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Nick jr logo

Despite numerous changes throughout its history and across all of its productions, the Nick Jr. logo has always retained its upbeat and relaxed appeal. The one thing that Nick Jr. has continued to do is put a smile on the faces of children. Nick Jr. is a prominent preschool and toddler television network. They also provide Nick Jr. games. In this piece, we’ll talk about the evolution of one of our favorite channels as kids.

Nick jr logo is symbol or trademark you can use to identify their brand. It identifies with their shows which include paw patrol, bubble guppies to mention a few.

What Does the Nickelodeon Logo Represent?

In 1984, a new phase of the Nickelodeon visual identity began. The business has ultimately settled on its own color scheme, which consists of orange and white, which represent joy and also make people smile.

Nick Jr Logo History

Nick Jr. is one of the most popular television networks for preschoolers in the US. It began operating in the autumn of 2009. It was first created as a spin-off of the identical preschool programming block that Nickelodeon aired. The Nick Jr. channel and the original block are still on the air today.

Over 150 variations in the history of Nick Jr. logo exist. The wordmark, which stayed mostly unaltered, served as the central component that practically all the versions before 2009 shared. A new wordmark was created in 2009, serving as the foundation for a new wave of logotypes.

#1. 1988 (pre-launch)

In the history of the Nick Jr. logo, the familiar wordmark is consistent in its earliest forms. The glyphs themselves give off a humorous, warm, and informal vibe.

The glyphs’ rounded ends contribute to some of this effect. Additionally, the letters don’t even attempt to be serious. For instance, the lower right ends of the “k” and “r, “extend more than they should. The “r” follows suit with its careless stroke in the upper section.

It gives the wordmark the appearance that it was rapidly handwritten. Another variation included two circles, one larger than the other, enclosing the two words. A leaf or an orange gnome could also be enclosed with the brand name on it. Additionally adding to the warm vibe are the rather chubby letters.

#2. Nick Jr. logo: 1988–2009

A complete wordmark was sometimes used in addition to a simple oneFor instance, both words were written without being reduced in size.

The first line said, “Nickelodeon” (in white within an orange rectangle), while the second said “Junior” (white inside a light blue rectangle). In 1999, for example, this logo may be seen on the French edition of the channel.

#3. Nick Jr. Logo: 1988-1993

A set of Nick Jr. logo variations with larger and smaller items were created. They represented the fact that children should watch the channel with their parents. In this case, the word “Nick” was inserted inside the larger shape, while “Jr” was inserted inside the smaller item.

There were apples, bees, bricks, stars, butterflies, cars, cats, comets, crowns, fish, flowers, frogs, koalas, ladybirds, and musical instruments among the objects.

#4. Nick Jr. Logo: 2007 – 2009

A variety of 3D, extremely realistic logos should also be included (bunnies in tutus, robots, bear dogs, space monkeys, and skaters).

#5. Nick Jr. Logo: 2009 -present

This was the most significant modification because it affected the basic wordmark. The glyphs were redone and lowercase.

The brands of Nickelodeon underwent a thorough makeover on September 28, 2009. The channel bearing the same name as the block, Nick Jr., debuted with a lowercase-inspired logo. Though the new logo for Nick Jr. maintained the blue color of “Jr.”

Why Is the Nick Jr Logo Blue Today?

The chief motivation for the new logo, according to Cyma Zarghami, president of everything Nick, is to link Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. (formerly known as Toddler Heroin), and TeenNick, all of which will use it.

Nickelodeon changed the color of their on-screen BUGs/DOGs to blue to advertise the arrival of Paramount+. All of the Nick network’s channels, including Nickelodeon, Nick@Nite, TeenNick, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. Channel, and NickMusic, feature the blue Nickelodeon logo.

What Is Nick Jr?

Nick Jr is a television network created as a spinoff of the same-named long-running Nickelodeon programming block. It is a part of the networks sector under management by Paramount Global’s Kids and Family Group.

The channel, which mostly appeals to toddlers, debuted on September 28, 2009. In order to minimize confusion, Nick Jr. is referred to on-air (as of March 2018) as “the Nick Jr. Channel” when both services are airing preschool programming. Its schedule consists of a mixture of original content and series from the Nickelodeon weekday block.

The streaming service Noggin, which was reintroduced as a separate sibling brand in 2015, was replaced by the channel.

When Noggin launched in 2015, it mostly broadcast pre-teen-oriented shows and its programming is separate from that of the Nick Jr. channel. It also offers a selection of exclusive series through its streaming service.

There is now a functioning Nick Jr. channel and block. The latter is shown on Nickelodeon on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET (the times vary during the summer, other times of important national holidays, and other school breaks). It features the customary commercial interruptions for some shows. The number of pay television homes in the US that have access to Nick Jr. as of September 2018 is about 70.310 million.

