FPWA GRANT: Overview, 2023 Program, Scam Alert, & How to Apply

FPWA grant program 2021and how to apply

FPWA ( Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies) is a policy and advocacy organization dedicated to economic opportunity and upward mobility in the face of poverty. FPWA has also served New York City’s social service sector for nearly 100 years. They have given grants to help individuals and families meet their basic requirements. While pushing for equitable public policies on behalf of those in need and the organizations who support them. Each year, the FPWA’s member network of more than a hundred churches and community-based groups touches millions of people in New York’s neighbourhoods.
By creating economic fairness in three important ways. The FPWA, therefore, strengthens low-income communities, removes barriers to upward mobility, and combats entrenched poverty. Below are guidelines on how to apply for an FPWA grant program 2023 and a grant scam.

FPWA Grant Aims and Objectives

#1. FPWA works to eliminate the historical, structural, and also institutional injustices that perpetuate poverty cycles and impede low-income people and communities of color from rising the economic ladder.

#2. Supporting nonprofits and faith-based organizations are frequently the first lines of defense in the fight against poverty. As well as delivering crucial services to our most vulnerable citizens. Recognizing the importance of this position, FPWA provides workshops and training in leadership development, organizational management, and also civic participation to human service agencies and spiritual institutions. FPWA creates change and helps lead essential debates about advocacy and equity. While providing agency leadership and employees with the skills and tools they need to empower their communities.

#3. Every day, ground-level strengthening of Individuals and families to meet their basic requirements. Hence, FPWA offers a variety of financial assistance grants to millions of New York struggling families. As well as individuals with financial difficulties through its member network of 170 human services agencies and faith-based institutions. These funds enable FPWA to also provide direct assistance to low-income New Yorkers who are struggling to satisfy their basic requirements.

What Is FPWA Grant Program?

FPWA Program Grant funds direct service projects that members organizations design and propose to address unmet community needs and emerging social service concerns. So, this is just one of the numerous ways FPWA helps New York’s most vulnerable residents. Meanwhile, each program centers on its main emphasis area of Advancing Upward Mobility and corresponds to FPWA’s overarching mission.

FPWA Grant Program 2023

The FPWA grant program presently does not have any available awards for 2023, but they did have one in 2017/18. However, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced a $15 million contribution from the state budget to promote immunization in communities around the state. Especially those that were hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the money will be utilized to improve communication, public education, and continuous outreach initiatives in a variety of communities.

The FWPA was not forgotten, as they received $5.5 million for grassroots community and statewide direct outreach and also public education on the COVID-19 vaccine. FPWA will hold statewide train-the-trainer town halls and award grants to 40 to 60 New York City-based. As well as offer education, and access assistance to community-based organizations, houses of worship, social organizations, and human service agencies in areas where COVID-19 vaccines are most needed to support COVID-19 vaccine outreach. The company will also contact African-American communities directly, including live phone calls and SMS messages. Finally, a paid targeted media campaign, including launching online commercials and organizing efforts.

Apply for FPWA Grant

You must first be a member of the FPWA grant program to apply for an FPWA grant program in 2023.

Nearly 1/3rd of human assistance agencies and faith-based institutions in New York City and beyond benefit from FPWA’s services, initiatives, and grants, further helping charities and churches meet the needs of their communities.

What they do for their Members

  • Members will have access to our extensive network of officials, legislators, and other human service and faith-based groups.
  • Through scholarships and stipends, financial support, and donations, assist member agencies in supporting communities.
  • Effectively advocate for policies and initiatives that improve human services organizations while also eliminating economic disparity.

Join the FPWA as a member agency.

FPWA welcomes applications from social service agencies and faith-based institutions in the New York City metro region that have 501(c)(3) status and supports economic fairness for their constituents. Non-sectarian and sectarian nonprofit organizations that support people of all ages, religious affiliations, ethnicity, race, gender, and also sexual orientation are welcome to join FPWA. You can submit your application here.

An FPWA staff member may visit your site and speak with the executive director after they receive your full application.

Each year, FPWA issues an RFP ( request for proposal ) to member organizations interested in applying. The RFP for this funding period is not yet available. Most essential, keep in mind that most of the FPWA award programs are only open to members who live in the New York metro area.

In addition, to keep track of the FPWA award program visit. Below are some of the FPWA grant program scam red lights you should take note of;

FPWA Grant Program Scam

FPWA grant scam
image credit Scam concept

Individuals may pose as FPWA agents, and contact members of the public. Stating that for the recipient to claim grant payments from FPWA, they must first submit the agent’s personal information, a mobile phone number, gift card codes, or money.

Carefully note that FPWA does not use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), text messaging, or direct phone contact to solicit, review, or make awards. Staff from the FPWA will not call or send you a message asking for money for you to be considered for an award.

Furthermore, FPWA does not offer grants to individuals directly. They coordinate help for families and individuals in your community with its member agency partners and other recognized community-based organizations.

If you or someone you know has been contacted by a so-called “FPWA Agent” or staff member requesting money to release a grant. Please take these FPWA grant program scam actions:

  • Stop communicating with the person who claims to be an “FPWA Agent” and don’t furnish them with any more personal information.
  • With the information you have access from them – a phone number, a Facebook messenger profile, etc. – you or the affected individual should submit an attempted fraud police report in the local jurisdiction. They’ve most likely hacked a friend’s or family member’s Facebook account to make it appear like a qualified referral;
  • You or the person who has been harmed should report everything to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov); and
  • You or the person who has been harmed should also submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) online.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FPWA Grant Program?

Program Grant from FPWA supports direct service projects that members design and propose to meet unmet community needs and emerging social service concerns. This is just one of the many ways that FPWA assists New York’s most vulnerable citizens.

Are Fpwa grants legitimate?

The FPWA is a legitimate organization and not a scam. So, If you or someone you know is contacted by a so-called “FPWA Agent” or staff member requesting money to release a grant. Please report to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

What is the FWPA?

FWPA. Federal Water Pollution Act of 1972.

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