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Best Business to Start with 300k: All You Need (+ Business Plans & Free Tips)



Best business to start with 300k

As someone who is looking to start and grow a successful business, the first thing you must know is not every business idea is worth putting your money into. When lack of capital is not the immediate hurdle you have to scale to own a business, we’ve found that lack of a good business idea often is. A budget of 300k with the right business idea and management skills can yield long-lasting results and launch you into the entrepreneurial class.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of best business to start with 300k. Business plans and free tips on how to start are also included.

Let’s get right into it

Best Business to Start with 300k

#1. Tailoring

Provided you know how to cut and sew clothes well, you should consider tailoring as a viable choice with 300k in your pocket. To save your capital for the essentials, you can operate out of your residence and spent the money on sewing machines and other necessary equipment, this would afford you the opportunity of employing two or more hands to get the business started and ensure customer satisfaction.

Alternatively, you could rent a small store at a moderately commercial area for nothing more than a third of the budget, get some mannequins and dress them up in your best designs to announce your presence and spend the rest on sewing machines and whatnot. On average, one can earn $40,000USD to $450,000kUSD month from tailoring and fashion design. Yes! no exaggeration. Get this Fashion Business Plan to guide you to start the business towards earning your own money bag.

Download: Fashion Business Plan with 3+ years financial projection

#2. Barbershop

You can also open a barbershop with your budget of 300k. You will have to rent a shop space to situate the business. When making location decisions, you have to consider factors like demographics of the area, infrastructural facilities and community factors (security) so as not to make a regrettable decision.

The rest of the budget you can spend on getting equipment for the shop like clippers, television, sound system, setting up your decor and getting a few hands to help out around the place.

#3. Hair Salon

Hair salons are boisterous and well sought-after places. Like barbershops, you have to consider certain factors while deciding on an area or shop space for your salon. A hair salon requires a lot of tools and equipment like a blow dryer, all-purpose and blending shears, combs and brushes, razor, sectioning clips, not to mention, hair extensions and attachments.

You will also need to get a few hands who will assist you, although an apprenticeship system would save you a lot of money in that aspect.

#4. Sale of Hair Extension

There’s a very profitable market in the sale of hair extensions. Unlike what many people think, it doesn’t take much in terms of funds to get started. With much of your 300k budget, you can handle procurement of these hair extensions. You do however need to connect with other sellers as they usually come together to shoulder the cost of importation and clearing.

The rest of the budget can be spent on marketing and delivery of orders. You can market solely on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In order to reach a lot of people however, you may have to spend some money on sponsored posts.

#5. Sale of Clothes

Many have found selling of clothes to be a very worthwhile business. Of course, such an endeavour could launch with even less than half the 300k budget. With the full budget however, you can launch it large scale which could radically improve the profitability, not to mention lifespan, of the business.

With the budget of 300k, you can open a mini boutique in a tony part of town and stock the finest clothes which you can sell for higher profit.

#6. Dry Cleaning Service

Another business you can start with a budget of 300k is laundry services. You will need to spend money on getting a shop, preferably something with enough space to keep all your equipment.

You also need the space for your clients’ clothes. On your shopping list should be a good pressing iron; some washing bowls; soaps and, if you have enough money left, an actual washing machine. A washing machine will reduce the number of clothes you need to wash by hand. You may want to invest in a generator depending on the power situation in the environment where your business is.

#7. Football Viewing Centre

You will need a good television and cable subscription to get this business on the ground. You will also need a board which will announce the array of football matches your viewing centre will be showing. A power generator is all but necessary to successfully run such a business if power supply is problematic.

You may also want to put money down for a deep freezer and some crates of alcoholic beverages. hese are decidedly hot on such businesses.

#8. Cyber Cafe

Known colloquially as a business centre, the cyber cafe can be started to some degree with just 300k. Given the budget, it is advisable to purchase equipment with the bare necessities in mind.

For example, one desktop computer, a small printer or a used photocopier can get your business off the ground without breaking the bank. Just ensure you invest only in equipment that will give you the bang for your buck; not cause you problems layer on.


If you have been wondering how to start a good business that has a chance at succeeding without all the bells and whistles a big-budget affords you, this article, we hope, has at least given you some good ideas. You can also read other articles of business ideas to supplement this one.

