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The federal government has been trying over the years to eradicate poverty by giving out a federal grant called the Community Service Block Grant. The whole point of the CSBG is to help low-income families become self-sufficient and get out of poverty. Meanwhile, like every other grant from the federal government, the Community Service Block Grant is not refundable. You should look forward to this grant if you are a low-income person. If you want to discover more about the community service block grant (CSBG) program and the application details and requirements, then you need to pay attention to this article and read it until the end.

What is Community Service Block Grant? 

The community service block grant is one of the block grants from the federal government that provide funds for reducing poverty. Generally, the grant is available for low-income individuals and communities only and the goal is to help them become fully self-sufficient. The areas where this grant focuses mainly on helping the beneficiaries to:

  •  Achieve self-sufficiency,
  • Find and keep meaningful employment,
  • Attain an adequate education,
  • Make better use of income,
  • Get adequate housing,
  • Get emergency funds for health and nutrition,
  • Achieve greater participation in community affairs.

So, putting it differently, CSBG is a federal government grant designed to provide comprehensive services to help low-income individuals achieve self-sufficiency.

How Does Community Service Block Grant Work?

Block grants are federal money designated for certain state or local programs. A block grant is funded by the federal government but handled by state or local governments, with the belief that local governments are better qualified to deal with local issues. Such programs are frequently intended to strengthen social welfare services.

What are the Different Types of Grants?

  • Competitive grants. Competitive grants are those for which a nonprofit presents an application that a panel of experts reviews.
  • Continuation grants. A continuation grant is one that is provided to an applicant for the continued support of a project that was financed in the previous fiscal year.
  • Formula grant. A formula grant is a required grant that is provided to particular categories of work based on statistical criteria.
  • Pass-through grants. Money appropriated to a state agency that includes ongoing or one-time funds and is designated as general funds, dedicated credits, or any combination of state funding sources and is intended to be passed through the state agency to a local government entity, private organization, including not-for-profit organizations, or individuals in the form of a loan or grant.

How do I know How Much of a Grant to Request?

You should have an exact budget for the project and/or program you plan to launch or offer before selecting how much money to ask for from funding sources. Then, review the financing rules to see if your group’s and project’s requirements meet the foundation’s interest and breadth.

Community Service Block Grant Program

President Lyndon B. Johnson launched the war on poverty in 1964, which was how the Community Services Block Grant came into existence. And ever since, CSBG has expanded, consisting of more than a thousand agencies. These organizations are in charge of making, delivering, and coordinating programs and services for people with low incomes who qualify for the grant.

Basic Information about the Community Service Block Grant Program

The Grant Name: Community Service Block grant.

Aim of the Grant: To ease the cause of poverty in communities by providing resources and services to low-income communities and individuals through their agencies.

Eligibility: Low-income individuals in U.S.A states, territories, and other recognized tribes.

Type of Grants: This type of grant is under the Block of the federal grant types.

About 1,018 communities and organizations receive this grant annually in the whole federation. The Community Service Block grant has served about 16,997 individuals, and also about 7,335240 low-income families have received this grant.

What is the Easiest Grant to Obtain?

Educational grants and scholarships are by far the most straightforward forms of awards to obtain. These are open to college students who meet certain qualifications.

What is the Maximum Grant you can Receive?

Although the maximum Pell Grant scheduled award for the 2022-2023 award year is $6,495, a student may be eligible for Pell Grant monies equal to up to 150 percent of the student’s Pell Grant scheduled award for an award year.

You should have an exact budget for the project and/or program that you are planning to launch or offer before selecting how much money to ask for from funding sources. Then, go over the financing rules to see if your group’s and project’s requirements meet the foundation’s interest and breadth.

When Applying for a Grant, What Questions are Asked?

Most grant funders inquire about your Organization:

  • How long have you been doing this, and how did you get started?
  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • Where does this project fit into the overall strategy and goal of your organization?
  • Do you work for a larger company?
  • Who makes the final call?

