DRIP CAMPAIGN: A Guide to Drip Campaign Marketing

Drip Campaign
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According to findings, more than 50% of Americans are involved in a never-ending quest for products, services, and information that encourage behavior-altering. This behavior can be supported by using a drip campaign. The basic objective of a drip campaign is to nurture subscribers, offer emails that are extremely relevant to them in the hopes of converting them, and, in essence, engage them at every phase of the sales funnel. This article explains the basics of a drip campaign or marketing email and shows examples of how you can turn a disengaged consumer into a loyal one with the use of these programs.


Drip campaigns have the potential to be successful for several reasons, including the fact that they are targeted based on a particular action and that they can be personalized. 90% of customers report that they are more likely to make purchases from businesses that acknowledge and keep them in mind.

You may increase sales using drip marketing by converting more visitors into customers and encouraging more repurchases, and also by fully engaging a subscriber that has become inactive. Through effective communication of the quality and benefits that your firm provides, you may be able to accomplish two things: building a relationship with your audience and proving that you are an excellent resource to meet their requirements.

Drip Campaign Marketing

Drip marketing, also known as a drip campaign, refers to the practice of sending a succession of pre-planned, automated messages to both current and potential customers to increase engagement and sales. The purpose of using drip marketing is to maintain the prospect’s interest in the product or service that you are attempting to offer to them.

You could also hear people refer to drip marketing as an “auto-response campaign,” a “drip campaign,” “lifecycle emails,” an automated email campaign, “marketing automation,” or an “auto-response campaign.”

Time, the recipient’s activities with past correspondence, contact with the website, and other preset characteristics can all serve as potential triggers for the multi-step communication stream.

Understanding Drip Marketing

A drip campaign or marketing is a string of pre-written emails that go out in sequence to recipients after they perform a certain activity. You can customize the number of emails to send in conjunction with the speed at which you send them for every particular activity. 

When a person registers for an account or visits your site frequently, you may use these tools to keep in touch with a specific group of people. Drip marketing is all about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, plain and simple. When a new subscriber joins your blog newsletter, a drip campaign can send them a welcome email immediately, followed by an email with some of your most popular material two or three days later. You can add your contacts’ names, companies, and more to these cards.

In the beginning, the most common form of drip marketing was the sending of print mail and flyers to recipients with previous contact or those on a marketing list. Drip campaign marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the proliferation of communication channels the internet offers.

How Does a Drip Campaign Work?

It is not difficult to learn how to use drip marketing campaigns, especially if you choose to build your campaign with the assistance of an email marketing or marketing automation firm. 

Email is by far the widest channel most people use for drip marketing due to the low cost and ease of automation it offers. Drip marketing through email is typically done with the help of an online form that the prospective client has to fill out. This then enrolls the client in an autoresponder program, which is responsible for managing the campaign from that point forward.

You can segment your email list in any way that you deem appropriate. Also, you can assign distinct triggers to distinct groups to ensure that your emails’ content is targeted as specifically as practicable. It is an excellent method for saving time, connecting with consumers, and targeting all of your emails in a manner that is pertinent to each customer. 

Drip campaign marketing is becoming an increasingly popular means of advertising on social media platforms. When it comes to drip marketing efforts, social media is increasingly being utilized, with drip marketing campaigns constantly updating social media accounts and news feeds to promote content.

Since its inception, drip marketing has made extensive use of direct mail. However, in recent years, it has been modernized with software and digital printing to streamline production, personalize, and distribute mailers in new ways.

Communicate Based on Prospect’s Behavior

One of the names given to drip marketing campaigns is “behavioral emails” because they are based in part on the actions or behavior of a potential customer. When a potential consumer opts in to receive communications from a seller, they start a sequence of pre-written emails or other messages.

As a sequence, the email may go out immediately for the first time or within a few days. As soon as the customer visits a specific website, shops online, or adds an item to an online shopping cart, they can then receive a series of follow-up emails based on their behavior.

However, below are a few of the kinds of drip campaign marketing you will probably come across:

#1. Welcome Emails

Whenever a new person joins your prospective audience, you have a prime opportunity to make a positive first impression on them. You can communicate all of the information about your company that a newbie absolutely must know with the help of welcome drips. In addition, you can employ the idea of welcome emails to check up on someone you met in real life, such as at an event you held. You can use welcome emails to offer a discount code as a reward for signing up. Customers will always look forward to the personal touch that welcome emails add to their experience with your company.

A drip campaign can serve as an efficient means of keeping new audience members informed about upcoming events, promotions, or other activities. It also helps give them the impression that you share their values.

#2. First Purchase Automations

When a customer patronizes you for the first time and makes their first purchase, it’s always good to take that chance to thank them for their patronage, remind them of product features and quality, and offer helpful advice on how to maximize their purchases. Apart from that, you should also reassure them that the choice they pick is simply the best and right choice for them.

At this early stage of your company partnership, a simple “thank you” can go a long way toward making them feel like a unique member or group in your business network

# 3. Product recommendation

When a customer makes a purchase, it’s a wonderful idea to recommend other things related to their purchase to increase sales. This information can be included in an email that confirms an order or notifies the recipient of a shipment. Consider offering a body spray or make-up box with the purchase of cream on your site, depending on whether similar items have been purchased together in the past or if your in-house specialists have recommended them. You might even follow up with a customer a few weeks or even months after their purchase to suggest further refills or parts.

#4. Shopping Cart Abandonment

Abandoned shopping carts occur when a customer adds an item to their online shopping cart but does not proceed to complete the purchase before leaving your website. Drip campaigns allow you to automatically send an email to the visitor whenever this occurs, reminding them of their intention to purchase anything.

