SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER JOB: All You Should Know & Top Listings (+ Free tips)


Very many persons (especially millennials) are quite conversant with social media. However, not every one of them has what it takes to carry out a social media manager’s job.

Interestingly, the duties go beyond just posting random pictures and videos. Sure, there will be pictures and videos, but they are usually intentional, carefully targeted, and well-constructed with the principal goal to increase brand awareness and drive sales.


You’re probably want to find out more on this topic – the job requirements and opportunities, right?! Well, stay with me as we address all of your questions and then some.

Who Is A Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is an individual in an organization whose duty is to monitor, filter, execute, measure the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even person.

Yes! Some persons can have social media managers especially when they are celebrities or too busy or unfamiliar with the dealings of the “online world” to handle a social media presence.

Before the internet, social media managers were “Public Relations Officers/ Representatives”. And, as their name implied, it was also their job to relate with the general public on behalf of a client.

Now reborn as “Social Media Manager” following the introduction and acceptance of the internet, the job remains mostly the same. Formerly known as “community managers”, they are often regarded as the voice of the company.

What Is A Social Media Manager’s Job?

Now, to answer the question: what does a social media manager entail?

If you understand just how important a positive online presence is for every brand, product, or company, then you will appreciate the weight of the duties of a social media manager.

Generally, it is a social media manager’s job to direct the company’s social media marketing and advertising. This would include:

  • Planning, goal setting and strategizing
  • Growing awareness of the brands and their online reputation
  • Increasing leads and conversion rate
  • Managing contents on social media platforms and website
  • Creating inbound traffic and Search Engine Optimization

All of these duties will require a passionate, flexible, highly motivated, and creative individual to connect, and relate amicably with present and potential customers.

Ultimately, the principal objective of every interaction with customers should be to turn the fans or doubters to customers; and the customers to promoters.

What Are the Social Media Manager’s Job Requirements?

To become a social media manager, there are certain requirements you should fulfill:

#1. Sound Knowledge Of Brand Development

Speak in facts and benefits! Customers would always want to know the big ideas of your products or services. “why do I need this service?” “what do I stand to gain from patronizing you?”. 

So, you should indulge them and answer these questions with facts – numbers, awards, and mouth-watering store policies.

#2. Proven Ability to Identify Target Customers

For the most part, certain customers would be more inclined to appreciate and patronize you. They are your “target audience”. These are the model customers you hope for 5-10 more of.

As a social media manager, your job also includes identifying the target audience. To do that, you should note the situation and characteristics of these customers. Then, you can use Facebook to explore your desired audience to advertise your services.

#3. Ability to Set Clear Goals

For a social media manager, it is an important job requirement to set distinct and achievable goals. This will help you relate your Return on Investments to your set goals.

Ultimately, these goals and objectives help you overcome the challenges your business could be facing. Identifying these challenges can make it easier for you to know what goals to set. The challenges could range from, slow sales, to poor online reputation or weak brand awareness.

#4. Ability to Develop The Right Voice For Visual Design And Sound Web Development Strategy

How many times have you patronized a product mostly because of its visual content? A lot of consumers are easily swayed by the visual content in your Facebook adverts, status updates, or the landing pages on your websites.

The big idea for a social media manager is to advertise the job with certain core requirements to keep the customers enthralled enough to want to spend their money on your business.

#5. Experience in Creating Sound Contents and Promotions Strategy

This is basically what the social media manager job is about – knowing the right way to sell your business with words and perhaps pictures. Talk to your target audience (and others as well), and create the need for your service. Then, proceed to talk about your company and what makes you the best.

Like I said earlier, speak in benefits!

These contents, however, also need to be publicized. And, it is a fundamental part of the social media manager’s job to know the basic requirements for the promotion strategy of a business.

So, whether they are Facebook ads (the most popularly used) or on any other platforms, conditions such as the contents, placement, and targeting have to be carried out flawlessly to improve engagements and generate sales.

#6. Experience in Engagement and Conversion Strategy

The potential consumers may not have access to the staff or owner of your company. So, the job of communicating with them will fall on the shoulders of the social media manager.

However, to answer the questions they may have, you’ll have to be conversant with the products enough to keep them engaged, and guide them towards the call to action.

Once you have the engagements, it is also the social media manager’s job to ensure that these “potential” customers are convinced enough to want to become and remain full-time customers.

Social Media Manager Job Salary

According to payscale, a social media manager’s average base salary is about $51,348/ year as estimated on the 16th of December 2020. However, this figure is dependent on the years of experience as well as the popular skills for social media managers and other factors.

Generally, your knowledge of popular skills as a social media manager would hugely determine your jobs and unequivocally your salary.

Skills like Marketing Communications have their average salary set at $54,340, Content Management at $50,819, Copywriting at $49,773, Social Media Marketing at $51,501, and Social Media Optimization at $53,286 per year.

Social Media Manager Job Online

For the most part, a social media manager job is done online. So, as a social media manager, you will be tasked with carrying out most of your duties online.

