Business with Low Capital and High Profit (35 Businesses + Investment Guide)

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If the lack of a substantial capital is what has hindered you from starting a business of your own, you need to read this. Even with a low capital, it is possible to start a good business that can, and in fact, guarantee high profits. Altogether, small business ideas are a permanent fix.

So, in this article, we highlight 35 businesses which you can start with a low capital but earn a high returns from.

35 Businesses with Low Capital and High Profits

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#1. Snack Making

This is a low capital business that can certainly earn you good profit. You can start this in your kitchen with as little as a few items like flour, vegetable oil and baking powder.

Consistency of quality, quantity and supply will take you a long way in this business. Also, ensure you make snacks that are fan favourites like doughnuts, meat pies, puff puffs and chin chins.

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#2. Home Tutorials

Tutoring students, apart from being a good to society, can also be a really profitable business that requires very little capital in the way of transport fares. A lot of parents are on the lookout for good home lesson teachers who can supplement the efforts of their children’s school.

Provided your rates are reasonable and you can actually do the job of imparting knowledge to – likely uncooperative – children, you will find this low capital business really worthwhile.

low investment with high profits

#3. Taxi Driver

This comes with the obvious caveat that high profits is non-related with taxi driving and can only be considered a low capital business if and only if you already have a car or access to one. Those who fall under this category will find that money from this business will more than cover the cost of fueling and the occasional maintenance that comes with the territory.

Depending on the route and time you ply the roads as a commercial driver, you should find even a day’s profit to be pretty substantial.

#4. Social Media Consultant

Believe it or not, people make a high profits showing others how to make the best use of their social media with the capital factor out of the picture. This is usually in a bid to attain mercenary and publicity advantages. Many people have made a lot of money from their ability to observe a social media environment and give useful information on how to best harness its potentials.

low capital business and high profits

#5. Professional Product Reviewer

Using a blog or a vlog (like YouTube), you can become a professional product reviewer. What this means is that you obtain a new product, usually before anyone gets their hands on it, and essentially tell potential consumers whether they should buy it or not based on objective standards and consumers’ general desires or expectations.

#6. Online Tutorial

You can make a lot of money giving lessons on a range of topics online. Your online tutorials may be based on academics studies or technical knowledge. In any case, there are many platforms online that offer remunerations to their content creators. For example, you can use video call services like Zoom or video streaming platforms like YouTube or Nebula

#7. Personal Chef

A personal chef cooks meals privately for particular individuals or families who pay him or her for the service. You can choose to be a live-in chef or a day chef. The key to this low capital business is to understand the dietary needs, likes and dislikes of your employers.

#8. Translation  Service

If you are a polyglot or simply know more than one language, you can offer your services as a translator. You can be an online translator offering your services on platforms like Fiverr and Inklancers. You however must be literate in the languages you are translating; translating is an art in itself, it is not enough to speak them well. 

#9. Music Lessons

Good music is always widely appreciated. You can make money helping people achieve their dreams of becoming professional musicians. In order to teach music lessons, the most important thing is the technical know-how.

Once you have that, you can start classes with students who have their musical instrument, saving you the cost of procuring costly musical instruments. Alternatively, you could stick to vocal coaching.

low capital business and high profits

#10. Affiliate Marketing

You can also make a lot of money online as an affiliate marketer without spending so much yourself. Affiliate marketers use their social media platforms to sell the products of brands and companies and get commissions on every sale made through their affiliate link.

This business requires you to have substantial influence on social media. Such influence is usually measured by how many followers you have and the engagement your posts receive.

#11. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is a fantastic business idea involving a low capital and high profit. It is a great way to make money. You do not have to be a celebrity to market products and services online; you just have to be determined about it.

Create a marketing strategy that works for you and stick to it. Find ways of creating more natural sounding posts as people are usually put off by posts that seem to be selling something. Also, diversify the products you sell online so you can reach a wider range of people.     

