Social Media Management: Easy Guide, Jobs & 21+SMM Tools (Free & Paid)

Social Media Management
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Social media is a place you see so many things, both business and non-business inclined. Therefore, having the ability to manage social media is a necessity, and will certainly help you draft a means to analyze your content online. So, this guide will take you to social media management salary, software, jobs, and tools.

Social media management

Social media management refers to the act of developing, releasing, and analyzing information posted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and also connecting with people on those sites. Free and premium tools, as well as professional social media management services, can help you streamline social media administration.

The Essence of social media management

  • The Cost

Joining social media networks, posting content, responding to user comments, and doing other activities are all free of charge. Even advertising can be a profitable way to reach out to your target audience and grow your online following.

  • Reach out to people outside   

From Facebook to LinkedIn, social media networks can connect you with people all around the world. To attract niche audiences, you may also use social media networks. However, traditional marketing and advertising just cannot compete in terms of reach, price, or social impact. As a result, social media management is an absolute must for organizations.

  • Users

 Including social media in your marketing plan allows you to connect your marketing objectives with user behavior. For instance, 74% of consumers currently utilize social media to make purchasing decisions. Not to add that social media is where 80 percent of people acquire purchasing tips.

Marketing experts are aware of the fact that social media marketing performs well. Companies can use social media to establish their brand, generate leads, and even sell their products.

Social Media Management Jobs

Monitoring and participating in social media conversations constitute the majority of social media management. And, it can be divided into three goals: having to listen, analytics, and engagement. These objectives provide information on how to deliver a service to social media consumers.

However, social marketing can have a significant impact on sales and visibility, as well as establishing a reputable reputation, it is critical that social media accounts are managed competently. This is why businesses, both large and small, will hire a social media manager.

Many administration jobs for online presence are handled by Social Media Management, such as search engine optimization and goal formulation. Those who excel at creativity and charismatic client connection are generally drawn to this career function.

For a larger team, social media management jobs can also be divided into multiple tasks, such as management for digital design, content marketing, community management, and customer service.

What to expect in Social Media Management Jobs 

Social Media Management jobs are concerned with raising brand exposure, through the appropriate use of social media platforms. A Social Media Management position entails various major responsibilities, such as:

  • Making use of social media marketing tools to build and preserve the company’s brand
  • Collaborating with marketing experts to create social media marketing strategies
  • Using the company’s social media accounts to interact with consumers and other stakeholders
  • Analyzing the company’s digital marketing strategy and social media strategy, as well as detecting strategic flaws and giving ideas for improvement
  • Investigating social media trends and informing management of developments that affect the company’s marketing effort.
  • Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media campaigns, such as a specific number of shares or likes, and assessing campaign performance against the KPIs

Qualification for social medial management jobs

Candidates should possess the following skills for social media management jobs.

#1.Social media 

being a Social Media Manager necessitates the capacity to use social media to sustain or create a brand. These experts are required to post text, video, and photos that engage the company’s target market on a regular basis. And monitor online discussions on a company’s social media accounts, and resolve customer complaints using social media platforms.


 Excellent verbal and written communication abilities are vital. A Social Media Manager must communicate with authors, designers, developers, and customers, and also, report to senior management. Moreover, As skilled communicators, you must recognize social media events, including interesting topics, and publish relevant material that corresponds with the company’s social media strategy.


 A Social Media Manager must be able to create compelling material, In order to keep consumers interested and engaged. These professionals must regularly connect their content with customer trends and market changes


This job basically demands computer abilities, knowledge of social media platforms, and knowledge of programs. In order to analyze social media platforms. To fulfill the aims of social media campaigns, a Social Media Manager must leverage digital technology.

Hence, this requires knowledge of social media trends, the identification of new social media technologies, and the discovery of real-time online dialogues. To properly handle social media marketing, Social Media Managers must be familiar with social media trends and practices, as well as the company’s online presence.

#6.Time management: 

This professional requires the ability to organize tasks in order to fulfill deadlines. Schedules must be met by Social Media Managers in order to accomplish marketing and business objectives.

Qualification for social medial management jobs

Tools for social media management


Hootsuite is apparently the most popular social media management platform, which is utilized by over 15 million users and over 800 Fortune 1000 firms.

Furthermore, it is an all-in-one platform that allows you to choose and plan content, monitor your social ROI, conduct social media marketing, and much more.

People obviously like Hootsuite because it is a complete tool that allows them to monitor various accounts and keywords, and connect with over 35 social networks.

#2. Sprout social

The tool that joins many social media tools into a single platform, including social media scheduling, monitoring, and reporting is sprout social. 