Jobs range from managing social media marketing campaigns and daily activities to monitoring trends in social media platforms, channels, design and strategy, and analyzing, reviewing, and reporting on the impact of campaigns and promotions to increase results.

Also, becoming a spokesperson for your company on social media platforms by conversing and replying to questions and identifying and reporting threats to appropriate management whilst also recognizing opportunities in reviews about the company.

Tasking as they may be, these and many more are the social media managers’ jobs online.

Social Media Manager Job from Home

Because most of the social media managers’ jobs are being done online, they are mostly working at home opportunities.

Companies That Hire Social Media Managers

Regardless of the ever-increasing work-at-home scams, there are legit companies that offer social media managers job opportunities from home. Here they are:

  • Appen – Social Media Evaluator
  • DVMelite – Marketing Account Manager
  • BELAY Virtual Social Media Assistant
  • Lionbridge – Social Media Evaluators
  • ModSquad – Mod (Digital Engagement Pro)
  • Social Tribe – Social Media Account Coordinator
  • Valnet – Freelance Social Media Coordinator
  • Vox Media – Social Media Producer

Though the list is not very long, these companies provide legit job opportunities for social media managers.

However, it’s important to know that when some other companies need social media manager’s they just mostly advertise on their websites. Also, some of them utilize online job boards, so, you can check there for social media managers’ jobs from home.

Job Boards to Find Social Media Managers Jobs

A job board like Indeed is one of the most trusted job boards there is. It saves you a lot of time as they compile job listings from all the other major job board sites. Though the jobs are not thoroughly confirmed as legit, they ensure they provide a company name, location, job title, and complete job description.

This is to offer you enough information to check the company and ascertain if said company and job listing are legit.

FlexJobs is another recommendable job board that provides social media managers jobs from home. Unlike Indeed, FlexJobs hand-screens their job listings so you are guaranteed the jobs there are legit.

They also provide a thorough search feature that lets you search for a particular job for you. this search feature helps you search for job positions by job category, telecommuting level, experience level, and job type.

Freelance Marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork provide a platform for social media managers to post their services and bid on jobs from home.

So, if you are sure of your social media managing skills, visit one (or all) of these platforms to get good deals on freelancing jobs.

What are the Most Common Job Titles for Social Media Manager Job?

The most commonly searched job titles for Social Media Manager jobs are:

  • Social Media Communication Project Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • A Social Media Operator
  • Social Media Community Manager
  • Social Media Sr. Strategy Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Platform for Social Media
  • Social Media Director
  • A Social Media Worker
  • Social Media Project Manager

What Job Categories are Individuals Looking for when they search for Social Media Manager Jobs?

The most popular job categories for Social Media Managers are:

  • Sales using Social Media
  • Social Media
  • Social Media for Business
  • Account on Social Media
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • Social Media Group
  • Media
  • Management of the Media
  • Social Media Administration
  • Monitoring of Social Media

What cities are hiring for Social Media Manager Jobs?

The following cities have the most Social Media Manager job openings:

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Tucson
  • Fresno
  • Murfreesboro
  • Lexington
  • Tulsa
  • Kansas City (Kansas)
  • Plano
  • Houston
  • Brownsville

Which States have the Most US Jobs?

The following states have the most job openings for Social Media Manager jobs:

  • State of New Mexico
  • Virginia
  • Illinois
  • Nebraska
  • Michigan
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri

What Are The Social Media Management Tips ?

  • Identify the best platform that suits your business
  • Create a calendar schedule for updating contents
  • Set social media goals
  • Schedule social media posts with time-savings tools

What Are the Top Social Media Manager Skills ?

  • Creativity
  • Excellent communication.
  • Traditional and digital marketing
  • Great design skills
  • Project management
  • Content creation
  • Writing and editing

Is Social Media Manager Job Stressful?

A social media manager job may look exciting from a distance, but it can be exhausting. It is advisable to take breaks where necessary, so that burn-out can be avoided.

What Are a Social Media Manager Tasks?

  • Developing compelling and engaging contents
  • Posting contents across social media accounts
  • Engaging with customers on different platforms
  • Being aware of the latest social media trends.
  • Maintain brand promotions across all social media platform.
  • Email marketing and SEO.

What Are the Social Media Manager Job Requirements?

Some of the social media manager job requirements includes:

  • Social media marketing experience
  • Social media brand manager experience
  • Ability to develop the right voice for the different social media platforms
  • Graphic design experience
  • Experience in creative and engaging social media strategies
  • Monitoring and analyzing of trends and competitors performance.

How to Become A social Media Manager With No Experience?

  • Enroll for a college degree
  • Take an online social media marketing course
  • Volunteer to manage the social media of friends or family
  • Build your own online social media community


The social media manager is regarded as the voice of the company – the spokesperson. And, as the impact of social media on brand awareness and sales is steadily on the rise, it is most advisable to get a social media manager to leverage it to build your online reputation and increase jobs or sales.

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