#12. Internet Security Consultant

The Internet is increasingly becoming a scary place as stories of hacking and privacy violations have become worryingly rife. Here is where the Internet security consultant comes in.

In this capacity, you dole out advice pertaining to the security and safety of people’s data, files and personal information by enlightening them about safety precautions and best practices on the Internet.

#13. Graphic Design

The graphic designer communicates ideas in a simple and universally understandable way. He or she uses such design elements as fonts, icons, photographs and illustrations to pass clear messages. You can try your hand at this whether you have a background in art or not.

You should also create an online portfolio using blogs or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and ensure you frequently update it with your work.

low capital business and high profits

#14. Blogging

Without a doubt, blogging is one of the businesses that can earn you money which does not require a fortune to set up. There are many free blog platforms like WordPress and BlogSpot that you can try your hands on before going professional.

Do ensure that your content is original, attractive and well thought-out. Also, be consistent and regular with your posts.

#15. Curriculum Vitae Writer

Many are well aware of the importance of a good CV; it is the representative of a person to the prospective employer. As such, people are willing to spend money getting their CVs a professional touch up.

Word processing skills and knowledge of good CV writing is required in succeeding in this venture.

#16. Sell Crafts

Selling crafts like baskets, hats, bracelets and pottery can make you a lot of money without first removing much of it from your pocket. If you are the creative type who is good with their hands, you can make these attractive items and sell to what you will find is a teeming market for crafts.

#17. Meal Planner

Nutrition is very important and there is some money to be made from ensuring people get their nutrients. Meal planning requires some research into what constitutes a balanced diet and what your client needs personally. You can offer your services online or work with food establishments like restaurants.

#18. Vlogging

Vlogging is in right now. YouTube, for example, is the most popular streaming platform and many content creators on there have made a fortune for their troubles. The good thing about vlogging is that it can be about anything and can take any form. So you can design your vlog outlook based on your budget without paling in comparison to someone with a bigger budget.

#19. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you offer organisational and secretarial services to clients over the web, through email or phone calls. You help the client to keep an effective schedule and remind them of the activities planned out for them every day.

#20. Cooking Classes

You can organise cooking classes where you teach people how to cook special and possibly foreign mouth-watering delicacies. A cooking class is a place people go to not just to learn how to cook but to fraternise and mingle so you must ensure the atmosphere in your classes are mingle-friendly.

#21. Event Planning

Planning an event is by no means an easy job but neither is it rocket science. That is to say it gets better with every job. It is best to start journey into the event planning world with more experienced planners and take off from there. Event planning involves a high level of organisation and management and is certainly not for everyone.

#22. Photography

If you are any good with a camera, it might be a good idea to consider its business potentials. You can share your photographs online to photo platforms and make commissions on every download. You can also cover events like weddings, birthdays and funerals or do photo-shoot sessions for a fee. You might need some photography business cards to market your services.

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#23. Daycare Business

Many working-class parents are forever in search of good daycare homes they can leave their toddlers while they are at work. If you are considering this business, you must ensure that your daycare is childproof and conducive for the toddlers. You will also have to present yourself in a respectable manner; parents are unlikely to leave their children with people they perceive are irresponsible or untrustworthy.

#24. Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are forever in demand. The amazing thing with this business is that you do not even need to own a shop. A page on a social media platform like Instagram will suffice.

As a makeup artist, you must ensure that the desires of your clients are always met for, as we all know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and what may appear beautiful to you may not be so to them.

low capital business and high profits

#25. Gift Wrapping Business

It might not look like there is much to it but gift wrapping, when done properly, increases the overall appeal of your gift. Besides, a lot of people are absolutely terrible at wrapping gifts and would therefore be willing to part with some dough to have it done right. 

#26. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way to sell stuff without tying down precious capital on goods that will not get sold for many months. It affords the seller the opportunity to only purchase products when there is an order for it. The major advantage of dropshipping is that it allows the seller to sell products that are not exactly ‘in stock’ without having to spend money buying these before orders.