In addition, We have a business idea generator tool purely handled by humans, not a computer program. We have you answer some simple questions to evaluate your personality, strengths, skills, talents, available time, budget etc. With this, we avail you the perfect business idea that suits your location, experience, personality and budget with link to 500+ business plans on various business ideas. Click on business idea generator to get started

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Business Food Ideas (23 Ideas + How to Start Guide)



business food ideas

Food is no doubt a commodity everyone consumes. If for some reason you doubt this fact, a HuffPost article in 2014 reported that the world consumes more than 11 million pounds of food every minute! As such, food is arguably one of the best industries to center your business on. This gives rise to the list of business food ideas embedded in this post.

In this article, we look at more than 20 business food ideas that can earn you a lot of money as well a guide on just how to go about it.

Food Business Ideas

There are a lot of food-related businesses you can open that have a high success rate. Here are 23 business food ideas.

#1. Catering

Catering events – be it weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, house warming parties, graduation ceremonies – is a great way to earn a living. If you are blessed with the ability to make sumptuous meals, catering is an especially viable business food idea to consider.

It is however not enough to just know how to cook. As a caterer, you must be organized and able to make the best use of what is available as well as also deal with contingencies.

#2. Bakeries

Bakeries are hot, both literally and literarily. If you own a bakery, you can earn a fortune just supplying bread to companies looking to brand them. You could as well sell directly to retailers. Bread is one of the staples on the breakfast table so it comes as no surprise that it sells like hot cake.

You can also make pastries, open up an annexed shop, and sell these. If your snacks are any good, you could make a name for your bakery as the place to get the best snacks.

Check out: Bakery Business Plan

bussiness food ideas

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#3. Food Deliveries

In the fast world we live in, everyone wants their food immediately they think about eating. Many people are now open to the idea of getting their meals delivered from their favorite restaurants to their homes. This has seen many restaurants creating a delivery outfit or outsourcing their home delivery demands to other delivery companies.

As someone looking to go into food deliveries, you must ensure you have a fast means of transportation, preferably something that can easily navigate through tough traffic common in most urban areas.

#4. Fish Farming

At this point, it needless to say that fish farming is a profitable business venture. There is just so much one can do with this business food idea. For example, as a fish farmer, you can make a fortune simply from selling to restaurants, hotels, boarding schools, or food establishments around you. You can also sell in bulk to retailers. The possibilities are endless.

It is worth pointing out that fish farming is capital intensive and requires some specialist knowledge to really make it. Also, the likelihood of making losses due to one factor or the other is high.

Check out: Fish Farming Business Plan

#5. Restaurants

By restaurants, we mean, commercial establishments to offer customers food in exchange for money. It doesn’t have to be five-star is what we mean. Generally, restaurants are booming. Many working-class people cannot afford or do not want to make home meals, especially during the week and so patronize restaurants.

As a restaurateur, you must recognize that customer satisfaction is extremely important. Do not underestimate the damage a negative offhand remark can cause your establishment.

#6. Ready-made Meals

You can also offer to make ready-made meals for people looking for such. Once you publicize your service, you are likely to get orders from people who want you to cook large quantities of food which they will refrigerate to last a long period of time.

Ensure that you pay attention to the specifications they give you and request for customers’ allergies and dislikes so that you don’t cause them discomfort while they eat your food.

#7. Personal Chef

You can earn a fortune as a personal chef. Depending on your arrangement with your employer, you could be a live-in chef or not. Live-in chefs are generally paid more but do not have the time to engage other employers.

#8. Cooking School

You can also open a cooking school to train people looking to learn the ropes. You can earn some money from this business food idea. The school does not have to be an institution with blocks of classrooms and whatnot. It could be a small shop, bakery, or restaurant where students can learn even as you serve the actual needs of customers.

#9. BBQ Catering Services

Barbeque is in hot demand and going into its preparation and sale is a very good business food idea. Perhaps, the key to a good barbeque shop is its location and open hours. People buy barbeque more at night in a fairly busy area where there is loud music and nightlife.

business food ideas

#10. Biscuit Making

The making of biscuits might not seem like a readily profitable business but if you employ some marketing tactics and really study the market, you will find yourself making a lot of money from simply baking and selling cookies.

The major advantage of this business food idea is that it requires very little capital to start.

