APPLE AFFILIATE PROGRAM: What It Is & All You Need to Know

Apple affiliate program
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While it may come as a surprise, Apple actually has two affiliate programs that can be promoted for financial gain: the iTunes Affiliate Program and the Affiliate Program. Both have a plethora of commission levels, rules, and requirements that make them difficult to decipher. In this article, we talk about the many different parts of the Apple Affiliate Program. The Apple Affiliate Program Commission, Review, Login, USA, and Australia are among them.

If you’re in the “tech” area, you should think about signing up for one of Apple’s two affiliate programs, since there are plenty of chances and ways to make money with Apple if you have a suitable audience

The iTunes Affiliate Program 

Just recently, Apple sent a shockwave through its community affiliates by cutting percentages down from 7% to 2.5%. However, the cut does not reflect all available items that you can sell.

The cut from 7% to 2.5% occurred for iOS in-app purchases as well as purchases made in the iTunes Music collection.

The 7% commission is still valid for iBooks, along with Movies, TV, Mac Apps, and Mac In-Apps.

Promoting Apple Music, on the other hand, is an entirely different ballgame.

Apple Affiliate Program Commission Rate 

The commission for referring new subscribers to Apple Music (essentially Apple’s version of Spotify) has increased from 50% to 100% for the first month of service.

The Apple Music feature goes for $9.99, so you will be earning around $5 for every new customer you refer to the service. Thanks to the 30-day cookie, you may transfer a user to Apple Music immediately at no further cost.

 Once they do, you will get your commission (if it’s in the 30-day window).

I am having my application approved, so I will update this apple affiliate program review once I am certain of the rates. Having said that, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

I am aware that it is not a lot (my estimation is somewhere around 5%), but don’t forget that the majority of Apple’s products cost $1,000 or more; hence, if you can sell an iPhone a day, we’re looking at $50 in affiliate commissions; this should not be difficult to do.

Apple Affiliate Program Payment Methods

You can go one of two ways with this situation. You have the option of paying with iTunes gift cards or by getting a bank transfer. Either one is acceptable (sadly PayPal is not an option here).

You will be required to enter your bank information, and after the sales and commission have been computed and approved, a bank transfer will be sent to you in the amount that was agreed upon.

Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is $5 for iTunes Store credit or $500 for bank transfers.

The Apple Affiliate Program 

In addition, Apple provides its affiliates the ability to advertise any product offered through the Online Store.

This is the area that you need to concentrate on the most because these are the high-priced things that have the potential to bring in a significant profit for you.

If you wish to become an associate, know that the program is “guarded” and approval can be slow.

So, if you want to become an affiliate for, you should be ready for this.

All You Need To Become An Affiliate 

If you are going to pursue a career as an affiliate marketer, you should know right now that having a website in the technology sector is an absolute requirement.

The applications are manually examined, and if the reviewers determine that your website, its content, or its audience is not connected to the technology business in any way, shape, or form, then you will have a difficult time getting approved for the program.

How To Promote The Apple Affiliate Program 

Your commission is monitored through the use of affiliate links, which means that you will first need to apply, and then, once approved, you will receive your collection of one-of-a-kind affiliate links that you can advertise.

 This is the standard procedure for Apple Affiliate Program Login.


The Apple affiliate program is an excellent method to bring in additional revenue without any effort. The amount you make depends on the volume and quality of Apple’s traffic, but it’s still worth a shot.

When you sign up to become an affiliate, you should make the most of the affiliate links you are given by marketing them on your website, in your profiles on social networking sites, in emails, and so on.

I believe this article concerning the Apple Affiliate Program Login and the Apple Affiliate Program Commission was helpful to you.

Apple Affiliate Program FAQs

Does Apple have an affiliate program?

Yes. The affiliate program offers a novel means through which your website or app may link to millions of tracks, albums, books, and films.

How do I become an affiliate marketer for Apple? 

Fill out an application, and Apple will take a look at it. You will be issued a one-of-a-kind affiliate token after being accepted into the program.

How do you collab with apples?

Launch Pages, Numbers, or Keynote in iCloud after logging in with your Apple ID. To show off your work, launch the file you’ve decided to show off. 


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