Home Business Ideas with Low Start Up Costs: Get the Top 20 Here (+ Easy Quick Tips)

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Working from home is all the rage these days and for good reason. Besides the obvious point of convenience, home business ideas offer owners the opportunity to launch profitable enterprises with low capital investment. Home business ideas could eliminate the huddle many prospective entrepreneurs face in starting a business.

In this informative post, we will be looking at top 20 home business ideas you can start easily with low capital. We will also be giving quick tips on how to start. Let’s get right into it:

Fish Farming

Fish farming is a business that promises a lot of profit but requires a lot of dedication and experience. That is to say your first go at the business might not strike gold but perseverance and learning from your mistakes will surely see you to success. You can however make your first attempt more successful with our well research business plan.

Online Tutoring

Using Zoom, Team or other video calling platforms, you can start an online teaching business. It is easy; all that you require is a good Internet connection and a smart device that is capable of video calls. Many video calling platforms offer video conferencing features for a limited number of users, you can save time by scheduling a conference call with students offering similar topics.

Cosmetics Production

Producing cosmetics is a home business idea that can prove very lucrative if you know how to go about it. You do however need to carry out some serious research especially about safe ingredients to use in your product before starting. Trust me, you would not want customers having skin reactions to your products, such a thing could ruin your business, not to mention put you in some legal palaver.


Starting a blog is as easy as carrying out a search on Google. All you need do is create one on blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and what have you. This home business idea does require great patience and dedication but once you begin to earn money from internal and external advertising, it will all prove worthwhile.

Snack Making

You can make popular snacks like chips, cupcakes, meatpies, doughnuts and buns and sell in retail and wholesale packages. You can make early morning supplies to small shops around your area or sell right from your home. Consistency is however required with this home business idea as your customers will be relying on your supply of their favourite snacks.

Ice Block Production

The sale of ice block is perhaps the easiest home business idea to start. You can launch this business using your home freezer and sell these ice blocks to provision store without power supply. Unfortunately, poor power supply can impinge on the operation and progress of this business.

Soap Production

Be it liquid or solid soap, there is a ready market for this home business idea. With an easily acquired knowledge of soap production and the necessary materials, you can start this business without any hassle. Given that you price your product competitively, you should find this business very profitable and worthwhile.

Affiliate Marketing

You are on social media and perhaps you have a good number of followers across platforms, affiliate marketing might just be the best business for you. By helping companies or other individuals sell their products or services online, you can earn a commission on every purchase that is accrued to you. All you need do is go online and find an affiliate marketing programme and you are well on your way to making good earnings from it.

Airtime Business

The airtime business is a hot one – the proof is in the number of airtime you buy in a week. Perhaps it is time you got in on the action yourself. To get this home business idea started, purchase airtime of the different service providers wholesale and begin to sell in retail price right from your home. Do remember that the airtime business is structured in such a way that the more you buy wholesale, the more you gain. 


Right from the comfort of your home and with a sewing machine, you can start you tailoring business. You may start with offering mending services before launching into the sewing of school uniforms and more complex styles. You will have to acquire the knowledge and skills from more experienced tailors. Luckily, they are a dime a dozen and you should not have any problem finding one who is willing to take you as an apprentice.

Rental Services

There are a lot of things you can rent out for a fee. Except the obvious canopies and chairs, you can also put such thing like ladders, cutleries, utensils and sound systems for let. Publicity can be done by word of mouth, handbills and posters or via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Bulk SMS Service

In a world where a cheaper means of mass communication is considered pure gold, bulk SMS services stand particularly precious. You can make quite a fortune offering your bulk SMS service to companies and organisations seeking such. You can launch today by using such platforms like KudiSMS and AdinoSMS.  

Ghost Writing

Many people who do not have the time or knowledge to write often go in search of good writers who can put their ideas into words. Even companies, blogs and media agencies often employ the services of ghost writers. You can offer your freelance ghost writing services by registering with platforms like Inklancers and Fiverr.

Small Chops Packaging

Small chops have become a staple in the food requirements of many events held today. In the same vein, the demand for small chops has also greatly improved. The making and packaging of small chops is therefore a good home business idea to consider getting into.

Poultry Farming

The rearing of poultry birds have for long been making people rich. Given how in-demand chicken, turkey and other poultry birds are, it is no surprise that poultry farming is so lucrative. What is more, it is an easy business that does not require all your time. Take care of the birds by ensuring they are healthy and well fed and you will find yourself earning a lot of cash from their sales.


This is a lucrative business that offers more advantages for the seller that physical retailing. It involves selling products online that you do not have in stock until a demand is made for it. This saves you from the problems of storage and having your money tied down. Jumia and Aliexpress are platform from which you can get products to start your dropshipping business.

Social Media Marketing

This involves selling products and services using social media. By growing your social media account to reach a high number of followers, you will create an opportunity for you to launch a successful social media marketing business. 


Vlogging is also known as video blogging. YouTube is the biggest dedicated vlogging platform right now and a lot of money can be made from advertisers there. You can also put out content on Instagram and Facebook and make money from in-video advertising.

Event Planning

You do not have to be out and about to plan a successful event. Using your phone and the Internet, you can actually put off a well-planned event. It is however important to note that event planning is a skill that you can cultivate – it involves a high level of organisation, patience and communication to successfully pull off.

Jewellery Making

The making of beads, gold and silver necklaces, braces and what not can earn one some money. Depending on your creativity and dedication, your business could see an impressive number of customers looking to patronise your items. For the matter of publicity, word of mouth and social media would suffice.

For a list of business ideas more suited to your particular situation, use our Business Yield Idea Generator. Also, check out our extensive list of business plans.

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