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The key to accumulating long-term wealth is to earn money and invest it. Saving money in a high-yield savings account, on the other hand, has significant lifestyle benefits. You can change careers, take advantage of buying chances or fund once-in-a-decade investment opportunities with a significant cash cushion. Having said that, I believe it is critical to choose your savings account wisely. The American Express Personal Savings account now fulfills all of the criteria for a perfect savings account. I’ll discuss why this American express high yield savings account rate can be a suitable fit for folks who are just getting started with saving money, the login process and customer review are clearly expressed.

American Express High Yield Savings Account

With no minimum balance requirements, users of the American Express high-yield savings account can start collecting money right immediately.

Interest on your savings is compounded daily by American Express and deposited into your account monthly.

How American Express National Bank Works

American Express is an online-only bank that doesn’t require an initial deposit or a minimum account balance. There are no monthly service fees with American Express.

The American Express website is user-friendly, however, there is no mobile app; the American Express app is only for credit card customers.

American Express provides phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but unlike many other banks, it does not offer live chat with agents online.

Your American Express accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to $250,000, or $500,000 if you have a joint account.

Full American Express High Yield Savings Account Review

The benefits and drawbacks of opening an American Express High Yield Savings Account are as follows:

#1. Top perks

APY of 0.50 percent. One of the most significant elements to consider when investing in a high-yield savings account is the annual percentage yield (APY). The American Express High Yield Savings Account has one of the highest annual percentage yields we’ve seen.

#2. Ease of use

Your American Express High Yield Savings Account may be set up and used in minutes. You can also link multiple accounts and transfer funds between them.

#3. No monthly balance requirements

To avoid monthly fees, you don’t need a minimum amount to start an account. To earn the APY, you must have at least $1 in your account. You won’t have to worry about money becoming stuck in your American Express High Yield Savings Account because there are no minimum balance requirements.

#4. No maintenance fees

American Express National Bank does not have the overhead expenditures of a traditional bank because it is an internet bank. As a result, it is able to provide its High Yield Savings Account at no cost.

#5. FDIC-insured

The FDIC insures American Express National Bank, this means that in the event of a bank failure, you’re covered for up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution, just like with a typical bank account.

What Could Be Improved on American Express High Yield Savings Review

The following are the things that American express high yield savings need to improve.

#1. ATM access

Savings accounts are not intended for daily use. There are no ATM cards, debit cards, or checks available. During a monthly statement cycle, you can make up to nine withdrawals or transfers from your American Express High Yield Savings Account.

#2. Processing time

How long does it generally take to send money via the internet? The best way to transfer funds – and have them available to you as quickly as possible – is to start the process on the bank’s website where the funds are currently kept. You are directing funds to the destination bank by doing so.

In 1 to 2 business days, the cash should arrive (not including the time it takes to link accounts). If you open a High Yield Savings Account with American Express Savings, thus, the quickest way to transfer funds from your Savings account to your checking account is to do it through the American Express Savings website. You may be eligible for express transfers, which can occur on the same day in several circumstances.

You would, however, be pulling cash if you opted to make a funds transfer with the bank where you want the funds to arrive. This transfer could take three or more working days, depending on the recipient bank’s hold procedures. More so, if you initiated the transfer on the Savings website and the destination bank is American Express National Bank, the amount will be reflected in your current balance and will begin generating interest immediately. On the fifth business day, the monies will be ready for withdrawal.

Is the American Express High Yield Savings Account Safe to Invest In?

Amex customers have nothing to worry about in this regard. You can enhance the amount of coverage you have by adding beneficiaries to your American Express High Yield Savings Account, which is FDIC-insured up to a maximum of $250,000 per depositor. The American Express National Bank has been assigned certificate number 27471 by the FDIC.

Checking to see if a new financial institution’s website or documentation includes the phrase “member FDIC” is a smart move to make before deciding to create an account with that institution. In the event of a credit union, you should search for insurance that is provided by the NCUA, which is analogous.

Should I Get an American Express Savings Account or a CD?

CDs, sometimes known as certificates of deposit, and high-yield savings accounts both have the potential to earn you a respectable interest rate. But the interest rates on certificates of deposit are greater because you are giving up access to that money for a certain period of time. You may, for instance, purchase a CD with a term of 12 or 60 months.

A person who wants the flexibility to move money about in their account or add additional money to their account may consider opening a savings account. Someone who is sure they won’t need the money in the near future or who wishes to prevent themselves from accessing their savings can consider purchasing a certificate of deposit.

American Express High Yield Savings Review Accounts Rate

Although American Express is best known for its credit cards, it also offers internet banking and a high-yield savings account.

The interest rate on an American Express National Bank high-yield savings account is significantly higher than the national average. The bank does not impose monthly service fees or need a minimum deposit to open the account.

If you choose savings account over a traditional bank account, you will lose access to in-person banking. Because American Express does not provide a checking account, you may need to have a second bank account to move funds into and out of your high-yield savings account. American Express limits the number of withdrawals and transfers out of the savings account to nine per month, which is more than most banks’ six-withdrawal maximum.

