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The Hulu service was launched by Disney in 2007. The service offers a variety of shows and movies to subscribers. Over time, Hulu has widely expanded, with over 40 million people around the world using Hulu’s live streaming and digital distribution services. We’ll look at one of the important identities of Hulu -its logo-  and we’ll see how it has shaped the brand’s outlook over the years. We’ll also see some of the best Hulu shows to watch in 2023, as well as how you can set up a Hulu account. 

The Hulu logo is a green wordmark that says “Hulu.” The designers believed that this wordmark would be effective in attracting customers’ attention and distinguishing the video streaming service from its competitors.

The name “Hulu” was inspired by an ancient Chinese saying about someone who collects jewelry. Hulu is literally translated as a pumpkin since the Chinese used to store jewelry in pumpkin vessels back in the day.

DixonBaxi, a London-based graphic design agency, created the current Hulu logo. The streaming platform has grown dramatically in recent years, with more than 43.8 million customers globally as of the fourth quarter of 2021.

The service’s visual identity has almost remained unchanged after three redesigns. It preserved the shape and color palette of the initial logo, introduced in 2007, but elevated it to a new sophisticated, and forceful image.

The first Hulu logo included a stylized lowercase logotype in a custom geometric sans-serif typeface in a tranquil gradient green on a white background. The letters were light on top and darker at the bottom, creating a slightly dramatic effect. This version of the logo was used by the brand for the first seven years.

Since its inception, the Hulu logo has stayed nearly unchanged. It has gone through three major redesigns, although it has kept the color scheme and shape of the original visual identity, which was presented in 2007. Regardless, the new logo gives the streaming platform a more robust and elegant image.

2007 – 2014

The original Hulu logo was a stylized lowercase wordmark in a custom geometric sans serif font rendered in a delicate gradient green against a white background. The letters had a lighter shade of green on top and a darker green shade at the bottom, looking a bit dramatic. The original version was in use for the first seven years of Hulu’s existence.

2014 – 2017

The first redesign of the Hulu logo in 2014 retained the style and shape of the wordmark but changed its color scheme. A new green shade was used with no gradients, making the visual identity flat but vivid and bright. The grass-green tone reflects Hulu’s growth and development, portraying its energy and progress.

2017 – 2018

After 10% of Hulu was acquired by WarnerMedia in 2016, the Hulu logo was changed again slightly. The change was done only to the color scheme. This restored delicate green gradient shades and changed the main shade to turquoise-green. Thus, representing imagination and creativity and giving the image a relaxing, chilling mood.


The Hulu logo was redesigned for the third time in 2018, introducing a new green shade without gradient shades. The brightened and lightened color made the wordmark look more stylish yet modern and vivid. The bright green letters look friendly, funny, and progressive, bringing an inviting and welcoming feeling to mind.

The Hulu Logo Design Elements

The key element of any video streaming platform’s visual identity is its brand name. And so, the Hulu logo designers went for a text design. Using the basic tenets of typography, the designers made the wordmark bright and memorable. Since the logo features no graphic element, all attention is directed toward the word “Hulu.”

Color: All versions of the Hulu wordmark logo are presented in almost the same color scheme. They first used pronounced green shades like American Green. However, a lighter green shade is now preferred, known as Hulu green. The traditional gradient was done away with—it only featured on the first (2007-2014) and third (2017-2018) logo versions.

Green is a widely known symbol of growth and success. However, it also stands for harmony and dynamism, which the streaming platform puts into its video content to provide subscribers with the best possible experience in the world.

The bright green shade of the present Hulu logo also represents the company’s progressiveness and capacity to adapt to its customer’s wants and needs.

Font: The Hulu logo is made up of strong lowercase letters executed in a sans-serif typeface. The typeface vaguely looks like the business apt Futura Md BT. In the current logo version, the printed letters have an austere geometric shape.

The History of Hulu

Hulu was established in 2007 by Bruce Campbell, JB Perrette, Peter Chermin, Beth Cornstock, Mike Lang, Jason Kilar, Darren Feher, and George Kliavkoff. Hulu was announced a year earlier in March, with NBCUniversal, AOL, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo!, and MySpace earmarked as its first distribution partners. In late 2007, Jason Kilar was appointed Hulu CEO.