CSBG Program Requirements

The states should be able to pass 90% of the CSBG grant test. And for the remaining 10%, the state can use about 5% for its administrative cost and the other funds can be for any other project that supports the CSBG goals.

Is Community Service Block Grant Legitimate?

If you are asking this, then you need to pay close attention here. The Community Service Grant is from the Federal Government and it’s not a scam. But there are fraudsters everywhere. Read the need headline for more details.

Community Service Block Grant Scams

The system (CSBG) is aware of the fraudulent activities by scammers who claim to be agencies representing the CSBG. So when applying for community service block grant 2023 be careful not to fall, victim.

How These Fraudsters Operate

These individuals are unrelated to CSBG and are always contacting people through text, email, social media, and phone calls offering the CSBG funding and services in exchange for a fee.

You should understand that CSGB doesn’t provide grants to individuals directly. They don’t start contact with anyone via phone call, the social media network, email, or any financial information.

Always remember that you are not supposed to pay anyone requesting a fee in exchange for CSBG.

Community Service Block Grant Program Application

This is how you can apply for the Community Service Block Grant if you are eligible. You will need to get your state CSBG Officials, they are the ones that will help you access the grant and tell you when it will be available. Meanwhile, here is the place to get information about your state CSBG offices. State officials and program coordinators with their individual websites.

Also, for more information, you will visit the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Services. These are staff assignments by region site here. You may need to get a grant writer to help you write an irresistible grant proposal.

Who is a Grant Writer?

A grant writer is someone who helps in completing the application process for a financial grant provided by grant sources. For example, grants from the government(both federal and state), education institutions, foundations, and more.

Below, we summarize what grant writers do:

The grant writer researches, drafts, constructs and writes grant proposals for individuals or organizations seeking to receive grants from any institution that gives grants. 

Generally, a grant writer:

  • Analyses the intention of the individual for the proposal
  • Examines the purpose seeking the proposal
  • Get relevant information about the subject of the proposal requested
  • Picking the appropriate type of proposal to write for (in this case, we are talking about a grant proposal)
  • Drafting and writing the proposal
  • Formatting the written proposal
  • Editing, revising, and proofreading the proposal
  • And then the grant writer also submits the proposal

It’s important to seek a good grant writer when you’re writing for grant proposals except if you are good at the craft. Because with a grant writer, you can easily get the grant the first time and this is because they know more about grants.

What can CSBG Funds be Used for?

Every low-income community needs this grant to enhance their lives by providing:

  • Training and providing employment
  • Health services
  • Law enforcement,
  • Education (Drug prevention programs, adult education, early child development)
  • Housing
  • Nutrition

How Do You Obtain Grant Funding? is a free, official website where you may search for and apply for grants. For grant information or application forms, commercial websites may charge a fee. aggregates data from over 1,000 government grant programs. It is intended to assist governments and organizations in locating and applying for funding.

Are there Other Federal Grant Types?

The federal grant types are three: Block grants, categorical grants, and general revenue sharing. So they categorize them under the federal grants under these three types of federal grants.


If you belong to a low-income community, ensure you benefit from the Community Service Block Grant 2023 by reaching out to those in charge as detailed above. It is your right but be careful not to be scammed by fraudsters. I know you must have learned how the CSBG operates in this article.

Community Service Block Grant FAQs

What is a block grant used for?

Block grants provide cash to state and local governments to help them handle broad goals such as community development, social services, public health, or law enforcement. Generally, they provide them greater choice over how the funds are used than categorical grants.

What are the disadvantages of block grants?

Block grants frequently fall short of meeting needs, necessitating benefit reduction, eligibility limits, or waiting lists. Funding levels are frequently insufficient at first and deteriorate over time.

How do I apply for a block grant?

You can apply for this program by going to the SSBG Contact Info page and looking for SSBG Program Officials or state SSBG Program Contacts.

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