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In celebration of its 53rd anniversary, Samsung made a decision to launch early Black Friday deals, which have been one of the best Samsung Black Friday deals in 2022. This celebration was labeled “Samsung Week.” During Samsung Week, the well-known tech brand made several offers of discounts, which were mega. These mega Samsung Black Friday discounts were on their smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, and several others. While Samsung Week was still ongoing, many individuals were able to score hot-ticket tech items at a lesser price compared to their original price. This was more like a pre-Black Friday deal, which occurred at the end of October.

Amongst all the mega discounts which Samsung had on their tech products during Samsung Week, one of the biggest deals was on their foldable smartphone model, which is the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4. These two foldable models had a discount of up to $600 off their original price.

Samsung Black Friday

The Samsung Black Friday was launched earlier than usual, which was more like a pre-sale. Black Friday is a popular discount season where most Ecommerce companies and multinational retail stores like Amazon and Walmart have mega discounts on their sales of various brands, e.g. clothes, tech products, furniture, and much more.

Black Friday does not officially start till Friday the 25th of November. However, every year, several retailers expand their Black Friday season further into October. The expected inflation causes retailers to offer earlier and bigger than average Black Friday deals on everything. This includes various tech products (smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, etc), various clothing brands, furniture, and much more.

The Black Friday season is a really good time for shoppers, especially those who are trying to cut down on spending and trying to save some cash.

Samsung Black Friday Deals

In 2022, Samsung Black Friday deals came in early, which was at the end of October. Here are some of the best Samsung Black Friday deals in 2022, they include;

#1. The 10.2 Inch iPad (64Gb / 2021)

The 10.2 inch iPad (64Gb / 2021) initially cost three hundred and twenty-nine dollars but was dropped to two hundred and sixty-nine dollars, @AMAZON. This 10.2-inch iPad (64Gb / 2021) features Apple’s E13 Bionic CPU, a new 12MP upfront camera, and up to sixty-four gigabytes of storage.

It also comes with support for the central stage which uses machine learning to adjust a front-facing camera during a facetime or video call.

Deals on this model are quite rare, so it is advisable to grab this offer while it’s still available.

#2 The 10.9 Inch iPad Air (64Gb / 2022)

The 10.9 inch iPad air (64Gb / 2022) costs five hundred and ninety-nine dollars but was dropped to five hundred and nineteen dollars, @AMAZON. The 2022 iPad Air is powered by Apple’s MI processor. It features an A-core CPU that delivers up to sixty percent faster performance than the previous iPad air. Other new features include a 12MP ultra front camera that supports the central stage and up to 5Gb support.

#3. Samsung Q70A 65 Inch

The Samsung Q70A 65 inch costs up to one thousand, three hundred and ninety-nine dollars but was dropped to nine hundred and forty-seven dollars, @AMAZON. If you are looking for a solid deal on a quality TV, then the Samsung Q70A 65-inch is a good place to start.

This set is currently Nine hundred and forty-seven dollars which is a total of thirty-two percent off the lowest price. You will also get a panel with several colors and HDR support.

Samsung Black Friday TVs

If you’ve been looking out for the right season to buy a good tv at a convenient price, it is smart to make a purchase during Samsung Black Friday TVs deals. 

During this period, the prices for their tech products drop and most shoppers see this as an opportunity to save some money by purchasing these tech items. Below are some of the Samsung Black Friday TVs, they include;

#1. The Samsung Q70A

The Samsung Q70A is an entry-level tv from Samsung which has some HDMI 2.1 features like VRR or 4K 120 HERTZ support, a good response time, and a decent HDR. It is an edgy tv, so it does not have a local dimming but it has a great contrast. The colors also look great thanks to the white color gamut and the quantum dot technology.

So if you are probably looking for a decent tv for your Xbox series x or PlayStation 5, which is under a thousand dollars, the Samsung Q70A is a great choice.

The 55-inch model of the Samsung Q70A costs Eight hundred and fifty dollars, the 65-inch sells for a thousand dollars. In addition, there is also a 75-inch which costs fifteen hundred dollars, and a massive 85-inch which costs two thousand dollars.