Sprout Social is among the few social media management tools that also have a relationship with customers’ capabilities. Having a comprehensive profile of your consumers allows you to better serve them and establish stronger relationships with them.

#3.Sendible social media management

Firstly, Sendible is a social media management solution designed for firms with several clients. In addition to the majority of the functionality provided by social media management tools, Secondly, it allows you to design your dashboard according to your branding in order to attract new clients.

Finally, Sendible also boasts some excellent integrations, like the Canva graphics editor, royalty-free image search, and YouTube search.

#4. eClincher Social media management

eClincher, like most social media management tools, firstly, enables you to schedule and post content, respond to social messages, and monitor your online performance.

However, eClincher differs from other programs.  it allows you to auto-post using smart queues and RSS feeds, has a media library for your photographs, and allows you to search for social media influencers.

#5. Social Pilot

I enjoy how Social Pilot combines numerous social media management capabilities (like scheduling and analytics but not monitoring) into a simple dashboard for a low cost. I believe it is ideal for agencies that work with multiple clients because of its client management feature.

Social Pilot curates and recommends content from a variety of enterprises (including technology, education, and health and fitness), which is useful if you want to quickly find relevant content.

#6. CoSchedule

 A tool that has an effective calendar for managing several parts of your marketing is more than a social media management tool. Subsequently, you can use CoSchedule to organize and collaborate with your team on social media postings, content, events, and tasks.

Besides, CoSchedule’s unique value is ideal for marketers who want to coordinate all of their initiatives in one spot.

And their ReQueue tool automatically finds the best publishing times for you and fills gaps in your social media calendar with your finest postings.


Mavsocial is a social media management platform that focuses on visual material. And, for the higher-priced services, it appears that you can also manage your Facebook advertisements with MavSocial.

It also features a digital library where you can manage, use, and edit your multimedia for social media posts, as well as a search engine where you can search among millions of stock photographs.

#8. Friends+Me

Friends+Me is primarily focused on Google+, but it also allows you to schedule content for distribution on the other major social platforms (except Instagram).

This tool supports scheduling for Google+ profiles, collections, communities, pages, and even GSuite Google+, and then it allows you to set up automation to re-post your Google+ posts to your other social media accounts, which is ideal for marketers that specialize in Google+.


Buffer is a free user-friendly, streamlined social media management platform that companies and people rely on to drive meaningful interaction and outcomes on social media.

Moreover, there is a product package for publishing, interaction, analytics, and team collaboration. lastly, The tools are thoughtfully designed and fine-tuned to help social media marketers and teams perform more efficiently and successfully.

#10. Crowdfire

Crowdfire distinguishes itself from most social media management tools because, it allows you to connect your blogs, YouTube channels, and online stores and will automatically publish social media postings for every update on your website.

#11. Post Planner

Post Planner’s identify function makes it extremely simple to find content that has been shown to engage people. In addition, rather than simply selecting time slots in your schedule (to construct your sharing plan), you can select the content type during each time slot. And, Post Planner will fill the openings with the appropriate content.


Later’s strength is its visual content calendar, which allows you to schedule photographs by just dragging and dropping them. It also has a free link tool that you can use on your Instagram profile to link to a shoppable Instagram feed as well as various websites and blog posts.

#13. Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management tool designed for B2B marketers, who wish to create prospects through social media and measure the business worth of their efforts. Additionally, Oktopost features all of the capabilities that most B2B marketers would want, from social media administration to marketing to staff advocacy.


This tool integrates everything a social media marketer needs into one platform. Hence, social media administration, interaction, analytics, customer experience management, and a DIY landing page builder.


They are included in its all-in-one marketing software, which costs $1,120 per month. Because HubSpot combines all of your marketing activities (including social media, email, SEO, and CRM) into one platform, you can simply compare your results across marketing channels and calculate your social ROI.

#16. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce offers the most comprehensive set of enterprise offerings. Its Social Studio, which is part of its Marketing Cloud platform, may assist you in strengthening client relationships by coordinating your marketing, customer care, and sales operations on social media.

#17.Social Hub

Social Hub is a social media management platform designed especially for businesses, organizations, and governments. They also focus on audience and customers, I believe it offers an efficient, scalable, and secure solution.


Spredfast is a social media program utilized by some of the world’s largest corporations, like Patagonia, LinkedIn, and Johnson & Johnson, to manage all parts of their social media.

#19. Likeable Hub

Is a simple and effective social media marketing for your company

Likeable Hub, which starts at $299 a month, offers you thousands of content ideas, assists you in generating referrals and leads, allows you to expand your social media reach, and much more.

#20. Social flow

Many leading publications, including The New York Times, National Geographic Channel, and Fast Company, use Social Flow as a social media publishing and advertising tool. Hence, Fast Company was able to improve its Facebook shares by 30% by using Social Flow!

