DIGITAL PRODUCTS: How To Create and Sell Them

Digital Products
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Physical product sales aren’t as good as digital product sales in many ways. Most of the economy today is based on digital products, even though people can’t touch or hold them. This includes music, videos, ebooks, and online courses, among other things. Since these intangibles are in high demand and easy to spread, many business owners rely on them for everything. Creatives, bloggers, teachers, and freelancers who want to make money online without doing much work may find it interesting to learn how to sell digital products because it’s easy to sell the same product to multiple people without having to restock. This article will show you how to create the most profitable digital products that you can resell for free.

What Are Digital Products?

A digital product is any kind of media or thing that can be copied, uploaded, downloaded, and resold online without ever running out of stock. Digital files such as MP3s, PDFs, movies, plug-ins, and templates are common forms that these goods take.

The Most Profitable and Free Digital Products to Sell Online

The following are the most profitable and free products to sell online. Without further ado, let’s have a look at this collection of digital products and see if any of them can aid in the expansion of your company.

#1. Courses

We’re huge fans of online learning. In reality,  Heroes rely heavily on course sales to fund their operations. An online course is just like an in-classroom course, except that you teach it online utilizing text, video, and audio elements. Customers progress through the information in discrete modules that reflect both the course’s title and its intended content. Customers can attend your course on their own time without having to worry about meeting deadlines or stressing themselves out. In addition, you can design courses of varying lengths and costs.

#2. E-books

E-books are gaining in popularity month over month. One billion and one hundred twenty-one dollars were earned in the United States through eBook sales. If you have the time and motivation, you can publish an e-book on any subject you desire. After the product is finished, there is no more work to be done (except for marketing, of course). It also allows you to make passive money over months and years. You, the business owner, get to say how long the e-book is and what exactly goes into it. Either find a conventional publisher or publish it yourself using Kajabi. If you want your ebook to look professional, engage a reputable web designer or use a premade design.

Promote your e-book to the people who have already purchased your digital products, like online courses. You already have a pre-assembled sales pipeline ready to go. Some business owners publish eBook collections. 

#3. Photography 

Because millions of individuals are constantly publishing new information online, there is always a need for fresh and original photographs. However, sites like Fotolia and iStockphoto buy photos from independent artists like you. Alternatively, you might try marketing your pictures through your personal websites. This is also a popular choice among fine art photographers who want to avoid giving up a cut of their sales to middlemen. By letting you keep full ownership of your images, these sites safeguard your intellectual property while putting your work in front of a new audience. Keep in mind the various channels via which you can market your photographs:

  • Exclusively digital media
  • The Fine Print
  • Huge paintings
  • Promotional items (such as coffee cups and T-shirts) bearing your artwork

#4. Web Elements

In today’s market, web components are in high demand. For instance, one common source of six-figure income is the sale of WordPress themes and plugins. You can make money without doing much work by selling premium web design templates. Changes to the content management system (CMS) may require periodic updates, but these will be much less time-consuming than developing an entirely new product from scratch. Moreover, you’re free to create as many distinct site themes as your heart desires. The more value you can give to your clients, the more likely they are to become paying ones.

#5. Research and Data

The time invested in gathering one’s own data and conducting one’s own study can be substantial. As inconvenient as it may be, some people aren’t interested in making the effort to compile information. You play an important role here. Selling data, such as industry information or the findings of your own investigations, can be a highly lucrative endeavor. Anyone who purchases this information can use it to better guide their operations.

#6. Tutorials and Guides

It’s true that many people publish how-to instructions and tutorials for free on the Internet. However, you should consider selling a digital product if you can produce one that is longer, more in-depth, and of greater quality. We are a do-it-yourself society. Individuals are more interested in acquiring the knowledge necessary to accomplish tasks independently. They prefer not to pay anyone and instead save money.

In addition, shoppers are eager to absorb as much information as possible about the products they purchase. Because of their informative nature, documentaries and similar shows continue to enjoy massive audiences. A lesson or guide can be written in whatever style you like. Although some Knowledge Commerce experts may be more comfortable behind the microphone or keyboard, others favor video production. Your choice.

#7. Software Programs

If you’re a computer genius, you may skyrocket your income by developing a brand-new piece of software. As a rule, software becomes popular when it solves a problem for its users. Many applications have endured the test of time, whether they’re meant to boost productivity, provide deeper insights into the web, or help with design and drawing. Its continued success is due to the devotion of its core audience members.

Most software is now sold on a subscription basis rather than as a one-time purchase of a license. Customers pay a little amount on a recurring basis to utilize your program. Access is guaranteed so long as payment is received. With a subscription model, you can increase your earnings potential in many ways that licensing can’t. A single payment is made for each license sold. Never ask a consumer for money again. You get to choose the payment plan that works best for your company and your bottom line.

#8. Recipes

Many of the best-selling books ever were originally published as cookbooks. Many shoppers are eager to try new cuisines from all over the globe, and many others are always on the lookout for inventive new methods to prepare old favorites. While it’s true that you can easily get recipes online for free, there’s a good reason why cookbooks still sell. It’s generally accepted that you get more bang for your buck when you pay for something.