Once the website went live in August 2007, the brand name Hulu was picked, with just an announcement and zero content. It invited people to join the forthcoming beta test. Hulu started private beta testing in October 2007 and later permitted users to invite their friends. In March 2008, the company allowed residents of the United States to access the platform.

Hulu launched the Hulu Syndication network as its first product in late October 2007. The product was the creation of New York’s NBC Universal team. This was followed by the launch of the destinations website shortly afterward.

Hulu’s Early Years

Founded in 2007, Hulu is a collaboration between major networks such as Fox, NBC, Disney-ABC, and others. The name itself has an interesting meaning, and as explained on their blog:

“In Mandarin, Hulu has two interesting meanings, each highly relevant to our mission. The primary meaning interested us because it is used in an ancient Chinese proverb that describes Hulu as the holder of precious things. It literally translates to “gourd,” and in ancient times, the Hulu was hollowed out and used to hold precious things. The secondary meaning is “interactive recording.” We saw both definitions as appropriate bookends and highly relevant to the mission of Hulu.”

While the “interactive recording” meaning certainly is the most relatable, I find the “gourd” analogy most interesting as to the core of why Hulu has become so popular. Hulu started off by housing episodes of popular TV shows online, available to stream on your personal computer. Though the idea wasn’t completely novel at the time, they certainly brought it to mainstream attention and had the resources and content to back it up.

Staying Connected

Almost six years later, Hulu has continued to be the “gourd” standard for video content on the web. A large part of their success, though, should be attributed to their evolution from simply streaming shows on your desktop, to creating an integrated experience across many of the devices we use today.

In late 2010, Hulu launched a subscription-based service called Hulu Plus, which enables users to view content from practically anywhere, across a huge variety of supported devices. Everything from your mobile phone, tablet, gaming console, Blu-ray player, internet-capable TV, media players, and, of course, your computer is included. Also included with your subscription is a larger selection of shows and movies, and shorter advertising breaks (yes they still have some advertisements). But it’s the connectivity options that are truly responsible for the great brand experience.

Contemporary Viewing

The living room is probably the most commonly associated place with viewing broadcast television, and for good reason. Not long ago, your TV and cable subscriptions were the only places you could watch shows. Fast-forward to today, and the majority of viewing still happens in your living room. although that cable subscription isn’t an integral part anymore. As mentioned, Hulu is supported on a handful of “smart” TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and media players. This means you can still use your big-screen TV to watch your favorite shows.

This was probably the biggest and most important move for Hulu. Though their original model was built on shifting the broadcast paradigm to personal computers, they knew that the much larger audience was still viewing on their TVs and were actually helping to further evolve how people watch shows. Their brand could now be associated with a new “traditional” experience where families gather on the couch to watch their favorite sitcoms.

The Future Of HULU: What Will Happen in 2024?

Currently, Disney owns two-thirds of Hulu and will have the option of purchasing the remaining third from Comcast as early as January 2024. According to some analysts and industry watchers, Comcast might try to buy Hulu from Disney rather than the other way around. Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts has been a long-time believer in Hulu. And he has historically pushed to keep the asset rather than sell, including in 2013, when Roberts nixed talks with DirecTV, according to people familiar with the matter.

Comcast broached the idea of buying all of Hulu from Disney after Disney agreed to acquire the majority of Fox’s assets as part of a $71 billion deal that closed in early 2019, said two of the people, who asked not to be named because the discussions were private. Disney, armed with 66% ownership after acquiring Fox’s minority stake in Hulu, dismissed the idea, the people said.

Blocked from buying all of Hulu, Comcast’s sustained belief in the business led to the unusual agreement the two companies reached in May 2019, with Comcast agreeing to sell Disney its minority stake as early as 2024. As part of that transaction, Disney guaranteed a sale price valuing Hulu at a minimum of $27.5 billion.

What’s More?

Acquiring Hulu from Disney would also supercharge Comcast’s streaming efforts. Hulu would instantly become Comcast’s flagship streaming asset, replacing NBCUniversal’s Peacock, which has added just 13 million paid subscribers in its nearly two years of existence. Hulu has 46.2 million subscribers. Peacock could live on as NBCUniversal’s free advertising-supported option. Peacock already has a free tier, with millions of users.