#21. NUVI

The tool practically delivers real-time data visualization and social media analytics to assist you in making decisions, about your social media strategy. It also gives you the tools you need to successfully publish and engage on social media.

Social Media Management Salary

According to most major job posting sites, the typical salary for social media management in the United States is about $50,000 per year.

Basically, many social media managers specialize in specific areas, which might influence their typical compensation.

Factors that can change Social media management salary are:

Bigger firms

Larger companies are also likely to pay more salaries for social media management than smaller companies. So, companies with over 5,000 employees pay approximately 25% more than those with 50 or fewer employees.


Entry-level social media management or managers with little experience may expect to get less salaries from employers in any industry.

So, there is a possibility that candidates with less than a year of experience earn an average yearly salary of around $40,000 each year. In comparison, experienced social media management with 10-19 years of experience earn an average of $67,000 a year.


Generally, Your degree of schooling might have a major impact on your salary as social media management in the marketing industry.

According to LinkedIn an associate’s degree earns roughly $40,000 per year, which is about 20% less than the national average. With a bachelor’s degree, you can expect an annual compensation of $51,000, which is similar to the role’s average.

In 2023, here are the top five social media management software.

#1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the longest-running social media management software applications for scheduling posts, though it has undergone numerous upgrades, shifts, and variations. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are all supported. Furthermore,  users with a free account can link up to three social profiles, including Facebook Pages and groups.

#2. Hootsuite

If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for all of your social media manager needs, Hootsuite is software that is the way to go. Moreover, the software works with more than 20 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. More network connections are accessible via the Hootsuite app directory, but they are hit or miss.

The Small Team plan at SocialPilot social media management software, on the other hand, starts at $50/month and includes two other team members and 25 social media accounts. However,  You’d pay hundreds of dollars more every year if you use Buffer or Hootsuite.

#3. SocialPilot

While the SocialPilot user interface is a little antiquated, it is completely functional. Moreover, the sidebar has sections for managing your articles and accounts, accessing your inboxes and analytics, aligning information from RSS feeds, and configuring your team and client configuration. All of the tools you’d expect from a solid social network management app are present in this social media software, but the Team options are the most appealing.

#4. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar social media management software functions similarly to an autopilot for your social media profiles. It does a lot of the legwork for you and is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Finally, this is not an analytics tool; rather, it is a scheduling tool.

What Actually Does a Social Media Manager Do?

A social media manager is a person whose main responsibility is to oversee the social media platforms used by an organization. To do this, the company develops a social media strategy, produces high-quality content, studies analytics, improves customer service, and manages its advertising efforts.

What Qualifications Do You Need for Social Media Management?

According to the BLS, social media managers often have a bachelor’s degree. You can get ready for the position by majoring in a subject like marketing, journalism, or communications that can help you develop your business or communication abilities.

What Are the Daily Tasks of Social Media Managers?

A social media manager may be in charge of planning the strategy for a forthcoming product launch, making a video, gathering data from many sources, designing viral GIFs, coordinating messaging with PR & Communications, managing sponsored commercials, and many other things on any given day.

Is Social Media Management Hard?

Being consistent might be difficult when managing social media, especially if you also have marketing obligations. Finding interesting material to post every day on many platforms can take hours. Undoubtedly, it can become overwhelming.

Is Social Media Management a Lucrative Profession?

A social media manager’s job entails representing organizations, people, and brands on all social media platforms. Being a social media marketing manager prevents you from doing repetitive tasks because each product or service you work on requires a unique strategy.

Do Social Media Managers Operate Independently?

Rarely do social media managers work alone. Along with designers, marketers, and advertising specialists, you will likely collaborate with other social media specialists.

Is It Possible for an Introvert To Manage Social Media?

Being an introvert, you can be as shy as a mouse and still succeed in social media marketing. Online, the playing field is level for everyone. Let’s start by stating that not all introverts are shy or despise socializing; sometimes you just need to turn off from the noise around you.


Social media management is all about managing your audience with the right tools that will generate positive feedback that builds good relationships.

Social Media Management FAQ’s

What does a social media manager actually do?

Social media managers are in charge of representing a company across all the social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They respond to comments, compile campaigns, and create content. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

How much do you pay a social media manager?

Many newbie social media managers charge approximately $25 – $35 an hour to start, typically between 10 or 20 hours per month per client. Hence, this means that each client is worth $250 – $700 per month. 

How much do entry level social media managers make?

Basically, as per data, the top ten percent of senior-level social media managers earn $94,000 per year & the entry-level social media managers $35,000 per year in US

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