#9. Apps

And while we’re on the topic of apps, it’s feasible that mobile applications have surpassed the popularity of software suites. On the other hand, they both accomplish the same purpose, just on different mediums. In the past, for instance, individuals would play games on their computers by inserting a CD-ROM. These days, students can download an app to play the same kind of games on their mobile devices.

Certain apps cost a few dollars to download, while others are “freemium,” meaning they offer some free services in exchange for in-app purchases for those who would like access to paid upgrades. An understanding of programming is not even required. Freelance IT professionals might be contracted for a set rate to assist in the implementation of your project. This is a common strategy for business owners in digital products.

#10. Podcasts

Podcasts are typically offered at no cost. They are used by business owners and artists to spread the word about their enterprises. One alternative is to charge listeners for access to a premium podcast that provides extra content, in-depth tutorials, and more. The options for accomplishing this are many. You may, for instance, start a podcast for which listeners pay you on a subscription basis. As far as functionality goes, it would be identical to a standard membership site, except that all of the material would be presented in audio form.

#11. Swipe Files

Swipe files are documents that offer useful resources for achieving a specific objective, pastime, or profession. Examples of good writing that a writer might want to use as inspiration are kept in “swipe files.” Swipe files, on the other hand, can include anything you choose. It’s a good idea for designers to compile a swipe file of icons and other graphics that clients might use on their websites, marketing materials, and other deliverables.

You can compile research, data points, checklists, and more into a swipe file for future use. Professional crafters may offer swipe files containing do-it-yourself initiatives, while parents could offer swipe files containing fun indoor activities for kids of varying ages. The content of your swipe file is only as good as the information you put into it. It shouldn’t be a rehash of something you’ve already written on your blog or feature material that can be found elsewhere online for free.

#12. Templates and Calculators

Templates and calculators, like tutorials and instructions, have grown in popularity in recent years. In general, people are looking for the most convenient means of traveling between two given points. While calculators might assist individuals in estimating the optimal interest rate for a mortgage or the finest combinations of assets, templates could be used for anything from interior design to musical creation.

While your imagination is the limit when it comes to these types of assets, they must provide value beyond what can be found in the many free examples found online. You shouldn’t be afraid to charge for your highly-advanced calculator or template.

#13. Patterns

If you’re the creative type when it comes to digital products, you might consider putting together a digital product by designing your own cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, watercolor, and other craft patterns and selling them online. It seems like everyone is always on the lookout for some new and exciting home decor patterns.

#14 Graphic Arts Bundles

Creating images, icons, and other visual assets is a skill that most people lack. They usually get what they need from free or high-quality things. In this instance, the do-it-yourself market meets the business sector. Entrepreneurs like you want to create their own digital products and develop their own websites, but you need appealing assets to use in your projects. Of course, there’s more to it than just web development. To save time, a designer may borrow someone else’s graphics when working on a T-shirt or other mass-market item. They aren’t artists themselves, but they can put together a pretty display for profit.

#15. Coaching Packages

The commercial market has evolved over the past few years, as we’ve discussed at length. The distinctions between goods and services aren’t as sharp as they were 20 years ago. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many consumer goods, from clothing to eyewear to grooming tools, are now available as a service. In exchange for a subscription fee, you will receive your delivery at regular intervals. However, bundles of services might also be offered for sale. You can diversify your income and grow closer to your clientele by including coaching services as part of your Knowledge Commerce offerings in digital products

Can You Make Money When You Sell Digital Products? 

Yes, you can make money when you sell digital products. However, you can resell your products via any number of free digital channels, such as e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and social media networks. It’s a fantastic strategy for expanding one’s online visibility. The potential to become a successful full-time endeavor requires you to sell digital products.

What Makes Good Digital Products?

To design a strong digital product, you must guarantee that it has 

  • Provides a brand experience.
  • Usefulness, 
  • Desirability, and also
  •  Usability, 

How do I create digital products? 

Here is a guide on how to create free digital products you can resell. The top-selling digital content is created by incorporating the following elements:

#1. Generating Ideas Creatively

First, think of some thoughts and record them. Don’t be too hard on yourself; your initial brainstorm doesn’t have to provide the world’s greatest digital products. Ideas, both good and bad, can be a springboard for one another. Overthinking is detrimental to the brainstorming process.

#2. Study

To create free digital products you can resell online, you have to read up on related topics to broaden your scope of potential enterprise concepts. The most successful digital goods alleviate problems clients have with your core offering, the industry as a whole, or your values as a company, while also focusing on the interests or passions of your target market. As such, both offer promising commercial openings for the development of a useful instructional product.

#3. Validation

You should check the viability of your idea for digital products before investing too much effort in figuring out how to create them. You shouldn’t put significant effort or resources into something new until you’re confident it will pay off.

#4. Create an Online Store for Your Digital Products

After an idea for digital products has been proven viable, the next step is to find a free online storefront from which you can resell. market out. This is a vital stage if you want to learn how to sell digital things online.


What are the top digital products to sell?

The top free digital products to resell are eBooks, software, applications digital artwork, and graphic

What are the digital products you can sell online?

Digital products you can sell online are software, services and expertise, Podcasts, Games, and photography.

Where you can sell digital products?

Sellfy, Podia, and Shopify are among the best platform you can sell your digital products.


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