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Monitoring your house or business with a security camera system is a terrific idea. While they were previously an expensive addition to any room, modern models have dropped in price and offer simple connectivity to your phone or smart home devices. However, when it comes to security cameras, you want to find one that strikes a good mix between video quality, cost, longevity, and useful features. Some setups can only function with a wired connection, while others can function with a wireless one. To get the best quality and record as much detail as possible, 4K UHD is the perfect fit. With the 4K security camera system resolution standard on most modern models, you can keep tabs on your house or business with ease.

Whether you run your business out of an office in the city or a basement workshop, there is a security camera system designed specifically for you. Using the playback functions, you may easily review any events that occurred while you weren’t watching the system. In this article, we’ll go through and discuss the top best 4K security camera systems currently available.

What to Consider to Choose Your 4K Business Security Camera System

#1. Number of Cameras

More cameras are needed to monitor a greater area. To determine the overall number of cameras required, think about how many different places you want to keep an eye on.

#2. Field of View

The more expansive a camera’s field of vision, the more it can record. It’s not crucial to have a broad field of vision, but you should think about the context of your shots. A camera placed in a corner, for example, does not require as broad of a field of vision as one covering an entire yard.

#3. Storage 

You’ll need a place to keep your surveillance footage if you ever want to watch it again. You should have enough space to save your 4K footage for several days at a time without difficulty, however, you can always delete older recordings to make room.

#4. Night-Vision

These days, most security cameras offer night vision, albeit the range varies. You should consider upgrading your camera’s night vision capabilities if you regularly need to capture images from a great distance.

Best 4K Security Camera System for Business

One of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure the safety of your house or business is to set up a network of security cameras in strategic locations. However, you will require a plethora of auxiliary tools for setting up and operating these security cameras.

That aside, we have in the table below a compilation of the best business 4K security camera system available in 2022. This will make your quest of choosing the right camera option for your business easy. Without further ado, carefully read through to the end.

#1. SWANN  8-Channel 4-Camera DVR Security System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 4
  • Field of View: 100 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 130 feet

If you compare the price of this security system to others in its category, you will find that it is rather reasonable. In addition, an eight-channel high-definition digital video recorder is linked to a total of four cameras. The Swann cameras in this bundle are equipped with night vision, however, their viewing distance is limited to 130 feet.

There are two terabytes of room in the digital box, but it cannot be expanded. Customers may rest easy knowing that this device is backed by a 12-month guarantee period.


  • Acceptable to shoppers on a tighter budget
  • There’s room for up to four more cameras.
  • Capable video quality with night vision support


  • Low capacity for storage
  • Lack of mobile backup

#2. ZOSI 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 4
  • Field of View: 110 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 200 feet

Even though ZOSI is a newer company, its security cameras have some very cutting-edge capabilities that make them superior to many competing systems. If you’re looking for a low-priced, high-quality solution, the ZOSI 4K Ultra HD System is a fantastic choice. The system includes a total of four cameras and an eight-channel control box. Additionally, the video recorder houses a two-terabyte hard disk.

All of the bundled cameras have an IP 67 rating, making them suitable for use in wet environments. Also included is night vision with a range of up to 200 feet.


  • Economically viable and budget friendly
  • Incredible and effective night vision performance
  • Extreme dryness for industrial use


  • Unavailability of connectors and ports
  • Limited peripheral vision

#3. AMCREST 4K Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 4
  • Field of View: 105 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes (extendable up to 6 terabytes)
  • Night-Vision: 98.4 feet

This Amcrest 4K Security Camera System is your best bet if you want something that will last a long time and is known for its high-quality construction. A total of four security cameras and an eight-channel digital box make up this installation. The Amcrest Security System can be used in any weather thanks to its IP-67 rating for protection against water. The base storage capacity of this system is 2 terabytes, and it may be upgraded to a maximum of 6 terabytes. You may rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth thanks to the two-year warranty.