Several top Comcast executives also think Hulu doesn’t make as much sense paired with Disney’s assets as it would at NBCUniversal, especially with the recent announcement that Disney+ plans to launch an advertising-supported tier in December, according to people familiar with the matter. Hulu has been Disney’s advertising-supported service for years. Disney could have positioned Hulu as its advertising play going forward, but CEO Bob Chapek has chosen to make versions of both Disney+ and Hulu with and without commercials.

Why Disney wants Hulu

Netflix’s slowing growth this year has led to an overall devaluation in the streaming sector. Comcast executives value Hulu “significantly higher” than $27.5 billion, and possibly up to $50 billion, one of the people said. That’s down from around $60 billion during the pandemic, the person said. If Disney sticks to its plan to buy out Comcast by January 2024, there’s still time for significant valuation fluctuations.

Disney’s decision to lower Disney+’s 2024 guidance and its subsequent move to raise prices signaled to Wall Street that Chapek is no longer focused on adding subscribers at all costs.

It’s sent a signal to Comcast that Hulu is likely in Disney’s long-term plans. Excluding Hulu with Live TV, Hulu’s average revenue per user is $12.92 per month. That’s nearly triple Disney+‘s global ARPU of $4.35 and more than double Disney+’s ARPU in the U.S. and Canada ($6.27).

Disney has built a streaming strategy around bundling Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. While Disney raised Disney+’s price by 38% and ESPN+’s price by 43%, it only bumped its bundled offering of Disney+, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ by $1, from $13.99 to $14.99. That suggests Disney’s most preferred option is for customers to pay for the entire bundle, including Hulu.

In recent months, media and entertainment companies have begun focusing on building profitable subscribers rather than simply acquiring subscribers in recent months as industrywide streaming growth has slowed. If Disney isn’t trading on Disney+ growth, Hulu will become an even more important part of its long-term strategy.

Comcast vs. Disney

There’s also the issue of competitive dynamics. A primary reason Disney held on to Hulu, and acquired other Fox assets, was specifically to keep them from Comcast, according to people familiar with the matter. Handing Hulu to Comcast would alter the balance of power in the media world and weaken Disney, then-CEO Bob Iger thought, the people said.

Comcast has already taken steps to weaken Hulu, assuming Disney will keep it. Earlier this year, Comcast made the decision to remove content such as “Saturday Night Live” and “The Voice” from the streaming service and put it on Peacock instead. That change takes place later this month.

Comcast has already earmarked some of the proceeds it’ll receive toward paying down debt. Comcast executives say they don’t need the cash and aren’t independently looking to accelerate a timeline, two of the people said.

The Best Hulu Shows To Watch

Here are some of the best Hulu shows to watch in 2022:

#1. Under the Banner of Heaven

Created by: Dustin Lance Black (based on the book of the same name by Jon Krakauer)

Cast: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Denise Gough

It takes a lot to make a true-crime series memorable these days, but this FX latest (which is dropping exclusively on Hulu, just to make it a little more confusing) is one that delves into the intricacies of religion and humanity in a way that makes it a can’t-miss. Andrew Garfield continues his reign over the last year or two on our screens in a leading role as Mormon detective Jeb Pyre, who finds his beliefs challenged firsthand when he’s tasked with investigating the murder of a mother (Edgar-Jones) and child — and the case might be more entangled within the Church of Latter-Day Saints than anyone could have predicted. The Lafferty family has a reputation within the Mormon community, compared to celebrities of a sort, but it turns out they may be hiding a darker side — and rising tensions between the members have clearly led to a terminal breaking point. 

#2. Reasonable Doubt

Created by: Raamla Mohamed

Cast: Emayatzy Corinealdi, Christopher Cassarino, Brooke Lyons, Michael Ealy

If you’re looking for a sharp, soapy legal show like Scandal, look no further than Reasonable Doubt. Kerry Washington herself even executive produces the series and directed the pilot episode. The show centers around Jax (Emayatzy Corinealdi), a LA defense attorney and partner at one of the city’s top firms. Jax’s life is complicated, to say the least, as she often finds herself having to defend clients with morals she doesn’t necessarily agree with. In addition, her home life is a bit of a mess, too, as she and her husband are on a trial separation – and she starts developing feelings for the overnight security guarding her house. Sexy and smart, Reasonable Doubt is a great new watch.