History of Nick jr

Since its founding in 1977, Nickelodeon’s channel space has broadcast preschool-focused shows, including Pinwheel, which was their first original series. These were typically played on weekday mornings, while older kids were at school and smaller kids weren’t. From 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, this block was in operation. Nick Junior was the name that Nickelodeon unveiled for their preschool programming on January 4, 1988. On-air, the moniker was abbreviated to Nick Jr. between September 1988 and mid-1989.

The Nick Jr. block relaunched on September 5, 1994, with Face serving as its inaugural host.

The second and third Nick Jr. original programs, respectively titled Gullah Gullah Island and Allegra’s Window made their debuts. The block’s ratings increased by 50% as a result of them.

Foreign-made imports gradually disappeared as Nickelodeon continued to produce its own shows for Nick Jr. after that. Both the block and Nickelodeon as a whole saw increases in ratings thanks to Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer.

The Nick Jr. block previously appeared on a number of other networks, including Nick Jr. on CBS from 2000 to 2006 and Nick Jr. on Noggin from 2003 to 2009. On September 9, 2006, KOL Secret Slumber Party took the place of the Nick Jr. television block on CBS. Noggin carried Nick Jr. shows up until its shutdown in 2009 when the Nick Jr. channel took its place.

Nickelodeon Junior: Today

On February 23, 2009, Nickelodeon said that a channel named after the Nick Jr. block would take over for Noggin. The goal was to make the channel more consistent with the Nickelodeon brand. In an effort to create a cohesive appearance that could be more effectively communicated across the services, Nickelodeon launched new standardized logos for its five channels in July of that year.

The new wordmark logo did away with the orange “adult” and blue “child” figure, but it kept the custom of having the word “Nick” in orange for the adult and the word “Jr.” in blue for the youngster. The Nick Jr. channel continued to use Noggin’s on-air branding strategy until 2012 and continued to screen numerous of its shows, including those starring the mascots Moose and Zee. Additionally, it continued to reject conventional advertising and downplay closing credits that promoted other programs on the channel.

Gretel Inc.’s new makeover for the Nick Jr. channel went live on March 1, 2012.

The channel’s slogan was changed from “It’s Like Preschool On TV” to “The Smart Place To Play,” which served as branding for the Nick Jr. block.

The first Nick Jr. show characters started hosting programming at this point. On that day, the Nick Jr. channel also introduced programming promotions and quick features.

Seven months later, on October 1, 2012, it started airing a limited amount of traditional advertising (for businesses like ABCMouse, Kmart, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Nabi, Clorox, Walmart, Lysol, and Playskool) in the form of underwriter sponsorships airing in-between shows, in contrast to its parent network’s longer traditional advertising.

What Age Range Is Nick Jr?

A pay television network’s primary target audience is kids between the ages of 2 and 7, and Nick Jr. formerly the Nick Jr. Channel on-air to distinguish it from the block on Nickelodeon.

Is Nick Jr Safe for Kids?

It’s the newest method for your kids to enjoy all of their favorite preschool Nickelodeon shows!

Your kids may also view a selection of entire episodes, particularly chosen Nick Jr. shorts, and their favorite music videos from an ever-expanding collection of Nickelodeon’s award-winning preschool programs with the Nick Jr. app. Additionally, you may log in to the Nick Jr. App to enjoy even more full episodes from your mobile device if you have a cable or satellite TV subscription from a participating provider.

What Did Nick Jr Use to Be Called?

Beginning in 2003, they first appeared on Noggin. They were transferred to the new channel in 2009 when Noggin became Nick Jr.

How Old Is Nick Junior?

The launch took place on January 4, 1988. To be precise Nick Junior is 34 years old.

Who Owns Nick Jr?

Nick Jr. is one of the Paramount Global’s television networks and online brands under the management of Paramount Media Networks, a branch of the company that specializes in American mass media. Paramount Overseas Networks is a connected international division of it.

Nick Jr. Logo Productions

The preschool programming block on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., established Nick Jr. logo Productions as its television production division in 1993. The Nick Jr. production brand was merged with Nickelodeon Productions on February 2, 2009, and at the same time,renaming the Nick Jr. as “Nickelodeon’s Play Date.” However, several overseas Nick Jr. channels (most notably Nick Jr. UK) still end their programs with a Nick Jr. production ta.

Nick jr logo
image source-1000 logos

#1. 1993-2000

The company’s logo has an orange father with the letters “NICK” on his body and a blue youngster with the letters “JR” on his body making “throwing” movements as though they are playing catch.

The blue child throws overhand, while the orange father tosses underhand. The movement of their arms is depicted by a number of black, curving lines. They leap toward one another and clasp hands.

