sprayers, and other tools to begin.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is one of the best business ideas in 2023, especially for people with strong sales skills. You can collaborate with multi-level marketing companies like Cutco, Oriflame, and Forever Living to start selling their products both online and offline.

Property Manager

If you have good management skills, consider helping busy property owners or those who live far away to manage their properties. You may need to have an idea of how real estate works, knowledge of the rental value, and contacts of building maintenance specialists.

Recruiting Agency 

If you’re knowledgeable in human resources, you can set up a recruiting agency to help companies source and hire new staff. Many large organizations hire their workforce through third-party recruiters and will gladly pay a fair amount of money for this service.

Barbing Shop

Modern barbing salons offer different styles or cuts, shaves, beard care, head massage, and other perks. If you have the necessary skills, consider setting up a barbershop in a good location, and monetize your skills.

Unskilled Trade Business Ideas in 2023

Some of the best business ideas in 2023 that don’t require you to have any special skills include:

Workspace Rental

Many startups and young businesses need offices to run their businesses. However, the cost of renting office spaces are quite expensive. If you already own a suitable property, you can convert it into a workspace with high-speed internet connectivity. Then, hire it out hourly, daily, or monthly to individuals or businesses in need.

Childcare Services

If you love kids and have some free time, you can earn money by offering child care services to busy parents. It could be in the form of a daycare or creche service launched from your home where parents can drop off their kids. It can also be a babysitting service provided at the home of families when the parents are away.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services don’t require you to have any particular skill, yet it’s a good source of money. If cleaning, taking out the trash, and doing laundry for others isn’t a big deal to you, you can offer such services, especially to busy homes and families.

Retail Business

Retailing is one of the best business ideas in 2023. There are several products that consumers can’t purchase directly from the manufacturer or a wholesaler, except in bulk quantities. You can key into this by buying large amounts of products and retail them to end-users.

The retail business has several niches, and there’s no limit to the kind of goods or products you can sell.

Car Wash Services

Many car owners don’t have the time to keep their vehicles clean. With affordable equipment like shampoo, tire black, sponge, and hose, you can begin your own car washing business. Additionally, with the increasing number of car owners, you’ll inevitably earn a good income from this business.


Recycling technology has opened up a way to make use of non-biodegradable waste and also earn money. However, there are different aspects of recycling, and you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in crushers and grinders to get into the business.

You can begin by scouting for products strewn on the ground, especially during events. Then, sell them to big recycling companies for a small amount of money.

Personal Shopping Services

Many busy people don’t have time to go to the store or mall. They’ll gladly pay someone else to do their shopping. As a personal shopper, you can help clients shop for groceries, clothes, electronics, furniture, and other goods they need. You can also help with making product recommendations to your clients.

Moving Services

If you have the physical strength and enjoy working with people, you can help individuals move to other apartments. You can also link up with local movers who need an extra pair of hands and get rewarded handsomely.

Additionally, you can sign up on an app like Bellhops to get matched to customers looking for movers and make a steady stream of income.

Tour Guide

If you live in a popular tourist location, you can start a small guided tour job. You might want to consider creating a website where people can book tours ahead. With time, you can grow the business into a large one that hires other guides.

Security Services

The security industry presents some of the best business ideas in 2023. Individuals and organizations require security guards, bouncers, bodyguards, and CCTV surveillance specialists for either permanent or occasional needs. If you know how this business works, you can offer your services as a security expert. With time, you can set up a security firm and expand your client base.


Laundry service is a very profitable business. Since people won’t stop wearing clothes, there’ll always be a need for someone who’ll care for them. You can offer a home laundry service or a pickup and delivery service for a reasonable amount of money.

Delivery or Courier Services

Starting a delivery service is one of the best business ideas in 2023. You can structure it in such a way as to deliver parcels within your city for a start. All you need is a delivery motorbike or a car (if you can afford it) and good knowledge of your town.

It’ll also be helpful if you can get a website or a social media profile where clients can reach you. Over time, you can grow your business to become the next FedEx or DHL

Stock Investment

If you have a sufficient amount of money saved in a bank account, consider investing it in the stock market. However, you’ll need to learn how the stock investment works to invest smartly.

Point of Sale (POS) Agents

In many countries where banks and ATM centers are overcrowded or far away, POS agents provide a faster means of withdrawing and depositing money. If you’re interested in this business, you’ll need to register to get a POS machine in a bank. Afterward, set up a small booth in a busy location and start charging clients for each financial transaction performed.

Making Supplies on Request

Many people who sell goods don’t stock. Instead, they make orders and supply their clients based on request. If you can’t afford a warehouse to store products, making supplies solely on appeal is a good business idea.

Junk Removal Services

While taking out junk is not a glamorous business idea, it has got great potential. You’ll need a truck, garbage can, shovels, and other equipment to launch this business.

Personal Stylists

If you’ve got an eye for fashion, you can start a business as a personal stylist. Begin by practicing your skills by styling friends and family members for different occasions. Then reach out to celebrities and socialites on social media with proposals and samples of your previous work.

Masters of Ceremonies (MC)

Every event needs a good MC to spice things up. If you’re an excellent orator and know how to engage an audience, monetize your skills by MCing at people’s events. If you’re good at it, more people will reach out to you and pay you handsomely to moderate their events.

Mobile Food Truck

If you love to cook but don’t want to set up a regular restaurant, you can go into the mobile food truck business. All you’ll need to begin is a truck and kitchen equipment. You can choose to station your truck in a particular location or drive around town to offer your clients delicious delicacies.

Car Flipping

Car flipping involves buying used vehicles at low prices and selling them for profits later. If you’d like to become a car flipper, you’ll need to know where to get cheap vehicles, what to look out for in each, and how to bargain for prices.

Agriculture-Based Business Ideas in 2023

Food is one of the basic needs of man, and the global demand for food will keep increasing with the increase in population. Therefore, investing in agriculture is one of the best business ideas in 2023. Here are some agricultural-based businesses you should consider.

Fish Farming

Fish farming is a lucrative business idea you should consider investing in 2023. You can acquire the required skills on how to operate a fish farm from vocational training institutes.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is an extensive niche that includes chicken and turkey rearing, egg production, poultry feed production, and others. You can decide to invest in one or more areas of specialization depending on your interest. However, you’ll need to learn how the business works to operate it successfully.

Snail Farming

Snail rearing is a profitable business that doesn’t require huge capital investment and operating costs. Like poultry farming, it’s essential to learn how to rear snails and successfully grow your business

Growing Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits will continue to be in great demand. You can key into this business idea by growing fresh homegrown and organic produce for sale in your backyard. You’d need to decide which fruits or vegetables you wish to cultivate and understand the products’ climate needs and market demand.


Any of these 101 best business ideas in 2023 can help you become self-employed and earn a decent income. You should pick the right business idea based on your interest, skills, and investment capabilities.

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