  • Large capacity for storing items
  • Durable build quality
  • High-resolution cameras with awesome video quality


  • Exorbitant Cloud storage subscriptions
  • Limitations on integration with external systems

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 8
  • Field of View: 87 degrees
  • Storage: 6 terabytes (extendable up to 12 terabytes)
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet

The REOLINK 4K Security Camera System provides coverage over a wide area and may be configured in a variety of ways. With its eight cameras and sixteen channels, it’s a complete package. Because it is compatible with products from other manufacturers, you can add even more cameras to your setup. If you only plan on using the eight cameras included in this bundle, the rather meager six terabytes of storage space may be plenty. Complete remote access is possible from iOS and Android smartphones, and the system’s built-in microphones record audio in pristine quality.


  • Simple third-party compatibility
  • Sufficiently lengthy guarantee time frame
  • Video Files Can Be Stored On A MicroSD Card


  • Limited field of view
  • Costly cloud service plans

#5. ANNKE 4K Home Security System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 4
  • Field of View: 105 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes (extendable up to 10 terabytes)
  • Night -Vision: 100 feet

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this ANNKE 4K Home Security System. A total of eight channels mean that you can use the four integrated cameras plus an additional four you purchase separately. Built-in storage space is limited to 2 TB, but can be expanded to 10 TB with no problems; this is more than adequate for a 4-camera security setup. All of the cameras in this system are weatherproof to an IP 67 standard and may be used indoors or out. They have dual working modes (motion detection and continuous).


  • Long-range night vision
  • Motion detection settings that are customizable
  • Abundant storage options when it comes to expansion


  • Negative Slow customer service from the tech team
  • Short cable length

#6. ONWOTE 16-Channel 4K PoE Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 16
  • Field of View: 125 degrees
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet
  • Storage Space: 4 terabytes (extendable up to 20 terabytes)

We highly recommend this ONWOTE security system for any building, whether it’s a commercial or residential complex of any size. It has 16 cameras and 4TB of built-in storage, with support for up to 20TB of additional space via a microSD card. The night vision isn’t great, having a range of only 100 feet, but the system’s completeness more than makes up for it. Each of the 16 cameras is weatherproof, so they may be placed anywhere without worry.


  • Excellent storage spaces
  • Great night vision performance


  • Vigh high cost
  • Isolation from the Elements ratings does not include water resistance.

#7. LOREX 4K Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 8
  • Field of View: 108 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 150 feet

With a 108-degree field of view, the Lorex 4K Security Camera System offers unparalleled detail and coverage. In total, there are eight 4K cameras in the system, all of which are linked to a digital brain box. Each camera has two LED lights that turn on when motion is detected. You can leave the system up and operate for days without paying any additional cloud storage fees. You may use it confidently in the great outdoors because of its full smart compatibility and simple integration with smart home solutions.


  • Outstanding night vision performance
  • Huge amounts of cutting-edge options
  • Free-to-use mobile application


  • Slightly more pricey than similar products on the market.
  • Absence of installation support

#8. HORNBILL 4K Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 4
  • Field of View: 153 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet

For a mid-sized home or business, we recommend the Hornbill 4K Security Camera System. It’s capable of providing top-notch monitoring around the clock. Hornbill’s security system is much less complicated to set up and wire than its rivals due to its use of PoE (Power over Ethernet) connections.

This system includes four cameras, all of which may be operated from afar with a mobile smartphone. In addition, motion detection may be activated for each camera, with instantaneous alerts sent to your phone if motion is detected. Furthermore, the user is able to customize the range of the motion sensor.


  • Superb field of view
  • Accessible mobile app
  • Superior compatibility across channels


  • Fewer ports than would like
  • Insufficient storage space

#9. OHWOAI POE Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 8
  • Field of View: 153 degrees
  • Storage: 4 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet

If you’re looking for a low-cost security camera system, the Ohwoai 4K model is a good bet. To be more specific, there are exactly eight 4K cameras within the box, one for each of the eight available camera channels. As may be expected from a low-cost choice, it does not boast an IP classification for water protection while being weatherproof.