#2. 1996-2004

A still image of the Nick Jr. logo (which varies in shape like Nickelodeon’s) may be seen on a black backdrop. The youngster is blue and has “JR” on its body, while the adult is orange and has “NICK” on it. After three to four seconds, it ends. The logo’s copyright stamp occasionally reads ” [YEAR] VIACOM International, INC.” but more frequently it is blank.

Animals: Even in episodes with the same pair of animals, the animals in the logo change for each one of the following episodes:

#3. 1999- 2007

The orange father and the blue child from the first logo are depicted on a yellow “swirly” background, respectively, and both have “NICK” and “JR” written on them.

Below them, the word “Productions” appears in a garish, multicolored font with a small red heart on the letter “I,” while they bounce around.

Upon the completion of the logo, the father and child embrace (closely resembling a variant of the previous logo). The logo was completed on September 9, 1999. This logo is essentially identical to the first one, although it is still in credit.

#4. 2002-2004

The Nick Jr. logo displays the orange father and blue son from the previous logos in this production. It displays the logo on a postcard with a stamp that is positioned to the right of the screen.

The orange dad picks up the blue son after he bounces around, and their final position resembles one of the second logo’s variations. Below the father and boy, the words “A Nickelodeon UK Channel” gradually appear.

There is an alternative opening in which the postcard, the stamp, and the copyright stamp are all present.

#5. 2004

It displays Two frogs, one orange and one blue on a green background. A fly then appears, and the orange frog makes two attempts to catch it before the blue frog finally succeeds.

The words “NICK JR” appear on the frogs, which surprises the orange frog, who then laughs alongside the blue frog. Then, fireworks appear below them, spelling “PRODUCTIONS”.

#6. 2005-2009

The orange father and the blue child are depicted standing on a light blue/green gradient background. A colorful waterdrop appears after a brief delay, and the father kneels down as the youngster points to it. As more waterdrops form a puddle, they hop around in it.

They leap around and splash in the puddle that is created when more waterdrops are added. Like the 1st logo, the words “NICK JR” are visible on their bodies, while the phrase “productions” is visible below. After the company name appears, four bright yellow arcs start to form over the puddle, and the father and child embrace.

Did Nick Jr Shut Down?

Both the Nick Jr. block and the Nick Jr. channel are currently airing.

Is Nick Jr. TV Free?

You can download the Nick Jr. App for free, but to access certain features—like access to more full episodes—that come with logging in with your cable or satellite TV provider.

Is Nick Jr. Free on Roku?

Whether you currently pay for a participating TV provider or not, Nick Jr. is now accessible to Roku users. Naturally, subscribers have full access to the channel, whereas non-subscribers have much fewer viewing choices.

If the Nick Jr. channel is part of your cable provider’s subscription package and you want to view more full episodes, just follow the easy instructions below.

How to Activate Nick jr on Roku

By upgrading your package, you can watch Nick Jr. on Roku or any other Wi-Fi connected device whenever you want.

  • Utilize the Roku Channel Store to download the Nick Jr. channel.
  • Select Settings -> Log In by pressing the asterisk (*) button on your remote while inside the channel.
  • To obtain the activation code, choose your TV service provider.
  • Open a web browser and enter the activation code after following the on-screen directions.
  • Utilizing a web browser, enter the activation code after carefully following the on-screen instructions.
  • Make an account with your TV provider by entering your username and password.
    You can now use your Roku after activating it.

Noggin and Nick Jr Logo Collection: YouTube Multiplier

Noggin and Nick Jr. Logo Collection is a video that features a collection of Nick Jr. and Noggin logos, as well as cameos from other logos. The logos are displayed in multiple grids in a video.

For example:

  • Little Airplane Productions and the Noggin tree logo.
  • Nick Jr. clay logo.
  • Nick Jr. Gullah Gullah Island logo. (with Perez Minton Productions, Inc. logo making a slight cameo)
  • Nick Jr. splashy logo.
  • Noggin lightbulb logo.
  • Spiffy Pictures and Noggin ‘gramophone’ logo

Who Is Noggins

Noggin is a collaborative venture between Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop that debuted on February 2, 1999. It began as a cable television station and an interactive website, both of which were oriented on the ideals of imagination, creativity, and education.

Since its inception, the brand has grown to encompass a mobile streaming app and several defunct programming blocks around the world. When it first debuted as a TV station, Noggin was primarily focused on pre-teens and teenagers.

The programming was split into three separate blocks: one for pre-teens and teens, one early in the morning for toddlers, and one at night for reruns of “vintage” shows.

The channel largely pulled from the old repertoire of Sesame Workshop. Noggin produced numerous original shows over its first three years.

Is Noggins Shut Down?

The Noggin channel dropped its retro block in April 2002 and stretched its preschool and teen blocks to 12 hours per day. The preschool block aired daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the adolescent block (now known as “The N”) aired from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The shows with an adult audience that comprised Noggin’s original tween and teen schedule broadcast only during The N. As the network continue growing, imported series from the Nick Jr. block began to supplant Noggin’s daytime programming, and the majority of the Sesame Workshop branding that had distinguished the network’s early years was abandoned.