#3. Reboot

Created by: Steven Levitan

Cast: Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Rachel Bloom, Calum Worthy

From Fuller House to Saved by the Bell, rebooting beloved sitcoms is all the rage, and Reboot offers a fictional look into this craze. The show centers around a writer named Hannah (Rachel Bloom), who has the idea to bring back her favorite 2000s family sitcom and give it depth and an edge that didn’t exist back in the day. The good news: all the actors from the original run are available. The bad news: they’re all a bit of a mess. From decades-old on-set drama being stirred up again to the clashing of old-school meets new-school mentalities, Reboot is rich with chaotic – and hilarious – situations. With an intriguing premise, sharp writing, and a stellar cast, Reboot is refreshing comedy gold.

#4. Wedding Season

Created by: Oliver Lyttelton

Cast: Rosa Salazar, Gavin Drea, Jade Harrison, Jamie Michie

Part action-thriller, part romantic-comedy, Wedding Season is an eclectic show that somehow pulls off its hodgepodge of genres. The series centers around a man named Stefan (Gavin Drea), who has been having an affair with a woman named Katie (Rosa Salazar) at various weddings throughout the summer. During Katie’s own wedding to a man named Hugo (George Webster), Stefan objects but is rejected. Things take a turn when, hours later, Stefan is arrested and learns that all of Katie’s in-laws have been poisoned, and she’s nowhere to be seen. Seeking the truth, Stefan starts on a journey to find her.

#5. Tell Me Lies

Created by: Meaghan Oppenheimer

Cast: Grace Van Patten, Jackson White, Catherine Missal, Spencer House

Based on the novel by Carola Lovering and created by Meaghan Oppenheimer (who’s also the mind behind the criminally short-lived and underrated Queen America), Tell Me Lies offers an authentic look at a toxic relationship – almost uncomfortably authentic at times. The show centers around young couple Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White) and their nearly decade-long relationship – one that starts in 2007 at Baird College. As menacing as it is hot and soapy, Tell Me Lies delivers its audience a story that’s surprisingly unusual and profoundly sympathetic, with grounded writing and subtle performances that set it apart.

#6. The Patient

Created by: Joel Fields and Joseph Weisberg

Cast: Steve Carell, Domhnall Gleeson, and Andrew Leeds.

The Patient, a riveting mystery starring Steve Carell, is about a psychiatrist (Carell) who is taken captive by a serial killer (Domhnall Gleeson) who seeks to conquer his wrath and homicidal impulses. Carell may continue his recent break from comedic parts in the dark series, which provides him with a rich and complicated character to occupy. As Gleeson’s character struggles with his own urges, creators Joel Fields and Joseph Weisberg bring their experience with suspenseful dramas like The Americans to the forefront as The Patient combines in-depth debates about humanity with gory, vicious imagery. Yael Tygiel’s

#7. The Accident

Created by Jack Thorne.

Cast: Sarah Lancashire, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Joanna Scanlan, and Mark Lewis Jones.

The Accident is a four-part limited series depicting a horrific incident in a Welsh town that results in the deaths of a group of children in a building site collapse. The Accident stars Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley), Sidse Babett Knudsen (Westworld), and Mark Lewis Jones (Outlander) as the residents of Glyngolau, a small town in financial ruin following the closure of its coal mine and steel plant. Following the horrible occurrence, the townspeople go on an uncompromising pursuit of truth and justice, forcing them to confront harsh realities. 

#8. The Americans 

The Americans is a suspenseful spy thriller that captivated audiences for six seasons on FX. Starring Matthew Rhys (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) and Felicity alum Keri Russell as Russian spies entering America during the Cold War, The Americans explores a historical period when concerns and anxiety were heightened by political struggle. The Americans is a captivating series from creator Joseph Weisberg, who previously worked on the courtroom drama Damages. It combines the intensity of a spy mystery with dark politics. 

#9. The Old Man

Cast: Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow, and E. J. Bonilla.

The Old Man, created by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, is a superb drama-thriller based on Thomas Perry’s novel of the same name. Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) is a CIA operative who has been hiding out in upstate New York for the past three decades. After an intruder comes into his home, he is forced to flee and return to the spy life he abandoned, all while FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Harold Harper (John Lithgow) attempts to apprehend him. The Old Man is a daring and action-packed time, anchored by two standout performances. 