#2. The Samsung QN85A

The Samsung QN85A is also known as NEO. This model features mini LEDs, which provide higher levels of peak brightness and dimming zones for better HDR performance and contrast. The colors are very bright and they look great which is the same with the HDR.

#3. The Samsung QN90A

The Samsung QN90A has a lot of great reviews and positive feedback from various people. This is simply because this particular Samsung TV is quite impressive.

Similar to the QN85A model, this tv also has a mini LED with quantum dot, and a full array with local dimming, so you can expect a great picture.

Moreover, the biggest difference is that this TV comes with a BA panel. This simply means that it has a better viewing angle than the QN85A model. The 55-inch model cost up to a thousand three hundred dollars.

How Long Does Samsung Black Friday in July Last?

The usual Black Friday deals normally occur in November, on the 25th day, although most retailers extend it to the end of October.

However, this year (2022), Samsung decided to launch a Black Friday sale in July, this was done to compete with other brands and retailers that also offer mega discounts on their sales during the Black Friday season.

The launch of Samsung’s Black Friday sales in July was from day 11 to day 13. As usual, the tech brand offered mega discounts on several of their products like smartphones, computers, tablets, speakers, televisions, home appliances and so much more.

This was quite a great strategy as their customers do not necessarily need to wait until the end of the year before they would be able to get discount sales.

Is Black Friday a Good Time to Get a Phone?

Many individuals often ask the question ‘’Is Black Friday a good time to get a phone?’’, well the answer is yes. Black Friday is a period where various tech and phone brands give mega discounts on their smartphones, so yes this is an opportunity you should grab if you are planning on getting a smartphone at an affordable price.

During the Black Friday period, several tech brands like Samsung, iPhones, Nokia, Motorola, Google, Sony, and many others give discounts on their sales. Black Friday is a really good time to get a good deal on several items, especially tech devices like smartphones.

Does Samsung Ever Have Sales?

The Samsung brand is quite popular and has a lot of unique functions. Due to this they have a lot of sales and are one of the top phones in the United States. Samsung comes in second place when compared with the features of other tech brands in the United States.

During the year, sometimes Samsung offers several sales and deals but it varies from time to time. Nevertheless, there is always a period of time during the year when Samsung and many other tech brands are sure to offer mega discounts on their various tech products and this is during Black Friday.

When Should You Buy a New Phone?

There are many people who look forward to buying their smartphones during discount periods like Black Friday and that is why the deals during this period always sell out and are only available for a limited period.

However, there have been incidents where people have waited to make purchases on their desired smartphones during Black Friday and it was not successful due to it no longer being available and several other reasons. It is quite disheartening to wait almost a year for a discount sale and still not make a successful purchase.

This is why it is also advisable to look out for discount sales of your favorite tech brands during the year, you never can tell, and you might just get lucky. Just like this year, Samsung decided to launch a Black Friday sale in July, another brand might decide to do something similar.

Which Is the Best Samsung Phone to Buy In 2022?

The well-known tech brand ‘’Samsung’’, has several models of smartphones that have been improved over the years. Some of the best Samsung phones in 2022 include;

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy A53
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s

Is Samsung Better Than Apple?

According to research, in September 2022, the current data analysis on the smartphone market in the United States clearly shows that Apple products have made more sales than Samsung products.  In the data analysis, Apple products got the biggest piece of the pie and had up to 55.45% of sales, while Samsung products had a total of 27.90%.

In the United States, both Apple and Samsung are the leading phone brands, but Apple comes in first and Samsung comes in second. Samsung is Apple’s biggest rival.

Other top phone brands according to the data analysis of the United States are; Motorola, LG, Google Pixel, and other unknown smartphone brands.

To Wrap It Up

Several of the best Samsung deals are usually available during Black Friday. Apart from Samsung, there are several other tech brands that also offer mega deals on Black Friday. This is the best season to get discounts on quality items that you’re 100% sure of, and the next Black Friday is on the 25th of November, be sure to get a great deal.

Best Samsung Black Friday Deals in 2022 FAQs

Which Is the Best Samsung Phone to Buy In 2022?

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S22, etc.

What are Examples of Samsung Black Friday TVs?

  • The Samsung Q70A
  • The Samsung QN85A
  • The Samsung QN90A


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