High paying sit at home businesses for women to start with low capital

sit at home businesses for women

A lot of women due to one reason or the other might not be able to work outside of their home. There is a lot of sit at home businesses for women they can choose to embrace. Either as a nursing mum or housewife, one can be sure to be productive and earning money from the comfort of one’s home.

Some cultures forbid women to step out let alone working, though a lot of enlightenment and awareness is changing this. While some women are intentionally quitting their jobs. (see reasons why you should quit your job) But no matter what the reason it is, there are available, easy to start, low capital sit at home businesses for women they can embrace. Here are 4 businesses women can do from home

1. Start a blog

There are a lot of women in diverse countries earning well from blogging ranging from Linda Ikeji of Nigeria to Emily Weiss who built her blog to a billion-dollar company with this formula This is only one of the many sit at home businesses for women. Every day, more than 1 thousand websites or blog is launched and yet people are daily searching for numerous information online.

The question is normally what to blog about. Blogging your daily life like the way you write in your diary can be a good start, blogging about motherhood and childcare can help. A lot of people want to know about relationships, there is no rule to choosing a niche as long as your blogging your passion. As the traffic grows you can seek ways to monetize

2. Start an online community

This doesn’t cost a dime. It’s one of the easiest sit at home businesses for women anyone can start. Go to Facebook and open a group, you can choose a WhatsApp group or telegram group and grow from there till you have a lot of followers to migrate to Facebook. A community comprises people of like minds with similar objectives who come together to learn and share knowledge.

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If you are interested in a business like me, open a community with a purpose around that niche. It can be a tech community or relationship group where people share their relationship experiences. It can be marriage, childcare etc. You can be a community builder even without being a content guru, start off first and with time, you will have people flooding the group with content that you have to select which to publish. When you gather a large following, you can put together a book and sell to the community members. Sell special online consulting time etc One thing with building community and blogging is that it makes your voice an authority in that niche. You can as well charge people to advertise on the platform. Build first!

3. Start a fashion line

I once read about a Nigeria fashion designer rough and tumble who started his fashion line from home. Her kids needed pyjamas and he decided to do a rough design of one with the tools and wrapper she and it luckily turned out well and fine to the point that neighbours demanded she also should make for their kids too. Read her Story among other women here

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That was how the business started in her sitting room while still being an excellent housewife. Today she is a widely known brand for kids clothing in Nigeria. The fashion business is one of the sit at home businesses for women that could be started with little funding.

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4. Childcare

If your reason for looking out for sit at home business for women is so you can take proper care of your kids and watch them grow up well then, childcare might be the best fit for you. Ask your neighbours to drop their kids with you and charge them little money at the end of the day. While taking care of your kids, you’re taking care of theirs too.

With time you can grow to expand into a childcare business or even a school. Sit at home mums mustn’t be left out when it comes to business. With the help of internet business could be very feasible for everyone just from the comfort of their homes

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