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#11. Popcorn Making

In order to make it with this business food idea, you must be very strategic about where you situate your popcorn stand. Your business should be located in a busy place where people from all walks of life are likely to see it.

Know that your likely customers are young couples, teenagers, and children. As such, work towards attracting them with music or by placing setting up close to places they usually are.

#12. Energy Drink Business

Energy drinks are in and getting into the business would mean tapping into a currently unexplored business food idea. The potentials are however limitless. If you have the capital, you can invest in creating an energy drink of your own. Otherwise, you can deal in the wholesale or retail of these drinks. Whichever you decide to do, be sure you are well informed before taking action.

#13. Snack Business

The making of snacks like chin-chin, meat pie, doughnut, and puff-puff is no doubt a profitable business food idea. Many consumers on the go and working-class people prefer snacks, which they can nibble on during breaks, to full meals.

The snack business is also easy to start and can be conveniently done as a side business. The key to making it in this business is to focus on making one or two snacks. You should also create a favorable relationship with retailers around you who you can sell the snacks in bulk to.

Check out: Confectionery Business Plan

#14. Wine Shop

Selling expensive and inexpensive wine can be a great business food idea to consider. For one, you can make a lot of profit. Secondly, wines are more durable than other drinks; so, you are not likely to run the risk of a loss from expiration. Just ensure you stock everything from local to Italian wines.

#15. Small Chops

These are snacks that are usually served at events as appetizers. Small chops, believe it or not, are a fan favorite. As such, many event planners and caterers order it for their events. Small chops are also sold are small restaurants and fast food joints. You could make some money and build a business selling these mind-blowers.

#16. Noodle Making

Making noodles might not seem like such a fantastic business food idea, but it is. The business comes alive at evening time when a lot of people can be seen patronizing such vendors.

The key to making it is to offer variety, fried noodles with eggs, spicy noodles with toasted bread, and so on. This will keep customers coming again to try something new.

#17. Food Packaging

You can go into the food packaging business where you offer packaging services to food establishments and professionals who are looking for such services. There is a teeming market in bakeries, supermarkets, and hotels that are looking to brand certain snacks for sale.

business food ideas

#18. Catering Equipment Rentals

Most equipment – utensils, and cutleries – that are used in catering events are rented by the caterer, especially when such is new or runs a small-scale operation. You can meet the needs of such clients by offering an impressive stock of the finest equipment needed to successfully cater an event.

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#19. Food Consultancy

Nutrition is a very important aspect of our health and for good reason. As a food, menu, and nutrition consultant, you can work with restaurants, chefs, caterers, and even schools to help people get the best from a good and balanced diet. You will however have to get certified by the relevant authorities before you can start this business.

#20. Cake Making

Trust us, you cannot go wrong with cakes. Cakes are and will forever be in demand. Cakes are a vital part of many memorable events. People get cakes for their weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, and even housewarming parties. In order to set yourself apart from just another baker, be creative. Offer mind-blowing cakes designs that will leave people asking for their creator’s number.

#21. Table Water Business

Water is life and the table water business is alive and booming. It is not even an exaggeration to say you could amass a fortune from the sales of table water alone. People are paying more attention to what they put into their bodies. And with the distrust for tap water rising, the sale of table water has never made more sense; which makes it a viable food business idea.

However, it is advisable to pay attention to the purification process your water goes through so as not to harm consumers or incur the wrath of regulatory bodies. Also, packaging is an important aspect of this business; since consumers can hardly differentiate between the content of your product and that of your competitors, they are going to focus on which has the best packaging.

business food ideas

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#22. Canteen Management

A canteen is a store or shop in a camp, school, organization and such other place, in which food, drinks, and other things can be bought. With the proper permission, you can open a canteen or lunchroom in an organization or school and cater to the needs of workers and students in the place.

#23. Sale of Food Provisions

An obvious and common choice in the food business industry, selling food provisions is no less rewarding. Variety is vital in this business. Stocking a variety of produce and food product is sure to keep customers satisfied when they come to patronize your shop. Do remember that the average customer does not like overpriced products. So do well to keep the prices as customer-friendly as possible.


The food business is a very lucrative business but like every other business venture, it is wise to look before you leap. Do some research before deciding on the kind of idea you want to go for. Do not be persuaded by trends. Whatever you decide to do, be persistent and creative in it and not even the sky can stop you.

