Business Names Ideas (50+ Free Brand Name Generator)

Business name Ideas
Business Names Ideas
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Your business name is often the first thing many of your potential clients will see and, believe it or not, many will make judgments of your business based on the name alone, as such it is important to pay attention to business names ideas.

Truth is, while opening a new business, there are so many things to consider and you may not have the time to think about the pros and cons of every single name that pops into your head. We know this and we’ve therefore compiled a list of at least 50 free brand name generators that can make the right name choice for you.

Brand Name Generators

#1. Business Yield Name Generator

What makes Business Yield Name Generator the best anyone can find is that it is purely done by humans, not a set of algorithms or Artificial Intelligence. Humans gather data and do a quick but detailed research based on the information provided by the user. It is simple to use; all that is required are your answers to a set of quick questions and the perfect business names will be sent to your email in less than 24 hours.

As the most feasible name generator, it takes 24 hours for the generator to come up with the most suitable business name for you. With the submitted data and just a little token, you will get a list of names sent to your email based on extensive research made on your keywords.

#2. Squadhelp

This platform gets help from its users to come up with the right brand name for you. Using advanced technology, it automatically tests if name choices have been trademarked or are already in use as a domain name. You can also test the appeal of your new brand name to get real-world opinions.

#3. Shopify

Shopify is very user-friendly. Once you get on the website, you are asked to describe your brand in one word, and from there, it’s a smooth ride to getting good business names ideas. Using Shopify, you can also find out whether some other business is already using your intended name as well as launch a website on their platform.

#4. Online

This brand name generator creates new and imaginative brand names which will certainly appeal to your target market. They also provide identifiable brand names that can be used to create URLs that will improve your business’s visibility on search engines.

#5. Namelix

Using artificial intelligence, Namelix provides suitable brand names to users according to their type of business. The brand generator also observes the pattern of choices users make so as to provide better names according to what they like.

#6. Oberlo

Oberlo is a great name-generating platform with hundreds of brand names to choose from. By entering keywords related to your business ideas, you will be offered a selection of business names ideas and you can start your business from there.

#7. BNG

BNG stands for Business Name Generator. It is a platform that offers hundreds of business name ideas for your perusal. Once you input the keywords pertaining to your business, the AI responds and gives you a good number of names to choose from.

#8. Naminum

This naming tool adds cool suffixes to your keywords to make it unique and attractive. You however need to manually click to find out the availability of domain names and it may take a few tries before you find one that is available.

#9. NameMesh

NameMesh is another great brand name generator you can use. Again, you will have to enter the keywords related to your business and click on the generate button to get the thousands of choices the platform offers.

#10. GetSocio

This brand name generator offers thousands of possible domain name suggestions. To get a suitable name, you type in the keyword you want in your URL and it shows the results of available names. One disadvantage is that your domain name will end in instead of a plain dot com.

#11. One Click Name

One Click Name gives the added benefit of a logo alongside the domain name. It offers premium naming services like name descriptions, the feelings that the name inspires, advice on the type of business the selected name will be good for and much more.

#12. Anadea

The free brand name tools on this name generator will provide a lot of captivating business name suggestions that will give you confidence as you hand out your business card with the name printed boldly on it.

#13. Namerific

This is a premium name brand generator that offers interesting brand name ideas that is sure to get the attention of web surfers and prospective clients. All you need do is type in your keyword and you’re greeted with beautiful business name ideas.

#14. Brandroot

Brandroot brand name generator offers carefully selected brand names that are sure to have a positive effect on those who come in contact with it. In addition to the name, the platform offers beautiful logos.

#15. BizNameWiz

As the name promises, this name generator is a wiz when it comes to business names. You can also check the availability of domain names by doing a competitor analysis. This will help to set you and your brand apart from the rest out there.

#16. Hipster Business Name

Hipster Business Name generator, as you may have guessed from its odd name, is a very creative name generator that offers broad domain names. Since its domain names are not categorized by industries, it allows for a crossover to another industry should you desire such.

#17. Wordlab

Be it to generate catchy companies, products, services, or domain names, Wordlab is a useful tool to make use of. There is no shortage of choices on this platform as it has over seven million names to choose from.

#18. Fit Small Business

This is a company name generator that helps you make a good name choice through a series of questions aimed at finding the most suitable brand name which is usually three or more words long.

#19. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator offers domain name services. It is an easy service to use and can make the process of finding a domain name quite easy.