#10. The Act

The Act, created by Nick Antosca and Michelle Dean is based on a true criminal case between Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, starring Patricia Arquette and Joey King as mother and daughter. Dee Dee, who has Munchausen syndrome by proxy, fabricates illnesses and limitations for Gypsy Rose in the series. Gypsy Rose becomes more anxious for independence as her mother becomes more controlling and eventually murders her to be free. Arquette received an Emmy for her performance as a Supporting Actress, and King was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress. 

How to Create a Hulu Account

Want to create an account on Hulu? Here are some guidelines to follow:

On a computer, navigate to You get a free month when you sign up. So, you won’t be billed until the second month of your service. Begin the procedure by clicking the Start Free Trial button.

You can choose from four different plans: Hulu with ads, Hulu without ads, Hulu + Live TV with ads, or Hulu + Live TV without ads. After selecting your viewing plan, enter your email address, password, and any other personal information requested, such as your payment method and billing information. Then click the Submit button.

You can now begin streaming your favorite episodes and movies. Hulu will also send you an email confirming your membership. Contact Hulu customer care if you encounter any problems during the enrollment process.

How to Create a Hulu Profile

After successfully signing up for Hulu, the primary profile is created immediately, and you can create up to 6 profiles. Each profile you create gives each user their own My List, watching history, and content recommendations.

Sign in to on a computer to add multiple profiles to your Hulu account. Then, in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, hover over your account image and select Manage Profiles from the drop-down box. Click Add Profile under the primary profile. The profile is complete once you enter the relevant information and click Submit. Profiles can be customized by liking or disliking TV episodes and movies in order to improve Hulu’s suggestions. Profiles can also be edited and removed via the Manage Profile page.

How to Create a Children’s Profile on Hulu

When you establish a new profile, you can choose to limit the viewer to only kid-friendly programming. Toggling the switch on creates a safe place for youngsters to explore and stream their favorite TV series and movies with the assurance that they will not come across more mature content.

How Can I Cancel My Hulu Account?

  • Go to your Account page on your computer or mobile device.
  • Under Your Subscription, select Cancel.
  • After that, you may be given the option to pause your subscription. Select Continue to Cancel if you don’t want to continue.
  • Click Cancel Subscription.

How Much Money Does Hulu Cost A Month?

A basic Hulu membership costs just $6.99 per month, but the price varies depending on which plan you choose.

What Does The $5.99 Hulu Plan Include?

With Hulu’s $5.99 starter plan, you have access to the entire catalog on-demand with limited ads. Plus, you can stream on two devices at the same time. 

Can You Get Hulu In Canada?

Hulu is only available in the US and Japan, so, you can’t get Hulu in Canada except if you use a VPN.

How do I Get Hulu For Free?

Here are some options for you:

  • Use the Hulu free trial offer.
  • Get someone to share their account with you.
  • Sign up through Rakuten
  • Sign up through Swagbucks.
  • Sign up for Spotify Premium for students

Is the Hulu logo trademarked?

The Hulu logo is a registered trademark, which means that it is protected under federal law. This means that it can only be used with permission from Hulu, and unauthorized use of the logo is subject to legal action.

Can I request the Hulu logo in different formats?

Yes, you can request the Hulu logo in different formats such as PNG, JPG, EPS, SVG, and PDF. You can contact Hulu’s legal department or branding team to request the logo in a specific format.

How can I report an instance of Hulu logo misuse?

If you come across an instance of Hulu logo misuse, you can report it to Hulu’s legal department. They will investigate and take appropriate action.

The Hulu logo features the colors red, white, and black. The exact shades of the colors may vary depending on the application.

The official font of the Hulu logo is a custom font. The font is not available for public use and can only be used with permission from Hulu.

Hulu may have different variations of the logo depending on the context of the usage, such as monochrome, reverse, and stacked versions.

In Conclusion

The Hulu logo has undergone some modifications since the inception of the brand. And each time, it comes out bigger, and better. The brand itself has recorded tremendous growth, and, despite its challenges, Hulu still stays on top of the game.


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