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Business Ideas





The rate at which people are on the lookout for profitable small businesses these days is alarming. Gone are those days when you would put in a chunk of money into a business that will take forever to yield profit.

Thanks to technology that has made it even easier. Today you can comfortably make five to six figures even at the comfort of your home that is if you venture into the right business.

Well, every business is expected to yield profit but, unfortunately, some are a total loss and you wouldn’t want to start any business that you cannot boost of good accountability, or would you? certainly No!

This article contains a list of some small businesses with high-profit that you probably never knew or imagined its profitability.

We encourage you to take your time as you read through the list. You will learn in a way that will benefit you.

#1. Blogging

Blogging is currently one of the most profitable online businesses. It involves a fine combination of skill and patience.

If you like writing and you command a decent use of the English Language, you can start a blog. First, employ a web developer to help you create a site. Next, apply for a Google Adsense program which is the best means to monetize a blog.

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#2. Tutoring

Whether online or offline, tutoring is considered one of the most profitable small businesses in recent times. If you’re knowledgeable in any subject, you can start making money by teaching kids or wards. You can also create and sell courses online on platforms like Udemy.

#3. Warehouse Storage

Got a spare garage or building that’s not being used? If yes, then you can offer warehouse storage services. Providing a place for businesses and individuals to store goods and items can provide a highly profitable and predominantly passive income. This business may not be exactly stimulating but it pays.

#4. Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance is a profitable small business to start right away. There will always be a demand for people who are willing to clean gutters, repair chimneys, or pull out stubborn weeds. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can get started and earn extra income.

#5. Online Trading (Stock or FX trading)

Are you familiar with online Forex trading? Trading stocks and other valuables are one of the low investment high-profit business ideas to consider in today’s world.

Trading is a profitable venture for people who are skilled in its intricacies. You have nothing to worry about if you don’t know how to trade. There are lots of online FX companies like London Capital Group (LCG) and XTB that can teach you the art of trading.

#6. Create Products

You can make a buck-load of money by putting your creativity to use. You can join the growing list of people who make money by writing and selling e-books online.

There are lots of other things you can make such as making and selling snacks.

#7. Mini-Shipping Business

Shipping business is highly profitable. You can start making money by importing some high-in demand goods in small quantities.

Also you can look for contact overseas to learn of profitable items you can export from your country and start making money.

#8. Venture into Real Estate

Real Estate is a unique business that offers a great profit. People assume you need massive capital to embark on the business. Well, this is not always the case. You can start a real estate firm in a less competitive neighborhood and start making good money.

If you really want to secure the bag in this business, you have to partner with people with a similar idea who have good funds to start up the business.

#9. Freelancing

One good thing about freelancing that you may not know is that it allows you to double your passion as a source of income.

Think of what you love to do, your hobby, and those e wonderful talents you’ve got. Make a sober reflection to meditate on your talent and possible ways to monetize your skill.

The internet is flooded with people who are willing to pay for your skill on platforms like or and you would understand better.

#10. Set up an Online Training Course

Have you ever thought of making money while helping people simultaneously? Making money has never been better. You can help people in need of a gift or skill your posses by setting up an online training course.

By doing this, you impact positively to others while making money at the same time.

#11. Create e-books and Sell Online

According to a recent statistics, the number of people who have dropped the usual hard copy for soft copy books has soared over the years and the number is projected to keep increasing in geometric proportions in the coming years.

We encourage our readers to seize the opportunity of this growing market to make a buck-load of money.

Are you an educator? Are savvy in the tech industry? You can write e-books from your area of specialization and sell online.

#12. Setup Online Marketing Agency

Online marketing agency is one of the small business ideas for men with high profit. If you spend so much time online, it’s time to start thinking of ways of making money off your time spent online.

Search the internet on how to set up online marketing agency and start making money.

#13. Affiliate Marketing and Sales

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the best ways of making online. All you need to do is to create a website or blog in a niche you are vast in e.g a website about tech where you review stuff like phones and computers.

After creating the website, you would need to sign up with some affiliate programs where you get paid for embedding some links on website.

#14. Event Planning

Event planning business is a lucrative business one can start with small capital. The business comes with a lot of advantage such as making you a good person in the sense that it tones reasoning and make you become better organized.