#5. Lead Nurture

You will be able to nurture your leads using a drip campaign email. Assuming you decide to send a potential customer an unsolicited email promoting your product and that the recipient opens the email and then clicks through to your website. Normally, you will want to constantly be in their thoughts and remember you so they can revisit them. You can follow them up with one of your automated campaigns by sending a second drip email. This email is how you will thank them for visiting your website and encourage them to sign up for a free trial if they so desire.

If you send them only one email and fail to make any effort to maintain a connection with them in the future, it will significantly lower your chances of making a sale if you let them test out the product first. Keeping in touch with your customers and fostering relationships with potential prospects might require more than two emails. Anyhow, it is necessary to have a steady and unbroken flow to lead to sales.

#6. Subscription Renewal

Your company’s credibility will skyrocket when you use drip campaigns to notify clients about upcoming subscription renewals. Thank your consumers for their patronage, and make it as simple as possible for them to unsubscribe if they so desire.

#7. Unsubscribe Emails

If one of your subscribers unsubscribes from your electronic newsletter, you may want to send a follow-up email to them and ask for feedback on their decision. In addition to requesting comments, you might also decide to make a unique “we miss you, we want you back” proposal and reward them if they cancel their subscription to your subscription service. You can also try to win them back by getting in touch with them three or six months after the incident, when their circumstances may have evolved.

Drip Campaign Examples

The trick to developing the ideal drip is to make adjustments to it as you go along by studying successful examples of a drip marketing campaign.

Naturally, you shouldn’t forget to incorporate your new insights and results into your already established drips. So, discuss it with your marketing and sales departments, and then optimize them in accordance with the new state of affairs. In this way, you will be able to simplify every part of your company.

#1. Customer Engagement and Delight – Zombies Run

The Zombies Run app is a jogging companion that brings a sense of competition to your regular jogs. It features a compelling storyline, running missions, excellent narration, survival tips for humans left behind after a zombie apocalypse, and a great deal more. Its purpose is to provide people with a more engrossing experience of jogging.

When you complete your first 25 kilometers using the application, this is what the message you will receive via email would look like:

Hey Runner Five!

Heard you clocked your first 25 kilometers running for Abel Township today!

That’s a pretty huge milestone and I and Molly just wanted to appreciate

It together. We found some fruit while we were out scavenging today – if you

come over before Molly’s bedtime, you can share some with us!

And Molly’s done you a picture of what she thinks you look like out running!

At least she says it’s you… I think I can see the likeliness? She told me what 

to write under it.




#2. Customer Retention Drips – Grammarly

When a once engaged client or subscriber is no longer interested in any company’s products or services, it is always a clear warning sign for such a company. This is because such action will increase the likelihood that the customer may stop doing business with you permanently. In this scenario, customer retention or reactivation drips might help determine what is happening as well as how to maintain the customer’s level of engagement with the business.

All of the emails that say “we miss you” and that arrive in your inbox have been designed to reengage the customer. In contrast to all of the other triggers that have come before, this one is triggered by inaction. Take a look at this, one of Grammarly’s drip campaign email examples;

Hey Meenu Joshi!

We noticed you had no writing activity

last week. Perhaps you were logged

out and didn’t realize it? Please visit

your editor to log in now.

Visit My Editor

#3. Onboarding drips – Spotify

This includes any welcome emails you receive from any services you have subscribed to, as well as emails that accompany the onboarding of the products. Depending on what the user wants to accomplish with the product, onboarding could entail sending a sequence of emails as opposed to simply welcoming them.

Spotify onboarding drip campaign examples include;



    Listen Now   

You’re now signed up with Spotify. Get ready with the Today’s Top Hits  playlist. Just hit Shuffle


Today’s Top Hits, a playlist by Spotify

50 tracks

#4Weather-based drip marketing from Patagonia

Patagonia happens to be one of the top brands in the world for outdoor clothing. Their drip ads cleverly reflect the fact that they sell specialized items based on the climate or weather.

Patagonia utilizes weather-based triggers, which means that if you are in an area that is forecast to receive a significant amount of snow and you are affiliated with the brand or brands that are similar to it, you may get an email similar to the one below.


Men’s Women’  Packs & Gear


Keep Ice-


  Headaches in

    the Kitchen

    It’s all fun and games until someone gets

    Frostbite. But it doesn’t have to be that way,

  Even if it’s frigid outside. We’ve got warm hats

  and mittens for your cold-weather forays, and

       many are made with recycled materials


Drip campaign marketing can provide a huge assist when it comes to promoting your brand. It helps you ease the stress associated with promoting your business, especially considering everything else you have to handle. You are free to concentrate on other aspects of your company’s operations. You can do this by trusting it to convey the appropriate message at the appropriate moment to the appropriate audience. 

Drip Campaign FAQs

What's the point of drip marketing?

The main point is to increase revenue. And drip campaign marketing email can help convert visitors into purchasers, boost repeat purchases, and reactivates a dormant customer base.

What is the simplest way to create a drip campaign?

  • Select a drip campaign software tool.
  • Establish the purpose of your drip campaign.
  • Determine the outcome of this campaign for each individual.
  • Choose the number of touches your drip campaign will include.
  • Make the material (and personalize it).
  • Know when to remove a person from the drip.

When should a drip campaign be used?

A drip campaign is a great way to go when you want to automate follow-ups, streamline outreach, or create an email series for subscribers. Using a drip campaign to send out a series of emails at regular intervals can help you nurture leads, welcome and enroll new customers and more.

Is drip campaign effective?

Drip campaigns, which consistently communicate with clients, can produce 50% more leads that are ready to make a purchase. Companies that excel at drip marketing increase sales by 80% while cutting costs by 33%.

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