Additionally, it may be disappointing to know nothing about the effective distance of its night vision capability. Despite the fact that the 4 TB hard disk provided with this 4K security camera system is not upgradeable, it should be more than enough for most users. This 4K security camera system, unlike similar solutions that are less expensive, includes a respectable one-year warranty to provide you some peace of mind.


  • Extremely cheap 4K surveillance cameras
  • Come with a large number of cameras for a cheaper price
  • Consistently reliable, with a respectable amount of time allotted for the guarantee to kick in


  • No star for night vision range.

#10. Hiseeu 8CH 4K PoE Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 4
  • Field of View: 150 degrees
  • Storage: 3 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet

Hiseeu is a newer, smaller business whose security and surveillance solutions are well-suited for use in the great outdoors without breaking the bank.

When starting off with outdoor surveillance cameras, the Hiseeu 4K security camera system is an excellent choice. You get 4 high-detail 4K cameras to start, and with the 8 bundled channels, you may add up to 4 more. Each of these cameras has an IP 67 rating, meaning they are completely protected against water.

These cameras have a range of up to 100 feet and even work in the dark. Since the bundled 3 TB hard drive cannot be upgraded, this 4K security camera system falls short in the area of storage. To return to outdoor applications, the offered 2-year warranty is reassuring evidence of the durability of these security cameras.


  • It’s ideal for use in the great outdoors and built with water resistant
  • Superior night vision video quality.
  • A reasonable long warranty, allowing you to rest easy.


  • Unavailability of additional space for storage

#11. GW Security 4K NVR 5MP POE Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 6
  • Field of View: 150 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet

People looking for a mid-range security system may find GW Security’s 4K system to be a good value. Having a respectable starting point with 6 included 4K cameras that can be increased to a maximum of 8 camera channels is a major factor in this. While it’s great that all of these cameras can withstand the elements, the lack of an IP classification may be a deal breaker for others.

Nighttime camera performance is another area where evaluations are lacking. Thankfully, GW Security has not skimped elsewhere, since a respectable 2 TB hard drive is already built-in, and you can add up to a whopping 10 TB more if you need to. Additionally, this 4K security camera system comes with a useful 2-year guarantee.


  • Superb 4K surveillance cameras at a reasonable price
  • Very good capacity with room for expansion
  • A sizable number of cameras can be used simultaneously.


  • Lacks information about its ability to resist moisture, such as an IP rating

#12. Arlo Ultra 4K Security Camera System

Key Features

  • Number of Cameras: 6
  • Field of View: 180 degrees
  • Storage: 2 terabytes
  • Night-Vision: 100 feet

The video quality of each of the 4K cameras we examined was very close to one another; however, the Arlo Ultra 4K stood out thanks to its 180-degree field of view and outstanding dynamic range (HDR). When we took the camera outside, we were able to see our whole living room or front door in crisp detail thanks to the camera’s 4K resolution. The Arlo Ultra 4K’s night vision was also very good, and we were able to toggle between full color and black and white, so the camera would always look its best no matter where we put it. We brought it inside and turned on the light inside so that it could shine in the living room. To avoid detection, we switched to infrared night vision and turned off the camera’s lights when it was installed outside.


  • Able to withstand the weather, both indoors and out
  • Battery-powered
  • Compatible with the AI assistants Alexa, Google Home, and iOS’s Siri
  • Use of a microSD card or USB drive for local recording


  • No such thing as free cloud storage.
  • Subscriptions are needed to access AI-powered features

Is 2K Better Than 4K in Security Cameras?

When it comes to determining the overall quality of an image, a good rule of thumb to follow is that the greater the resolution, the better. When compared to 2K security cameras, 4K security cameras have a picture quality that is far greater. These cameras, which have a greater resolution of 3840×2160 and a total of 8 megapixels, are currently at the extremely high end of the quality spectrum for security video.