#15. App Development

Creating simple apps require just a few minutes yet not all know how to create one. You can make money out of publishers who wish to have their websites in apps.

Learn the skill of app making to start raking-in money.

#16. Computer Repair

Computer repair business is another means of making money with small capital invested. All you need to do to make money from computer repairs to learn the skill of software or hardware engineering.

As a software engineer, you can make lots of money online from people you don’t need to meet.

#17. Interior Decorator

Interior decoration business is another profitable business with small start-up capital. You need to do is to learn the art of interior decoration.

The business would be easy for you if you are creative and have a flair for fine art. Learn the trade to start earning good money.

#18. Technology Repair Services

Got a good eye for technology and how it works? If so, setting up your own technology repair business could see you in high demand as the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology.

Repairing people’s much-loved gadgets can pay well and without much overhead, can prove to be a lucrative business. Naturally, those without a knack for technology will want to steer clear!

#19. IT Support

As we become more reliant on IT to run businesses and go about our daily lives, those who offer IT help and support are extremely sought-after. Quality IT support technicians can charge a decent rate for their skills and don’t require too much overhead or equipment to run their businesses. However, IT support is a competitive industry, so you’ll need to efficiently market your services to get noticed.

#20. Marketing Services

Businesses and organizations will always want a quality marketing team behind them to boost brand awareness and bring them results.

Marketing agencies can charge a lot for their services and thanks to advancing remote technology and the internet, marketing efforts can be done remotely, keeping overhead low and profits high.

Still, it must be said, marketing agencies are highly competitive and in order to be a success, you’ll have to show you can deliver results.

#21. Food Truck

This business might not be for everyone but it pays. Serving food from a food truck requires much lower startup and can be an extremely profitable business venture.

22. Website Design

If you are tech savvy and creative, this could be an excellent choice to run one of the most profitable businesses.

Every single company, big or small, has its own website, and the demand for a good website designer is only increasing. According to a recent survey, 29 percent of small businesses plan to launch their websites this year. You can earn about $75 per hour and between $5,000 and $10,000 designing a business website.

23. Logo Design

This is a low investment high-profit business ideas worth considering. You need to be a visual type of person and highly creative and be able to show a shining portfolio. Make sure you can come up with unique ideas, and do the homework of researching the potential market: while the demand for logo designers is high, also is the competition.

As a freelancer specializing in logo design, you should initially concentrate on building your portfolio. Every new customer would want to see your previous work. An extensive and high-quality portfolio can be the best marketing tool.

24. Social Media Consultant

Many business owners know that social media contacts drive traffic to their products and services, but they don’t know how to go about making that happen. If you know how to engage an audience to attract hundreds and thousands of viewers, business owners will pay for your services.

It’s crucial to build your portfolio so that you can attract clients. The challenge will be to get your first customer. An approach you could try is to publish content that demonstrates your expertise in social media marketing. This could assure your prospective clients that you have the knowledge to help them.

25. Copywriting

Show me an online business that is booming and I will point at a good copywriter. If you have a true talent for language and creative imagination can succeed as a copywriting entrepreneur.

You can create advertising and marketing materials that a lot of online and offline businesses need. Copy writing business is flexible, you can work from the comfort of you home as freelance writers with practically no overhead expenses.

To make a good copywriter, consider completing some courses on Search Engine Optimization on Google Digital Garage. You’ll pick up the basics, and the training programs are free.

26. Courier Services

Courier Services are very common these days. A courier service allows someone to send a parcel or consignment from one location to another.

You can partner with large firms, such as Amazon, or go fully independent if you have established the right connections of people who will use your services, especially if your fees are more affordable than the fees at larger companies.

27. Funeral Homes

Funeral services is a booming market as death is inevitable. You start up a funeral home but you have to acquire the necessary training in other to provide a perfect service. Do the research beforehand because getting started requires at least a Bachelor’s degree and be prepared for a high overhead cost.

28. Pet Handling Service

Many pets owners don’t like to leave their pets alone without anybody looking after them when they are away so they hire someone to look after their pets’ welfare.

If you love animals, you could earn some good money for taking care of pets. Your services could include dog walking, training, and grooming.

You may need a little start-up capital to cover the costs of setting up a website, getting a mobile pickup, and stocking up on grooming materials.

