4 Signs You Should Quit That Job and How

signs you should quit that job.

There are signs you should quit that job though everyone clamours to have something doing especially when one is in a tight financial difficulty that all the breath one needs is just a job. A hungry man would do any job to earn some money may be enough to keep him out of hunger. Then this other category of people, they earn all the money they want but their life is completely out of balance but the sweet pay from the job becomes a trap in a work that steals their health and happiness away.

Imagined a job where you work at your own time or specific time, do the travel you want, attend to the kids and most especially become the you that you have always dreamt of every day? Even if you think the dream job is impossible, the dream lifestyle is highly possible. When you see these 4 signs, it’s a red flag that it’s time to quit the job.

1 one of the signs you should quit that job is Difficulty Relaxing

Every job comes with it’s challenge no doubt but when it has become a regular thing to feel uneasy, constantly stressed out and constantly overworked no matter how much you are paid, it’s one of the signs you should quit that job but first pause and re-think if that’s the type of life you want to live and how long you will have to live such life.

2 Health effects of the job

Some workplaces and job roles aren’t healthy at all. Some others pose a high health risk that they don’t correspond with the pay. When your health starts deteriorating, it’s a sign you should stop and give yourself some attention. Deterioration in one’s health can happen in a number of ways.

1. When you constantly feel body pains as a result of your work.
2. When you start needing to take some medication to be effective at work.
3. When you aren’t getting enough sleep as a result of your workload.
4. You’re constantly losing weight due to job stress.
5. Your doctor is reporting an undue increase in your blood pressure.
6. Lacking time for exercise

There are other numerous signs that show your health is at risk. Neglecting those signs can be very dangerous. Always remember this; nobody is irreplaceable at the workplace. Once a worker is gone, another worker is hired. Take care of your health. health negligence is one of the signs you should quit that job.

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3 The feeling of not having enough time

This is another sign that you should have a rethink on that job. You’re already out of the house before the kids wake up and come back when they are already asleep. No time to bond and grow a healthy relationship with people that matter most to you. Some jobs compress the work roles of what three people should be doing into one man’s job description simply because the company is saving cost.

Then the employee overworks himself just to meet up with job roles and he’s finally overburdened by work. And when the work isn’t completed as at when stipulated, the emotional effects of guilt, the feeling of incompetence and pressure from the top drain life away from you that you begin to transfer aggression on the loving family members who are supposed to enjoy love from you. When this becomes a constant, it’s one of the signs you should quit that job but pause and have a re-think before quitting.

4. Toxic workplace

Some workplaces are so toxic, unnecessary organisational politics, lack of appreciation and having other people’s emotional baggage dumped on you. No matter how hard you work and how well you work, your employers are hard to please and never get to appreciate it.

When in a job, the pay isn’t the only thing to consider, consider the emotional feeling it brings to you. Hanging around a place that makes you breed resentment and bitterness can affect your health and productivity. It’s one of the most dangerous signs you should quit that job.


This is the most import factor that you should quit without looking back. When the job doesn’t resonate with who you are. The money is there, you have all the time you want but you gain no satisfaction. You just know there’s something else you should be doing with your life. Something more fulfilling and more satisfying. Don’t get tied down with a work that takes away peace and fulfilment away from you. Life is all about finding fulfilment. If it doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, pause and have a re-think. when your fulfilment is constantly denied then its one of the dangerous signs you should quit that job.

How Do I Know if I Should Quit My Job?

It may be time to quit your job if you are no longer inspired to complete your daily chores, feel overworked or burned out, or wish to rise to a higher-level position. These are some indications that it may be time to leave your current job and find one that suits your needs more successfully.

How Do You Know When You Are Tired of Your Job?

Not feeling the same degree of excitement, passion, or job satisfaction as you once did, as well as feeling cynical or negative about work, are both symptoms of burnout.

Will I Be Happier if I Quit My Job?

People have a tendency to adapt. Initially, quitting your work may make you joyful. Sonja Lyubomirsky, eminent professor and vice chair of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, notes, however, that this sentiment may not stay long. Lyubomirsky has studied happiness for almost three decades.

How to Tell if Your Company Is Hoping You’ll Quit?

Why wouldn’t your boss just let you go if your company no longer needs you? Well, from your boss’s point of view, it’s much easier for them if you leave on your own. If a company decides to let an employee go, either by firing them or putting them out of work, it means more paperwork and a more stressful environment for those who are still there.

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