#20. Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket is a brand name generator that offers premium business names ideas. It allows you to also make modifications to the logo that comes with the selected brand name,

A simple-to-use brand name platform, Lean Domain Search directs you to available domain names under the keyword you typed in. It will also show you if the name is available as a Twitter handle.

#22. I Want My Name

By inputting your desired keywords on IWantMyName, you get a number of name options using the keyword. You can also check the availability of keywords by ticking the hide unavailable domain box

#23. FreshBooks

This interactive name generator helps you find the perfect brand name by requesting for the industry your business is located and the keywords you wish to input. A selection of brand names will appear and you can then make your pick.

#24. NameStation

This is a free brand name generator with great business names ideas. Add the keyword you want in your brand name and view a list of great company names. By sorting through the list of available domain name, you can make the name finding process easier for you.

#25. Namesmith

Namesmith is a creative business name generator that offers users a large collection of business names ideas. Using your inputted keywords, the tool makes fun variations, misspelling the keyword or adding affixes so as to create a unique brand name that is sure to capture the attention of prospective customers.

#26. Domain Puzzler

This brand name generator offers three methods to getting your brand name. You can type in your desired keyword for the exact domain name or you can add other keywords you’d want to see in your business name. Lastly, you can get popular words associated with your keyword for the domain name.

#27. Cool Name Ideas

This is a company name generator that guides you through a series of promptings to get the most suitable business name for your brand. The platform also provides walkthroughs on how to use it which will prove useful to users who have no idea how to navigate the platform.

#28. Naming

Enter a keyword on this platform and expect to be blown away by the creative way it handles the process of naming. Your keyword can be anything from a letter of the alphabet to a word, Naming will do satisfactory justice to it.

#29. Wordoid

Enter your keyword and click the create wordoids button to gain access to a list of business names ideas. On Wordoid, you can fiddle with the filter option to get the most suitable brands names. You can also check for domain names availability.

#30. Net Substance

By inputting a keyword and clicking on the Generate Brand Names button on this generator, you come face to face with a list of wonderful and original business names ideas. On this generator, you can also determine if your domain name is available for use.

#31. Domainr

This brand naming platform provides names that are available to be used as domain names in real time. It can provide the best domain names for you.

#32. Name Find

A premium name-generating tool, Name Find presents an array of attractive domain names for your selection. Should you need it, the platform also offers customer service through telephone calls or email.

#33. Brandlance

Using the numerous categories available, you can find attractive business names that are streamlined to the business you do on Brandlance.

#34. Novanym

Novanym requires that you input your name, industry and style of design; you can generate a lot of attractive names for your product or service on it.

#35. Truic

Truic business name generator is another wonderful platform to obtain quality business names ideas. Enter your name, location and industry to get started.

#36. Incfile

Incfile is very easy to use. After entering the keyword and clicking generate, you are greeted with a good number of excellent business names.

#37. Name Wink

Name Wink is another great brand name generator to try. It has a user-friendly interface and only requires you to input a keyword and click on the create name button.

#38. Crowdspring

On the Crowdspring website, click on the get a unique business name now button, select your industry, go through a number of questions, 13 in number, aimed at improving the naming results and you are good to go.

#39. Nameboy

Nameboy claims to be the oldest and most popular name generator. Through its AI-powered domain name search, it offers a rich selection of unique business names ideas.

#40. Wpbeginner

This platform offers panoply of great business names ideas for you to choose from. It shows you if your choice is available as a domain name and who owns it if it isn’t.

#41. Tech

With a very attractive and well-designed interface, you will find. Tech is a great platform to use in generating fantastic business names ideas. It provides testimonials from some of its users and offers domain services.

#42. Names4brands

With Names4brands naming tool, it is as easy as inputting certain keywords and you’ve got yourself interesting names to pick from.

#43. Brandings

Brandings offer three ways to search for brand names, either by searching the industry, the personality or the keyword. Whichever way you decide to use, you are sure to get good business names ideas.

#44. Panabee

This provides a simple way to search for domain, website, app or business names. You can enter two keywords or a domain name on the platform to get started. The platform also offers useful suggestions should your desired name be unavailable.

#45. Name Bounce

Enter a keyword, select if you want the domain to be a .com, .net, .org, .co and what have you and click on the go button. You can find thousands of name suggestions as related to the inputted keywords.

#46. Mithril and Mages

Mithril and Mages is an all-purpose name generator. Be it modern business names,city and town names or medieval names, this platform has got you covered.