#29. Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals is one most profitable small businesses that many people don’t know. You can rent your space to Airbnb users to make a living. To recoup costs for advertising, cleaning, and supplies, you need to decide how many days to rent the property and for how much.

#30. Party Services

Weddings and birthday celebrations take place every season. Therefore offering a party will make a good business idea.

To be a good party planner, you need to have a specific skillset. You should have a good eye for detail and also be able to spot trends. You can start by organizing your office party or help friends or relatives with their birthday parties or other events. 

#31. Gardening and Grass Cutting

Gardening is something that every homeowner needs to be done, and since many won’t have the time to do this themselves, they tend to hire someone to fix that for them. In you enjoy working outdoor, you can take up Gardening as side hustle. All you need is a few tools, lawn signs, and voila, you’re in the gardening business.

#32. Snow Clearing

Snow Clearing is another profitable small business to consider although it’s seasonal, it pays. People will need assistance in cleaning their path walks and driveways of snow during winter. You can be of help to them.

#33. Translator

If you can speak multiple languages, then offering translation services for other people or companies will make a profitable small business idea for you.  This service requires no upfront capital to get started. All you need to get started is a website an internet connection. You can work from anywhere.

#34. Mobile Hair Cutting

When you consider a low investment high-profit business, Mobile hair cut should be the first on your list. Taking time out of a busy day is something that many just don’t have the time for, busy families especially. You can drive up to a family home, and do the entire family of four in just a few minutes.

#35. Warehouse and Storage

Warehouse and Storage is one of the most successful small business ideas in recent times. When people move, they need extra space for storage, and a warehouse solves that problem.

You can learn how the storage business works on the Self Storage Association website. You can even become a Certified Self Storage Manager by completing an online course. 

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What makes a small business successful?

 Starting a business may seem easy but growing it requires serious work that is why you need to connect with the right minds that can provide you with the resources that you need to scale up your business.

The first step to running a business successfully is getting a business plan; this will help you discover any weaknesses in your business idea so you can address them before you open for business.

Thankfully, you may not have to get overwhelmed trying to draft a business plan for your business. With the business yield generator, you can get the best business structure that suits any business type.

Business Yield Idea generator

What makes this the best anyone can find online is that this generator is purely done by humans not a set of algorithms or Artificial intelligence.

Humans gather data and do quick but detailed research

based on the information you provide. It’s simple, answer a set of quick and easy questions and your business ideas will be on your email in less than 24hrs.

24hrs because this is the most feasible idea generator as it takes into consideration, your budget, intended startup locations, talents and skills, the available time you can give the business, etc.

Based on these data with an extensive feasibility study and just a little token, you would have a list of ideas sent to your email with links to give you access to instant business plans, Business model canvas, and up to 3 years financial analysis to help you get started for the business.

Click on Business yield idea generator to access top business plans that will benefit you.

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Business Ideas

UNIQUE BUSINESS IDEAS 2021- Top 20 to earn from (+ free tips)




You can agree with me that one of the things that make entrepreneurs stand out among their competitors is their unique business ideas but how can one possibly “stand out” when there are hundreds if not thousands of businesses everywhere?

It takes a lot of creativity to create a unique business. Creativity, however, is more than just building a business plan and solving problems. You have to consider building a business that will serve you in the long run.

If you’re eager to enter a market space that celebrates design, innovation, and expression then take advantage of our list of unique business ideas and make money fast. Our list comprises business ideas for housewives, creative business, and unique business ideas for students.

Thankfully, we have also provided tips and expert guidance that will help you get started on a good note so what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of wine and draw closer to your screen.

Creative business ideas

#1. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making is a unique business idea that involves a lot of creativity. You can craft wearable art like necklaces and earrings. You can use wire, beads, or any number of other materials to put together jewelry and then sell it online or in local boutiques or at events.

#2. Mobile App Design

If you’re tech-savvy then, you can leverage on app creation business. you can offer your services designing apps for businesses or even create your own apps to sell. The more creative you are the more opportunities you get.

#3. Portrait Photography

Photography is unarguably one of the creative businesses in today’s world. A photographer who is more interested in staged photoshoots can easily build a business as a portrait photographer and work with clients for things like senior pictures, family photos, headshots, or even pet photos.

#4. Tattoo Art

Tattooing is an ancient art that remains popular with a wide variety of people. There is a lot of creativity involved in tattooing. If you’ve got the artistic sense and the training, you can build a successful business providing tattoos for clients.