#27. Travel Planning

Open a travel planning service and help individuals, couples and families plan the best vacations based on what they like. The service will involve a lot of research as you need to present to the clients, not just the best places to visit to fulfil their travelling dreams, but also a travelling guide that is tailored to their situation.

It is also a good business to help you maintain a low capital with high profits in the long run.

#28. Laundry Services

Laundry business is a hot cake. You however do not need a big capital to start a laundry business; you can start small with little capital and build the business off your initial profits. Customer satisfaction and excellent service are vital in this business. one can earn 20,000USD to 40,000USD (14 to 28million naira) annually from running a laundry business. This laundry service business plan would help you make huge money.

Discounted Offer: Laundry service business plan [+3 years financial projections]

#29. Repairing Electronics

It is not as difficult as it might sound. There is of course a learning curve to the venture but once you get the hang of it, you should find yourself cruising into wealth without having to first invest a load of money into the business.

#30. Podcasting

Podcasting gets easier and easier by the day. They now exists free platforms like Google Podcast and Anchor where one can earn money from sharing podcast episodes. Just ensure that your podcast is engaging, creative and always fresh. Consistency also matters.

#31. Copywriting

Copywriting covers a range of marketing materials including blog posts, press releases, ad and PR copies and web content. It does however require some knowledge in good writing and marketing but you can always learn more as you go.

Offer your services to companies in search of copywriters and earn a considerable amount. One advantage of copywriting, other than the fact that it is a low capital venture, is that you can work from home.

#32. Property Management

As a property manager, you are to ensure your client’s properties are well cared for. If they are rented out, make sure that the clients are adhering to their contracts. You must stay alert and be ready to settle any issues or disputes involving the properties you manage.

Also, as a responsible manager mindful of accountability, ensure you make regular reports to the owner of these properties. This is one of the low capital businesses you can earn a lot of money from.

Business concept. Paper house near spectacles on one dollar bank notes on paper with chart

#33. Personal Training

If you are into fitness, you can offer your services as a personal trainer. Many personal trainers now have extensive videos online where they teach the client how to build their bodies into their heart desires. Having an active social media is very advisable in this business.

#34. Handyman Service

Good with your hands? Then you should seriously consider making a business out of it. You could offer plumbing, carpentry and electrical services (to name but a few) to people for a fee. With the proper use of social media, word of your business will spread like wildfire and direct your customers to you.

#35. Pet Sitting

You can offer your services as a pet sitter. Taking care of those adorable creatures can be a joy but making money out of it will certainly bring your true happiness. You have to be sensitive to every pet under your care and ensure to ask about dietary patterns and other peculiarities before taking on a pet.

How do rich people get rich?

Income from investments includes dividends, interest, and capital gains. income derived from your own business, such as commissions from the sale of goods or services.

What is the secret to being rich?

By far the most crucial secret of all is having a strategy. You must plan out your investments if you want to reach your financial objectives because a goal without a plan is just a desire.

What do the rich invest in?

Historically, the wealthy have invested in stocks, bonds, and real estate, but this study raises the possibility that they may now favor alternative assets such as cryptocurrency, private enterprises, and other alternatives.

Where can I invest and earn daily?

You should engage in intraday trading if you wish to profit daily. In intraday trading, equities are bought and sold within the same day. Stocks are bought for profit-making purposes by capitalizing on price swings, not as an investment.

What do rich people do every day?

For instance, many billionaires schedule their time differently, devoting more of their time to work, investing, and personal development while sleeping less.

What do rich people study?

But how many people actually pursue science for financial gain? Business and finance, economics, and engineering are the most popular degrees held among the world’s wealthiest persons per country, whereas about one-quarter discontinued their studies or forwent a university education entirely.

How many hours do rich work?

The typical millionaire puts in about 60 hours per week at a ten-hour per day, six-day workweek. Remember that the very bare minimum for a self-made billionaire is a 10-hour, six-day workweek.


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