In spite of this, Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop maintained to collaborate on Noggin coproductions until 2009, the year the channel shut down.

Noggin began as an experimental brand, with on-air advertising emphasizing imagination and thinking through strange and abstract short films.

Prior to the brand being absorbed by Nick Jr., Noggin’s marketing team sought out “sick and twisted” freelance animators to give their on-air presence a distinct appearance.

Following the introduction of Noggin’s preschool daytime block, it was relaunched with a more uniform brand identity, with the more experimental programs kept to The N. Moreover, The Noggin brand lay inactive from 2010 until 2015, when it was reported that Noggin would return as a mobile streaming app, which debuted on March 5, 2015.

Games for Nick Jr

You can play the Nick Jr. games and also download your favourite cartoon game.

For instance

  • Home of Blues Clues & You
  • PAW Patrol,
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Santiago of the Seas,
  • Baby Shark’s Big Show
  • Paddington
  • Ryan’s Mystery Playdate,
  • Peppa Pig, Blaze
  • Monster Machines
  • Deer Squad and so much more
  • The Great Microphone Hunt
  • Walden’s Delightful Dress Up
  • Wubbzy’s Wow Wow Ring Catch
  • Wubbzy Gardening
  • Daizy’s Kickity-Kick Ball
  • Good Hair Day
  • Wubbzy’s Silly Speeder
  • Wubbzy’s Amazing Adventure
  • Wubbzy’s Underwater Adventure
  • Wubbzy Robots

What Are the Best Nick Jr. Games to Play on Mobile Devices?

  • Good Hair Day
  • Bubble Guppies Halloween Party
  • Wow Wow Wubbzy Blitz
  • Dora’s Magic Land Adventure
  • Blue’s Clues World Cooking

Nick Jr Face

Nick jr uses a face with black eyes and black lips on top of a variety of solid-colored backgrounds.

Who Are Nick jr Face?

Face served as nick jr mascot from September 1994 to October 2004. But there were different characters. Piper served in Face’s place from 2004 to 2007. He frequently sang songs and made an announcement about the upcoming TV program.

He would occasionally even engage with a Nick Jr. character (usually from the program he’s introducing), such as Blue and Periwinkle from Blue’s Clues, the title character from Little Bill, Bob from Bob the Builder (from offscreen), or even Philomena Fly from What’s the Buzz with Philomena Fly.

His trademark phrase was really his impersonation trumpet noises, which he frequently performed after saying the name of the programming block.

Additionally, from 1995 to September 2005, he made appearances in the block in the UK, Germany (as Gesicht), Australia (through 2006), Mexico (as Cara), and France (as Visage).

How Long Was the Face on Nick Jr?

The face had nearly 400 Nick Jr. commercial appearances between 1994 and 2004, in addition to two “guest appearances” on The ’90s Are All That in 2011 and The Splat in 2015 as part of the TeenNick programming blocks. On December 31, 2011, he also made a few appearances on a special episode of Stick Stickly’s The ’90s Are All That with a New Year’s theme. During Easter 2016, he also made an effort to locate the Easter Bunny.

What Year Did Face Come Out?

Face’s final episode as host of Nick Jr. aired on Friday, October 8, 2004, paired with Little Bear by Maurice Sendak. The final Nick Jr. bumper and Nickelodeon’s Sunday lineup were then displayed. The Face will continue to air on the Nick Jr. block in Australia until 2006 after that. They then showed a preview of Piper Possum. The Nick Jr. mascot, Face, was replaced by Piper Possum on October 11, 2004. Prior to that, in September 2003, Face underwent a redesign that included a new voice actor, lips, eyes, and eyebrows.

After a few months, he went back to his previous design because the revamp had not been well received. He is the only Nick Jr. mascot who has been there for more than three years and still makes an appearance on a couple of the games on the Nick Jr. website.

In March 2022, it was revealed that Face would make a comeback as the host of Face’s Music Party, a brand-new program on Nick Jr.Additionally, he will receive a fresh redesign for the program.

When Did Nick Jr Stop Using His Face?

As the Nick Jr. mascot, Piper Possum took the position of Face on October 11, 2004.

What Is Nick Jr.’s Mascot?

Face made his television debut on Nick Jr. on September 5, 1994, and he remained the network’s preschool programming block’s animated host and mascot for more than a decade. Face welcomed Nick Jr. and all the preschoolers as friends.

  • Face: 1994-2004
  • Piper O’Possum: 2004-2007
  • Moose and Zee characters: 2009-2012


Nick Jr. provides educational and entertaining programming to encourage preschoolers to learn, play, and have fun. We can’t deny the fact that Nick Jr. was a part of our childhood, making learning easier and more fun.


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