#5. Hair Stylist

There’s a lot of potential for creativity when it comes to being a hairstylist. You can offer a range of haircuts, updos and even coloring services.

#6. Makeup

Makeup is another business that requires a lot of creativity. You can start a salon type of business or even just travel to work with clients at their location.

#7. Website Design

Web design is one of the in-demand services in recent times. You can build a web design business by working with clients to build custom websites or even sell pre-made templates on sites like Etsy.

People also search for: BUSINESSES TO START right away

Business ideas for housewives

#8. Freelance Writing 

If you love to write, freelance writing can be a profitable business idea from home. The demand is huge and one of the best self-rewarding business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

However, to be a highly paid and run a successful freelance writing business, you need to learn the tricks of the trade.

#9. Candle making

Candle making is a good home-based business that pays well. The popularity and consumer demand for scented and decorative candles have created a tremendous business opportunity for would-be women entrepreneurs.

#10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant business is providing services like checking and answering emails, organizing to-do list, updating calendars and schedules with minimal interaction with your clients. As a woman, you can start this business from home with just a computer with an internet connection and phone. This industry is growing at a fast pace globally.

#11. Online Survey

Online Survey is another unique business idea for women to earn a decent extra income without any investment wherein you can spend your free time in a relaxed manner. Here, you will have to give your opinion about a number of products and services.

#12. Sell Online

If you are an expert and have adequate knowledge about a specific product, then you can start online selling. In this type of business, you will need to register yourself with online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay. Procure the product from the manufacturer at wholesale price and sell it at retail price.

#13. Craft Making

Craft Making isn’t just peculiar to women but is recommendable to housewives. Women having a hobby of crafts making can translate it into a profitable business. Not only can this venture be started and run from home, but this business is also very inexpensive to initiate.

#14. Soap Making

Soap Making is one of the unique business ideas you can start small. A craft passionate person can start a home-based soap making business with comparatively low capital investment. You can start decorative specialty soap making and start selling to your local community or in gift stores.

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Unique Business Ideas for Students

#15. CV/Resume Writing

Resume writing can make a unique business idea for students. You can start a resume writing from home by crafting an excellent resume for the job seekers. Also, you need to be good enough about editing, structuring, and proofreading. You will just need to have a computer with some basic software.

#16. Tutoring

Tutoring is a good business idea for students. You can start this business on the subject in which you have specialization. Every parent these days always is looking for a good tutor for their child.

#17. Translator

The translation is fast becoming a highly potential web-based business offering opportunities for making money online. With ever-increasing net connectivity and globalization, knowing and understanding other languages have become extremely vital in keeping pace with the speed of society.

#19. DJ business

If you love music and have an outstanding personality full of energy, you can ideally and successfully start a DJ business as a student. If you enjoy spinning tunes, making people happy, and earning a steady stream of supplemental income then the mobile DJ business is perfect for you.

#20. Transcriptionist

Transcription is a popular way of making money, especially for students as it provides much flexibility. As a transcriber, you can earn in the range of $10-$30 an hour depending on the performance.

Unique business ideas- Tips on How To Get Started

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship can be very challenging. It requires building a business from the ground and getting it up and running is serious work, however, there are ways to ease the stress. First is getting a business mentorship; every successful entrepreneur you see today has who they look up to.

Before you can run any business successfully, you must get a business plan; this will help you discover any weaknesses in your business idea so you can address them before you open for business.

You don’t have to get overwhelmed trying to draft a business plan for your business, with the business yield generator, you can get the best business structure that suits any business type.

Business Yield Idea generator

What makes this the best anyone can find online is that this generator is purely done by humans not a set of algorithms or Artificial intelligence.

Humans gather data and do quick but detailed research

based on the information you provide. It’s simple, answer a set of quick and easy questions and your business ideas will be on your email in less than 24hrs.

24hrs because this is the most feasible idea generator as it takes into consideration, your budget, intended startup locations, talents and skills, the available time you can give the business, etc.

Based on these data with an extensive feasibility study and just a little token, you would have a list of ideas sent to your email with links to give you access to instant business plans, Business model canvas, and up to 3 years financial analysis to help you get started for the business.

Click on Business yield idea generator to access top business plans that will benefit you.

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