Which CCTV is Best for Business?

  • ANNKE WS200 Security Camera System: as the Best IP Cameras
  • Night Owl DP8 Series 12-Channel DVR Security System: coming as the Best High Definition Security Camera
  • Google Nest Cam Smart Home Security Camera; Best Wireless Security Cameras
  • Defender Phoenixm2 Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Security Camera: Best Security Cameras with Audio Recording

Which Camera is Best for Office Security?

Below are a few of the best security camera systems for offices

  • Swann 12-Camera Security System
  • Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Security System
  • Google Nest Cam IQ.
  • Hiseeu 8CH 4K PoE Security Camera System

Is it Worth Getting 4K Security Cameras?

The goal of every surveillance system is to collect and compile data. You should really think about investing in a 4K security camera system for home or business surveillance because it records and stores four times as much data as conventional systems.

You’re conducting surveillance to amass as much useful data as you can, therefore it’s crucial that you enhance your house or business’ surveillance capability to take advantage of this new technology.

Do I Really Need 4K Security Cameras?

Absolutely. Security cameras are one of the simplest and most efficient ways to ensure the safety of your home or business. The goal of all surveillance systems is to gather and organize information. You should really think about buying a 4K security camera system for your home or business because it can record and store four times as much data as other systems.

You’re doing surveillance to get as much useful information as you can, so it’s important to improve the surveillance capabilities of your home or business to make the most of this new technology.

Which is Better 4K or 5MP Camera?

Both the 5MP and 4K zoomed images are crisp and detailed, while the 4K version’s greater zoom depth makes it possible to notice even more details. In terms of pixels, a 4K camera captures 1.5 times as much as a 5MP one.

There are more than 8 million pixels in a 4K Ultra HD security camera’s high-resolution 3840 by 2160 image. There is also a name for them: 8MP/2160p security cameras. In spite of the fact that 4K IP cameras are not widely available or cheap at the moment, they can undeniably improve the quality of your live video feed.

What is the Difference Between DVR and NVR?

The primary distinction between an NVR and a DVR is in the way that the devices handle unprocessed video data. While an NVR may deal with both analog and digital footage, a DVR specializes in the latter. While data in DVR systems is processed locally, in NVR systems it is encoded and processed locally at the camera and then transmitted to the recorder for storage and remote viewing. The DVR connects to the CCTV system through a coaxial cable if the system is an analog one, whereas the NVR connects to the IP camera system via Ethernet or WiFi if it is an IP one.


Installing a 4K security camera system is a cheap, simple, and effective way to ensure the safety of your house or business. Having a security camera system installed in your house or place of business is basically a fantastic way to keep an eye on things. While it used to be an expensive addition to any home, the modern models have dropped in price. And also, they are simple to sync with your mobile device or other smart home features.

Additionally, because most modern models support 4K resolution, it’s simple to keep tabs on what’s happening in and around your house or office. Whether you’re at the office, away on vacation, or just want to be sure no one is tampering with your home, this feature can be a huge help. You may easily review events that occurred when you weren’t watching the system thanks to the playback functions.

Security Camera System FAQs

Higher MP means better camera, how true?

The old adage that more megapixels equal a better camera is no longer valid. More megapixels won’t do you any good beyond letting you expand and trim your photos without the pixels becoming obvious.

What is the major reason why a 12MP image is better than an 8MP?

Images captured by a camera with a 12-megapixel sensor include 12 million individual pixels (PPI). Although, the sensor of an 8MP camera may provide images with the same resolution. The 12MP sensor is able to pack more megapixels per square inch than the 8MP sensor, resulting in crisper photographs.

Do you think an 8MP camera is good enough?

A resolution of at least 8 megapixels is recommended for large prints and 4K televisions. Even higher resolutions enable you to crop photographs without significantly degrading their quality.


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