American Express Savings Account Rate

The following are the specifics of the American Express savings account.

Account nameAPYMinimum deposit
High Yield Savings Account0.50%No minimum deposit

Is American Express Trustworthy?

American Express has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Businesses are graded by the BBB based on how they respond to customer complaints, advertising honesty, and business practices openness.

There have been no recent public scandals with American Express. You might elect to bank with American Express because of its solid BBB rating and long history.

How American Express National Bank Compares

We compared American Express against Ally and Capital One 360, two other online banks with no minimum initial deposits. Hence, if you’re looking for a high-yield savings account, any of American Express, capital one 360, or Ally will fit the bill. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at all three banking institutions. Also, it’s possible that your choice amongst the three banks will be based on your preferences for banking features and services.

Despite the fact that capital one 360 is an online bank, it has locations in various states. If you ever need to speak with a banker in person, this may come in handy. In fact, you’ll need to be comfortable with an online-only banking experience if you choose Ally or American Express Bank.

Capital One or Ally is better than American Express if you want a bank with a mobile app. Only credit cardholders have access to an American Express mobile app.

American Express High Yield Savings Login

  • Enter your existing User Name and Password to access Savings.
  • We’ll need to send you a one-time identification number to your preferred channel for added security.
  • Select the location where you want your code to be sent, confirm that you agree to the SMS Text Message Terms & Conditions, then click “Send My Code” once.
  • Do not close this browser window while you wait for the 6-digit identification code.
  • Please use this page to enter the most recent identification code. A 6-digit numeric code will be used as the identification code.

The American Express High Yield Savings Account Is Right for You If:

The American Express High Yield Savings Account is a terrific choice if you want the greatest possible savings account returns and can plan ahead to deposit and withdraw funds. Additionally, the lack of fees, the freedom to keep numerous accounts, and the lack of a minimum balance restriction provide you with a lot of options. Not to mention the account’s high APY: your savings will earn the highest possible return without putting your money in danger.

You should seek cash elsewhere if you think you’ll miss out on having a local bank branch to visit or if you’ll need cash right away. If you want to use a mobile app, you’ll need to open another personal savings account.

Why is American Express Interest So High?

The fact that many American Express credit cards come with significant rewards rates and high-end perks—two factors that necessitate exorbitant annual fees—is the primary reason why American Express cards cost so much money. People with strong credit histories and high salaries who are likely to charge significant amounts to their cards on a monthly basis are ideal candidates for Amex credit cards.

What is the Best Thing To Do With a Lump Sum of Money?

A large sum of money is best stored in a savings account because it is a secure and dependable location. Your deposits will be guaranteed by either the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for bank accounts or the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for credit union accounts. This means that your funds will not only be protected from day-to-day spending but they will also be guaranteed.

Is American Express Worth the Hype?

People with good or exceptional credit scores who wish to receive rewards on purchases made in the United States and who will pay for those transactions in full by the due date each month should absolutely consider applying for an American Express card. In addition to the potential benefits of rewards, using an American Express card could be beneficial for customers who are looking for an introductory period of low-interest rates.

Does Amex Still Have a Black Card?

The American Express Black Card now goes by its official moniker, which is the American Express Centurion Card. The American Express Black Card is a premium and limited-access charge card that is issued by the company. In order to receive an invitation, a Platinum Card member must first satisfy specific requirements. There is a personal version of the American Express Black Card as well as a business version.

What Does American Express High Yield Savings Account Bank Offer?

We will use this section to explain the things American express high-yield savings account offer.

  • Savings account
  • CDs
  • Credit cards

#1. Personal Savings Account

Personal Savings is a high-yielding savings account that is also American Express Bank’s only savings account. Customers presently get a 0.50 percent annual percentage yield (APY), which is not awful but not as good as comparable online banks’ rates.

The lack of minimum opening and ongoing balance requirements for Personal Savings accounts is a benefit. In addition, there is no monthly maintenance price.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures funds in an American Express Personal Savings account up to $250,000 per depositor.

You can also link up to three external bank accounts to your account, allowing you to move money in and out as needed. To save for a specific aim, such as an emergency fund or a vacation, you can set up periodic transfers into your Personal Savings account.

#2. CDs

CDs with periods ranging from six months to five years are also available from American Express Bank High Yield Savings, especially if you have a login. Longer CD durations pay a higher annual percentage yield, with five-year CDs currently yielding 0.55 percent. Shorter CDs pay out less money, but they’re still better than what you’d get at a typical bank.


Does American Express National Bank offer IRAs?

Yes, it has high-yield savings IRAs and CD IRAs with the same yields as its non-IRA savings and CD products.

Can you make a partial withdrawal from an American Express Bank CD?

No, to withdraw any money from one of its CDs, you must withdraw the entire account and close it.

What is the downside of a high-yield savings account?

American Express high-yield savings account login interest rate are variable and can change at any time, so while a bank may promote a high annual percentage yield (APY) when you apply, it is unlikely to persist indefinitely.

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