Best Business Ideas to Start Without Stress (40 Free Tips + Business Plans)

best business ideas
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Perhaps you’ve been on a quest to find the best business idea you can execute without having to stress yourself. It is quite possible, if you are reading this, that you have tried several business ideas only to discover that these weren’t really for you.

This article is all about finding the absolute best business idea that you can start easily without the usual hassles that come with the territory of becoming an entrepreneur. We also give 40 free tips that you can use to find the perfect business for you.

Let’s take a look.

The Best Business Ideas for You

Open a Thrift Shop

You cannot go wrong with selling used items at a good price. Used clothes, shoes, bags and such other items that are sold for significantly lower than their newer counterparts are extremely popular these days, what with the decline of the economy. Needless to say, you can make a lot of profit buying these items in bulk and selling for prices that even the thriftiest of customers would consider a steal.

Become a Personal Trainer

A lot of people, especially sportspeople, are looking for trainers who can lead them into their desired body shape or help them avoid injuries. As a personal trainer, you must be very active on social media where clients can quickly access your training techniques and determine if you are compatible with their needs. Ensure you show potential clients that you value that privacy by being confidential with your client list.

Give Music Lessons

This is certainly one of the best business ideas you can come up with. As a music teacher, you can help clients learn the rudiments of music, how to play musical instruments like the piano (or keyboard), guitar and trumpet as well as put them through vocal exercises that can improve their singing. You can also prepare students looking to take music professionally.

Become a Desktop Publisher

Using desktop publishing software, you can start a business publishing books, magazines and other such materials. By offering cheaper rates than traditional printers, you can attract many customers. You should also publicise your desktop publishing services on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Style Hair

Easily one of the best business ideas, hairstyling can make you a lot of money. Even without a salon, you can start this business. Just ensure that your work is very good and that your customers leave you satisfied. With word of mouth alone, you can get a lot of new customers wanting you to do their hair. Lure customers in with attractive prices and the best of services

Become a Photographer

Photography is counted as one of the best business ideas because of the many ways you can use it to make money. You can decide to go into event coverage and may even specify the kind of event you cover, say weddings or funerals. Alternatively, you can sell your photograph online through platforms where such services are offered.

Design Websites

You can make a fortune designing websites for companies. In today’s world, a company’s website is as good as their physical base, as such many companies place a premium on its design and are therefore willing to pay top dollar for the best quality. Due to the technicalities involve, you will need to take certain classes before you can launch your website designing business. As an added advantage, you can work from the comfort of your home.

Become a Graphic Designer

Aside from its cool factor, this is without doubt one of the best business ideas period. This business entails creating attractive promotional materials like business cards, handbills, posters, notices and so on. Many business owners know very little about designing and are in search of good graphic designers to design their materials. While it is advisable to take advanced classes, a good knowledge of Corel Draw, Paint and Adobe Photoshop can get you started.

Repair Appliances

Trust me, it is not rocket science; you can make it with this business idea. You can start out by trying to fix your own home appliances and in the process, familiarise yourself with their components. When you’ve mastered the art, you can launch your business right out of your sitting room or work on contract with appliance stores.

Manage Properties

As a property manager, you are to ensure your client’s properties are well cared for. If they are rented out, make sure that the clients are adhering to their contracts. You must stay alert and be ready to settle any issues involving the properties you manage. You should also ensure that you make regular reports to the owner of these properties. This is regarded as one of the best business ideas because it is a business you can do on the side without stress.

Make Jewellery

Making jewellery is one of the best business ideas you can do with stress. It is easy to learn; even if you had no prior knowledge of the craft, a few tutorial videos should put you through. It also requires little capital to start and can be a fun and exciting business to try. You can also do it from home and carry out the bulk of your marketing on social media

Write Copies

Copywriting covers a range of marketing materials including blog posts, press releases, ad and PR copies and web content. Copywriting does however require some knowledge in good writing and marketing but you can always learn more on the job. Offer your services to companies in search of copywriters and earn a considerable amount. One advantage of copywriting is that you can work from home.

Become a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing, as the name implies, involves selling goods and services on the Internet. With their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, web development or social media management, digital marketers get people informed about products and services as well as convince them to make purchase. Many companies outsource their digital marketing efforts. As a digital marketer, you can work from home at your convenience.

40 Free Tips on Finding and Executing the Best Business Ideas for You

  1. Do a lot of research before you start.
  2. Ensure you fully understand what you are getting into.
  3. Have a business plan – you can check out our list of  business plans
  4. Do not follow the trends
  5. Be flexible
  6. Consider your personal interest
  7. Think about your financial capabilities
  8. Consider your experience
  9. Think about the risks involved
  10. Define your budget
  11. Recognise opportunities and seize them
  12. Seek professional help like Business Yield Idea Generator
  13. Consider demographics
  14. Think durability
  15. Work on past mistakes
  16. Be adventurous
  17. Put into consideration the legal and regulatory constraints
  18. Consider security
  19. Have a social media marketing strategy
  20. Consider transportation and logistics
  21. Take your passion into consideration
  22. Think about time of production
  23. Be open-minded
  24. Stay current
  25. Evaluate future cost implications
  26. Consider the proposed business’s rate of success
  27. Use your imagination
  28. Maintain clarity of purpose
  29. Transform the mundane to the spectacular
  30. Work towards excellence
  31. Always think sustenance
  32. Follow your instincts
  33. Conduct a financial analysis on your proposed business
  34. Consider the location
  35. Be realistic
  36. Explore many channels
  37. Consider the target customers
  38. Take government policies into consideration
  39. Think about necessary raw materials
  40. Perform a SWOT analysis
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