#47. Godaddy

Godaddy is a great name generator with lots of business name ideas. It offers guides on choosing the best brand names. All you need to do on the website is input your keywords and click the generate button.

#48. Frozen Lemons

By taking a few minutes to explain your business, Frozen Lemons can in 24 hours come up with suitable business names ideas for you. It is also a simple platform to use.

#49. Fantasy Name Generators

This platform generates candy and snack names that could also be good business names ideas for your enterprise.

#50. Zyro

Zyro is an AI slogan generator which can make your brand stand out from the bunch. It is SEO optimized and approved by thousands of users,

#51. Looka

The name generator is easy to use. It combines your keywords with carefully selected nouns, verbs, and adjectives and searches for unregistered domain names which is shown to users as results.

#52. The Name App

This tool is very easy to use. It lets users know if the proposed business name is available as a domain name as well as if it has been used on popular social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

These 50+ brand name generators will surely make things much easier for you when it comes to giving your business the best name that will be relevant both online and onsite. Remember, a good brand name will help your marketing plan.

7 Characteristics of a Great Business Name

Beyond the list of great business name generators above, here is a list of characteristics a good business name should have in general.

It’s Illustrative

Consider explaining what you do and how you do it in a few words to come up with a descriptive company name. Then, cut it down to the most important words or phrases and check how they appear on screen and sound when spoken aloud.

It Expresses Your Ideals or Mission

Your brand is more than just a logo. Your business name can communicate not just what you do, but also why it is important.

It Considers What Your Potential Customers Are Looking For

Your company name has the potential to make your company relevant for non-branded search inquiries. This could provide you an advantage when trying to rank for your most valuable term on search engines.

It’s Straightforward

You want your brand to be remembered and recognized by potential customers. To aid in this endeavor, your business name should be simple to spell, pronounce, and remember. This will prevent anyone from becoming annoyed while typing or repeating your name aloud to gadgets like Alexa or Cortana.

It’s Entertaining and Clever

Being clever is one method to ensure that your company is remembered. Jokes, puns, and wordplay are all effective techniques to persuade your prospects to laugh at your business name and remember it.

It Reflects the Importance You Have on Your Consumers

Position your business as a problem solver rather than a product vendor, according to one marketing tip. You can begin by positioning your business name.

It’s One-Of-A-Kind

The last thing you want to do is choose a business name only to discover that its domain and other branding assets have already been taken. Or, even worse, face legal repercussions for trademark infringement.

Plus, you don’t want to confuse visitors who come to your site but are looking for another organization (or vice versa).

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What is a catchy name?

A song, name, or commercial is said to be “catchy” if it is appealing and simple to recall.

How do I know if my business name is unique?

Use the free trademark database offered by the USPTO.

What is name unique?

The Latin etymology of the name Unique means “just one.” Although it is most frequently given to girls, this name is occasionally given to boys as well.

Can my business just be my name?

The official name of the person or entity who owns a business is the legal name of the business. Your complete name is the legal name of your company if you are the lone owner.

Can my business be named after me?

As long as it complies with state regulations, you are free to name your LLC whatever you like, but doing so will help you establish a strong, recognizable personal brand that customers will be able to identify with your goods.

Should I use a fake name for my business?

Generally speaking, using an alias or pseudonym is acceptable as long as there are no explicit or implicit statements that are untrue or misleading and are intended to persuade the consumer to make a purchase.

Should I name a business after myself?

Having your company name be your own can be constrictive if you want to expand.

Business Name Ideas FAQs

How do I come up with a catchy business name?

Coming up with a catchy business name isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here are pointers;

  • Make use of acronyms.
  • Make your own mash-ups.
  • Take cues from mythology and literature.
  • Make use of foreign words.
  • Make use of your own name.
  • Take a look at a map to see where you are.
  • Shake things up a bit.
  • Join forces with another firm.

How do I name my small business?

Here are simple tips for naming your small business;

  • Take your time at first
  • Get to know your business
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Impliment descriptive writing
  • Leave Your Name Out of it
  • Share Your Company’s Story.
  • Make a list of ideas and use a name generator to come up with a business name.

What's a catchy name?

Catchy names are those that have a good possibility of attracting the attention of potential customers. These are the names that people recall from a crowd. These types of name suggestions can help any company stand out from the crowd. A name can be memorable for a variety of reasons.

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